The neglected toddlers Zaandam again a Problem, Reaction, Solution story?

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Have you also read it in recent days? The story was summarized that a cop Tom Verweij went to a report in Zaandam where two boys were found in an apartment in Zaandam and he single-handedly forced the door. The boys would look starved and the flat was completely closed so that they could not go outside. One of the boys stood behind the window with a knife. Very dramatic of course (see the video of perception manager Jeroen Pauw below), but again we cannot check it and if you enter into a discussion on social media, you can say that there are 'social media profiles' responding left and right again "People" who say they know the neighbors and such.

We can now say that it is difficult to also check those social media profiles and where in the GDR you had the Inoffizieller Mitarbeiter who checked their neighbors, you now have those unofficial employees online to protect a storyline. Do you want to know my feeling about this case?

For drafted: I am merely expressing my opinion. Above all, you should not accept it as truth, but if I allow the drama that the media sketches for a moment, I cannot avoid the impression that this too is about playing on the people to introduce new legislation. You are probably familiar with the Problem, Reaction, Solution maxim, in which a major problem propagated by the media is always brought to your attention. Your response must always evoke deep surprise and intense emotion. The media are masterful in that (hence the high salaries of people like Matthijs van Nieuwkerk and Jeroen Pauw perhaps?). Everything you hear and see must indeed be correct, because they bring it to you through images and "proof". Most people think that this proof and image can be created by means of Hollywood techniques and software solutions far-fetched and paranoia. By definition, we assume that the media will never do such a thing and only bring real and reliable news. I suspect, however, that in this case too we are being played on the emotion of a Solution by pressing. Could it be that we are played with storylines set in scene?

What would that Solution then have to be in this? What do you think of family guardians being given the legal authorization to invade every home and family for inspection and intervention, without a search warrant or court order? Wouldn't it be nice if state inspectors were allowed to interfere with every family? No, of course that would not be nice, but you will probably be happy with that once you have heard the story of Tom Verweij.

Just an example. Suppose you do not agree with any mandatory mandatory vaccination legislation in the near future or you have other ideas about your upbringing than the state thinks you should have (for example about gender-neutral lessons and gender choice instead of innate gender of boy or girl) and you want to teach your child differently. If a new legislation is introduced whereby family guardians find that you do not comply with the state guidelines, a state employee may enter your home because you (according to the state standard) neglect or neglect your child. I am already sending a bunch of flowers to Jeroen Pauw as a thank you for helping me to set this up Solution. Well, maybe I am very wrong and it is all really well intended. "What a negativity dude! Bah!


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  1. mb. wrote:

    ... already a few months?

  2. mb. wrote:

    Trying to release emotion here too. Then people often stop thinking.

  3. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    I thought it would be nice to make a song about that maxim 'Problem, Reaction, Solution' ..
    First raw recording of the chorus .. the rest will follow of course.

    First part of the text with this one:

    You look at the news and you hear a story supported by the most impressive images. You are in shock, you've just seen the proof. Reporters around to show it all. Not aware of the techniques they can use to generate deep fake personalities. Not aware of the green screen techniques and the face to face reenactment. You swallow it all and you get dragged away by the emotional wave and in shock you are. What you can't see is that you can't trust you're eyes anymore. You should know that it's all just ..

  4. Camera 2 wrote:

    Hey, he was the police on his own Tom says in the beginning and suddenly "they" go inside, everything indicates that the man with boris-crook invented a double-barred bar and learned wrongly by heart
    has, just practice Tommie Verwijf, you'll get there ... will be fine then you can also apply to the FVD

    Guys, why do you wear those sun glasses ??


    Hey you are not ashamed of the shit out of your eyes Pauwtje, Matthijs has already shamed the pus out of his career, while you still, you will one day become an anti-mess
    really mean something for your neighbors because they will spoil you when they understand your perception games, count on it.
    It is never too late

    Pauw knew that everything had been staged

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