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Who does not remember the scene below from the first film of the movie trilogy The Matrix. The directors of the film series were the Wachowski Brothers. The two film directors have now undergone a gender change. Larry first allowed himself to grow into Lana and then followed Andy, who now calls himself Lilly. This transgender choice fits perfectly into the message of the film, but also seems to be a tribute to the Luciferian power that controls the world. That message was already hidden in the film series. It is time to fully see through the big picture and become aware of the connection between this transgenderism (or the gender neutral trend through the LGBTI movement, which bears the rainbow as symbolism), Luciferianism and transhumanism.

Especially in this time of the Gay Pride (or Pride Amsterdam, as it is now called), this is an interesting subject that you will discover that it has nothing to do with emancipation or acceptance of gays, lesbians or transgenders, but with a global push towards Luciferianism that will take shape in transhumanism. The veneration of Lucifer can be found in the meaning of the words 'I Am' (to be found in 'I Amsterdam'), the rainbow and the gender neutral or transgender trend. It is therefore not surprising that the directors of the film that showed the Luciferian power structure have crowned their work with a transgender gender change. The links will become clear to you below. The importance of this insight will also become clearer to you.

Why do I point particularly to the scene below from the first film from the Matrix trilogy? Well, we are living in a time when artificial intelligence and nanotechnology will bring about a quantum leap in technological developments. People like Google's technical executive Ray Kurzweil tell us that in the near future we can create virtual worlds that can not be distinguished from reality. To understand that, it is useful take notice of how this will develop approximately. Imagine that the brain connection of Elon Musk's company Neuralink will soon become a fact (as described here so much on the site); then it becomes possible to mix virtual reality with the real world. We call augmented reality this technology. Pokémon Go is just a very simple example of that. Google invested in 2015, 700 million in the company Magic Leap; a company that is making new forms of augmented reality. So in a few years a virtual layer can be laid over the real perceived world. Google glass could do this already, but with a brain connection it becomes possible to do a bypass to the eye lens for this visual observation. You project the images directly into the brain, as it were. Is that a SciFi idea? Yes, we think so, but Google does not invest in it for nothing and Ray Kurzweil proclaims such things; not Martin Vrijland. So leave out the stamp 'conspiracy theory'. (Article continues under the video)

But it goes even further. Turn on your imagination fully. If we look at the physical descriptions of quantum physics (not even 'conspiracy theory', but pure science), then matter only exists when you perceive it. I explained that earlier in my article about the 'double slit experiment'. It is definitely worth reading to get to know it. Meanwhile, we see that nanotechnology can actually reproduce every atom and every cell. Ray Kurzweil predicts that we can immortalize the human body on the basis of that technology; for 2045 said so. This is because repairs to the human DNA become possible and also, for example, diseases can be made harmless by making adjustments at the cellular level. For example, cancer cells can be approached and cleaned up in the near future by nanobots. Kurzweil believes not only that we can immortalize our own body, but also that we can make living avatars, so that we can live in several (nanotechnological) people at the same time. We can also create virtual worlds that can not be distinguished from real. Scientist and futurist Michio Kaku (known from Discovery Channel) adds a piece of detailed (apparent) SciFi information to that story. He even thinks that there will be replicators who can dismantle the atoms of materials and use them as building material for new matter. We know this from the SciFi series Startrek. Which dematerialise and then materialize again could imply that we can dismantle our human body in the future and allow it to materialize again. That makes it possible to take every form. You can also make a loaf of a stone. Will it be that crazy or are the "idiotic ideas of a beaten futurist" like Michio Kaku? (Article continues under the video)

Well if we go one step further. Quantum physics teaches that matter only "exists" when it is observed. This could mean that matter is only 'information' that materializes when it is observed (the double slit experiment). Information is transferable via light or sound waves or any information-carrying medium. Quantum entanglement even ensures that information can span light years 'in a split second'. This could mean that the information of the human body can be transmitted 'in a split second' to another place in the universe and materialize there again. The first idea is that there should be a replicator at that other location (in line with the theory of Michio Kaku), but if you assume quantum physics, then there only needs to be observation.

