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In the introduction of his victory speech from last night, Thierry Baudet said last night:The Minerva owl spreads its wings at nightfall". The bombastic speech has since received a lot attention and criticism, but few probably think the double bottom of this speech is worth what it is. The real meaning of the Minerva owl mentioned by Baudet is: the owl that the Freemasons worship; Moloch. The freemasons (skull and bones, the Thüle society, etc.) spread their wings across the Netherlands.

The game of Hegelian dialectics unfolds before your eyes. The hidden message is that the Leiden Minerva club is in control. Baudet, the descendant of the royal Clingendael institute, shows its true nature hidden in plain sight. The spin doctors of Clingendael have placed their controlled opposition pawn in the sham democracy in which opposition can blow up the left-right force field to great heights. (read further under the video)

Thierry Baudet can name everything that the big data analyzes have shown that there is a living among the people. He may even encourage it, because right across Europe and throughout the West must grow. It is the Hegelian success formula in optima forma. The dialectic of two opposites that generate a current: contradictions lead to the desired synthesis, albeit the philosopher Hegel. And that is why Baudet can call Mark Rutte an economic nonsense:

“We are undermined by the universities, journalists, the people who receive our art grants and who design our buildings, and above all we are undermined by our administrators. A clique of fallen networkers; professional meetings; people who have never read a book in their lives and have no idea what the important issues are in the long run. Unfortunately, they control the decision-making bodies of our country and make the wrong choices time and time again in a curious mix of ignorance and cynical self-interest. ”

Not for long! And so it went on, and so the people get the illusion that the right-wing camp is going to win and cause the big change.

We recognize this rise from the right from the rest of Europe and even the US, where Donald Trump can also be found under that camp. We know it from the Brexit camp. We know it from Italy and many other European countries. The poles of the battery are set to high voltage. However, it is the preparation for the upcoming synthesis, where the right will be linked to the economic and social disaster that awaits the West.

The failure of the Brexit that I have long predicted and the fall of the American economy will soon be linked to this (controlled opposition) critical right-wing group. That is why by design that the right can now win, because it contributes to the desired polarization from which chaos and then 'new order' will be created. The anti-globalization group and the anti-EU right-wing cabal will be linked to this economic disaster and radicalization in the near future. The chaos that will ensue provides the power vacuum for the new strong arm. This offers the power vacuum for the (also long-predicted here) takeover of the EU by Turkey and the recovering Ottoman Empire. It will also lead to the final settlement with critical thinkers; by calling them conspiracy thinkers. As those responsible for the chaos, any form of criticism will be definitively banned and there is only 1 truth and that is the truth that the strong arm will impose.

Thierry can blame immigration and he can Utrecht attack PsyOp to play on the moods. And also in that we recognize the true face of the Masonic pawn (Minerva Clingendael descendant) Baudet. And as always in the game of controlled opposition, the subcutaneous feelings are played and fueled. When voltage is applied to the opposing poles, the voltage generated is greater. We call on salvation now, but you the voter are only held in the illusion called democracy. Elitaire Clingendael Minerva pawn Baudet can capture and stir up the latest feelings among the people. And as long as the people run after the next folk driver, the battery is being charged more and more. Then the discharge can follow; the upcoming chaos. And from that chaos comes the new order and will be called: "Never again!". It is a process that unfolds throughout the West and this can help you recognize the master script. Read everything about that master script this article.

We are witnessing the preparation for chaos in Europe; the upcoming takeover by Turkey (Ordo ab Chao), the upcoming fall of the American empire and (after that, in the medium term) a third world war for Jerusalem. At the moment, however, a part of the people lives in the victory rush. The false hope for Baudet pawn. It is time to see through the Hegelian game and to recognize the political actors for who they really are. Only you can expose them. Have you fallen for a safety net pawn? Those who can help sharpen the opposites in society? You have fallen for the illusion of democracy; driven by the royal family Clingendael institute and Minerva.

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  1. Only owl chicks continue to support the current system ...
    ... and continue to hide anxiously under the wings of mom and dad.

  2. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    I can be mistaken in Minerva = Moloch, but nonetheless, we are clearly talking about secret society organizations and the Minerva owl is an important symbol (as Baudet also knows). It is clear that Baudet comes from the Minerva and Clingendael stronghold.

  3. SalmonInClick wrote:

    The only owl that sees the cattle is this, also to save with your daily shopping.

  4. SalmonInClick wrote:

    And here a good explanation why ..

  5. Wilfred Bakker wrote:

    Nothing more to add, I had burned my ballot.
    I deposit an extra snack for this contribution, Mr. Vrijland.

    Tribute and the Love.


    Young owls are called "owl chicks"! during the process of the "nose" Holleeder has given a tip of the veil to the judge! those who have the real power in the Netherlands, am I afraid of that?

  7. Sun wrote:

    Well written article. Well what do I think about it. Baudet is 100% controlled opposition, he probably has to put the flag on Wilders. Wilders is actually passe. Baudet is the party for the person who would like to have the functions of the Vvd's. Rutte has benefited greatly from the incident in Utrecht, which he is cool. You can link all the green stuff to civil servants, fill left pockets ... right pockets. On vacation to India but with the credit card and insurance. Everything stays the same. None of the parties has a good majority and must therefore 'cooperate' with anddren. And so all parties are complicit in the policy. That's the purpose.
    Freemasonry is promoted in plain sight in your face. Oh well, the slaves don't get it.

