The mentality of the average Dutchman has died down: weak and passive

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If the title of this article has stimulated you to read the content, then that does not mean that you yourself are weak and passive. It may also be that you agree with the title or are just curious. But let's be honest: if you ask people around you on average, then the big common denominator is that people shrug their shoulders for everything and feel that they cannot do anything about it. The term "optimism" and "positivism" in particular are doing well (see here) and if you are critical then you are 'negative' or a 'conspiracy thinker'. Fair is fair: I myself was not too worried about (for example) my 40e about what happened in politics or the world. You sometimes caught something, but otherwise it was especially important to earn lots of money, so that you could spend it generously.

Yet at some point the light comes on that we are being slumbered and driven more and more towards a police state through small steps. For me personally, that led to the decision to take action. I simply could no longer sit in a well-paid sales managers job and watch how the state continues to pinch us. I actually think everyone should make that choice. Indeed, with the risk that your home and hearth will be lost, but the prison that is building around you is much more dangerous than the short-term uncertainties that you are now swallowing. Why am I saying that? Because it is. More and more freedom is being taken away, there are more and more laws (plus executors and inspectors of those laws) and we are moving towards a police state in which everything and everyone can be traced and it is even punished if you provide assistance to others.

If we later have a company without cash and every action becomes traceable through the blockchain, that which is already impossible is completely a blow to your spending room. It is already impossible for the elderly to visit each other and cook together, because an inspector may be lurking who claims that they live together and that the pension is reduced. It is already impossible to offer a homeless person a room in your house, because you are then living together and you may be cut off on your housing benefit, benefit or the tax authorities simply think you live together and so on. In the near future, if even your DNA is in a database and your smartphone records every step you take (the pedometer is already popular with many), you measure your health and know exactly where you are, who is around you , in which stores you go and where digital money keeps track of exactly what you buy and sell, you can no longer give reliant knowledge a loaf or pack of milk, because then you are punishable for assistance to someone who should have reported to the state.

Slumbering is being built on a social credit system, where you want to keep yourself aloof from people who can influence your credits. This system is common in China entered unabashedly. In the Netherlands and the rest of the EU, that will be a little more subtle. Here the habituation is already done through the reviews on Webshops, Airbnb, Linkdin and all kinds of social media. However, if the blockchain keeps track of all your actions and ensures (through the infrastructure of that blockchain) that you are irrefutably clear that all those actions have been performed by you, your entire daily spending pattern, your financial spending pattern and your social network can become irrefutably transparent. In the world of 'the internet of things' and wireless DNA tags on everything you can buy (from meat, to bread, to white goods and real estate) it is also clear in detail what you all buy, sell and consume. If your credits (in the form of a blockchain bitcoin-like coin) can soon be taken away by the state as a result of "bad behavior" or dealing with people with "bad behavior" you will therefore be on your guard with whom you are dealing with .

All of this will be introduced step by step and will probably start with things like higher or lower premiums in health care depending on your consumption behavior, but ultimately also with whom you interact with. After all, dealing with people who drink or smoke a lot could just lead to influencing your behavior. I sketch here a picture of the future that you may still be waving away, but this is closer than you think and because humans seem to be a herd animal, we are being accustomed to the system of likes via social media, whether or not to connect via Instagram , Snapchat and assigning 'reviews' to all kinds of services.

The points driving license is already a good example of how that punishment system will work. And more is coming for which man will be punished. We go on all kinds of fronts, more and more towards credit systems and traceability of every step. Unfortunately, most people who read this may themselves contribute to the systems that facilitate all this or are part of the executors and controllers of rules. Others suffer the new generation to fulfill these tasks op to uncriticality and obedience. The child on a leash is perhaps the most symbol of the direction in which society has been taken. Everyone is on a leash and we teach each other that it is good to be on a leash. We check each other for being on a leash and there are entire armies walking around who punish fellow men if the rules are broken. Others are ready to take the high fines or penalties and this is how the well-oiled machine runs at full speed, because everyone wants to keep their little house of animals and neat little garden shoes. We tell each other 'being on a leash is good and safe'.

You no longer have time to wait to take action. It is also not smart to think that the government will save you. The government and the sham democracy are the cause of the intrusive prison model. As long as you help maintain the system, you are actually complicit and your legacy to your children: the digital totalitarian police state. If your children ask you later why you have not made any attempt to do anything about it: what is your answer? "I couldn't do anything on my own"? Yes, you could do something, but you were too scared to lose your certainties and held on to the false idea that it would all be okay if you meditated enough, prayed, did yoga exercises or used spiritual surrogate to make you feel guilty to appease. "Yes, but if I try to change something on my own, I will lose my job and someone else will take my place and nothing will changeIs not an argument either. That is apologizing to yourself, and by taking that attitude you contribute to standardizing that collective attitude. Not talked about the supposedly many traitors around you (see explanation).