Is it starting to twirl before your eyes and wondering what all this has to do with the title of this article? Please read on, because the above described is important for the understanding of the situation in which we are now. If you assume that the double slit experiment is correct, then there is only need for observation for materializing everything and everyone around us. In short, the perception makes things tangible. When we put on VR glasses now, we see a fairly real-looking virtual reality. Take this idea a step further and consider that augmented reality can be projected into your brain or that there will be replicators. How tangible is Virtual Reality? Do you consider the situation that Google is capable of creating virtual worlds that are indistinguishable from real and in which perceived things materialize as soon as you do the observation? So you can experience things virtually as lifelike; seeing and feeling real matter; to see real forests, seas, rivers, mountains and living things. You can hear and smell and everything seems lifelike. Do you think about a movie? Right: The Matrix. What if you are already an observer in a virtual reality in which things materialize as being lifelike? Do you find this a strange idea, the thought that you perceive a virtual reality that materializes through your perception? No worries; even science is concerned with this issue. Take a look at the document below, to be stimulated a little further about this possibility. Even Nobel Prize winner George Smoot did during one Ted X talk his audience reflect on the hypothetical possibility that we live in a simulation. (Article continues under the video)

In the movie trilogy The Matrix we see at a certain moment that Neo appears to be in a cycle. In the first film we saw that he discovered that he could violate the rules of the laws of nature, by realizing 'there is no spoon'. In short; he discovered that the laws of nature as gravity were only part of the simulation. Anyone who does the movies illusionist Dynamo it would almost start to think that this is also possible in this world. In the follow-up films from The Matrix trilogy some freemason secrets are revealed that I will discuss later, but the most important revelation is that of the existence of 'the great architect'; the man with the white beard. It turns out that Neo has experienced the entire discovery and his entire awakening process of the first film hundreds of times. We know that in freemasonry we also speak of 'the master builder' or 'the great architect'. In my many discussions about the pharaoh bloodlines and the Saturn worship that is perceptible on a global scale (as a result of which I also called this the Saturn cult) it can be observed that Lucifer is worshiping. Lucifer as the great architect of the time illusion (simulation). Chronos, Saturn, is also known as the 'keeper of time'. I compare that sometimes with a CD-Rom on which a game is burned. You can put the CD in the player and play the game and experience all kinds of adventures, so you experience the game chronologically. However, the whole code of the game is already burned on the CD-Rom. The man with the white beard from the movie trilogy The Matrix, could therefore just be the Ray Kurzweil of the future (Google as the builder of new virtual worlds); the man with the white beard could just be Lucifer of our current virtual world. The 'chronos', the developer of the game (which unfolds itself chronologically, but which is "fully burnt on the CD-ROM").

Imagine having a brain connection of Elon Musk's Neuralink company in the near future, and Google offers you a new virtual reality in which you can experience everything tangibly and beautifully, and in which you are also immortal. You can let your original body die, because your mind has been uploaded to Google's new world. Then ask yourself who the 'Source Code' and who manages the supercomputers on which this simulation runs? Right: Google. I suggest this only hypothetically, to lead you to the next question. Imagine your soul is already "uploaded" to a virtual reality that can not be distinguished from reality and in which everything is as tangible as it is possible. Is that possibly not all the reality in which you now live? And suppose the Ray Kurzweil (or the Google) of that world bears the name Lucifer? Could that be a hypothetical leap of thought that you can make? In other words: are you still following me? Basically, no brain connection of Elon Musk's Neuralink is required. That is only a technological intermediate phase. Quantum physics teaches that material materializes only upon perception. So if your soul is the observer of Lucifer's virtual reality, the universe (and everything and everyone) materializes around you within the rules of Lucifer. "The Matrix is ​​a construct". That is why I mentioned the reality in which we live soul prison.

