The Kim Dotcom 'unmasking of the deep state', 'The Dark Overlord' and more opposition

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It continues to amaze me how simple people are fooled by stories about hacks. Of course we have our mainstream media, where the hypnotic voice of the newsreader, combined with well-trained pokerface the stories power, but also the alternative media is used to massively close people's eyes. From the belief in Russian hackers who influence elections, we now switch to the well-known rebellious hackers who want to expose the 'deep state'.

Recently we saw the reports about the 'The Dark Overlord' saying that they have stolen documents regarding 9 / 11 and will publish them as not millions in bitcoins being paid. That is at the same time the sign that we are dealing with an absolute force here, because every bitcoin is traceable via the blockchain. This means that the final destination of the bitcoins can always be retrieved and the hackers fall through the basket.

Is there no serious journalist in this world who is raising this issue? No, that is the only correct conclusion. Attention is focused on yet another sphinx and nobody asks the simplest questions. The alternative media like to embroider further on such nonsense, because it supposedly strikes the shots of the established order.

Another example are the stories about Wikileaks and Julian Assange. The masses do not realize that it all falls under the category of controlled opposition, because it is so very credible. Assange has been hiding 2012 since June at the Ecuadorian embassy in London and has by now acquired a hero status. Even Pamela Anderson would be a personal friend of his. It is almost worth a novel!

What controlled opposition usually does is to engage in opposition in such a credible but acted way that the masses begin to believe in it. The simplest questions are not asked or ignored. For example, if a hacker group wants to get paid in bitcoins, the only and most essential question to ask is the following: "How do they ever want to collect and use the money if the essence of the bitcoin means that every transaction is traceable?"So that is a clear indication that 'The Dark Overlord' is another example that has to come across credibly. And how about all media attention around Julian Assange? "If it sounds too good to be true ..

The well-known controlled right-wing opposition site Xandernieuws came yesterday with the following message:

Well-known hacker Kim Dotcom: This year the Deep State criminals are being unmasked

'Politicians and judges in the pocket of shareholders and billiards, who profit from war and chaos and turn democracy into an illusion' - Hacks in Germany show very close ties between politicians and media

Read the entire message here ....

Since 2015 Kim Dotcom has left a trail of digital 'bread crumbs' concerning the WikiLeaks publications of Hillary Clinton's emails during the 2016 elections. In February he stated that the so-called Russian hack of the Democratic Party, where the complete 'Russian interference in the elections' story came from, is pure nonsense. "Let me assure you that the DNC hack was not even a hack. It was an insider with a usb stick. I know this because I know who that was and why. "

It is about time that people start to see through the double bottoms and that the insight arises that the alternative media is used to apparently partially expose the mainstream media. This happens, however, via a new spin that ultimately has to steer the ship off shore.

Do you really believe that the phenomenon of 'known hackers' can exist at all? If John F. Kennedy could just be publicly murdered in his car, sitting next to his wife, on a bright day and in front of the camera, can this kind of 'known hackers' just keep on saying something? No of course not. They can do that alone, because the masses have to be led around the garden through the appearance of opposition, to give the impression that there are people who revolt and take care of the matter (so that they do not revolt themselves) . If you really have something to say in this world, you will be censored and you will certainly not receive mainstream media attention. You are ignored and encapsulated (in the way I experience it) and if something gets too big, there is always the option of 'tidying up'.

The attention from the controlled opposition is repeatedly focussed on a seemingly deep-state, so that the real deep state does not come to light. We are presented with heroes who dare to risk their lives for "the big unmasking" that everyone is waiting for. Meanwhile, there is a double play going, in which any form of opposition will be reversed in the long run. It is the real deep state that completely controls the game of the appearance of opposition. They also positioned Donald Trump in the right-hand corner and linked it to this controlled opposition. By soon realizing the great fall of the US, every form of opposition will also be turned around in one blow. The best description of this process can be found in this article from analyst Brandon Smith of the website I strongly urge you to read that article carefully.

How much we would like to hear that there are hackers who take it for the masses and expose those false flags; it's all a folk thing. My advice is: do not be fooled. The game of opposition is very refined and is meant to be credible, but that does not mean that it is meant to be the power of the real deep state (a worldwide force field) to be unmasked. It is precisely meant to help the force field even more firmly in the saddle. The biggest threat to our consciousness is our tendency to believe in myths; especially if they are credibly brought.

No, I have not provided thorough substantiation in this article; I only appeal to your common sense.

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    And for the hunting of millions of people over the blade, you will not be punished but rewarded in this world.

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