The propaganda for the disappearance of the gender registration

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'M / V'. Man or woman. The distinction comes back in so many places that it is hardly noticeable. It is in your passport, on your identity card, on letters from the government. Even when collecting bulky waste, you sometimes have to fill in whether you are a man or a woman. This is self-evident to most people. However, a large group of Dutch people feel compulsory gender registration as 'bureaucratic violence'. Take gender-nonconforming people who do not feel at home in the 'man' or 'woman' box. This concerns almost one in twenty-five Dutch people, 4 percent of the population. With that text opens the NRC her article of 4 August, that the umpteenth article is in line with the unending flow of propaganda that is poured out like a bombing of the people. Earlier, we saw how the NRC used puffer as propaganda and took the rest of the Dutch media on the trail of this propaganda. That is how it came Metro news with a reference to this latest NRC article. What is so 'fake news' about this story in the NRC? Well, that is the case: there is 'a big group' and 1 is on 25 Dutch (4%) does not feel at home in the 'man' or 'woman' box? Where does the NRC get that 4%? Why is the source not mentioned?

If you then do a Google search, you come to One today; that again refers to an investigation by the Central Planning Bureau (CPB), but if you click on that link you will not come to the CPB, but to a report from the Rutger WPF foundation. That is the same foundation that the child pornography from the late senator Edward Brongersma of the Public Prosecution Service got hold of "scientific research" and the same foundation that teaches children about the choice of gender in primary schools. How independent and pure can you call that state organ? The report then refers to CBS studies, but does not give a clear cross-reference to this. You have to check it all yourself. What you will not do, of course. The report of the Rutger WPF apparently indeed seems to conclude that 4% does not feel at home in a booth of 'man' or 'woman', but look a little deeper and you read the report equally thoroughly, then it becomes clear that it is your purest propaganda is kolder.

What, for example, we read [quote] In the nineties, based on the number of applications at the Knowledge and Care Center for Gender Dysphoria of the VUmc, a prevalence for transsexuality was calculated for 1: 11.900 men and 1: 30.400 women (Bakker, van Kesteren, Gooren, & Bezemer, 1993) . Recently, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) has also focused on the number of transsexuals in the Netherlands (Geerdinck, Muller, Verkleij, & van Weert, 2011). Based on the number of people who have registered their gender changes between 1995 and 2010, Statistics Netherlands 900 transsexuals in the Netherlands. A prevalence figure based on this figure is missing in the CBS report, but would amount to 1: 18.300 inhabitants in the Netherlands. Only 1995 transsexuals have registered in the Netherlands between 2010 and 900. Furthermore, there are some references to very old studies such as those of the VUmc from 1993. Nowhere is it explained, however, what the calculation formula is to get 900 transsexuals to the ratio 1: 18.300. There is no mention of how many registrations are involved and what the psychological state of these people was. For example, with a nice headline in the newspaper of a woolly incoherent report, you can make it look like it is of great value and program it as truth in the perception of people.

According to the Rutger WPF report, the above figures were clearly not satisfactory enough and so [quote] To fill the above knowledge gaps in the field of transgender people in the Netherlands, a number of questions about transgender people have been included in the Sexual Health in the Netherlands 2011 survey. With part of the questions, the prevalence of different characteristics of transgenderism (ambivalent or incongruent gender identity, gender dysphoria and desire for medical adaptation of the birth gender to the desired and / or experienced sex) is mapped. Another set of questions consists of statements that measure the attitude towards transgender people. In short, some questions have been raised in order to gauge how much a man or woman feels. But that is already the crux. View the question briefly [quote] "Many men clearly feel man. This is not the case for some men or less. Can you indicate to what extent you feel a psychic man? (1 = not at all, 5 = completely) "and" Can you indicate to what extent you feel a psychic woman? (1 = not at all, 5 = completely)". Now we all know that in recent years the New Age and other movements have proclaimed the idea of ​​'masculine' and 'feminine energy'. Everyone has a piece of masculine and feminine energy in them, that's the idea. Can you imagine with which mindset people will answer these questions? Moreover, only 8084 people participated in this study. However, there is nothing to be found about under what conditions this investigation took place; under which part of the population; which region; which age categories; educational attainment; income; ethnicity; and so on. None of that. Did the research take place during the Gay Pride and in the Reguliersdwarsstraat in Amsterdam? We do not know. The Netherlands has 17,2 million inhabitants; a sample among 8084 people is therefore a sample among 0,047% of the population. Do you see the credibility of such reports or the lack of them? Would not the outcome be very different if the problem were more clearly related to transgenderism instead of people interpreting it in the 'spiritual framework' of male or female energy?

