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If you study all the topics with which the masses are played, you can sometimes become quite downcast about the collective blindness of the masses. However, when you consider who the media and who have the major social media channels in their pocket, it is also understandable that people do not see how they are played.

The media can determine the perception of the masses through newspapers, radio and TV shows and well-trained showmasters who conduct critical interviews, who do what the magician's hands do; distract from where the real trick takes place. Social media can pass messages on timelines and in search results and censor away that which is not in line with the desired idea.

If you add up the entire pallet of resources, you also have the effect of group pressure. The most heard opinion is that opinion that belongs to the hired good looking celebrations. If you deviate from that, then you do not belong.

Reason often loses from gut feeling and peer pressure. I mean: If someone shows that David Attenborough has lied about the polar bear population, then many will still state that there is just less polar ice and the reasoning dismissed. If Greta Thunberg says that we should listen to the scientists, but most scientists find global warming as a result of CO2 nonsense, then the majority dismisses that by saying that a lot of plastic is floating in the oceans. If TV shows and documentaries only show large smoking chimney pipes, we soon forget how polluting the electric cars are that we have to buy en masse to get rid of the exhaust gas; not thinking of the mega polluting raw material extraction for batteries.

Most people are newspaper, TV or internet wise and have National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Wikipedia or other money-managed sources as a source of knowledge. A growing number of people get their information from alternative media and refuse to see that the big money will probably not have left the garden behind. Why would the big money only have the mainstream media in her pocket? The art of opposition, however, is that you have to make it appear authentic and that the people have the impression that it is attic room work. The art of opposition is that it must come up with serious criticism and scrape the chair's legs. However, they should never saw the chair legs. Then you blow up that opposition with a scandal or you use built-in disinformation to undermine credibility.

After more than seven years of writing, I would like to express the hope that you will see the importance of the true free word. Freedom of expression is a great thing, because it stimulates your brain to keep thinking. It is precisely the younger Instagram and Snapchat generation that must develop and retain that ability.

The easiest way of life is where you simply consume all information. A necessary attitude to life is that where you learn that you can be played by everything and everyone around you in daily life and that you must learn to filter. You don't learn to filter if you only hear one version or one side of a story. You learn that filtering by once you bump into the light-up seller or the seductive neighbor. By trial and error you develop critical thinking. And that is why it remains important that freedom of expression remains.

If many walk around with Elon Musk's Neuralace brain-computer interface in a few years and large companies like Google and Facebook have direct access to our brain, that training is extremely important. In fact: it is essential to learn to think critically and to poke through good sales pitch. For example, Elon Musk wants to convince mankind that it is better to merge with the AI, which he himself is building 'in the highest gear' with. (see here). It is therefore precisely at this time, of quantum leaps in technology and in the invasion of body and brain with AI, that it is important to control the capacity for critical thinking. All those mobile information sources that we carry with us are already half cyborgs. So we have to be stimulated to stay sharp.

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  1. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    This week I took a break because of fever and cold that just won't go away. I hope to be able to enter into this again soon with good courage and inspiration and I do not always want to call for support, but it is really necessary.

    • XanderN wrote:

      Get well soon (I won't joke about it).

      From my childhood on, I really got seasonal flu every year. Since I took D2011 (the good variant, cholecalciferol, drops or tabs) in 3 in the cold months, I have had no more flu. Due to corona, also use colloidal nano silver.
      I have a lot of experience with alternative medicines, a lot is pure nonsense and scam (especially homeopathy), but these drugs really work (at least my experience).

      Success, also with your site. I hope you can keep it in the air.

    • astenster wrote:

      Get well soon! đź‘Ť
      I hope that more and more people become members and make your work possible !!!
      It is very necessary !!!!

  2. Camera 2 wrote:

    Quote AIVD:
    "Open where possible, closed where necessary!"

    for our freedom (which is / is being restricted in every way, thanks dear NOS, VARA, TROS AVRO and All newspapers)

    Why do people not even get it once, because there is continuous censoring, IF IT SHOULD


  3. frameworks wrote:


    What is your opinion regarding the news regarding storage of voting cell material?


    To be honest, I had no idea that this existed, but to me all current developments in biology (as you describe) are scary.

  4. SalmonInClick wrote:

    It is indeed time for action by putting words into action and acting accordingly.
    My message remains non-compliance in this Death and Debt paradigm.

    Get well soon Martin!

  5. Sun wrote:

    Get well soon Martin. We only have one Martin!
    The only real.

  6. Analyze wrote:

    Get well Martin, we need you! The last uncensored site in Madurodam ...

  7. Riffian wrote:

    let's waste few words, not words but deeds, get well soon Martin.

  8. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    This lady fully understands what I describe in my book!
    Essential to fathom the reals:


  9. SalmonInClick wrote:

    Worrying developments in Madurodam, we can now establish that there is a silent dictatorship known as a police state.

    Police state
    A police state means a state where the social, economic and political power is maintained by the leaders with the help of the (secret) police.


    and we are not yet talking about De Dienst and its Inoffizieller Mitarbeiters

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