If you study the symbolism and the road map of all world religions towards merging in 1 world religion in honor of Lucifer, then you can only conclude that Lucifer is the big name of this "virtual reality" (read here). A very important symbol of Lucifer is the rainbow. People with a Christian background certainly remember the 'There is hope' stickers. At least I did, because my father always stuck it on his car and I pulled it off again. The rainbow is also the symbol of Greenpeace and now of course mainly of the LGBTI scene and the Gay Pride. But what exactly is the rainbow for? Everyone knows the story of Noah from the Old Testament writings. This story not only occurs in Christianity, but actually in all major world religions and mythology. If we place the story of Noah in the light of the Sumerian clay tablets and its re-study by people like Wes Penre (of whom I do not accept all the visions), then we suddenly understand what the rainbow symbolism stands for.

Wes Penre explains in his studies (see here en here) that the Sumerian clay tablets, which were studied and described by Zechariah Sitchin, Hegelian dialectic subject to what we can now observe in the media with history falsification and perception management. In short; Sitchin took the clay tablets literally and people like Wes Penre pointed to the sensible choice to do 'read between the lines' instead of literally assuming everything for 'truth' on those clay tablets. Wes Penre understood the principle of Winston Churchill, namely that history is written by the winners. That, according to him, also applied to the Sumerian clay tablets. It goes too far to repeat the exact details of his study here, but what it boils down to is that the Enki from those clay tablets was responsible for the creation of the work race of man. This was first an androgynous (sexless) man; a person who could not continue to plant (we recognize the first signs of the current trend of 'gender neutrality'). For the reproduction of that first man, surrogate mothers of 'the gods' were used. Later, the "gods" decided to reconfigure this work variety into a species that could reproduce itself. That is what 'the rib from Adam's body' refers to from the biblical book of Genesis. Wes Penre now states that the original soul of man is originally, as it were, outside (as I call it) this simulation. The experiment of man within this simulation and on the materialized "virtual reality" observation, called "earth", would be ended by a major natural disaster. How this natural disaster was caused by these Sumerian clay tablets and the translation of Wes Penre, I leave out of consideration, but at least we all know the story of the large amount of water that would have flooded the earth. The ark of Noah would have preserved the human DNA and the DNA of all living beings. The person responsible for this conservation, for which the half-man god (son of Enki) Noah was used, was Enki; the Sumerian name for Lucifer. And the symbol of that flood is the 'rainbow'. The rainbow thus symbolizes the preservation of the genetic experiment called 'man' and the preservation of the Luciferian simulation (called by me soul prison).

The big symbol in which all three Luciferian facets come together is it I Amsterdam logo. This is because the term 'I Am' is interwoven with the rainbow colors. I Am may know people with a Christian upbringing. I Am, stands for YHWH or Yehova; the god of the bible. The Bible is actually a rather incomprehensible book if you have not made a study of the Sumerian clay tablets and for example the work of Wes Penre. If you have studied them, you will discover that texts like 'God said let us make people in our image"suddenly become clear. How can a god speak to himself? Well, the clay tablets explain that there were several "gods". The god of the Bible is therefore not 1 god, but there is always reference to different characters (who do emerge in the clay tablets). The Bible is thus a mix of stories and characters that have been thrown on 1 hope. The god of the Bible is actually the Enki of the Sumerian clay tablets and Satan (the serpent from the garden of Eden) is Enki's son Marduk. Without having to elaborate on it, it is important to know that 'I Am' stands for the god of the beginning and the end; the alpha and the omega; or the entire CD-ROM of the virtual reality; Saturn (Chronos, the time illusion); the 'you are the great I Am' of the Christian songs (see video below); the 'I am' from the Bible: Lucifer.

