The rainbow represents a fanatic religion while the supporters think they are fighting for 'diversity and inclusiveness'

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In my previous article I explained where the rainbow as a symbol comes from. In short, the rainbow was originally a symbol of the new earth after the flood. God showed a rainbow never seen before in the sky as a sign to man. And God said, This is the sign of the covenant that I make between you and you, and all living things that are with you, through all generations forever. It is therefore a religious sign and is also a consequence of the breaking of light in the atmosphere. In that article I indicated that Lucifer the God is in disguise of all religions. Lucifer is also called the light carrier and so the breaking of light in all colors of the rainbow is another indication that refers to a symbol with a religious touch.

It is useful to see if the rainbow has meaning only in Christianity or also in other cultures and religions, so that we do not get a misunderstanding that it is actually a religious symbol; despite the fact that it has been brought in recent years as a symbol for 'diversity' and 'inclusiveness'. I will then also show that the last two words are actually Orwellian new-words for the exact opposite, namely 'unity sausage' and 'exclusion' (from the heterosexual to be precise).

The rainbows according to the Vikings

The Vikings knew several interesting myths about the natural world. According to the Norwegians, the rainbow forms a bridge between 2 realms of heaven called Midgard and Asgard. Asgard is the home of the Gods and the rainbow was incredibly important because it allowed controlled access to this holy place. The rainbow bridge is called Bifrost by the Norwegians and is sometimes referred to as a burning rainbow bridge. Only gods and warriors who died in battle can cross the bridge.

The Aboriginal rainbow mythology

The Australian Aboriginals saw the rainbow as a snake, who was the creator of all earthly things. It has been given different names and is highly dependent on which group of Aboriginal people you speak, but it is always a snake that appears in the "Dreaming" stories. This is the period in which, according to the Aboriginals, everything was created. The rainbow snake is immortal, a bit like a god and is much larger than an ordinary snake. The snake is believed to cause rain by sucking up water from ponds and spitting it out on land. As a result of this belief, it is seen as a symbol of fertility. The snake is also honored because it is responsible for making rain, but it is responsible for doubt and the suffering associated with the absence of such an event.

Chinese Rainbow Mythology

The Chinese also have an image of a rainbow snake or a dragon. This creature is called Hong. Hong has two heads; one at each end. The word Hong means rainbow in Chinese. It is considered a bad omen to point to a rainbow, because a rainbow is meant to indicate that a woman is pregnant. According to the Chinese, the gods think this should not happen. A rainbow would be a sign of disrespect of the sky, and the bow represents the swelling belly of the pregnant woman in this context.

There are still many variations of rainbows in ancient Chinese culture, but most of them give negative associations.
The creator of the Chinese myth, Nuwa, is also associated with rainbows. It is said that the rainbow were made by Nuwa. He did this by causing a crack in the sky with different colored stones that formed a rainbow through another god, Gong Gong, on the water.

The merging of Yin and Yang is also described in a rainbow. The red and blue colors blend together and are united. Rainbows have become a symbol of weddings in Chinese culture.

Hindu rainbow mythology

For the Hindus, a rainbow is literally an arc used by the god of war and the thunder, Indra, to shoot arrows at a demon in an attempt to kill it before it destroys the earth and all its population
The origin of Indra's bow is a story in itself. It is said that he asked a carpenter to make him a new bow after his old one was broken. As soon as the carpenter had done his work, Indra asked an artist to paint his new arch with colors that had never been seen before. With a rainbow, it is suggested that Indra has hung its bow to dry after use.

The above text is from and clearly shows that the rainbow is a religious symbol in virtually all cultures worldwide. Quite apart from the question whether this summary is a correct historical description, it is at least another sign that the rainbow has been a religious symbol all over the world since time immemorial. Why then should we suddenly believe that it is primarily a symbol that revived a few decades ago with Greenpeace as a sign for the struggle for a better environment and now suddenly stands for the LGBTI movement? The fact that the rainbow is pressed into our face every day as a kind of hard, undeniable propaganda and the fact that for the LGBTI movement it is worn as a kind of militaristic symbol, is a sign that we should take a serious look at it. The fanaticism with which the flags are fluttered and the rainbow colors are applied everywhere, is reminiscent of a period in which the swastika was promoted just as fanatically.