The time to act is now. That starts with becoming aware of what is going on (of which a tip of the veil above) and then tackling the issue. For that you really have to start living from a new level of consciousness (see here). At the same time you have to put that into practice, because otherwise you will be washing the (spiritual) cloth before bleeding. Read also this article agree and discover how you can become concrete in your life. In fact, you should ask yourself what you would do if your house was on fire and the fire bursts: stay seated and wait for the fire to become untamable, try to extinguish the fire or wait until it is too late is to even flee the house? Time to take action!

The sharing of articles from this site seems to be blocked by Facebook. So if you share, your friends simply still don't see the article in their news feed. The time has therefore come to speak to people actively and personally or to e-mail articles directly to them. That may already be a first start to help start the change. This website is full of articles that make you aware of what is unfolding around you. Do something with it and break your passivity.


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  1. Rebel wrote:

    Quite right .... but the majority. Does not have the capacity to understand and understand the whole. No matter how often you point them out. It doesn't penetrate. As a result of one of your previous pieces, in which you mentioned Roald Boom. I have watched some more of his you tube videos, and he describes it very nicely in his film in which he sees humanity all as NPC (non playing characters). Which is actually a modern version of Plato's Allegory of the Cave.

  2. Camera 2 wrote:

    Katwijkers to you all

    The Telegraph

    If, as the editor of a newspaper, you talk about the condolence of
    a newly identified loved one then you know that you cross all the limits of compassion. (surplus is often used but in this it is not really sympathetic)
    Or you know that there will be no resistance because there are no loved ones, who will say? We just don't know

    There was a specially decorated place for the press during the condolence ?. Wait!!! Why was there not a press conference in advance about the discovery of the missing person, since the press hinted that it was probably a crime. 17million people unknowingly went along with the whole story and have the full right to transparency, explanation from the media / power / police.

    Why was the captain not heard in a press conference. why was there no press conference at all after such great attention in all media (cut & paste forums). Why is the name of the ship / boat unknown? Why are there no images of the coast guard / police and or marrechaussee on transfer? Why does Peter R de Vries have to say that Anja has probably committed suicide. If Anja was really psychologically unwell, why didn't the media write about it?
    Why was the public kept in doubt about a family party or a family member in the Blauwen Bock after the last meeting, it was first announced that it was a family drink and "someone" of the family still said: take a taxi.

    And so there are dozens of questions that make the whole issue suspiciously like an untrue story, where are the journalists who once arrive with photos of the ship with the crew that Anja then found.
    Or are there no longer journalists and has everything become cut & paste? Katwijkers don't hesitate to ask each other questions.
    Only a spokesperson for the police (Dick Goijert) with a microphone has brought the story to the 17 million people, we must believe that just like the pastor

    Here the story of Dick Goijert from the police

    • white rabbit wrote:

      It is indeed a strange story, the excessive media attention alone is already suspicious. There are more missing things that I think are true, but the media attention often remains very limited, sometimes just the local newspaper and that is it. I think newspapers are very selective with mentioning news items and if this gets more than normal attention then it is suspicious or probably a fake story.

  3. white rabbit wrote:

    In the movie Demolition man from 1993 you can see very well where we are going, long ago that I saw the film and already said that the world is going there.
    Now in 2019 we see that this is very true.
    The smoking policy is a good example, then the push to vegetarian food. The alcohol consumption will soon also be curbed and so on. How far are we from the filthy porridge you see in the film that 3D is printed as a result of the morning scan?
    In the film you also saw how you were fined for swearing or cursing, which came through a printer from the wall. Now such a system is operational in China and instead of a printer the fine is sent via SMS.
    In the meantime a very worrying development but for many unimportant, do you know those families? good job, expensive house, do not smoke, do not drink alcohol and eat vegetarian food. Children vaccinated against anything and everything and therefore allergic to anything and everything.
    Fully played by the media.
    It seems that people are no longer allowed to have fun in the future, except perhaps through virtual reality.

  4. Sun wrote:

    Madurodam, the brave new world. No people live here but robots. Even their "emotions" are conditioned. And to be able to think about that
    the robots not precisely because of that conditioning.
    Everything gravy is out. Everything is fake, everything is directed here.
    The purpose of this is ultimately power, full power
    in and in the interest of the boys' regime of the script. Those guys are planning to never give up that power again, not even through the normal way.
    There will come a time when even the weeds are forbidden to be weeds, to become weeds. For the boys of the script weeds are a symbol of rebellion, rebellion against the system of the boys of the script.

  5. Siep wrote:

    I am now aware of the blockages that prevent me from taking action. The biggest perhaps the fate of Martin…. And when I read the reactions, at least the names, there are more who dare not (yet) dare to respond in the open, and I do not mean that as reproach, I am certainly one of them!
    Couldn't you tell me what needs to happen before I take action ...

    • Sun wrote:

      Just assume that the services of the guys from the script really know who Siep and the other posters are on this site.
      The fact that there are potential responders who may be scared to post critical points on Martin's site simply means that these respondents know very well that we live in a dictatorship, a sneaky, subtle dictatorship.
      Reason enough to be critical!

      • Siep wrote:

        For me, I am more concerned with my immediate environment, assuming that there are no people with a double agenda than the 'services'. And although they know who comes to see and respond here, it is (for now) anonymous for your environment.

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