The uncensored letter from Mark Rutte: Dear Dutch

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I did not want to withhold the uncensored version of Mark Rutte's self-written letter. The letter in the AD of yesterday was of course somewhat moderated by the spindoctors that interfere with it. So please read Mark Rutte's honest and uncensored version here. It is waiting for the next copyright claim from John the Mol's Permission Machine, but we would rather risk that. Striking in the letter below is Mark's openness about his true face. It is clear that Mark wants us to keep holding the vase together. That is the only agreement with the letter published by the AD.


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  1. Martin, I am (probably like many others), curious about the status of John de Mol's Permission Machine and Rosmalen Nederland Gerechtsdeurwaarder BV! Without announcement and / or warning they came up with a hefty account, which in my opinion was more like extortion.

    When you are caught in the act of a traffic violation and get a fine for it, then that seems reasonable to me, apart from the fact that rich people laugh at these amounts and poor people can get into trouble because of this.
    John de Mol's Permission Machine does it differently: They let you commit the same traffic offense for a while and do not warn the offender that he is breaking the law. Over time, they have saved 15 the same offenses and you get a threatening letter on the bus if you just want 15 times to transfer the amount of this violation. If that is not extortion, then I do not know anymore ...

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      In the white-collar culture everything revolves around extortion ... only it is called in George Orwell's newspeak 'service'.
      Tax office for example.

    • For those interested:
      According to article 56 of the Penal Code, one can only be punished once for a crime or offense if it concerns a continued action.

      • Sun wrote:

        The vexatious irritation by De mol, member of the Club, does not concern criminal law but civil law. It concerns 'compensation' martin can rely on the mole's own fault and the fact that he has no bearing power see articles 101 and 109 book 6 BW. It concerns department 10 of book 6 BW. No you have yes you can ....

  2. SalmonInClick wrote:

    You sketch a much too gloomy picture Martin 😀

  3. SalmonInClick wrote:

    Come on Martin, here you have € 1000, -

    • Riffian wrote:

      ..the VVD motto in the background "do not move on but approach" manmanman exactly the opposite "do not tackle but move on to the next generations. And then such a gigantic Salmon laugh 😀 and nicely fill your pockets ...

  4. Sun wrote:

    Nice piece, I'm going to appreciate the uncensored Rutte almost more because of his honesty and the fact that he behaves so naturally. Oh we only had that kind of people in the Netherlands, but unfortunately ....

    If the piece is not written by the uncensored Rutte, I do not see what John de Mol can say about this. It is satire and artistic, artistic. If they do not think it was written by the "Russians". Maybe Putin wrote it because of the MH17. Yes, you can not trust the Russians.

    Incidentally, it has ever been sorted out that the news, information provision, possibly too much, concentration of power, monopoly, with a family, whether or not using BVs etc. Perhaps submitting a complaint to the European Commission about this. Oops, I'm going to go wrong again, forget that the european commission is also being driven by the usual suspects. They cover each other that Club members. Stupid of me.

  5. Camera 2 wrote:

    Congratulations good letter, at last you would never say too late.

    But I still miss something about himself, namely he falls on female gender or male? yes or
    Or should he / she omit it because of the agenda of the Regenboog-Mafia, rutte should also do that again, well we might see that in your next letter hey.

    Large artists who have to propagate agendas of the great power sometimes have this
    their soul sold. Rutte, we thought for a moment that you were really empty, but this letter makes it
    yet slightly milder. Still your preference? , below typically such a megastar who has become soul-less and want to change all national flags in a rainbow flag, with an agenda of course

  6. AnOpen wrote:

    What a letter, it looks like Rutte is chatting this site, with mostly the same word choice. It is quite clear that this born unscrupulous puppet enjoys and benefits from the situation. Finally there can be a fraction from what was already known, what a late honesty. With full conviction and certainty, he is completely in his element, what do you want to do about it? For him so 10 other puppets. It is 50 / 50, one half controls the other half of the Netherlands, 2 parties of 7 million. 3 Million kids do not participate. There are plenty of Inoffizielle Mitarbeiter in all sections of the population, who are waiting for their state calling, just like soldiers. Criticism and disbelief on the uncensored letter will be certain, then it will suddenly be photoshopped. The censored version resonates with most sheep, maybe there are the latest and most beautiful words from 2018. What are they not in control in the Netherlands? The inhaled oxygen certainly.

  7. Riffian wrote:

    I have been so free to formulate some definitions for posterity 🙂

    Gladjanus Rutte ~ n. someone who is often too quick and knows how to wrestle out of agreements Example: `That gladjanus Rutte has got everyone right again. `

    1) Shifted vent 2) Slippery person 3) Sneaked 4) Wrong 5) Linkmichel 6) Unreliable person

    • Riffian wrote: just see you forget a piece of text 😀

      smoothie, slicker MEANING & DEFINITION

      cunning, shrewd person; unreliable sujet. To pronounce as: gla-dakker. The association with 'slippery crook', however, leads to the pronouncement of the word as a smooth field. This abuse was already recorded in 1860 and is derived from the Malaysian glass day, a shortening of the djaran glass day, at that time a sort of burden horse with which, in addition to packages, also servants were transported. Soon it became synonymous with a bad (looking) horse. Later also emaciated kampong dogs were so called and more general: everything that was ugly or behaved like that. The current meaning is partly caused by the word smooth. Slippery jug (more of a pebble than a smashed smart) is a contamination of smoothie and gladjan. This last word actually has nothing to do with the smoothie. It also has a much more positive charge. The gladjan could call you a gentleman among the gladakkers. In Leiden they use the related smoothie, with Yuker Bargoens as a dog. See Carrot for this. At Van Eijk (1980) we find the variants gladjanus and gladmuis. The WNT also gives a smoothie (clever person, smooth talker) with a location from 1897.

  8. SalmonInClick wrote:

    The Mol productions, I mean ANP productions reports that Bilderberger Schippers should follow Bilderberger Rutte ... yes, dear people, one clown for the other ..

    'Edith Schippers must succeed Rutte'

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