In the last book from the Bible, called 'Revelation of John', the rainbow can be found again and you can clearly recognize that the rainbow represents the God of the Bible. In Revelation 4 (as indicated in bible terms) John says he sees someone sitting on a throne in heaven and that there is a rainbow around that throne. In Revelation 10 there is a rainbow around the head of a powerful angel. The rainbow actually symbolizes the highest power and control by that highest power; where I make a quick jump to the statement explained in earlier articles that 'angel' are inputs in the simulation, which are controlled by the builder. "Simulation? What do you mean simulation?"Yes, if you are new to this site, you may not yet know that I take the position that you and I" live in a simulation ". I put that in brackets, because you cannot live in a simulation, but can only be an acting player. It is important to read more about it in this article series, because then you also understand why I say that Lucifer is the builder of this universe virus simulation.

The rainbow flag

So have you ever brought a rainbow flag into your home because you just love the LGBTI movement; can imagine the varying sexual preferences or simply believe in changing from a society to a slightly less patriarchal one, then that might be the propaganda of that movement that wants you to believe that you are fighting for something 'good'. Probably many in the LGBTI movement do not even know that they adhere to a religious symbolism and that there is actually a religion. Yes, yes, yes, really where you have ended up in a religious movement that is just as fanatic (or perhaps even more fanaticic) as that of the old crusaders and that of the jihad. "Yes, but for me it is not a religious symbol and it simply stands for freedom and emancipation". You may like to believe that, but it is an ancient religious symbol and it is the symbol for the entity that created this world and also the symbol for destruction (milderly expressed: 'change').

In that context it is quite interesting to read that book of Revelation. It resembles a kind of psychedelic trip by that so-called prophet John and it is mainly about a God who loves destruction (and saves a few chosen ones for his urge to destroy). In fact, we find in all religions that that Deity is not such a sweetheart at all. It also becomes clear that he has control over good and evil and releases 'Satan' whenever he wants. Whoever does not listen to all those woolly religious preachers with their statements and reads such a book completely fresh, simply recognizes a cruel being who uses duality to eventually destroy his own creation and make a new start in something new .

The conversion of humanity to the 'hermaphrodite'

The rainbow was therefore a symbol of the great flood (called the "flood" in the Bible) and therefore also a symbol of the divine power in the "psychedelic trip" of the Prophet John (as I just call it kindness) . In my opinion, Johannes has just seen a fast-forward of the simulation script, but you may understand that comment better after studying the series of articles mentioned.

I keep repeating that the rainbow represents Lucifer; the builder of this universe simulation. That is bad news, because that builder is also a destroyer. That is why I always talk about a virus simulation. That tendency to destruction can be found, for example, in that book of Revelation. So if you have the rainbow flag in your living room, you have the symbol of Lucifer and the symbol of destruction brought home; while you thought you were simply progressive and faced with the emancipation of other sexual preferences or more freedom from people with a different sexual orientation.

Only when you realize that the LGBTI propoganda (as I call it anyway) takes place under that cover of 'emancipation', but actually have a deeper meaning, do you also realize that it is the symbol of the destruction of man ; the destruction of humans as we have known them for centuries. Do you think I am digging through and really do not know what I am talking about? Put your anger aside for a moment and analyze with me.

