The universe is a simulation: all religion, every belief system is deception


Did you know that everything you perceive only materializes when it is observed? This shows an almost one century old experiment called the double slits (double opening) experiment. Quantum physicists worldwide have carried out this experiment hundreds of times, because it led to so much disbelief and at the same time to such great astonishment. It is a discovery that is of even greater impact than the discovery that the earth was round. However, the scientists have never been able to estimate the true meaning of the experiment on that value. First read below what the experiment exactly means, to then discover why this experiment proves everything to be explanatory.

For a good understanding you need to know something about waves. Many things in life consist of wave movements. Sound is a wave movement. The word vibration or vibration is also used. Vibrating or vibrating a guitar string causes you to hear a certain tone. Vibrating (vibrating) the membrane of the speakers of your stereo system ensures that you hear sound. Just go for a box at a concert or dance event and you will feel the vibrations of the bass going through your body. Waves can reinforce or expand each other. The picture below shows how the two peaks of the same waves are reinforcing each other (left) and the waves of which the top and the valley do not synchronize (right) mutually cancel each other out.

The experiment that caused the great shock effect in the scientific world is known under the name 'The Double Slits Experiment' (freely translated: the 'double slit' experiment). I will try to explain this experiment in a way that is clear to everyone.

To begin with, you must understand that scientists have long thought that matter is something 'solid'. An atom consists of a core with electrons around it. All particles that make up an atom were assumed to be solid. The 'Double Slits Experiment' is an experiment that requires some explanation first, but in the meantime keep in mind what I told you about 'matter' and its supposedly solid form.

The Double Slits Experiment

golfplayer_doublesplitIf you aimed a ping-pong ball gun on a wall with a plate with two slots in between, the pattern would appear on the wall as you see it on the left. Also a golfer that lets you hit random balls that only find passage through the slots between walls, results in a pattern as visible on the back wall. The result you book when your solid matter shoots through two slots is two parallel stripes on the back wall.

If you do the same experiment with a wave motion, for example with water waves or with sound waves, a completely different pattern will appear on the back wall. So when you send a sound wave to the partition wall and it is forced through the slots, then it appears that behind the partition two waves have developed that reinforce each other at certain points and at other points (as explained in the picture above). This creates a pattern on the back wall that is totally different from what you get when you shoot solid matter on the slots. This resulted in two large stripes on the back wall. The image below shows the image you get when you send a wave motion on the wall with the two slots.

Now comes the big surprise that scientists discovered when they did the same experiment with electrons. The expectation was that solid matter would produce the same effect as the two stripes on the back wall of the golf balls. Until now it was assumed that matter is something 'solid'. To everyone's surprise, the solid particles turned out to be - the electrons - however, to show the pattern of the result of a wave movement on the back wall. An even greater astonishment arose when the experiment was measured. After all, measuring is knowing. To this end, sensors were placed in the slots, so that one could see exactly through which slot an electron was going. For example, it was possible to measure all the electrons that had been shot through which slot they were going and thus whether they should have ended up on the back wall. Stunning was the result, because as a result of measuring, suddenly the interference pattern on the back wall (like with waves) no longer arose, but the pattern that belonged to solid matter.

The experiment was expanded. The experiment was done 102 times and did every result in a large sealed envelope containing two smaller envelopes. The one small envelope (inside that large sealed) contained the measurement result of the electrons passing through the slots. The other small envelope the pattern on the back wall. When opening the first and last envelope from the series, both smaller envelopes were opened. Both the measurement result of the partition and the pattern on the back wall were examined. In both cases one saw the pattern on the back wall that corresponds to the two parallel lines that you expect for solid matter. The 100 remaining large envelopes were divided into two groups of 50. The measurement results of the first 50 envelopes were removed from the large envelope and viewed. Subsequently, the back wall results were examined and each time the pattern of the two parallel lines was visible. Something else was done with the other 50 envelopes. The measurement results were burned and therefore not viewed. Then the back wall results were taken out of the envelope. And what do you think what was visible on it? Precisely, the pattern that belongs to a wave movement.

