Dr. Plandemic's video Judy Mikovits is an Event 201 type of fake news trap (video)

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You must have seen him, the documentary Plandemic of a lady who is Dr. Judy Mikovits calls. She is said to have been imprisoned for several days and arrested without trial. After her release, she comes up with all kinds of claims about viruses and vaccine patents that Dr. Fauci is said to have been used to commit crimes against humanity.

Who himself Event 201 from the Johns Hopkins Institute, know that fighting fake news was an important part of that coronavirus pandemic simulation. We are being trapped.

The best way to finally kill the opposition is to launch a false story that looks very slick and reliable, because the lead actress simply comes up with a “good sounding” story. But meanwhile Forbes is putting in this extensive article Mikovits would be an anti-vaccine activist. That may be true, but it could also be that this lady is on Bill Gates' payroll to do what I have discussed so many times here: play controlled oppoisition (acting).

In the case of controlled opposition, bombs are always built into the double bottom. I now hear you think: “Ah, Vrijland, stop your controlled opposition nonsense!“I am very sorry, but have you seen any concrete evidence presented - apart from your gut feeling being irritated? Oh no? That should alarm you. You should also be alarmed that the lady already receives a lot of media and social media attention.

In particular, the alternative media promotes it considerably and you can also see the video being eagerly shared on Facebook and other social media. "Well, what's wrong with that?"There is nothing wrong with that, were it not that I have warned many times about the existence of one large social media army. And if that army can help set you up, they'll be happy to do so. If then the controlled pawn's exposure follows and you are witnessed to it, they can kick you.

Part of the Event 201 simulation was that fake news must be combated. How can you best organize this? By launching the fake news and monitoring its distribution (Big Data) and precisely measuring the effects and seeing who does or does not respond to it. The Big Data systems can measure your response and monitor social impact based on your calls and monitored sensors from your phone (automated via AI scripts).

We are once again witnessing the safety net strategy, where as many critics as possible should be lured into a trap, so that they will soon say "I don't believe anything anymore - if it doesn't come from the mainstream media".

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  1. Sun wrote:

    What is the 'mikovits' CV? Is she really called Mikovits?
    Then I know enough for myself. They are always there, terrible!

  2. Lydia Roosje wrote:

    It is a dirty but intelligent form of war. I was once hopeful that Q (and Trump) would indeed dismantle the deep state. Because I proclaimed this truth, but what soon turned out to be disinfo, I fell completely into the trap and that means that everything I say now is completely ridiculed. So it is very important to point out people who are just waking up to the minefield of disinformation.
    I think Andrew Kaufman is credible, I hope I am not wrong again…


    (The anatomy of covid)

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Sorry, but all you need to know about online gene editing has been very succinctly explained in several articles here on the website, so you don't have to channel the reader to other channels on your own. You do not know whether that information is also mixed with disinfo.

      All you need to know:

      • Lydia Roosje wrote:

        Andy Kaufman explains in the 2nd link very well that viruses are different from the usual external pathogens. Germ vs terrain theory. Viruses have never been isolated, even this virus, the tests are therefore incorrect, etc. Even though the link to the CRISPR gene editing technology explains everything about the vaccine, about what viruses actually are, I think the info of Kaufman is relevant. Unless he's also a disinfo agent, but I don't think he is.

        • Martin Vrijland wrote:

          Okay very well, then I will study it

          • Future wrote:

            I think you're ready soon, unfortunately. Included in 2 hour London Real interview. So seems fake to me too. Remains very annoying. Because he does indeed appear convincing.

          • Rose wrote:

            Björn Eybl's Soul Causes of Sickness is based on Dr Hamer's biological laws of nature taught by Biologika Nederland. The book says the following about viruses, flu and respiratory problems (most life-threatening symptom of corona according to mainstream medicine).

            To this day, no virus has been detected directly. Viruses are indirectly detected by binding or non-binding of proteins to other proteins. There is no conclusive evidence that viruses are said to cause disease. Unquestionably, large numbers of protein compounds (globulin) are found in the blood and other body fluids. These globulins resemble so-called 'viruses'. The cerebrum may work with these proteins to rebuild damaged ectodermal tissue in the healing phase.

            In regular medicine, a distinction is made between 'dangerous, real flu' and 'harmless flu'. Severe syndromes are considered 'real flu', lighter processes are dismissed as 'flu infection' or 'cold'. From the standpoint of biological laws of nature, we only consider the patient's symptoms:
            Limb pain = self-esteem conflict, healing phase
            Common cold = stink or odor conflict, healing phase
            Strep throat = not wanting to swallow or spitting something, healing phase
            Larynx = scare or speechlessness conflict, healing phase

            Avian, swine, and new flu are WHO-staged 'campaigns'.

            In 'severe influenza infections', such as epidemics, therapies such as Tamiflu or Relenza (cell respiratory-blocking chemotherapies), vaccinations, as well as mass hypnosis are used by conventional medicine.