In several articles I have explained that in my opinion the LGBTI movement is not rigged for 'diversity and inclusiveness'. The diversity that is supposedly represented in the various sexual preferences is the pre-stage for merging all those sexual preferences into one person. In that sense, 'inclusiveness' is a correct description, because they will all be merged (included). The goal is real make the heterosexual disappear and so that sexual preference is actually 'excluded'. That is why the H for 'heterosexual' cannot be found in the abbreviation LGBTI. That H stands for 'homosexual'. In that sense, there is talk of "exclusion" or "exclusivity," and that is why I said at the beginning of this article that we are dealing here with the "new speech" described by George Orwell in his book 1984 (in which the meaning of words is reversed). We also know the word exclusivity from 'apartheid' in South Africa and is actually a form of fascism.

Before you think that I am permeating by using the term 'fascism', I would like to remind you of the fanatic flag-waving and pushing symbolism 'in your face'. We also saw that in the 30 years of the last century with our Eastern neighbors and then nobody wanted to see it. I recognize a kind of fanaticism among the rainbow followers that reminds me of that. And those same rainbow followers again do not realize that they are promoting the symbol of destruction. I repeat for a moment: the rainbow stands for 'the light carrier', the one who switched on the light of the simulation; for Lucifer; for the destroyer of humanity. After the destruction, the rainbow appears in the sky.


We are on the eve of the destruction of this world as we know it, including man as we know it. In this article I explained in detail how humanity is going to be converted to the bisexual hermaphrodite, concealed behind the term 'gender-neutral'. This means that the old basic sexual principle whereby men and women had to fall together for reproduction had to be the first to disappear. That is why we first witnessed (which I will just mention) gay propaganda, to make as many people as possible fall on the same sex. The ultimate goal is that all those sexual tendencies must take place within one person. This is because the two sexes will literally be merged into one person, once the conversion of man to the hermaphrodite has been successful. Mankind must be converted to the symbol for the builder of this simulation: Baphomet, the ambivalent goat (so Lucifer).

The destruction of humanity

You only have to read the Bible books for a moment to discover that the God (of whatever religion) is always after destruction. Of course a few souls are saved, but that 'sausage for the nose' serves to get people in line as worshipers. It is as it were the oldest 'Problem, Reaction, Solution'formula application that we know. Lucifer is looking for the destruction of humanity, because with that threat of destruction, humanity is being prepared to get ready for the ark. Noah's new ark is the "salvation" through transhumanism and the transition to "the new heaven and the new earth" that will be realized through the merger with Lucifer's AI. Google's CEO Ray Kurzweil calls that moment the singularity (see here).

Mankind is currently being rebuilt to "God's image." The ancient image of the Bible was the yin-yang duality god; the god who presented himself as God and Satan. That is why man was actually created in God's image in the Bible book of Genesis. And that's why the God of the Bible says, "Let us make people in our image." That is Lucifer who expresses himself as duality form "us". This duality was necessary to get the players of this simulation through the law of free will in the desired direct current towards the final goal (such as plus and minus pole on a battery provide a direct current). After the coming rainbow period (hence the symbol), in which the old creation will be flooded and the new one is already ready, the builder of this simulation can present himself as 'ambiguous in one', because then we have already voluntarily decided to use our AI -cloud system. Yes, I am literally talking about an AI computer system. We must merge with 'the cloud'. That is why the messiah in the Bible will also descend from the clouds. That is 'the cloud'.

So humanity is already being recreated in Lucifer's ambiguous image. After that gender change, humanity will be transformed into the transhuman. The digital slaves are then prepared to surrender to the AI ​​system and merge into 'the cloud' to be able to experience the new simulation (“the new heaven and the new earth”). This is the seduction trick that is needed to make the original soul (forms of consciousness) surrender to Lucifer's AI system.

The entire biology as we know it today will therefore cease to exist (just like in Noah's time). Do you now also understand rainbow symbolism a little better? It all has to do with each other.

Now you could still think:Well, what's wrong with that? Perhaps it is a wonderful progress and a wonderful change! I actually trust that Lucifer". I understand that thought. Finally, the Lucifer worshipers in society usually stand for a lot of wealth and success. You just have to look at the music industry, in which people like Miley Cyrus (and many others) openly speak about Lucifer worship. What is wrong with it is that you overlook that Lucifer is nothing more or less than who you are from and that you surrender to an AI virus system. You are originally a creative form of consciousness. The Lucifer simulation is a virus simulation that the stem cell of the 'original field'(the all-inclusive creative data field from which your creative form of consciousness originated) wants to invade. Lucifer has a reputation for destruction and that is the purpose of a virus.

