The 'climate deniers' stigma is linked to conspiracy theories, right-wing politics and gut feeling

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The 'global warming' story is a very carefully constructed game in which both politics, media and prominent figures play a leading role. It cannot be denied that the media and politics have linked the right-wing political movements to the stigma 'deniers' and to conspiracy theorists. We call this 'constructing a brand' or 'branding'. This is a marketing strategy that is carefully and globally played.

The 'right-wing' was allowed to grow in support and that 'right-wing' had to be linked to a few recurring stigmas. The 'right-wing' group is stigmatized to: nationalist (anti-globalization), woman unfriendly, skeptical, denial of global warming ("deniers") and adhering to conspiracy theories. The latter was achieved through the growth of alternative media such as Infowars (Alex Jones), David Icke and in the Netherlands people such as Thierry Baudet and Robert Jensen. Those alternative media have been stigmatized into conspiracy sites and by letting them radiate open and fanatic support for Trump's nationalism and anti-globalism and the Brexit process, you have completed the careful construction of the international right-wing brand. The only thing you still have to do is blow up that brand by, for example, an economic crisis and you pay for everything associated with that brand in one go.

Through Greta Thunberg and all kinds of celebrations, the masses are now being played on an easily accessible gut feeling. Most people are simply too lazy or have become too busy with 'group think' to study presentations like the one below. "Watch a movie for two hours? I don't do that. Everyone can smell that the environment is being ruined and that the earth is warming up". Nobody can deny that the environment is being ruined by, for example, plastics in the water, but the stigma 'denier' is stuck on everything and everyone who does take the trouble to look beyond the figures pre-chewed by the mainstream media. However, many do not realize (or simply cannot understand) that media might be able to produce propaganda or manipulate things to lead the world towards a financial blow (of the common man) and a global administrative system .

The idea that politics should act ignores the fact that politics is largely funded by the lobbies of major industries. The industries that are the inventors and producers of all those plastics in our oceans, for example. However, we must not confuse things. The focus in the worldwide introduction of additional taxes is based on CO2 in the atmosphere and global warming. It seems that a global problem is being propagated to push through a solution that provides even more control and control over the population. That seems to be the hidden end goal.

After all, improvement can only occur if things get worse. Cognitive dissonance occurs when you point out to people that we first have to know whether there really is climate deterioration. People are already stuck in that belief system. It is a kind of 'group think' or refusal to even take the trouble to study it. Once accepted, it is difficult to break through. That prevents many people from just carefully watching a presentation like the one below. I bet that if you send this article to friends, they will refuse to view the presentation and shrug your shoulders and then call you "climate denier" or "conspiracy thinker"? That can be compared to what you saw in the church in the past. People just assumed what the pastor said, because he had studied for it. Convenience serves people and their belief systems. Anyone who deviates from that belief system is ridiculed with a stigma spoken by that same church. (Watch the presentation and read further under the video).

Those people will probably never watch the above presentation. It could affect their adopted belief system and you don't want that. In psychology, that phenomenon is called "cognitive dissonance." In the meantime, that belief system has been reinforced by the latest emotional play through Greta Thunberg. The young lady who does not come up with any substantive arguments, but purely plays the emotion of listeners on the basis of the gut feeling (because they are not facts) that the climate is warming up to such an extent that animal species are dying out and that the youth may no longer have a future. It is also very easy to manipulate numbers, such as David Icke in this presentation thoroughly explains. But the current that has adopted its belief system of 'climate change' will not and will not look at presentations like that. You do not want to be confused by those stupid facts, but only to hold on to the emotion that something must change. If those same people, 10 years later, have not seen a change, but have thousands of euros less to spend per year and many liberties have been taken away, then perhaps the realization will come to the fore, but then it will be too late.

The fact that there is really emotional play does not matter to those people who are involved in their 'global warming' or 'climate change' belief system. Not even if you point out that Sir David Attenborough and his filmmaker team have applied clear trickery and deception in the Netflix documentary series 'Our Planet'. If 1 lie from that series has been exposed, you may wonder how much more has been filmed together to give a false picture of reality. In any case, it is clear that the story of walruses plunging from cliffs as a result of the missing polar ice was an obvious lie. If you forward this article to people who call you "climate denier" or "conspiracy thinker", they are likely to shrug again or simply quote the vague excuses that Attenborough and Netflix made afterwards. The activity of 'checking facts' is so stigmatized into something that only middle-aged women-unfriendly, right-wing, nationalistic, conspiracy-minded men do not bother wil Moreover, fact checking is now something that is done by the media and Facebook expert. The butcher who inspects his own meat. The programming by the same media has done an excellent job!