Earlier, the NRC headlined: NRC checks: 'The majority of American children are queer'. I could tell from the reactions in my immediate environment what the effect of such a title is. People read the head and what is left is dat piece of text, namely that the majority of children feel queer. Even though the article is substantively correct about checking that statement and the fact that the website Geenstijl had criticized the publication (by the same NRC) of an article in which this statement was made. No style (controlled opposition and part of the Telegraaf Media Groep) reached the report on which the NRC journalist based down. In the last 'fact checking' article of the NRC it is concluded that the assumed numbers and percentages in the previous article were indeed incorrect, but they gave the writer Mounir Samuel the chance to defend himself. This appealed to a comparative study in the US that would have shown the same picture. He refers to it GLAAD report from the US with the telling propaganda name 'Accelerating Acceptance 2017'. This report also turns out to be a complete addition, because when you read it, it appears that an online poll was only performed in 2 days among 2037 Americans. The US has more than 320 million inhabitants, so that is a sample among 0,0006% of the American population. But despite the fact that the NRC supposedly corrects itself on 'fake news' via a fact checking article, the evil has already happened and the content of the article actually adds a little extra. This is how propaganda works. What I noticed in my immediate environment is that it reacted in the manner of "Oh, you see: more and more young people doubt their gender". No, the article showed that the allegation is not correct, but the unconscious message clearly lingers. The NRC therefore brings an article full of inaccuracies as a fact and rectifies this with a 'fact checking' article in which actually the same message is hidden. Do you see the power of propaganda?

Beau van Erven Dorens was also allowed to pour out the rainbow propaganda about the people in the RTL Late Night program. We should clearly point out this kind of well-paid presenters once again to their shameless (un) responsibility. Millions of people are affected by such undisputed perception management. Who says that the girl at the table has not been a girl all her life? Who says that the boy / girl who says a 'Queer' (short for the English 'questioner': someone who does not want or can not choose his gender) is not a well-paid actor? Yes, there will always be people who say "I know that person". But is it not clear that we seem to take the content of such programs pretty uncritically? Who says it is true? Have the media now proved to be so reliable over the years? Who says that the guests do not just act or have been prepared for this propaganda from an early age? The researches that must show that there is a large group of people who have doubts about the sex are flut investigations and prove nothing. The idea that it is a large group is very poorly or rather 'not' substantiated. Beau and his well-paid table guests take this carelessly over. (Read more under the video)

But we are not there yet! Gender neutrality must be pushed. Transgenderism and all other preferences and tastes have since been supplemented by LGBTI LHBTIQAPC. The population is confronted almost daily with the rainbow or 'gender blender' kolder. We have to get rid of the gender. We already had the gender-neutral toilet (but men of course continue to urinate over those glasses) and we get gender-neutral speech and the abolition of the use of words like "dear ladies and gentlemen". As if the tsunami was not yet intense enough, the sex now also has to be removed from the passport. It could be annoying for that supposedly large group; which is made especially artificial with fake reports and stories in the media. So it looks like a propaganda campaign is going on. Of course, a day like the Gay Pride Amsterdam gives the impression that it might all sound right, but for many this is not simply an alibi for a carnivalesque party in which you do a jolly with the pink craziness? The exaggeratedly distorted reality about the number of people who would feel 'Queer' seems to be primarily an image that arises as a result of all media expressions that flood us. In this article I have explained that there is a very clear reason for this propaganda. The force field that controls world government is the same field of force that controls androgynous android man: transhumanism. That is why we must now get used to transgenderism and become 'gender neutral' the norm.

