The new normal is abnormal (or the other way around?)

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Yes, dear looking tube children. The new normal is now abnormal or should we say abnormal is the new normal? 'At almost 900 schools in secondary and secondary vocational education, teachers and pupils wear purple purple friday. They do so on the occasion of Purple Friday, an action day for the equality of lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender and intersex students, " on 14 December. I had missed it for a while, but it is getting crazier. Youth is flooded with gender propaganda and even teachers and teachers (a non-gender neutral word) lend themselves to this indoctrination.

The propaganda begins to accept Jehovah's witnesses -like proportions. With the rainbow as the big symbol for this new religion, the new gender church seems to behave more aggressively than any other religious movement. We are very good at pointing out Muslim extremism in the Netherlands, but the indoctrination of gender neutral propaganda is a thousand times more aggressive. Education, TV, politics: everything and everyone is heavily committed to it. With Femke Halsema as new leftist church pioneer in Amsterdam, the gender-neutral gospel will be pushed even harder. Because you have to promote everything that is good for your political career and do not worry about the long-term effects.

The new fashion term is 'diversity'. The business sector must stimulate this 'diversity' and you see that politics encourages companies to provide more 'diversity'. Another term that pops up is 'inclusiveness'; actually just as well an Orwellian newspeak word to exclude the heterosexual.

The municipality of Amsterdam already took the lead in the gender neutral speech. No 'ladies and gentlemen' can be called in the trains of the NS, but it is now 'the best traveler'. Not yet talked about the gender-neutral toilet. Diversity is actually George Orwell's announcement of a fascist form of apartheid to exclude the heterosexual. The same applies to the term 'equality'; a term that also carries the ultimate goal of this movement, namely that in which we all become uniworests. Even singer Celine Dion is now promoting this idiocy (see video below).

Of course it is not politically correct and will undoubtedly be described as 'hate speach' if you say something about it, but perhaps it is time to abandon that political correctness. It entered under Halsema paid leave for Amsterdam officials who want to be converted is therefore clear evidence that this aggressive religion is pushed out of politics.

Most people find it all very sweet that this trend is going on. There seems to be a kind of hype, where you are hip and liberal if you are open to this transformation of society. It is a kind of sequel to the acceptance of gays and lesbians and that group has already received the sacred status through the previous propaganda wave that perhaps owes its popularity to the Amsterdam jolly Gay Pride. Nothing wrong with that if we accept people as they are and a fun folk party is always doing well. If you are sexually attracted to the same sex, it is just as it is. And of course you can not be discriminated against. However, there is a big difference between acceptance, emancipation and propaganda. It seems that people can no longer recognize the propaganda and see that the next propaganda wave was only a consequence of the previous one.

We went from the pink flags unnoticed to the rainbow flag. Greenpeace and the EO were perhaps the first to push the symbolism subliminal with the rainbow flag and the 'there is hope' stickers, respectively. It is only a matter of time that Arie Boomsma lets himself build or suddenly announces that his son is feeling transgender.

The biology of the entire world requires for reproduction that there are males and females who do it together to have children. Of course there are also some hermaphrodite plants or animal species, but we are talking about the majority. Now we have discovered that we can make oil plastics and so our oceans are full of PCBs. In fact, our food and drink water chain is full of that plasticizer. And when mothers get that, the hormones responsible for gender determination are already encapsulated in the fetus's blood. The chromosomes can then, as it were, not make the desired circuit. Partly as a result of this, more and more children are born whose sex is floating a little in the middle and more men have female features or vice versa. It should therefore come as no surprise that more children may be born for whom the sex is still unclear. However, if this were now 25% of the children, you could still imagine this propaganda wave, but that is not the case. Of course there must be understanding and acceptance for this new generation, but it's not about 25% and the studies that show 4% are not really very strong (see here). Moreover, you will therefore adapt the entire society to an extreme minority. Or is it perhaps the intention that this minority will become the majority in the near future?

