The ultimate truth does not exist?

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According to well-known radio host Max Igan (in the radio broadcast below, see YouTube video), you can find evidence for each theory and it actually has no purpose to search for the truth any longer. For example, he states that there is evidence for the flat earth, just as for the hollow earth or the round earth or for the existence of aliens. In fact, his proposition is that you can in principle create evidence around any theory. The video is worth listening in that sense, because it cites useful things and shows how we seem to be lured into new 'Alice in Wonderland rabbit holes' over and over again.

What Igan fails to report is that the control of information is so strong that even the discovery that the alternative media has been infiltrated by, for example, the flat earth 'truth community', can again be a smart way to capture people towards a new safety net. Governments have all the big data analyzes they want to discover where a hole in a safety net is formed, so that they can set up a new safety net or an old safety net strategist can take a new direction in order to catch the escaping fish again. to catch.


Many theories that go around on the internet are deliberately launched to link the real deception of politics and media to such movements, so that they can ultimately be turned around. You allow the flow to grow to ultimately prove that certain theories associated with a truth community turn out to be nonsense. For example, you can link a plot such as 911 to the 'flat earth movement'. If you then demonstrate that that flat-earth theory is rock-hard nonsense, you can serve everything else at the same time. It is the strategy of 'dirty the bath water' so that you can eventually throw the child away with the bath water. We have also seen the method of incorporating half-truths or conscious lies, coupled with real revelations. You build in those half-truths or lies in the bottom of the safety net ship to activate the bomb at the right moment and to be able to hoist the drowned people of the sunken ship back on board. The real revelations are so dirty and the group that believed in them is now so half-drowned that they will never want to burn their fingers again; mocked by the rest.

Belief systems

What we could at least note is that we are often confronted with falsification of history and that we have no idea of ​​how many historical buildings have been built (as Max Igan mentions in the video below). The fact is that most theories are ultimately based on a belief system. However, what Max Igan does very cleverly (with his well-known hypnotic way of speaking) is to draw your attention to the acquisition of knowledge about the old historical buildings and to the falsification of history. However, in my opinion, this history distortion is only 1 part of the method for keeping a grip on the masses (often used false arguments). If we just follow the daily state of affairs in the media, we soon discover that not only the history is being manipulated, but also the current affairs. In fact, you could even come to the conclusion that this manipulation of history actually stimulates us to keep digging.

It is therefore a very credible analysis that Max Igan comes up with, but I still have a strong feeling that Igan uses hypnotic conversation techniques, combined with the well-known flashy images and that he is actually putting up a new syrup jar / bait box.

In fact, we have already reached the stage where the built-in bombs in the double bottom of many 'truth communities' have already been activated. Many people have discovered that the theories they followed were incorrect and are therefore left disillusioned. Some of that group again connect well with the mainstream media and politics because they are fed up with the 'rabbit holes' and keep discovering that something is wrong with a theory. Others have to be taken care of by the front men who have been stimulating them to dive into these 'rabbit holes' for years (like Max Igan himself).


Igan wants us to focus now on the threat to 5G networks, because according to him we are moving towards a system where all knowledge checked (which means we will never again the real find out history). I believe that is the case NOT the ultimate threat behind the construction of the 5G networks. The danger of 5G is the combination with the brain-cloud interface and the possibility to manipulate the human DNA via the CRISPR-CAS12 method from the cloud (see this important explanation). Where, according to Max Igan, 5G networks will prevent us from ever discovering the true history of our existence, he focuses our attention there on gathering true knowledge. The 5G networks would bring about the 'closing of knowledge for certain groups'. In my opinion it is not about that knowledge. It is not about the retained knowledge about the history of our world. That so-called 'kept real history' is precisely the syrup that must lure you towards the syrup pot of "the true knowledge". That so-called "knowledge" that the Internet offers us is only the Apple from the Garden of Eden: the temptation to the tree of knowledge (of good and evil).

It is the temptation of 'the knowledge that the internet offers"that should give us the illusion that we are"the hidden knowledge'can be found if we had free access to all original information (which Igan actually promotes). We would, according to Igan, actually have access to it All be able to gain knowledge (via the internet). In fact, Igan seems to want to encourage us to access the Internet the entire Apple of knowledge instead of the little bite from the Apple (see the Apple logo) that we have been able to taste so far. In fact, we must have access to the entire tree of knowledge.

If you do however the real danger of 5G and merely states that the radiation is dangerous and then says that this network will close us off definitively for the "true knowledge", you do not mention the fact that the internet as a whole on the contrary, it has been rigged to reach the situation in which we have almost landed. It is the intention that we are linked to that tree of knowledge. We must be connected to the tree of knowledge, just as you connect a cutting to a tree. The human brain and human DNA must enter the cloud come to hang.

The search for "true history" should therefore point us in the direction of Apple tree so that we can be inextricably linked to it. Still, Max Igan's video is worth watching. Keep in mind, however, that the search for true (hidden) knowledge is precisely the syrup that you must pull towards the tree of knowledge (you must be tempted to get stuck to the tree). So Igan plays the role of the snake from the 'Garden of Eden' story here.

