The transgender nose ring: why is that?

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I do not know if you sometimes notice you, but I've seen more and more boys and girls lately that you can not quite see if they are boys or girls. I have also personally noticed that I often see a nose ring with such a person; a nose ring through the nose bone (as in the picture, not in the side). Equally unrelated to the question of whether it has something to do with taste or preference, there seems to be a huge leap in the evolution of this phenomenon. Now I do not believe in that theory of evolution, because that too is (in my opinion) a belief system in which there are quite a few gaps, but suppose that there would be evolution and that the human being came through that way, then we have the last one (suit 'm bite) 10 made a huge leap for years. How can it suddenly be something of the last generation that there are so many sex-indefinable people walking around? For the sake of clarity: I have nothing against any individual or any sexual orientation nor against transsexuals. I just wonder how it can be done.

There are explanations that explain it on the basis of the large amount of PCBs in our environment. Reportedly, these PCBs confuse the "normal" hormone balance. For example, a mother who is pregnant can have a lot of PCBs in her blood, which would encapsulate the male hormone (testosterone) and thus stagnate the growth of the male genitals. It seems to me to be a plausible potential influential factor. I do not know whether we should also consider the influence of IVF and / or vaccinations. I am now talking about the simple fact that I personally have the experience of seeing more and more gender-indefinable boys / girls walking around. It also seems that they themselves are aware of a kind of mutual secret code, namely that of the nose ring. As if they want to show: "Look, I am gender neutral."

It is also very striking that the media has been filled with transgender news almost every day for the past two years, but you also see more and more pop artists spreading the message. Famous names like Pink and Angelina Jolie carry the message and even the children seem to be involved. "So what! There is nothing wrong with that! Apparently there are more and more people who feel a different gender or more and more people with whom the sex is physically unclear."Yes, that is exactly what I want to point out to you. Is there no one who is wondering how this can be done? Could it be pushed? Or do we see that phenomenon in other mammals? Are there also monkeys, wolves, cows, elephants and bears that are suddenly being born more and more as hermaphrodites? Is there also a leap in evolution? "Okay, suppose it's pushed! So what? What does it matter?"That makes a difference, so that you may possibly be born more and more children who can potentially run into mental problems. And then it is indeed quite logical that, for example, you have to build gender-neutral toilets or gender-neutral clothes have to hang in the shops. You do not want to psychically harm a growing group.

What I try to stimulate you with my articles is to think about whether there is a clear push from above. I know; then you think 'conspiracy theory', but if something seems to make such a big evolutionary "leap" (whether we want to call it a leap forward or a jump down), then you can not simply dismiss it with a thought that it is a 'conspiracy theory'. It is a perception; a statement. If the temperature on earth rises, we will also look at the cause. Why do not we do that with the changes in the field of gender-doubt cases? We might then, for example, come to the conclusion that this may indeed be due to plastics in the environment and then it should not be a conspiracy, but a cause-effect phenomenon. The question I would like to stir up with you is whether there is an agenda behind it and guidance from 'above'. The nose ring is remarkable in that context, because that is reminiscent of the ring through the nose of a bull. And the bull (the red bull) in fact stands for Saturn and thus for Lucifer. You can find the necessary articles for the substantiation of that statement here on the site. So you could ask the question if the gender-neutral, hermaphrodite or transgender symbol (or whatever you need to call it) of the nose ring has anything to do with Lucifer. You could also ask whether the rainbow of the transgender movement (or the LGBTQ movement) has anything to do with Lucifer. We can also dismiss it as accidental or 'far-fetched'. Of course I leave that choice to you. I have already outlined my vision for the future this article.


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  1. The bull with the nose ring can of course be found in its purest form on a coat of arms in Switzerland:

  2. Indigo Pixie wrote:

    On FB you can now choose from 56 gender identities, and the choice for just 'man' or 'woman' is not even between ... Through new words (NLP) the youth is made accustomed to the idea that the natural differences between men and women woman (who do exist and are of great importance by the way) no longer count.

    It is the redefinition of the human, biological identity and fits into the agenda of demolition and dehumanization (in combination with the Kalergi plan for racial diversity and uniformity).

    In 2008 the idea was already launched that a man can also wear a pregnancy with the necessary surgical procedures. The next step is that conception and birth are separate from human influence and cooperation and take place in fertility clinics with gene databases controlled by the state.
    The typical family (husband, wife, children) as a basic unit should disappear. Given that children are always the future (it is the next generation) this gender 'confusion' is ultimately about who can gain control over the children ...

  3. SalmonInClick wrote:

    It is all Baal worship, they 'sacrifice' a child for the larger transhumanist agenda

    Baal (Hebrew בעל ba'al 'Lord' or 'Master')
    The title ba'al was a synonym in some contexts of the Hebrew adon ("Lord") and adonai ("My Lord") still used as aliases of the Lord of Israel Yahweh. According to some scholars, the early Hebrews did use the names Ba'al ("Lord") and Ba'ali ("My Lord") in reference to the Lord of Israel, just as Ba'al farther

    "Palladism is necessarily a Luciferian rite. The religion is Manichaean neo-Gnosticism, which teaches that the deity is dual and that Lucifer is the equal of Adonai, where Lucifer is the god of Light and Goodness who fights for humanity against Adonai, the God of darkness and Evil . Albert Pike had only specified and revealed the dogmas of the high degrees of all other Freemasons, for no matter what rite, the Great Architect of the Universe is NOT the God worshiped by Christians. "
    Excerpt from Masonry Beyond the Light, by William Schnoebelen, former 32 degree Freemason.

  4. Robin wrote:

    Dairy cows also sometimes have such a nose ring with spines, because they sometimes steal each other's milk ... What trendsetters.

    Perhaps it is to shift the attention of the carrying creature to the blingbling giant ring. I do not understand the whole transsexual problem. There is no problem! It is very simple, unless you deliberately confuse things.
    Or create a kind of intelligence virus.

    You can cut a potato into a carrot for me. And say it's a carrot, but it's still a potato. No matter how you get used to it. Every fiber of the 'carrot-sliced ​​beeper' says: I am a beeper.

    Only when you have people who turn things around, and the 100 monkeys take over, it becomes annoying.
    In a certain sense they also suffer from a kind of intellectual disability, but they just do not let themselves be converted.
    It is a bit like 'the invasion of the body snatchers' but different.

  5. Sandokan wrote:

    A few years ago, in 2016, they have already put Nimrud in Europe ...

  6. Terry Modder wrote:

    At least ten years ago, there was already a researcher who predicted that the use of plastics would make people infertile in the long term, and this transgender hype could be a consequence of this.
    What is more serious is the taboo atmosphere in which a study of the right source approach is taken.
    When I go into a discussion, I notice that people have already finished their judgment.
    Doubting the transgender trend is shaved over with homophobia, jewish hatred and intolerance, while precisely that is the consequence for people who do dare to speak critically.
    When you start with an ever-polluting environment and food sources, which has its effect on future generations, you are exaggerated or a conspirator.
    In short, the dividing lines within which modern man thinks is a carefully thought-out boundary laid down by the media and the government.
    The next generation is already oil-rich, totally non-creative and not at all critical about their own well-being.
    The transgender is the product of the triangle: government, food concerns and the media and thus part of the plan to dehumanize people.

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