You will be as surprised as I am and probably think: "No, that is never possible, there must have been an illusionist at work."No, we're talking about a serious scientific experiment that's been done so often for that reason. People can hardly believe it. It means that the electron only takes on a fixed form when it is looked at. At the moment that the measurement results (look at) are not viewed - even if the experiment was carried out earlier - the electron manifests itself in the non-fixed form of a vibration. Wow! That is a revolutionary discovery. So everything that we perceive only becomes fixed when we look at it? "But how is that possible? We live in a world where everything around us is fixed? Is it tangible? I see it right?"

You live in a simulation


Scientists have broken their heads about this experiment and the results, but rather let the problem lie, because Albert Einstein has been involved for decades and could not contain it either. They prefer to search for subjects with which they can score. Personally, I have been calling for years that this phenomenon is explained by the fact that the universe is a simulation. This week I discovered, through a reaction from a reader, that there is also a natural scientist who says that. His name is Tom Campbell. Campbell even has it through a more extensive version of the double slits experiment (read here as PDF) made it plausible that we are living in a simulation. In fact, he is the first person I see who is also pronounced about the proposition that we live in a simulation. However, I go a step further than him and suppose that we live in a clearly pre-programmed simulation.

To get used to the concept of 'simulation', it is perhaps best to compare it with an online game. With today's Playstations you can play online games and end up in complete virtual worlds where you have unlimited freedom of movement and choice options. That can also be done on your PC, but such a Playstation, is perhaps the most catchy example. Now you have to operate the buttons and watch a big TV screen. Soon you will be wearing 3D VR glasses and it will be a lot more realistic. At the moment, we are already working hard on all kinds of devices that pick up your brain waves by interacting with the electromagnetic spectrum that generates brain activity. You can thus directly pick up information from the brain. If we follow developments, within a few years we have also reached the point where communication with the brain can take place directly and that we can even purchase computing or memory capacity in the cloud. As soon as we can bring the centers in our brain online where all sensory perception takes place, we can therefore also project odor, touch, hearing and sight directly into the brain. You can feel the feelings of someone else or see the dreams of someone else. Once that brain connection is a fact, you can project virtual worlds directly into the brain as a game and thereby allow all sensory perception such as smell, touch, pain, fear, joy, and so on to be experienced in a lifelike manner. You then pass, as it were, the eye, the ear, the nose, the nerves to your skin and you name it.


You could then say that the brain becomes the observer of a virtual world. Our body with its brain can then experience a virtual world as being real. However, if we look back on the double slits experiment, then even that body and that brain is matter; only and only materialized as a result of observation. In that context, think back to that Playstation. In it you can choose a player: an avatar. If you play the game a few hours a day, you will almost identify yourself with that avatar (especially if you always choose the same one). You have, as it were, the feeling that you live in the game and are the avatar. That will soon become even more the case with the 3D VR glasses, but if the game can be projected directly into our brain, it may become more difficult not to identify with the avatar and to feel that you are living in the game. . That is precisely the situation we are in now. Our soul perceives this game and materializes this 'reality' through observation. The universe is, as it were, created as a game on a screen.

Encoding the simulation

To save computing power, you do not have to create the image in a game until the player looks at it. That saves enormous computing power. If you have a multi-player game (like ours) it is useful that once materialized data remains unchanged, so that each observer observes the same thing. That is a kind of basic rule in programming.

Years of research have led me to the conclusion that we are not only living in such a simulation, but also in a simulation with a clearly specified builder. Now I hear you thinking: "Yes, but we also have clear evidence that there is the origin of life on earth and the universe through an evolutionary process". Let me ask you the following question: Imagine you would belong to the team of programmers from a Sony Playstation game. Would not you then be able to fully program every kind of genesis theory and history? Suppose you are part of that game and you propose to your fellow players to investigate the origin of your game world, would you not only find all the information written by the programmers of the game? Suppose you find out that your universe is infinite and that you always discover new galaxies wherever you look. Could it be that these systems are created as soon as you look at them, because the software is written like that? Could it be that at some point you come to the conclusion that there was once a moment that your universe, your game, suddenly started up? And would you call it big-bang because you can not find another explanation for it? Or would you call it a black hole? You keep guessing and searching for answers, but you never find out what the starting point was. That was the moment the game was turned on.