            Breathing problems
            Conflict: Territory Anxiety Conflict (male active, attacking) or Terror Fear Conflict (female passive, withdrawal). This depends on dexterity, hormone level and previous conflicts. People are afraid of losing their territory (eg partner or work) or a place in the territory (eg position or rank).
            Tissue: Bronchial and windpipe mucosa, plate epithelium, ectoderm
            Conflict Active: Cellular depletion of the bronchial and trachea mucosa, usually unnoticed.
            Biological sense: The cross-section increases the diameter. As a result, better and more air can be inhaled and exhaled to better defend the territory.
            (In animals, biological adaptations make sense. In humans usually not because our conflicts are usually psychological and a biological adjustment is therefore not useful. However, our body reacts just like in animals. Our brain does not know the difference between a biological and a psychological conflict. )
            Healing phase: Reconstruction of the bronchial mucosa with swelling causing tightness of the chest may be accompanied by a cough and fever.

            The above conflicts can be triggered by the news reports and the measures. By easing the measures, these conflicts can be resolved and people can become ill.

            Almost all diseases arise from the inside out through psychological conflicts that cause biological adjustments of the body (increase or decrease in cells or loss of function). These adjustments are repaired with the help of micro-organisms (fungi and fungal bacteria break down cells, bacteria and 'viruses' build up cells) that are produced by our own body. Exceptions are: poisoning (eg food poisoning), mechanical (eg breaking a bone) and genetic (eg Down syndrome). Collectively having a disease is due to a collective conflict experienced. The measures are not useful because contamination as we are taught is not correct. The measures are rather harmful because they can cause conflict and therefore illness. Those in power want us to believe that contamination and disease comes from outside and that we have an immune system with memory to defuse invading pathogens. This allows them to offer an external solution. The vaccine with which they want to merge humanity with Artificial Intelligence.

          • Martin Vrijland wrote:

            Was that book written before or after CRISPR technology was discovered? Because that allows us to look a bit more closely at the DNA and RNA level.

          • Rose wrote:

            The book Soul Causes of Diseases was published in 2010.
            Dr Hamer discovered the biological laws of nature in the late 70s.

            I wonder if it is relevant when the CRISPR technology is discovered according to official sources. Almost all information has been checked. Perhaps this technique existed much earlier than the official lecture.

          • SalmonInClick wrote:

            @Martin, interesting study mainly with regard to RNA / luciferase. I bet this is part of the new vaccine. Unfortunately I cannot see the full investigation, it costs money.

            The incPRINT (in-cell protein – RNA interaction) method overcomes these challenges by using stably expressed recombinant luciferase tethered to an MS2-tagged RNA of interest through MS2 coat protein (MS2CP) [7]. If an interaction between a test RNA and a test protein occurs in the cell, it is measured by luminescence following cell lysis and immunoprecipitation of the tagged protein.

          • SalmonInClick wrote:

            + Green light 🤔hmmmm

            GreenLight Biosciences raises $ 17m to ramp mRNA production for COVID-19 vaccine candidate trials

            Luciferase is a common name for a class of enzymes that usually cause bioluminescence in nature. The name is derived from Lucifer, which means "light carrier". The best known example is a luciferase from the glowworm Photinus pyralis. In luminescent reactions, light is produced by the oxidation of a luciferin (a pigment) and adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

          • Bees wrote:

            The book Soul Causes of Illness can be downloaded free of charge as an E-book from the translator: https://zielsoorzakenvanziekte.be/gratis-download-boek-zielsoorzaken-van-ziekte/

  3. Marcel Korver wrote:


    Please provide more background information about your statement regarding Dr. Judy Mikovits, because she is a very important witness in relation to the corruption within the vaccination industry and is often with many other important persons such as Robert F. Kennedy, Del Bigtree, Dr. Andrew Wakefield etc. who all do not know that her story is not real !!!!

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Not knowing this that her story is not real or that thunders know well that the story is not real, but help to fill the safety nets of the large safety net fleet to sink that entire fleet, so that the re-education camps can be filled or people will think from now on "Well never mind that criticism, they will know better"

      • Marcel Korver wrote:

        Hi Martin,

        Then this is the biggest safety net because Robert F. Kennedy has been working for years and Del Bigtree of the Highwire has really done a good job. Of course we can question everything, but the effect of their work like Vaxxed is really that millions of people have woken up.

        If this is also a safety net, then this is one of the greatest proportions.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Mind you, I'm not saying safety net pawns can't tell the truth. Nor am I saying that I am pro-vaccinations. What I am saying is that the safety net strategy is usually that of 'luring in with truth', but that there is a bomb in the double bottom.