Yes, that is the intention. We are really talking about a new religion here. That is why the Evangelical Broadcaster also plays an important role. Jan van den Bosch was the first ('not practicing') gay who came prominently on the pipe. Arie Boomsma is an important promoter of the previous propaganda round; being that of gay emancipation, where the word 'emancipation' George Orwell is a newspeak for 'propaganda'. The EO will therefore be an important pioneer of the promotion of this new religion. We are talking about the Luciferian religion, where the rainbow symbolizes the wiping out of humanity from before the flood and the Ark symbolizes the genetic code that caused the new population of the world after this flood. The rainbow that appeared in the Bible on the horizon when Noah let his dove (also an important symbol) fly out and land was in sight again, is the symbol of a deluge and a change of great impact. It is the symbol of divine intervention. It is the symbol of Lucifer.

In fact, we are on the eve of a new flood. A tidal wave that will again sweep away humanity in its current status. Not through water, but through technology.

The new man will carry the characteristics of Lucifer. Lucifer, who is often portrayed as the ambiguous or hermaphrodite Baphomet, has always been the god of the Bible (and any other religion) in disguise, but you could not turn that church generation babyboomers into transgender people at once. This had to be done through a process that was certainly positive in certain aspects. Of course, women had to emancipate and become more independent. Of course, homosexuals had to be accepted. The secularization, followed by the flower power time and the emancipation of the woman; was followed by gay emancipation. However, in the overdrive, emancipation began to become propaganda. The transition to the new transgender person is the transition to the new world religion: the Luciferian world religion. Under this new world religion, the world's population must undergo a new flood. Current biology must be swept away. Under that new world religion, humanity must carry the characteristic of Lucifer and become hermaphrodite.

This transition has been used by, among other things, the plastics in our environment, but the large tidal wave is still to come. The great flood will unfold through the legislation that will be introduced worldwide. Legislation whereby vaccination must be mandatory, everyone's DNA is placed in an Ark (the DNA database) and thus the way is made for modifying humanity on a large scale from within. We are on the eve of the wiping out of the old biology. If you want to know exactly how that works, you can read this article just as good.

The transgender person must become the new standard, with reproduction and upbringing in the hands of the state. That too is only the preliminary stage for the final phase. Because until now you can decide to be 'liberal' to these interesting and exciting changes. Finally, you are a modern person and you may believe that we must embrace every change from the concept of 'progress' or 'evolution'.

The final phase of this transition is the one in which we again find the term 'trans'. Transgenderism is the preliminary stage for transhumanism. That is the phase where the original biology of humans will be replaced by nano technology. God (Lucifer) wants to offer us eternal life (the immortality of transhumanism). Are you beginning to understand the role of the EO? That "Jesus" will then descend from the Cloud to offer mankind this eternal life is easy to understand if you go through transhumanism.

Transhumanism wants to make man immortal. We find that immortality in all religions. Transhumanism is therefore very tempting. Who does not want to live forever? That was all the honey that the world's religions performed. Billion bees have been coming for centuries. Transhumanism, however, is the portal for Singularity and that is the phase in which the human soul will be absorbed in the Luciferian AI cloud system. Humanity as the ultimate digitized transgender transhuman that merges with the control system in the cloud. Lucifer was already the God and Satan in the disguise of the dualism of the Bible and is still the religion of the EO and other silent promoters of transgenderism as a precursor to transhumanism and the merger with AI. The ultimate slavery or evolution?

Abnormally, the new is normal.

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  1. Camera 2 wrote:

    Today! What stands out in the UK is something about unemployment but then the
    photo that is placed there, you may call it at least intrusive, aggressive and propagandistic.
    You can not sizzle (pssst lekker ding) to another but the press / state and the power you can impose everything to the abnormal.
    Should there really be a Rainbow Umbrella pontifically walking in front of the office?
    from the UWV,? Does that really have to be ??? (aside: with a saturn symbol in the logo of the UWV, for the observant).


    Calling in the desert!