Forensic investigation from observation of this game, from the perceptual perspective (instead of identifying me with the avatar in which I experience this game), leads me to the conclusion that there are some things that are meant to make the players forget that they are only observer / player. In that sense, the game is so realistically constructed that it looks like it The very goal is to forget who you are: you are an acting soul. Your original is outside this illusion (or rather 'simultaneously in and out', because of the quantum physical principle of 'superposition'); just as you play a Playstation game, do not forget that you are not in that screen and just have a device in your hands. You are not the player; you are not the avatar: you are an observer. It even seems that within this game you are programmed from the materialization of your baby avatar in such a way that the mission is to make you forget that you are an observer. Then there are also avatars in the game that aim to control and monitor this process. There seems to be a clear script that puts everything in the game at the service of the process of forgetting who you actually are: an acting soul.

Religion seems to play a major role in this. And in that religion you are encouraged within this game to give your soul, as it were, away to a deity. There seems to be an important maxim, always responding to fear. This maxim is based on the constantly emerging principle 'Problem, Reaction, Solution'. The avatar players are presented with a problem (Problems), causing them to fall into fear (Reaction). That fear is further fueled by those avatars within the game that, as it were, monitor this process on behalf of the game-builder. Practical examples are churches that foster the fear of sin, death and hell or media that instill fear for self-created terror of government avatars that guard the builder's script. The solution is always found in more control from the group of avatars who monitor the game and who monitor the process; the process in which the players lose more and more in the illusion and put their soul at the service of the avatar group that offers the solution provided (Solution). In the case of sin, hell and death, that is the way of religion, where the minister or imam offers you the solution: the way to heaven, eternal life and redemption. That pastor-avatar does not have to make much effort, because the avatars that have put your baby-avatar into play are already programming in a certain belief system.

It seems that within this game also use is made of deliberately created differences. Let's say the good guy bad guy principle. It is always the Hegelian dialectic of contradictions that must lead to chaos, to create new order from that chaos. So you have political, religious and ethnic differences that are used to set up entire avatar-tribes against each other. And they are susceptible to it, because from baby avatar they have been programmed into a certain belief system and thus one massive avatar group belongs to the 'thesis' field and the other massive avatar group belongs to the anti-thesis field. You can let 2 tension fields collide. This not only gives the necessary distraction, chaos and fear, but also distracts the avatars from the fact that they are only observers in a game. Because of all that false hope combined with struggle you keep them sweet in the game and they identify themselves more and more with it. You give them false hope by giving religious books, which contain predictions that seem to come out, so they attach themselves to their belief system and the god of their belief system. You can make those predictions come true, because you have built the game and thus can also control the process within the game by placing avatars that the players follow your script. You have already written all the code of the game that unfolds for the players chronologically (just as you play a Playstation game from start to finish). Those are the rules of the game.

The builder


From several signals we can then conclude that those avatars that the players seem to program and seem to direct in a certain direction, all worship a certain entity. These government leaders-and-religious-leaders-avatars (who have united in secret clubs for avatars who guard the game) all seem to worship the great architect of this game. The research of the undersigned (observer in this game) then comes to the veneration of Lucifer. So we can identify the builder and guardian of this game as Lucifer. Just enter that name in the search field on this site, so that you can find several supporting articles that lead to that conclusion.

Once you have built the game you can also play all roles within that game. You can be the god of the Bible, the god of the Qur'an, Satan, you can have your spirit represented in avatars in the game and be a prophet a, b or c. You can have your game checked from the inside by avatars in prominent positions, and so on. After all, you are the builder of the game.