The rainbow is thus the symbol of Lucifer; the 'I Am' stands for Lucifer and the 'transgenderism' or 'gender neutrality' stands for Lucifer. Not only was that (sexlessness) the sex status of the first creature of 'the gods', but it also stands for the hermaphrodite Baphomet; the buck with breasts and a male genitals. The Gilette / Macumba stands for Lucifer and is especially honored in South America. The Gilette brand allows men to shave off their body hair. In Luciferianism the man has to shift again towards woman (and thus depilation) and the woman towards man. I explained all this once in my articles about Conchita Wurst (the winner / winner transgender of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014). Read in this article how I have explained that transgenderism (the rainbow LGBTI movement) is the precursor for transhumanism, with the ultimate goal of singularity: the fusion of man with artificial intelligence. The Pharaonic-Babylonian elite who practice hidden Saturn worship in all its symbolism is the driving force behind this Luciferian road map. The propaganda The rainbow mafia is meant to prepare the next generation for Lucifer's matrix 2.0.


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  1. SandinG wrote:

    So if I understand Martin correctly, Lucifer wants to definitively cut the umbilical cord (quantum entanglement) and keep us trapped in a compressed one-dimensional reality, where man perceives a three-dimensional reality?

    Intermediate steps:
    - feminism, destroying the family (years 50, 60 and 70)
    - gay rights, prelude to transhumanism (years 80 and 90)
    - transgender, gender change male / female and vice versa (current millenium)
    - android man is born and can be implemented in Googles universe (in progress ... 2030-45?)

    • SandinG wrote:

      It is also striking that the name Google is a derivative of 'Googol'
      Googol is the mathematical term for an 1 with 100 zeros, in other words: 10¹ °° in other words endless possibilities.

      Are you familiar with the 'oath of Nimrod' he is seen as the first freemason? :

      The truth is that Freemasonry has always been very close to the post-flood rebel against God. Nimrod was a tyrant and a purveyor or false religion. Elements of the religious system which Nimrod helped establish in virtually every major world religion. Some of our most cherished holiday traditions can be traced back to ancient Babylon and to Nimrod. Once you discover the elements of the ancient Babylonian mystery religion, you discover that they are virtually everywhere in the modern world.

      From the very moment that initiates take the "Oath of Nimrod", Masons are plunged into a very powerful dark world based on the ancient Babylonian mystery religion. The truth is that Freemasonry does not have anything to do with the God of the Bible.

      Instead, it has to do with the "New World Order" that Nimrod originally wanted and that Lucifer is still attempting to bring into existence today.

      • SandinG wrote:

        According to traditions, Nimrod was born on 25 december (Christmas), his symbol = X

        • Martin Vrijland wrote:

          Let's backtrack and take a look. If we start with Nimrod-who was this man? The Bible, which is a rewrite of old ancient texts, which tells us that Nimrod was the great-grandson of Noah. This would make him a hybrid king, would not it? Half blood and half human, if we take it for granted that Noah's sons and grandsons kept the bloodline "clean." Assumingly, this was what they did. The question is, was Nimrod really Noah's great grandson?

          If we look in the records, we also see that it was often repeated that he was a "great" or "mighty hunter," [27] which are titles for Ninurta and the Mother Goddess. We know that none of the two were here at the time-instead, we understand that Ea took on multiple personae when he had scribes rewrite history in Babylon. In the characters of both Ninurta and the Goddess at times, and often called the "great hunter." Also, Nimrod is depicted in the "Tanakh" (the Jewish "Oral Torah") as a man of power "in the earth. "[28] The man of power" in the earth "(the Underworld) was Nergal / Then, Shinar, about which Nimrod was supposed to have been the King, was, according to the records, some unspecified region or Mesopotamia, [29] so, in other words, he was a Sumerian King.

          This put together sounds mysteriously similar to the Orion god Ea. The "hints" are still there in the records, as we can see, but they are overridden, including Nimrod being Noah's descendent, and hence, a hybrid king. Therefore, the Tower of Babel incident is blamed on a hybrid that has never existed in the form described, and the "God" of the Bible was blamed for being the furious one who separated people with different languages.

          How about if, before the Flood, which was still the Orion language (and in some cases, telepathy) taught to the Primordial Namlú'u by Ninurta and Khan En.lil? After the Flood, building a new man, whom he wanted total control over, would not it easier for the controller if he could not join together as a language barrier easily? Then, if we look at the indicators, suggesting who King Nimrod may have, we have a certain scenario played out before us.