I consciously write the word apple above as Apple, because then you might see why that name was chosen for your Apple iPhone


I would also like to point out to you the possibility that there could still be a great undiscovered ultimate deception of humanity. You could also say that this is yet another safety net. However, if we look at the falsification of history and how busy people seem to be hiding the true history, we are again focusing on a sub-area. If we discover that current events are also being manipulated (and therefore not only history has been manipulated), we could also conclude that the manipulation is much more comprehensive than we already thought. That is why I want to give you the consideration that our entire "reality" is a manipulated perception. If quantum physics (via the double slits experiment) shows that we live in a simulation, you could argue that in a simulation both history and current events can be manipulated in real time. If you start from a 'multiplayer' simulation, you must ensure that you are able to convince all players simultaneously through the same manipulation techniques.

The idea that we could live in a simulation, in which 'the soul' is the observer / player (in a multiplayer game), could be regarded as completely disturbed or just as another mistake (a new 'rabbit hole'). I would nevertheless like to point out to you that this may well be the answer to all your questions and may herald the end of all your searches. In any case, it is important that we discover that we are not permanently getting involved in the 'tree of knowledge', so it is important that we do not always dive into a new 'rabbit hole'.

Who Are We?

The double slits experiment shows that an observer is needed before the world materializes (for 'the eye' of that observer). It is important to understand this principle well. This is because the observer is outside of this materialized world (this manipulated perception). We could define that observer as the "soul" or whatever we want to call it. It is what many think it reincarnates and believers of different religions believe it is going to heaven or hell. That external observer is then, as it were, the person sitting on the couch with the controller in hand and the materialized world is what you see on your screen when you play your Playstation game.

If we start from the simulation model, there are both the builder of the simulation and the players. A player is the one who makes decisions; the person with the controller in his hand who sees the observation on the screen and controls the puppet on the screen. The source code of the program determines the possibilities. These possibilities are laid down in the laws associated with the simulation (assuming that we live in a simulation). For example, we have to deal with natural laws such as gravity or the speed of light and we get older, we can get sick or die. Those are the rules of the game.

When we start to see that, we find out that we are not Jantje, Pietje, Marieke or anyone else, but that our body and brain are just the puppet in the game (a mutliplayer simulation). Who you actually are is an observing (participating / playing) soul in a simulative reality in which everything can be manipulated.

Get a grip

What I certainly agree with Max Igan is that we have to take matters into our own hands. It is then important to first understand the essence of our reality. I therefore recommend this article read it thoroughly. In it, I explain the simulation model in detail and I also explain why the law of free will must always apply. If you really take the time to do this, you can find out that your choices are decisive for the outcome. This means that you have to convert a (possibly) passive attitude into an active attitude. Well, it doesn't have to, but it would be "wise". In addition, if you discover that it is of significant influence which choices you make in your life, you will also have the desire and desire to actually do so. Always keep in mind who you really are. You are not the human avatar who is now reading this article on a chair. That is just the puppet in the game that you (your soul) perceived.

Think about it and get a grip! Take charge of your life and no longer expect it 'from above'.


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  1. mb. wrote:

    Not starting with the theory, but with the facts.

  2. guppy wrote:

    Flat earthers do indeed come up with well-founded theories. They hardly ever talk about atoms, protons and neutrons that I think are simply round. If they were square then everything looked just like minecraft. The earth and our body cells move so fast that we cannot perceive it in our current state. If you have a bucket of water lying around, the water just stays in the bucket.
    In addition, cells can take all forms, simply adjust the code. Just like via the TV and internet cable, we can observe all forms on the screen.

    Your theory that we have grabbed the apple before fits in nicely with this. I am also convinced that we have experienced this before. It was Atom and Eve, it started with the speed of light slowing down so that we now (temporarily) perceive this material world. It's not for nothing that a watch is called watch, time = watch / observe.

    You don't have to prove this, just believe it.

  3. guppy wrote:

    I am glad that you continue!

    There are few who uncover things that really matter. When people start to understand what you write, it no longer makes sense to fight for your religion or whatever. Then you see that certain knowledge has been deliberately kept away to keep us in an unconscious box.

    We do not fight against other people but against the invisible simulation keepers.

    They keep us sweet and away from our original with what you say Apple so that we turn into an adroid and further away from our original. If you turn live you get evil.

    • Camera 2 wrote:


      Totally agree, a pity that the education system and therefore the
      education of almost all people on earth is accompanied by imposed rules. good / bad is the first thing you learn.
      We can't talk right, unfortunately. The power is in control of the education program and people are waiting for their salary slip from the Ministry of Education and Science and tell the offspring exactly what the power prescribes to them, what to do?

      But interestingly we are fighting "not" against other people but against the invisible simulation guards,
      Are those simulation keepers well human or alien or yes what do you fight if they are not people.

      • guppy wrote:

        I myself think that Lucifer and his auxiliaries are spirits, calling them aliens is misunderstood. Chances are that we can work our way up through this underworld to leave evil behind. Lucifer can only work with our hands and creativity. If you reduce yourself to his frequency fan you open yourself up to be abused. We have nothing to fear if we realize that we are here temporarily and have to log in at higher frequencies. No Fear!

        As you undoubtedly have seen, the song in honor of Lucifer has won.

        Loving me is a loosing game. He does not sing himself but lets Duncan do this, maybe Duncan has no idea what he is promoting.

        He admits it himself, if you are king if winner in this Netherlands does not mean that you will be released from this underworld.

  4. guppy wrote:

    Alien is another word for aliens. We are extraterrestrial and Lucifer is earthly.

    They turn everything around!

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