For all religious readers, let me be clear: Satan is not Lucifer in this story. Lucifer is the builder of this simulation (which we experience as lifelike). Within that simulation Lucifer created a dualistic model of god / satan, heaven / hell, etc. The god / satan model is a program created by Lucifer. The same goes for the loss versus redemption and heaven versus hell. You will only see this when you recognize the Luciferian watermarks. It appears in particular from symbolism.

All religions have been rigged in this game to bring about a final battle for Jerusalem through the contradictions. Its all about Problem, Reaction, Solution, in all facets. The problem of sin and death: the solution through the dedication of your soul to your deity (which for all religions is always Lucifer in another disguise). All world leaders and religions work together behind the scenes to bring humanity under Luciferian slavery. This is only possible if the soul chooses for it and so it must be through the maxim Problem, Reaction, Solution so that people throw themselves into the arms of the deity of their religion (Lucifer in disguise). The next world war will again be a huge fierce war of attrition (around Jerusalem) and from that chaos the Messiah avatar will present itself.

Why would the builder of this game make so much effort to make the observing souls forget that they are only in a game and why would he tempt them to secretly dedicate their souls to them through deception? Well, if you have managed to capture an entire army of (potentially) creating force fields in your system, then you can do something with that. It is, as it were, an available task force that you can deploy once you have convinced them that you are their authority and that - as soon as they deviate from your authority - they are hopelessly lost. You have them through your process Problem, Reaction Solution, convinced by the entire game. You have, as it were, an army-conditioned army at your disposal that is willing to dance only to your pipes. It is therefore up to us to see through this game and also to see that we ourselves are at the buttons. Lucifer (or the deities created by him: he himself in disguise) has nothing to say about you. See through the game and recognize the connection with your original (see here).


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  1. Alid wrote:

    Interesting article. Now I am a Christian myself. My position is: Religion is a yoke and Jesus is my Savior.
    I am not religious, I am not Catholic and / or Protestant. I am a member of one of the many Churches of Christ.
    This article is therefore also in its entirety in this context.
    All religion and belief system is deception.
    The Bible tells me exactly the same thing.

  2. JustObserve wrote:

    @ Martin, I do not get my abbo costs set via Ideal is there a possibility to solve this via PB or something?


    Quotes from article 'Did you know that everything you perceive only materializes when it is observed?' and
    'Well, if you have managed to capture an entire army of (potentially) creating force fields in your system, then you can do something with that.'

    In my opinion, this means that both the individual and the whole of humanity collectively give themselves the computing power of the creative power to give shape to this game. I do not know if I have read it here or not, but think about it: why should we put so much energy through mainstraim to steer everyone in the same direction? Not only with ideas, by going along with propaganda, etc., but in the most literal sense you build your own prison, from environment to your bio avatar.

    Actually you say it yourself Martin: 'From multiple signals we can conclude that those avatars that the players seem to program and seem to conduct in a certain direction'
    Apparently conducting is necessary, the nice thing I can at least get out is that it says something about our original potential. Which is contrary to what religion tries to make wise.

    The aim of the game is singularity, the point where the creative forces no longer know that they do, who they are, that they can be used by the builder for their own goals.

    What the exact goal for which these creative forces will be used is of course never 100% can be said with certainty. So far, I find Martin's statement, an attack on the original, most likely.
    What is almost certain to say that it will not be a peaceful goal. Why else bother doing this game? Apparently we do not give permission in the original to the ultimate goal, but this construction was conceived by Mr. architect to get his way that way.

    Another question for Martin:
    A while ago you indicated to recognize many things that you write with Wes Penre. Meanwhile I have read some documents in so many the Wes Penre Papers as his last book on Transhumanism ed
    In this he comes with a very concrete indication of what to do when you leave your bio avatar, so popularly called dead. I was curious what you think of this.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      I do not know yet if I fully subscribe to WesPenre's ideas. I therefore asked him some questions that he partly answered. In any case, it is worth investigating.

      I imagine that I have now described the first simulation (that of our universe). Maybe his Orion system is just as part of that simulation and he does not see it yet (I strongly incline to that).