    • Camera 2 wrote:


      It may sound strange to you, but the man who supposedly represents Russia is actually raising more rainbow flags in the streets (you saw that at the shipping museum a few years ago), why?
      Because then the people who are supposed to feel discriminated in the press, coming from the press, happy from our flag (hu HU).
      Secondly, the man only talks about gays and not like this article about the agenda and the consequences.
      That man just shouts something, and that must put us back against the Russians, and the chess game is complete again. Yes, the Russians have manipulated the election results, ha ha ha

  3. Sun wrote:

    If it is abnormally normal, the new one is normal. This means, in fact, that is the intention of the Club who thought that nothing and nothing will be taboo anymore. Everything is possible! Borders and common sense are no longer there. I do not have to explain which hobbies the Club members have in mind to let go. But yes, we know that we live in a silent dictatorship and the slaves are all involved. One even harder than the other to please their masters. The propaganda is colored unilaterally from the 'government' and politek. In a real constitutional state, the 'government' must also propagate for the other normal counter-sound that is still normal. There must be a balance. We can therefore forget this with the usual suspects at the helm. It is time for regime change. Now or never. Of course within the limits of the law.

  4. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    At Poesje they are busy with it

  5. Sun wrote:

    Incidentally, it is also well-known that the government cooperates / has contact with Loesje or Poesje. The "messages" of Poesje are then subliminal associated with innocent, sweet as a pussy and Loesje sounds nice and soft what can be wrong with that. In this way, abormal "messages" are also sold as easily digestible, salonfahig. Pussy is also international. Well also abroad has to be indoctrinated. Octopus hey.

    They have thought about it with the government. Everything is directed in the Netherlands.

  6. ClairVoyance wrote:

    Some truth seekers are in a sort of mode that they do not understand jokes anymore. They hit a kind of runaway and especially want to respond immediately to give their opinion. You see that a lot. Recently again a confused guest who did not understand the 'censored letter of Rutte joke'.

  7. guppy wrote:

    Totally agree! Most people are completely faint, but have had a gender neutral Jesus on the wall for years.

    It is not the last time but has been programmed for centuries, the last years it takes extreme forms.

    Most religious people will confirm your story but are so stuck in it that they can not let it go. It hurts too much if you realize that you have been fooled since birth.

    If you are born nowadays and are not sensitive to the promotion and programming, they will be full of medicines. Dad and mum make sure that you take the pills every day, they become nice and quiet.

    Why are so many people so restless, raised and overwrought? You have to go through it, you have to feel it and if you suppress it, the bomb bursts.

    Sinterklaas does not exist, you see in NL what happens when you come to the programming (tradition), then you fight to keep it going.

    We are in the box and we celebrate that every year faithfully on 25 (X) and 26 (Y) December.

    Do not forget that if you are nailed to the cross as a truth seeker and representative, the difference is that your cube (box) is unfolded.

    I hope you will save many people from their familiar box with your stories again in the new year!

  8. SalmonInClick wrote:

    If you want people on an agenda, you will be bombarded ... welcome to the new normal!

    Sent: Friday 21 December 2018 12: 36
    To: xxxxxx
    Subject: [NUjij] Your account has been temporarily suspended.

    Best SalmonInClick,

    In accordance with the rules of NUjij your account is temporarily banned. We are not allowed to accuse us of an agenda / conspiracy on NUjij.

    During this ban you can not respond, give respect or discuss with other NUjijers. Resume the conversation within 1 day.

    • ClairVoyance wrote:

      Fortunately, it only concerns a temporary ban ......
      I was permanently suspended 7 years ago.
      And I think it's very bad that I can never post any more. ahum ....
      Not !! It is pure waste of time and energy to read such sites, and reacting to them is completely tedious. As long as she places your "wake up sheep!" Reactions, it just goes well.
      And who the hell is andy cohen? Sounds like a Jewish gay man, but believe me, you should not react to that NOW level.
      These kinds of messages are only used for 2-fly-in-1-slap-data-mining.
      the "diversity agenda", Jews, surrogate mothers for gays. Everything is in it.
      And as far as the Jews are concerned, everyone, especially in "alternative news country" wants Israel to be attacked. But that is precisely part of the agenda. Ken O Keefe, Veterans Today and a whole army of shills have provided the right breeding ground. 911 was also done according to this club (without going into what actually happened) by the Mossad in cooperation with the CIA. And that is again 2 flying in 1 blow.