David Icke also explains it in the video below; that comes exactly after my articles series on this topic. He explains, among other things, how plastics and other substances in our environment affect the fetus during pregnancy and encapsulate testosterone during our lifetime. This can lead to more men with female characteristics and vice versa. I myself even discussed that once this radio broadcast from 2014. He also discusses how the fertility of men decreases and also lays the link with transhumanism. It is useful to really go into this matter once more; now to be vigilant and no longer to laugh at everything. There is a reason that this propaganda is poured out over the people and there is also a reason that this happens under the symbol of the rainbow. Read for that this article.

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  1. SandinG wrote:

    Hoho Vrijland, but this is not journalism. You must leave this to the professionals who have studied it. Ask questions and investigate? But that is not the intention, you just have to take over the press releases and do not postpone the integrity of the news ... and that's enough!

    This is a very serious matter ..

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Yes, you're right ... I'll just do what the rest of journalism does in the Netherlands: just take over what the news agencies report and do not ask or investigate critical questions.

      I had forgotten that journalism is not about research, but mainly about applying the principles of Machiavelli ...
      When will I get the Machiavelli prize?

      • SandinG wrote:

        Admit that all false flag operations and hoaxes have actually happened and rectify this on your site and bring in hoaxes that support a repression agenda ... and leaving it to father is of course ??

        what are you worried about ...

      • Notis wrote:

        Still smooth and Mr. or Mrs. may no longer hahaha
        That YT 'fake' with that Belgian presentatortrice / sorry presentitatotem delicious ???? ???? ????
        The boy can also become a real or young man and the girl / young lady is the man and the young man or Hee homo (homo = man latin) or hey young homo.
        Hey, young gay!

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      How dare you put that video on that Belgian presenter! You know that is fake news?

      That the NRC may post fake news in order to rectify it with even more fake news and a head that promotes the idea once again, makes sense ... you are the NRC and then that is allowed, but that video has been acted: foei!

  2. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    I think that gender neutral urinals should also come!

  3. SalmonInClick wrote:

    Hahaha brilliant discussion this, someone familiar with the condition of hot dick? Seems to be very serious and worth investigating. Maybe an option? ????

    "John is a loner, understanding alone is not enough"

  4. SalmonInClick wrote:

    @Martin, perhaps an idea to start a laconic action to get attention for this gender blender agenda and the rise to legalize pedophilia. By starting a petition to change the name of St. Nicholas (St. Nicholas) to St. Pedofilius with his new servants horny pieten called with of course not to miss a (balls) bag at their disposal to their young victims via the Lolita Express ( he is going with his time) to transport to an island not to be mentioned ..

    Guaranteed that you get attention, because you can fool the average Dutchman, but do not come to Santa Claus and black pete ...
    The opep nuts are already in the store, can not miss ??

  5. Brain wrote:

    In the Netherlands it is not investigated whether criminal offenses have been committed. What the name 'research' has / gets is purely a white-washing operation by the babeloneiers in favor / benefit of the babeloniers. And the sheeple waits until their children turn. But then do not complain he sheeple.

  6. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    And of course they are not left behind in the gender bullshit with the big driving force towards transhumanism:

    • Brain wrote:

      We can not expect anything from the brainwashed sheeple, stupid and stupid and reacting like a real sheep on the stimulus-response conceived by the think tanks of the babeloniers. Something can change with the arrival of a movement / political party eg as in Italy, il movimento 5 stelle of Beppe Grillo. Something for you Martin? Without power, the situation remains the same.

  7. shrimp wrote:

    In no way does the Elite have the health of humans and animals in mind. Sodomisation in women is also a common issue. For the coming years, the expectation is that there will be an even greater increase in sexually transmitted diseases by intensifying the 'pornification' of society. Mix the sodomization of society with the poison of satanism and get a deadly weapon to further attack the human organism and mental health. A propaganda that has to take care to speed up the further decay and breakdown in society to complete the agenda of a club of hardcore fanatics of the new world order.