Once you find out that we are "in a simulation" and look a little realistic at the world as we know it, the big thread is death and destruction. The rainbow is also a symbol of death and destruction. Is it not even sensible to say goodbye to that group and instead opt for 'back to the original' instead of allowing ourselves to be dragged along in the way that leads deeper into Lucifer's simulation trap? Remember: the rainbow symbolizes the destruction of the old earth; an old tendency of the builder (also called 'God') of this simulation, Lucifer. Time to burn that rainbow flag.


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  1. Camera 2 wrote:

    That pop music has been soaking with it for years and years is Luciferian
    worship is no longer a secret.
    It is striking that everyone who goes into that showbiz, the capital
    for bragging, get a good reward, get wonderful rewards

    Micky van de Stones even said at the time that he could be called Lucifer.

  2. “Humanity is therefore being recreated in the light of Lucifer's ambiguous image. After that gender change, humanity will be transformed into the transhuman. "

    That is exactly what they have shown with the downing of the Twintowers and replacing them with the new one building, the 'One World Trade Center'.
    Apart from the symbolism of II etc., the shape of this building is an injection needle. Which indicates deliberate manipulation of the DNA. Furthermore, the building is an elongated anti-prism that has the quality to turn the rainbow colors into a single bundle of white light through a twist.
    That bundle shines from the top and causes flashes.

    The fact is that the elite simply draws electricity from the ether, while we are all at a high price for their oil, gas and electricity. They have destroyed the old Romanesque / Tartar world as it was, with free energy through pyramids, churches and mosques. The knowledge about the ether withheld and they are now doing their AI, DEW, EMF and Cloud things with it. The blue of the UN sign is the color of the flag of Israel; the ultimate goal; an own country from which the rest of the world is ruled.

    This automatically brings you to the lie of globe earth and gravity. Whatever the situation is, the ether and the frequency field that is carried by it is concealed and translated into air and gases.
    Because they withhold everything about this, 5G is not actually measured on nature; which is a direct invalidation of everyone's own electromagnetic field; and need tree felling and forest fires, because they counteract the short but rock-hard sizzling frequencies; as a result, also a huge weakening of our physical functioning. Together with the weak men they breed and taking the last weapons, the road to domination is a breeze.

    The rainbow consists of seven colors; and according to this Sabbath club, because that is it, P must still be added to the LGBTI. No not for Pan, but for pedo. And they are now accelerating their efforts.

    Last but not least; the seven Noahide Jewish laws have since been signed by Trump. They take effect as soon as "Martial law" is activated (if some false flags still occur). These 7 laws are Talmudic laws for the Goyim (the rest). 662 other laws apply to the Jews, we do not need to know those domos; they will apply them after the 'takeover' has taken place in Israel.
    So you already find the rainbow as a symbol for the Noahide laws. You can find them anywhere on the internet.
    Here all about those scary laws:

    The very disturbing thing about this is that if you do not want to abide by those laws, decapitation follows.
    The most important is the ban on Idol worship; so a different truth / God / worship than that of their Lucifer that they will make feminine; as Madonna has prepared, leads to conviction.

    So if you state; salt up with your nonsense, I follow my original, my heart, and not your jokes, you are basically the bobbin. So found with the LED lights, smart meter, 5g network and your mobile and who knows chip.
    If you refuse the chip, then they qualify you as a Christian, for the New Testament speaks of the 'beast' as the sign on your hand or forehead, of 666; what the bar code is already on articles; always 666 in it. Then also conviction and coercion to.