      • SalmonInClick wrote:

        @ClairVoyance, I have countless (permanent) bans on my pants. I do not care about that, more important is the lost souls who read that kind of prut to refer and direct ..
        The clock is ticking and I hope to be able to turn the tide. I do not only react with fresh reluctance, it's about the message! The technique can also be used against the rulers, co-op is called that. My online network has become very strong and we now even have entries in American politics and I want to leave it at that .. πŸ˜‰

    • Sun wrote:

      conventions approved by the state are not subject to criticism. For that reason you have just been banned and you can think about your 'sins' in this silent dictatorship that the slaves would like to cooperate with.
      What a country.

      • ClairVoyance wrote:

        exactly, and then respond to nujij again tomorrow but then walk in neatly, otherwise you might get a permanent ban. And that is not fun because then you can not lose your egg ... .. hahaha what a fucking joke.
        Tell me, canned salmon, are there more regular media channels that you respond to to "wake up the sheeple"? I do not know if you are already prepping, but in any case I think that it makes more sense to put your energy into it. The nujij sheeple are not worth it. Let them die. Live and let that.
        So pranks !! Not only because of the upcoming created stock market crash, but with a bit of bad luck on top of that also the consequences of the coming Grand Solar Minimum (the Eddy Minimum) where the first signals have been visible worldwide for a year or 3. And even though it is still noticeable in Western Europe for the time being with those fail harvests because of an early winter and frost in the spring, (but also hail and abundant rain) in the US and Canada, it is certainly not easy. And if there will be huge crop failures in the coming years, this will also have consequences for the prices of most foods here in Europe. The prices for many foods are already insanely high. The people here in France can buy moldy fruit and vegetables at the Lidl, 1 euro for a whole box of moldy fruit and vegetables because of gaspillage. Great of that Lidl! That is also going to happen in the Netherlands. And the knife cuts on both sides because you get bowel cancer from moldy food.
        Please do not respond to the latter because it is not my intention to send the subject another direction.

        • SalmonInClick wrote:

          Your very first paragraph implies that you already know who or what I am doing, never do πŸ˜‰ But I will try briefly to explain who I am and when my verbal comment has been turned into action. The drop for me and my family was the Treaty of Lisbon, that was the milestone on which I converted my ideas into deeds and decided to leave the Netherlands in the direction of Scandinavia. Live in a sparsely populated area where the radiation density is low, my nickname betrays what I do and that includes salmon fishing, you can see the salmon. Also have canned salmon in stock and it also implies the revolving door crime in NL example Gerrit Zalm after the betrayal started at DSB / ABN, Riffian had em by πŸ˜‰
          Prepping started for me in 2010 (QE1), I was able to build a nice local social network and in the meantime I learned to hunt. We grow vegetables with the community in a greenhouse for chemtrails. We finance the local economy where possible ... long story short, I understand your cynical attitude is extreme with this. But that goes like snow in the sun when I look at my children πŸ˜€ Cheers!

          • ClairVoyance wrote:

            ZalminBlik, Thanks for the explanation. Very brave of you that you have changed course.

          • SalmonInClick wrote:

            @ClairVoyance and everyone on the site, keeps the courage high, the spirit is out of the bottle! Fine new year already and may the truth win!

  9. Camera 2 wrote:

    In Amsterdam there is always a reason to hoist a rainbow flag.
    What do the rainbow flags do at many football fields, last I had to go to football
    and the first thing that stood out was a big rainbow flag in top (why ???) on a normal sports field where you can play football, no club flag, no rain bow flag, why ??? why on a soccer field

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