      If you compare it with the movie Inception and you assume that the soul is in the (quantumphysical) superposition status, then it is not excluded that we are in multiple simulations simultaneously and / or that there are even several "layers" .
      I personally think that the quantum entanglement plays an important role.

      Frankly, I am also not convinced of his (unsubstantiated) thesis of splitting up the souls and mixing them with other "soul splinters". In fact, I would not be surprised to see him go astray, given that he describes the original man as a hermaphrodite. That reminds me strongly of the transgender movement and thus of the rainbow and thus Lucifer.

      Whether he deliberately makes a false track or unconsciously, is a question I still have. Because of his closedness about his sources and (nevertheless) references to channelings, I have the impression that he is a sincere seeker who is (possibly) used to send the reader / listener back into a maze.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Regarding the creative potential: yes that is exactly what our great friend Lucifer is interested in.

      We have only forgotten 1 important issue: we want to improve the game and get our lives within the game ideal. That is just as unwise as wanting to change a Sony Playstation game, because you just started to identify yourself with the game.

      However, I do think that we may be able to rewrite the prison effect of this illusion "from the outside", so that other prisoners can also discover that they are in a mindfuck (or rather soul-fuck). Although it seems that a kind of firewall function is active in our bio-avatar. However, if you start to discover your superposition and see through the quantum entanglement, it may create a chance of reprogramming this game from the outside. In this sense we are a major threat to Lucifer's plan.

      He has to take that risk because he cares for our souls. That's why his agent avatars have to check and guard the game so sharply. So if we wanted to talk about 'awakening', then we should see where we are and what we can do. The quantum physical superposition of our soul and the quantum entanglement with the original are important.

      • JustObserve wrote:

        Improving that game is exactly what I also wanted to mention in connection with this article. It is funny that you start talking about it yourself. The point is that the game is written so that (it seems endless) it can vary widely in systems, but eventually all seem to have the same similarities. Why, because the source code of those systems is ultimately the same. The source code is the duality. I against you. Your country against mine. My political system versus yours, religion vs. religion, does not matter what.

        It therefore makes no sense to try and defend the piece of game you are good at, in which you have been born or explored. Because by improving your part you automatically disadvantage the opposite. The victory for one always results in misery for the other.
        That is the whole point whether you are a + you or a -etje, >>>> you ensure that the battery, the system, is fed. <<<< Take note of the similarities in physics here, ultimately everything turns out to electricity.

        It is important not to be impressed by the so-called 'professional' gamers.
        To name a personal example here, I have a measure that I consider a good gamer. A huge social animal, knows how to enter everywhere, runs projects etc. worldwide. Furthermore, a good look at eg the pharaoh bloodlines, our friend Willy, etc.
        Is convinced, however, that war is necessary to keep things running. "Every system needs defense." And this is also true 100 percent. In the meantime you are back against him / them. Affin, I fall into repetition.
        As one JC Cruijff once said: 'You only see it when you realize it'

        In the end I would like to draw the attention of the readers and writer of this site to some videos that are from the same maker as The Golden Web series.
        Incidentally, in the video of the ether the floor is swept with Einstein. In several other videos it is also repeatedly pointed out that there can not be any outside saviors. Find them all worthwhile.

        To summarize the game, after forgetting our origins we are confronted with 90% of the game with the duality (problem), fighting, against it, with it (reaction), this does not work and times the last 10% we are this so tired that every straw is grabbed. Come let us mix, and become 1 together and then we call it with a nice word singularity 'And then god will be everything, and in all' (solution)
        Amen. (puke)

        • Martin Vrijland wrote:

          Yes, the singularity is, as it were, the new substitute sausage in front of our noses, for heaven and the redemption of religion. But actually it is the same, because the messiah avatar will offer eternal life through the transhumanistic nano-tech solutions. And the creation of a new heaven and a new earth ... well, that is a matter of building VR reality within this virtual reality, as Ray Kurzweil can put it so beautifully.