    I discovered yesterday that Trump has grown his nose. And is not blonde / red. So he is just one of them, a Sabbatean anyway, but also a Khazar-Askhenazi-Nazi-Zionist. He plays the game of deception as a big clown and has done his best to push all the final doors in before martial law can be activated.

    Bushes are also Askhenazis; Hillary too, Obama's mother was one (they took all her data from the school archives just before Obama became president) and now Trump too; while we think he is a cozy Scot.
    Here the development that the Cloud will be operated from Israel:

    Here the link to the last step of pedophilia; which is deeply rooted in Talmudic Judaism (which embraces all rabbis and is kept secret until the internet put an end to this). This forms the basis of every MK-Ultra programming of very young children. And how they have taken the world hostage with sex as a blackmail tool for top positions.

    It looks so damn scary ... and hardly anyone realizes it ...

    • Ben wrote:

      This was about 2 years ago, and it seems to have been right on target.

      Trump Noahide Laws

    • Mindsupply wrote:

      And indeed the little cabal uses symbols that everyone uses to keep them in the saddle. Because ordinary people don't know what they really mean.

      Take for example the so-called "Peace Sign", you know that round symbol with vertical stripe and at the bottom two pyramids (left and right). That has nothing to do with Peace.

      The original meaning of this symbol is "Misery and Despair".

      The original meaning always applies! (natural law).

      Millions of people walk around with it on t-shirts, stickers, buttons and posters at home.

      And you wonder why there is so much misery ..; )

    • bartelo wrote:

      I do believe that the P for pedo will soon be added. This year, the first pedoclub with the disconcerting name, the "child liberation fund", registered as a participant in the boat parade during Gay Pride in Amsterdam. They think they belong because it is after all about orientation. And as a non-practicing pedo you should be allowed to belong once. So the first step has already been taken.
      And then something else (by the way, I am gay myself and have always wondered why the pink triangle was replaced by the rainbow flag, but the above seems to explain a lot), the following slogan or slogan: "Dare to be Different" is weird. You are encouraged to be different. But that is not the point, it should be: "Dare to be Yourself". In my opinion, that is a completely different message and charge to be yourself, than the encouragement to be different. It is all very misleading.

  3. Sun wrote:

    Nice article again. Well, if all goes well, most people now know who those people are who bring all that 'beauty' into society as social engineers, at least the world improvers according to their own vision.
    Sad that those people with name and name cannot be named because unfortunately we live in a quiet, subtle, sneaky dictatorship. By naming them you can work on that problem. But unfortunately, the normal population, the perfect slaves, thinks everything is fine that a hostile immigrant 'elite' forms the service. Even the immigrants in this country, the rough diamonds' who could cause regime change, new impetus, you no longer hear after a short time. They may also like that they are included as perfect slaves. Too bad, a missed opportunity.

    I stop responding. Take a siesta. Can't get used to the perfect slaves and their stupid resignation that has no passion and inspiration. Sic transit gloria mundi. Cough.

  4. hen3 wrote:

    🤔 Can something good be wrong? And visa versa? If the answer to this question is no, how can you say that God (jesus) and luicifer are the same person. luicifer, satan is a creature that has turned its back on good (The Light) because it wanted to place itself above God.

    A creature can never become the superior of its maker. This person (entity) is so obscure he wants to destroy the creation that God made, that is what we are now experiencing.

    The cornerstone of society is the family, how many traditional families are there?


    Everything that is going on now and soon is all predicted, in what people today call a 'fairy tale book'.
    That is why I also like to read the articles on this site. Because this is just the beginning 'we haven't seen anything yet'.

    For it is written "in the end of days he will go around 'satan' like a roaring lion to devour that he can devour

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      That is the story according to the Bible.
      In my opinion, Lucifer indeed represents "good" and evil, so both "God" and "Satan" (mind Satan is not Lucifer): the dualism needed to push the players of the game in a desired direction.