  8. Riffian wrote:

    Mark Twain - "If voting made any difference they wouldn't let us do it."

    and that's just how it is 😀

  9. SalmonInClick wrote:

    ... I don't want to hit myself, but it indicates that there is a correlation between the so-called attack in Utrecht and the elections. It is all so predictable ..

    Such as this orchestrated piece between the police and Turkish official just before the elections ... Erdogan thx! 🙂

    • SalmonInClick wrote:

      .. Thanks to the hospitality of this Freemason Masonry and Bilderberger .. The man sitting to the right of Slabdullah is De Jong who can now call himself Deputy Prime Minister, again it is a small club and the chair dance is in full swing ..

    • Sun wrote:

      This was 100% agreed between the Netherlands and Turkey. Too much publicity means that it was directed, planned for the Turks and Dutchmen who both fell for it. The sheeple so easy to influence. They just ask for it.

  10. Sun wrote:

    Well, hollow leather means the usual suspects that hold the key positions. I am not going to explain this further to who they are.

    • SalmonInClick wrote:

      ..holleeder does not make me laugh the same figure who was involved in the so-called Heineken abduction and what was completely milked out by Peter OM Regelneef de Vries in his meaningless rag of the same name and we are not yet rid of them when the sheep are bored then we pull that hollow leather from the old box together with Peter whipped milk ..

      • Sun wrote:

        A moment or topic perhaps but is actually known how the police found out where Heineken and his driver were locked up?
        This has never become clear to me. Mystery?

  11. SalmonInClick wrote:

    correct yes Hegel's disease….

    "German philosopher

    The sentence that Baudet uses seems to be a quote from the German philosopher Hegel. He wrote: "The owl of Minerva does not begin its flight until dawn." Hegel meant that people only see or understand an event when it is almost over. "

    well you will only see it when you realize it door

  12. Sun wrote:

    I understand that Baudet spoke to two fossils to act as an informer in South Holland, Wiegel and Paul Scheffer. No system shockers looked up that hs clear. Those two people can't just retire. You can see that it is always the same incrowd.
    Hopeless and of course everyone looks at the npo. Full of expectation our heart beats. What do slaves expect? Change? really they can't even act. Simply fries with mayonnaise for the slaves. It must remain fun. As far as I'm concerned ... juice

  13. danny wrote:

    I think the link with the owl of Minerva and Moloch is a bit too far away.
    But despite the fact that Baudet is extremely convincing, there is, in my opinion, one main reason that the elite need Baudet.
    And that is to lure people to the voting counters.
    The elite are as if people are going to see that voting makes no sense at all because they are still being sewn.
    As soon as people wake up to this fact and boycott 'votes', their power structure starts to collapse.

    To get people to the polls, the politicians must stand for what the people want to hear.
    And among a waking population you need a Thierry Baudet.

    Of course, the elite do not want politicians to expose their climate lie and stop immigration, but it may be (temporarily) sacrificed.

    Baudet says he wants to restore confidence in politics, he has now succeeded quite well.
    And that is exactly what matters (for the elite).

    • danny wrote:

      "The Council of State pointed out in its annual report that confidence in politics and traditional political parties is crumbling and functioning is jeopardizing democracy."

      I read in a Volkskrant article from 2017.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      The intention was that you just click on the link under the word Moloch and then you come to a video and comment in which I explain.

  14. Camera 2 wrote:

    The prelude to the 20 March outcome

    Click on the link, debate in the Media in 2018 at the RTLshow table

    Here a few dialogues but then in English

  15. SalmonInClick wrote:

    @Martin, you must read this AD article. It reads as a comment on this article incl comments .. Despair

    The image of the owl as a philosopher has been maintained ever since. It is not without reason that Meneer de Uil in the Fabeltjeskrant is the all-knowing narrator.

    What Hegel - and also Baudet - meant: insight only comes when the consequences of something really become clear. It looks a bit like the Cruyffian 'you will only see when you realize'. Baudet thus refers, among other things, to the 'climate madness', the measures that he believes cost too much money, while in his eyes they have relatively little effect.

    Sad affair ...

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Exactly, I saw him last night, but didn't have time to work on my website anymore.
      They read along and then they see that tens of thousands of people end up on my website because they are going to search for that statement by Baudet, so they have to push me down in the Google results.

      It is a big game that is being played and they are clearly afraid that people will REALLY wake up. I only do it on my own and the media have millions (if not billions) and they have the controlled alternative media and they have a whole army of social media and they have their network at Inoffizieller Mitarbeiter and they have the AIVD that measures and knows (and controls it all) .. and so on!

  16. Camera 2 wrote:

    The Media / Macht presents Baudet with the same allure

    The Media only presented 1! photo notabene at the Mediapark with a thousand film cameras and a thousand cameras at the same media park, only 1 photo or two anyway

  17. guppy wrote:

    Pim Fortuyn was murdered at the age of eleven on 6 / 5 for 6: 05 hit by 5 bullets, 6 shells found next to him and there was something about 5 from the 6 police on the spot.

    6 + 5 = 11 and 6 × 5 = 30

    In addition to the eleven we encounter very often # crazy number # # extremelowfrequenty # # dualism # # ELeven #

    this means taking extensive time for it and they have done so. The same style is used to give the people (ert) what they want so badly.

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