      In this sketch video I explain:

    • Gerke Teitsma wrote:

      this lady claims to include the HIV virus. isolated .. that is very striking. also suspicious that she had to and has kept her mouth shut but is now suddenly allowed to speak.

  4. Sun wrote:

    For a moment, they are not concerned with the facts or the truth. This is by no means important. If they contain any facts or truth at all, it is only intended to disguise Their credibility from Their scam. Main goal is from Hen, Confusion, as the
    ordinary people Confused, no longer remember what to believe, this paralyzes the brains of the ordinary people, the slaves. A person who is paralyzed does nothing and is passive. Exactly what They want. Thereby Confusion is better for Them because They can always turn clockwise then left again etc. That They cannot be caught on Their reprehensible behavior, just like chameleons.
    That is why you often see several boys of the script say this, the other boy says that and that boy says so etc. etc.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Exactly .. it is a form of hypnosis ... "where should I look, my head gets confused"
      That's exactly when your subconscious mind can be programmed.

  5. Wilfred Bakker wrote:

    The topic that you knew was coming, very strong.
    Everyone flees to bitchute, the Pied Piper of Hammering who responds within an hour if something is wrong with the upload you do. (how?)

    There is an entire army that will serve you well!

    Tonight I clap my hands on the balcony for all of you above!



  6. W Hörchner wrote:

    In itself, Forbes' article can also be regarded as propaganda. Everything you read you have to believe or trust to be true. If you read through some references it is difficult to determine whether truth is being written or not.

    For example, it is stated that she would have reported herself instead of being arrested (at home). If you search on google you will also find contradictory news.

    1) https://abcnews.go.com/Health/Wellness/chronic-fatigue-researcher-jailed-controversy/story?id=15076224 writes that she signed up on a Tuesday.
    This news article was published on December 2, 2011.

    2) https://mynews4.com/news/local/judy-mikovits-turns-herself-in writes that she signed up on a Monday.
    The news article was published on November 29, 2011. The video of the news then indicates that she was released the same day, which is not true with other reports that she has been detained for several days.

    3) https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2011/11/controversial-cfs-researcher-arrested-and-jailed Sheriffs in Ventura County, California, arrested Mikovits yesterday on felony charges that she is a fugitive from justice.
    This article was published on Saturday, November 19 (10 days for mynews4's article ??).
    Yesterday would then be Friday November 18. Still different from the previous two messages. I cannot find out if there have been multiple events such as an arrest and then voluntarily report it.

    An article in sciencemag.org (https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2020/05/fact-checking-judy-mikovits-controversial-virologist-attacking-anthony-fauci-viral#) in response to what Mikovits said:

    Mikovits: I was a hero in jail, with no charges.

    The district attorney in Washoe county, Nevada, filed a criminal complaint against Mikovits that charged her with illegally taking computer data and related property from WPI. The charges were dropped, in part because of legal troubles faced by her former employer. '

    In the article of point 3 it says, among other things:
    'A spokesperson for the Washoe County Sheriff's Office told ScienceInsider that it did not issue the warrant, nor did the Reno or Sparks police department. He said it could be from one of several federal agencies in Washoe County. '

    It doesn't seem to have been all that clear. In addition, from her point of view (and the charges were dropped later), she was detained without charges. I do not think that such a position is strange. In the 'film' she also indicates that it has been related to an alleged theft of property.

    It is also faint to say that stock photos and / or film material of a SWAT team was used which has nothing to do with the arrest. This happens on the assembly line in media. Cut, pasted and created in life. And everything you see and / or read in the media is aimed at giving you a certain feeling. This is also the case with programs such as Zembla and even the Valuation Service. See also the photo at the top of the Forbes article. If that is not meant to create a feeling ...

    Fact checking, debunking ... framing terms used to imply writing or speaking the truth. Just as 'conspiracy thinker' is a box to which one gives a negative charge. All strategy.
    I believe most of our thinking is based on belief, conviction and trust. What is a fact for one, the other must assume as fact. And what is a conspiracy theory for one person is reality for another. What is wisdom to one person is insane to another.

    • ClairVoyance wrote:

      W Horchner, thank you for your links and your comments.
      I have yet to look at the links but I can already see that you know how the hares go.

  7. Analyze wrote:

    now some serious news, luckily Greta has recovered again KUCH😷


  8. Future wrote:

    Here a confirmation of a large part what Martin has been calling for years. And the best confirmation is at the end, the movie lasts 19 minutes, but the last 3 minutes are for all readers and cooperating state IMBers say bye bye, against what you think you have now. Oh yes also to your own family. For one day you have become unusable for your masters. And then you just experience fate like everyone else's. Maybe this man will give you some insight. Although it probably won't, because you are stuck in your own web. Martin you are one of the few who fight for real freedom. Thank you for all your efforts. Although the IMBers still think they are heroes for their masters. Everything comes to an end.


  9. ClairVoyance wrote:

    Here some data from Tony Heller;

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