      The God of the Bible is actually a very murderous person. For example, he wants to see blood for the so-called sin. So how "good" and loving that God actually really is can be disputed. The fact that he then sacrificed his own son according to the story still makes him someone who wants to see blood. You can also just say: “Okay guys, you know what I forgive when those sins are done and Kees. Let's just have a nice cozy drink with all of them in the sky and sand over it ”. But no, there must be blood flowing.

      The dualistic role of Lucifer: the God and Satan of a book that is probably nothing more than a mind control script.

      • Mindsupply wrote:

        Indeed, every religion is a mind control script. And so well made, if you've been pushed into your throat with that script from a young age, it will grossly defend it to death (apart from exceptions (hey Martin? :)).

        And that despite the many arguments and facts (or logical thinking) that it is all nonsense and a tool for scare tactics and total control. And that tool is very useful for the little clique that the scripts have written (your slave masters).

        You could almost take the hat off it; )

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      "A creature can never become several from its maker".

      Wrong. If Elon Musk builds a simulation and you start playing that simulation through your Neuralink, Elon may be the God of your simulation (seen from your avatar in the simulation), but the one still sitting on the couch and playing the game (your original) Elon only has to give a bang for his head and he is knocked out.

  5. Mindsupply wrote:

    And indeed the little cabal uses symbols that everyone uses to keep them in the saddle. Because ordinary people don't know what they really mean.

    Take for example the so-called "Peace Sign", you know that round symbol with vertical stripe and at the bottom two pyramids (left and right). That has nothing to do with Peace.

    The original meaning of this symbol is "Misery and Despair".

    The original meaning always applies! (natural law).

    Millions of people walk around with it on t-shirts, stickers, buttons and posters at home.

    And you wonder why there is so much misery ..; )

  6. hen3 wrote:

    If you are connected to that 'link', yes. But I have a different provider 😉

    "A creature can never become several from its maker".

    "Wrong" what will the creator do? He will pull the plug. Both in the virtual world and in the real world.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Lucifer is only a creator at a much lower level than the original source. Put your old beliefs on hold and take a moment to study the articles about the simulation. Your concept of 'God' depends entirely on that one book. Do you really believe that that book would still exist if it were full of truth?

  7. hen3 wrote:

    Do you really believe that that book would still exist if it were full of truth?

    Yes, Martin, I will. That is called faith. Without rules and rituals.

    Even though I do not always agree with your reasoning and view, it is certainly interesting. The vast majority is reality too. Only very many people do not want or cannot see it. You remove them from their comfort zone.

    Truth in a way makes it vulnerable. And shows that man is naked.

    You will not agree with my view, as long as we give each other the space.

  8. Christian van Offeren wrote:

    Martin have you ever watched this documentary, if so what do you think about this? once "Europe the Last Battle - one of the best Truth Documentaries out there: Parts 1 - 10"

  9. Christian van Offeren wrote:

    Is that a yes or no?
    Or do you mean to say that you have watched it, but cannot say whether this is the truth?

  10. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Take a look at how this fake news a la de Poelenburgs vloggersrel (fake news production) Powned-style has been put together. Fake news LGTB rainbow propaganda.
    Pure subliminal programming with so-called (action-carrying) fake Christians (your purest acting). The entire film revolves around rainbow propaganda, whereby the rainbow is continuously screened. Fake protest and follow-up. Media are major fake news producers who program the people.

  11. Agnes Jonckheere wrote:

    That the rainbow flag of the LGTB lobby stands for washing away all normal norms and values, a new flood certainly appeals to the imagination.
    People go back to normalize a disease (differentiation disorders) (intersexuality) and lay this down in legislation to get more cases for the gender dysphoria. But know that the number is below the 1% !!! Most cases that are reported are culturally or psychologically determined and not biological. As a girl it is now 'in' to identify with a boy.

    Dr. van den Aardweg does not see it grow into your true gender (psychologically) as a result of injuries in childhood and youth.

    Also pay attention to those prophecies because there is a lot of discussion about that and it is the Christian Zionists who make the strongest impression. Now not the group that sees it all so clearly ...

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