The Thijs H. PsyOp had to undermine professional secrecy and that has already been achieved today

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It is hard to keep up with so many psychological operations (PsyOps) that you are currently flying around. I already announced that things such as those of Anne Faber should lead to the introduction of a 'joint search' app. Today we see the introduction of that app pushed by the media; where they have just changed the name to 'Sherlock', so that the reader when Googling to that app does not end up on the website of Martin Vrijland and finds out that it was all planned for a long time.

Psychological operations (PsyOps) are used time and time again to introduce new legislation and measures. Such an app seems useful, but in fact it makes justice half the Netherlands not only a potential spy, but also gives you the rights to use your camera, microphone and location, so that you can legitimately be tapped yourself.

In my article from 29 in May last, I gave a brief summary of how all those murder cases of recent years should lead to new legislation and measures. Just read them again (here). I already announced the introduction of the app on 18 December 2017 to. In fact, in all those things, what I have predicted has come true, but it seems that the hypnosis of the media is so strong that it no longer matters whether you reveal the truth; people simply don't want to hear or see it.

In the meantime we are being warmed up again with another missing case (Anja Schaap), so that we can download that new app. Also the search for one pyromaniac in Gouda, probably helps with the quick introduction of that espionage app. Yes, of course we see another picture of this missing Anja Schaap and the fires are real too, but when will the people start to realize that we are being played with created problems; self-created murder cases in which the main characters were created via film studio techniques (with simple software) as 'deep fake'?

With easy-to-download software you can create a non-existent person and create an entire history; including video evidence, photos and including friends and acquaintances who are also blown into life by means of deepfake techniques (click on this link and see how that works). The TV viewer or Facebook user will think to see images that seem lifelike. And so you can easily bring the people into the acceptance mode for new legislation. That is worth the effort.

As mentioned, I already announced on 29 May that professional secrecy would be compromised. Today we read in the Telegraph:

Last week the court in Limburg decided that Mondrian should share camera images of Thijs H. with the judicial authorities for further investigation. The clinic did not want to provide the images earlier due to medical confidentiality. But the judge ruled that this privilege had to give way to the importance of finding the truth. "I understand that the OM wants to see the images and take the decision of the court for notification."

A lawyer who assumes that the law has been violated by a court of notification? That is yet another indication that we are again dealing with a PsyOp case. Earlier in the Jos Brech case we saw how attorney Gerald Roethof accepted without opposition that DNA obtained in a missing case was used in the Nicky Verstappen case (officially no murder case, because no evidence for murder). There, too, the law was violated without struggling. That is of course only and only accepted, because such psychological operations have been rigged for that very purpose: adapting legislation that would normally never be accepted. With the right PsyOp lawyers on hand, who shrug their shoulders for flagrant violations of the law, all you have to do is turn the latest case law into a new law and you're done.

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  1. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    You know them ... those reactions on social media from people who say they know the protagonist. That's how it works. The PsyOp operations are monitored on social media by troll armies: people who are going to proclaim that they know the people.

    Let us be clear: you cannot check any social media profile to see if they are really existing people. Even though they have a friends list or likes on their photos / videos; even though they have photos of a family, videos, photos from the past, etc. All of this can easily be created with software. That is a few hours of work for the deepfake builders. Friends, children, parents, etc. can also be deepfakes and / or Inoffizieller Mitarbeiter (state trolls).

    Social media responses can therefore no longer be taken seriously, simply because of the technical possibility that it is part of a psyop operation that you monitor the social media discussion via deepfake profiles and / or Inoffizieller Mitarbeiter.

  2. Matthijs van den Brink wrote:

    If the lawyer says that he accepts the notice from the court for notification, it means that he will not do anything with it or therefore accept it for notification and no longer.

  3. Camera 2 wrote:

    Ah you mention Gouda, that is the city of candles 🙂

    What is striking that the neighboring car is saved every time. All fires are individual fires and are extinguished just in time before the neighboring bush or car is set on fire. 😉

  4. Camera 2 wrote:

    Oh, not an individual fire in a car here, a whole row of cars almost finished. no kidding, what should we do
    do that to prevent this from happening forever?×694

  5. I'm awake wrote:

    How it all works has been widely measured in the movie The Circle. Not science fiction, but just to get people used to it through this taste. I have been saying this since I saw the film.

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