          Improving this game from the inside is of no use. It is indeed a virtual reality whose basic rules are based on duality and indeed work as a + and - pole. That is, as it were, the basic set for this virtual reality. You can never change that from the game; just like a Playstation game avatar can not say "ok, now I'm tired of losing this level, I'm going to change the code from the inside". It is the acting player - who has almost forgotten that he is an observer by playing the game intensively - who can go to Sony's software development department, hack the system and adjust the code.

          This of course requires the necessary knowledge of the system (you would think), so it is and remains the question whether we can do that from the observing position (I think so).

          The solution Wes Penre proposes is: it is better to leave the playing field after you have finished the game (by the grid of the matrix, as he calls it). Why would you return here? And why would you want to customize a game that does not exactly respect the free will of the soul.

          It seems that Lucifer, as it were, wants to do something with the creative power of the soul. I had indeed already mentioned an attack in the original layer. In that context it is therefore perhaps quite useful to do a hack from this observing position on this system. The more souls are convinced of this, the more the quantum entanglement will probably do its job. The person at the buttons (the observer) can then get to work. I believe that we are all of the same caliber (with the same programming abilities) as the builder of this simulation, so in fact we should not underestimate ourselves. So I do not believe in Wes Penre anymore, but think that we just have to throw in the beech (from the observer position - which is actually a parallel position, just as you see the avatar in the game if you use the VR -glasses on and know that you are at the same time the player / person who controls the game): Superposition (1 and 0 simultaneously).

          Hold the controller in one hand and pick up the source code with the other and rewrite it.

          After all, if you let that Lucifer go and he will soon have a billions of strong blind-held souls, you will soon be sitting with the baked pears in the original layer: although you could ask the question if it is ever possible to use the game from the game. customize software. Well, if he activates the power of all those billions of souls. After all, those souls have 'superposition' with their original. They are in this virtual reality and in the original layer at the same time. So if you won them for you (as Lucifer being), and you activate their superposition in your favor, you have a problem in the original layer. And then it is important not to run away, but to do something about it.

          • Awakening Spirit wrote:

            Dear Martin, your explanation here makes sense for me. I have recently started to see more and more how we are in a VR and are being programmed continuously. We are idd in Lucifer's game. What I do not yet understand correctly is where our original is located. I thought that our original is in 4D (the astral), but that is still the stronghold of Enki / Lucifer. However, you speak about "outside the virtual network". How and where should I see that? Are you talking about our "oversoul", our Higher Self? However, you propose to make adjustments within this game, how do you imagine that? Even though I am very skeptical about Wes Penre, and certainly about his "soul patching" theory (which he does not want to release his "source") - a theory that only wants to scare us - but where I certainly followed him in that it was better to leave this construct. Do you also assume that the entire universe is a simulation?

          • Martin Vrijland wrote:

            @Awakening spirit

            Also read my latest article that probably just passed your reaction:


            I do not agree with Wes Penre about that soul patching, especially because he does not substantiate it and says he has an anonymous source (see my comments under video 52 on his YouTube channel).

            In my opinion, the 4D is part of the simulation.

            Exactly where exactly our soul is is in itself difficult to interpret if we try to discover it from the position of our avatar in the game. I will try to say more about this in a next article.

  3. Roomblank wrote:

    Suppose we are a simulation. Why should we then make the effort to resist us? By that I mean the way people resist. If we want to destroy simulation, we have to exhaust the simulation. That means that we have to make as many constant observations as possible. That must all register the supercomputer of the simulation. If many do that at the same time, the computer breaks down and we do not have to participate in this diabolic game.

    I myself do not think we live in a demiurge-like simulation; rather in a cold, indifferent simulation as presented by the well-known 'string theory'. Reality is a consequence of the fact that nothing has to exist for nothing. We are that something and have come from nothing and will end in nothing, I say about concrete, objective, factual information. There is nothing wrong with that, in my subjective opinion.

    I would like to point out that Stephen Hawking, while working on the Breaktrough Listen project, part of project Starshot, was working on a theory about the simulation of the universe. A few months before publishing his thesis, he died. Suspicious, to my subjective opinion.

