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In recent years I have often been asked why I am not publishing a book. I already knew that the book was about to come, but the picture was still forming. That might be best described as waiting for the completion of the download of a file on your phone or computer. It takes a while for all information to be received. I am sometimes asked where I get all the knowledge. For example, people suggest that I probably have to read a lot. However, I read as little as possible, except for the (fake) news items from the mainstream media, because I use current events to point out the methods with which the masses are played and programmed.

Everything we really need to know does not come in through the brain, but comes from our original consciousness. That's why I compared it to a download above.

"The reality as we perceive it" describes how the world and the universe in which we live are structured. It is an extensive and structured translation of the large number of articles that I wrote about this on this website. The clear words make it a legible book for all ages. The book not only removes any religious or spiritual quests, but also provides clarity about the solution to all the problems we face. Many spiritual or religious leaders send you in a certain direction, but also raise more question marks, so that you are not yet sure and sure. Something usually gnaws. I am convinced that this book will remove any kind of doubt and will ensure that you finally understand where you are and how easy the way out is.

Because I once founded a foundation where I usually do the writing for this site, I cannot sell the book to you. That would be a commercial activity. I therefore offer you the book as a gift when taking out annual membership for this website. Now some existing donors will think: "Oh, I want a free book". However, because I cannot pay the printing and shipping costs out of the void, that is only possible if you take out a new annual membership. Such a membership is actually a donation. With your gift I can pay the printing and shipping costs for the book. Below you can see what the book looks like.

How does it work? You press the 'become a member, then choose one annual membership or higher. You are already one annual membership for € 25. The system will then automatically send your annual membership to me, so that I can send you an email in which I request the shipping address from you. That information is not stored by me and nothing will happen to it, other than that it is used to send the book to you. With the annual membership you actually become a donor for a year and you support my work so that I can continue.

The expected first edition and delivery of the book will be November this year. However, it is important that you immediately become a member, because everything is related to being able to meet the printing and shipping costs. With your membership donation you also continuously support my work for this website and my practical costs.


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  1. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    I first had 'buyer annual membership' to get the book, but I can imagine that this is too many for many. That is why I now offer the book with a standard annual membership. Then hardly anything remains, but after all it is about the messenger.

  2. danny wrote:

    Is it perhaps an idea to also sell the book digitally as an e-book? I think that is possible with bol.com.
    I will definitely order your book, I am curious how the content relates to the articles that you have.
    It will probably be in line with your articles, but more specific and more detailed?

  3. Why do you want to know this? wrote:

    The membership is closed.

    Well I still have a curious question. You have regularly explained that in addition to keeping up with current affairs and researching and writing articles and general survival, it is almost impossible to write a book at the same time. How did you manage to do that?

  4. Peter Westerhout wrote:

    I am very curious about the book

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