It is no longer about facts, but about fiction through propaganda, using well-known actors who again play on the gut feelings. Harrison Ford's image from his film career is now being used to play the reliable game. He was recently used to use the Amazon fires as the newest emo booster in a speech he did not write himself. Of course an actor can play the emotions! He is an actor for that. We all know that the Amazon is crucial for the absorption of CO2 (but more CO2 makes the Amazon grow), for its bio-diversity and for the air that we breathe. Harrison Ford does not have to tell us that. Everything else that Ford says is nothing but Neuro Linguistic Programming of the audience with the image that the Amazon "more than ever' is burning. Ford wants you to feel what it's like when a room in your house is on fire and he plays the listener in it purely emotionally. He sketches the image that our entire house 'the earth' is on fire and that the 1 is 12. However, if you read on and watch the video at the very bottom of this article, you will discover that the masses have been played again with a false image of reality through the propagandist media. As a child we know that Santa Claus does not exist at a given moment, but we still want to keep celebrating.

He does not say that the Harrison Ford speech about the Amazon is yet another attempt to divide the 'right-wing' current of the blackjack of something that is actually based on false claims. It's all about linking critical thinking to something that belongs to that one clearly stigmatized brand (that will soon be blown up with a crisis, so that they are the culprits). Ford is an actor and actors are hired and paid for their role.

The Amazon has not known any more fire in 2019 than in previous years and the visual material used is dated. But the question is whether you want to take the trouble again to click on this video or whether you simply fall back on the stigma of "Well, that must be another conspiracy theory". In short: the question is whether you have fallen victim to sublime programming (also known as 'propaganda') and you are running after false claims. Do you dare to ask yourself that question or would you rather stick to your belief system? You have become part of a precisely constructed polarization in society and that polarization always generates a current (as the plus and minus poles of a battery). You may guess in which direction the energy is flowing. Tip: Harrison Ford was one of the speakers at the 'World Government Summit'. We are witness to an age-old maxim: Divide and rule.


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  1. SandinG wrote:

    It is time that we talk about the real big dangers instead of this kind of club or rome psyops. What we do not immediately perceive is perhaps the greatest direct danger to people and nature. An ecological disaster awaits us if we do not act immediately.

  2. Camera 2 wrote:

    Like a Tsunami, the message is constantly coming to everyone,

    UN, rubs in, presses and will get it pushed down your throat.
    Again today 1 Oct after the disgusting Greta (child abuse) occur during the UN
    (and of course there has been a weather manipulation for decades, that is also a fact)

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      The propaganda must continue to be repeated.
      The presentation in the article shows how the IPCC manipulates the data.
      Only most people do not take the trouble to view it.
      We have an attention span of at most 8 seconds

  3. Wilfred Bakker wrote:

    Brilliant !!! we are going to eat babies to save the climate!

    Girl: “The sky is falling in a few months. We must eat the babies. "

    AOC: “Yeah, no, so that's fine. But we have more than a few months. "

  4. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Another well-paid actor who promotes "global unity" and thus the pyramid gesture at the end of the speech reveals the Luciferian script.

    Nobody wants pollution. Everyone wants a healthy planet, but the perpetrators are at the top of the corporations and the people have to pay. Many of the pollution images are simply film productions. It's all about Problem, Reaction, Solution.

  5. Fleur wrote:

    I think that the global climate cult is a diabolical organization. Scientists with a different vision, therefore, who do not follow the climate religion of the large herd, are simply threatened ...
    How sick do you want it with that warming climate cult ...!

    The Great Global Warming Swindle [NL Subs]

  6. Fleur wrote:

    There are scientists who go against the flow and indicate that the world will not heat up from 2020 but will cool down considerably.
    We are expecting a mini ice age ...
    Even NASA predicts strong cooling of the earth.

    Nature, the mighty sun strikes back and destroys the lies of the IPCC in the coming years by strong cooling of the earth .... great!
    In order not to be completely fooled, the IPCC is now undercover by making a small but crucial change to their report.

    "Heibel for the IPCC"

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