  8. ClairVoyance wrote:

    If our king were homophile and married to a man, we now had two kings.

  9. Brain wrote:

    The latest article on transhumanism is available on the site.

  10. readytolearn wrote:

    Hi Martin, I am an 16 birthday girl in a (Surinamese) 'free' Christian family brought up and read all our 6 months your articles. Nothing in my life ever sounded as logical as what you talk about. I have been interested in these subjects since my 12e, but I do not have anyone in my immediate environment to share this with. You are also a big reason that I'm starting my study media campaign from September onwards and then hopefully studying journalism. (with my own truths and norms or course)

    From childhood I was taught to pray before bedtime, when I got up, at breakfast, lunch, dinner, birthdays, old-year etc etc etc. With the idea that if I finally wanted to 'choose' another religion (atheism was and is a no go) they would accept that, only on my 12e I started to wonder who or what god was and why I, no one in my family, environment or on TV that doubted (maybe I just looked to the wrong programs) I began to delve into the illuminati, freemasonry, and the royal family. The only thing that was wrong is by whom it was told ... Christian people who believed that god would return to earth to take the believer or whatever ... this reassured me that god would exist .. and decided I accept it (my family was right after all and they are the most important thing in my life) UNTIL I came to your website by accident and everything I had read about fell into place .. as I said nothing in my life has ever sounded so logical and I read that what I'm going through, trying to find the questions and the answer I am not the only one I read your 'journey' and that reminds me a lot of my own journey. To understand this world and not stop at the answer that is given to us but to find our own answer .. now I am at a point .. how do I apply all the knowledge I have gained in my own life how do I ensure that I am not one of those many in this world who do know but do nothing about it (that is as bad as I do not know and do nothing about it) I want to make a difference but it seems like I'm stuck.

    SO .. this was my biography lol .. I hope you understand me a bit and can help me to the next step when it comes to this. I would also like to thank you for all your articles with which you opened our eyes. I have never seen anyone who has so much self-knowledge and time and time again points out his own mistakes. Having said all this, I hope that you (or someone else with a vision of my message) would respond to this would help me enormously.

    Someone who is ready to learn (more)

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Hi Readytolearn,

      Thank you for summarizing your life and it is always good to hear if my writings helped someone; so also with you.
      Super nice that you share that.
      If you have questions you can always ask them here or send an email.
      It is admirable that at this age you are so clear-minded to break out of your programming. I recognize it very strongly and also understand that you can be stimulated by a religious upbringing to think about it. Some lose themselves in the program, others think "something is wrong here". That can lead to a lonely position in your old social network, but you have to go through that.

      I hope that in your field of study journalism you will not be brainwashing and maybe the first student who dares to leak inside information about what is being told during such a course.
      We can use some brave awake fighters in the current time.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      In answer to your question: "How do I apply all the knowledge I have gained in my own life, how do I ensure that I am not one of those many in this world who do know but do nothing about it?"

      Everyone should be able to ask that question every day.
      You can think of concrete things like contradicting what you are told when you disagree with it; not participating in matters that you do not support; being alert to further sinking in technology (smartphones); try to find ways other than the well-considered socially imposed paths (not looking for a job or studying, but going self-supporting); etc. etc.

      The bottom line is that you realize who you are in essence and thus live and act from your "soul" instead of from pre-programmed directions.

      It is not easy to make such choices and to choose the direction in a fully programmed society full of laws and regulations. But it always starts with the intention.

  11. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Chemical influences on gender and gender confusion:

  12. Why do you want to know this? wrote:

    As a result of this article I was sniffed at the site of Statistics Netherlands. I came across this:

    The document contains absolute numbers of registered gender changes per year. In 2015 there is an extreme peak that I can not place.

    What are your thoughts about this?

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