          The whole Tower of Babel metaphor could, hypothetically, if we are to believe these findings, be Ea playing both sides of the people and when they came in to knowledge. An adjustment of the DNA would be appropriate for Ea, in order to resolve that problem. After all, who was it that became overly furious when people started building the Tower of the Gods? Well, according to the Old Testament, it was God himself who became furious, and his solution was to confuse the languages. Then, who was the "God" of the Old Testament? Exactly, it was Lucifer / / Ea!

          The consort of Nimrod was said to be Semiramis [30], and if we research it, it says that its consort was King Ninus of Assyria. If, who was King Ninus? When I looked, I found that in some records, Ninus is the same person as Nimrod, [31] who seems seems to have been himself (more syncretism).

          BUT there is more. Let's not forget about Semiramis. Who was she? I bet that very few readers have heard of her. Now, if we conclude that King Ninus is Nimrod, and Nimrod is, then Semiramis must be Ereškigal, Queen of the Underworld, or Isis / Inanna / Ishtar because these two goddesses were his main consorts, as we have .

          (use the search term in your brewer to enter the word 'Nimrod' in the article below)

      • shrimp wrote:

        While reading this article, the Babylonian grandmaster Nimrod also came to me. Freemason-son Tammuz, the scripted character Jesus (Kaiser / Pharaoh) who naturally has as head a body consisting of human blood-drinking and human-flesh-eating satanists have forged a dark plan. And that character has become the infamous lucifer and creator who will make everything 'new' to replace the blueprint and original of the creation and they have worked hard on it. That 'old' world order and creation was in their view not crucified for nothing and for the occult group of initiates their role model (Kaiser / Christ) is the ideal creation, without woman and children, descended into death (cut off) to 'new "(very prophetic artificial) life to be awakened. Afterwards the character could appear (materialize) and disappear (dematerialise).

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      I think that is a good summary yes

      • SandinG wrote:

        @Martin, then Nimrod is the humanization / creation of Lucifer / Satan on earth the black soul and the coming 'messiah' or false savior will be the 'reincarnation' of Lucifer on earth. Refer to the end of I PET GOAT II. You can also see the story of the resurrection in the story of Osiris.

  2. SalmonInClick wrote:

    People continue to push that transgender propaganda mess ... gadverdamme ????
    And even the European Championships for ladies is another platform that coincides nicely with the GAYlgbtq (!?) Pride, coincidence did not think. in short disgusting conditions in Holland (not the Netherlands) ????

  3. SalmonInClick wrote:

    The Germans know the cases for the interpretation of neuter 'Das' .. It can further itch me what they invent

  4. Riffian wrote:

    Soon also lkkr virtual bbqs in 020 and you also have the choices of weird, medium and well done ... lkkr man ???? Let that 5g come

  5. Brain wrote:

    If the developments go so fast, the babeloniers can upload themselves to their creator Lucifer as children of match. It would be nice then we are finally hopefully away from them.
    I do not believe that the babeloniers have the immortality of the sheeple in mind. It remains to be seen whether the sheeple has an interest in immortality if they are to serve the Babylonians forever by staying alive.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Immortality is the sausage that everyone will be held up and also fulfills the religious prophecies (only slightly different, because they serve the Hegelian dialectic again). Lucifer will present itself as the Messiah and immortality will bind people to him and also pull the singularity into it.

    • Camera wrote:


      Well spoken, thank you, the wind today was not something that is "normal" and the rest of your opinion completely agree and everyone else think CO2 is the problem, ha ha, climate change? by co2, the jokes

      In IAM STERDAM, they are proud of not mentioning any gender at birth of a new child.

  6. Martin Vrijland wrote:


    The American transgenderman Trystan Reese and his partner Biff Chaplow have become the parents of a healthy boy.

    Trystan, now 34 year, was born as a girl. He started a hormone therapy ten years ago, but kept his original anatomy intact. This way Trystan could still get pregnant.

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