    Only concrete, objective, factual information matters.

  4. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Muse sings us to 'the final solution' (transhumanism and singularity), as can be seen in this clip on 0: 20 min. Where you see the text 'leave your body behind' flash by.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Matthew Bellamy (lead singer of Muse) is probably an MK Ultra trained top musician (which could be seen from his song 'the handler', in which he says to say goodbye to his handler), who is very well informed about the plan the singularity, but also of the fact that we already live in a simulation.

      This is particularly evident from this video clip in which Bellamy pulls a tape from an old video recorder with the title 'simulated reality'. The entire clip is a kind of representation of a simulative reality (from a transhumanistic perspective, in which we build new simulations within this 3D via AI), in which he finds himself and sings that he needs something old-fashioned human in his new reality.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      The global transhumanist country left

  5. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Another nice reaction via email:

    Dear Martin,
    This was already known 2000 years ago !! en 2 Kor 4: 18
    "After all, we do not focus our eyes on the things we see, but on the things that we do not see; for the things that are seen are of the moment (an illusion), but the things that are not seen are eternal. "
    In fact you are right when you say that all religions are all descended from Saturn / Babylon incl cross / Tamuz / Saturn, three units / Baylon (Nimrod), churches, towers (obelisks) Maria / Astarte, baby Jesus / Tamuz etc etc
    Probably you have been given a Christianity that was so unreal that you puked ....
    You have not tried one thing yet and that is to be born again!
    See Joh 3: 3-9
    Becoming a new creation is not so; this is not allowed and you can not look at it etc etc everything is allowed to me, but not everything is useful ... .. from the inside you will look completely different to this world and from the inside you will deal with many different things differently and not imposed!
    Only then do you literally step out of this matrix ... and hope comes into your life ... a new life full of wonderful "experiences" such as I put my hand on someone and heals illness as described in Mark 16: 16-18
    For everyone who is born again!
    I myself came from an Evangelical system and I woke up by looking at the Pioneer School of Torben S
    You are a huge researcher, take note of that too!

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Hi French,

      I have tried that rebirth, but that was just a hypnotic tamer. Before being born again, we first have to wait for transhumanism and that is certainly going to happen within this 3dimensional 5 sense-simulation illusion. "God" will then give humanity a new body and create a new heaven and a new earth. I think that "God" will use the www, nanotech and AI for this and will serve this new heaven and earth in the cloud; including, of course, a new body. So the avatar messiah will come soon; we are well on track to be finally lured into the singularity trap.

      However, we do not need to be born again, but simply recognize the superposition and the quantum entanglement with our original self and see that we do not need a god. Put your soul at the service of the god of the bible or the god of the Qur'an (the same in disguise) is the dumbest thing you can do. You do not have to serve your soul at all or repent (which is actually as much as giving away control of soul) because you are not (never, never) lost. That is a program belonging to this illusion / simulation / game.

      That's how I see it.

  6. frameworks wrote:


    What benefits or advantages do people (such as Muse) have to know that we live in a simulation? How did they learn this and how do they deal with this (it is a secret)

  7. read wrote:

    Hi Martin,

    I have couple questions for you:

    First question: Do you think the universe outside of Lucifer's prison is a simulation / virtual reality as well?

    Second question: In your article you say to sort or 'wake up' others in order collectively pull the plug from the outside. It's a bit of a problem to 'wake up' other. For example, I often have conversations with my boyfriend and he likes this 3D trap. I can not see him the way I plot them. Therefore, do you think it's possible to pull the plug everybody for themselves?

    The third question: So, I like the idea of ​​using quantum entanglement to escape the prison? How to re-write the code from the outside?

    The last question: Also I sometimes think we do not have the code. Think of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It's learning on its own. Eventually it is going to be smart and to figure things out on its own and that's why we do not know what to do with it. Do not you think there is a way to hack in from inside? The question that is obvious here is: How to hack in from the inside?

    Sorry for so many questions. But I am glad there is someone I can share my ideas with. I appreciate your response and discussion. Thank you.

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