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The corona crisis forces us to think about drastic changes. I already announced it after my website was subject to a DDoS attack for half a day. I made a grotesque statement saying: "My plan is to present concrete plans in the near future to undermine and overthrow this government and the entire system."

I worked on that plan for a long time and presented it to many behind the scenes. It is a plan that is about direct democracy, via an online voting system that is secured via blockchain technology.

Yes, there are dangers to technology, but the greatest danger lies in the power pyramid. That system needs to be overhauled and turned around. This is only possible if it is arranged smartly. Power should not go to a central point, but power should go to the people.

We are going to do it differently!

Completely different! And your help is needed. A few questions first:

  • Do you want you or your children to live in a digital prison?
  • Do you want you or your children to be forced on a vaccine that you don't know what it contains other than what “the experts” tell you?
  • Do you want to be pushed into a state-dependent communist system in which everything is monitored via Big Data?

No? Now is the time to overhaul the system as we know it! Time for a free country with direct democracy: a new way of living together. Time to get rid of the puppet cabinet and crown.

False democracy

The old system is based on false democracy, where all puppets in the political parties seem to have been trained to serve only the crown and offer the people the illusion of choice.

They offer the choice that suits that group for every opinion and every taste in society and debate through apparent contradiction to defend the same power and agenda behind the scenes.

Opposition, left, right, liberal, they all swear allegiance to the crown and the fierce discussions in the media, the discussions during elections; they are only there to make the people believe that their voice is heard.

Democracy as we have known it all our lives is a farce. We live in a collective hypnosis, a collective blindness.

Believe it can be done differently

Because we live in a social system from an early age, we don't know any better. It is our conditioning that we cling to.

“We just need a government and then democracy is really the best form. The more centrally arranged, the more uniform the agreements and that is useful ”, we think.

“Then everyone uses the same asphalt, we have good public transport, the tax is neatly arranged and we have good streamlining in all aspects of our lives.”

For some, the emperor really has clothes on

Some people really don't see that the emperor is not wearing clothes. They firmly believe in the system as we know it and many are dependent and love it in their entirety.

It is only at the time of the corona crisis that some begin to see that we are gradually being manipulated towards a technocratic communist system. Others will see this as a necessary advance; progress that can be sustained to prevent future pandemics and save the environment.

But does that require a population to be placed in a technological control web or are most of the world's problems the result of power-hungry rich people who make money from medicines, oil, mass production and so on?

The crown, our royal house

Our royal house has played a nice role in this. They owe their power and capital mainly to the extraction of raw materials and oil. Then we are not talking about dark things from the past.

And to whom do politicians swear allegiance? To 'the crown'. They swear allegiance to a power block that signs all laws and to whom judges, officials, lawyers and police swear allegiance. They do not swear allegiance to the people, but to the crown.

That crown rules by “the grace of God”. No one can demonstrate that grace of God and so that power is a wax nose.

It is a belief system with which everyone in society is conditioned, because parents and grandparents, family and friends: Everyone is conditioned with the same lie and therefore knows no better.

Trust shift

We can continue to rely on the prevailing system, which is increasingly centralizing whether we can trust that if we take charge ourselves, we can also arrange things very well. We cannot throw away all the technical resources that we are used to at once, we cannot all suddenly live without infrastructure and organization. We can, however, reverse its governance and decision-making lines.

A government must consist of real representatives of the people who swear not faithfully to the crown, but to humanity. Humanity must have a direct say in decisions. Do you believe that is not possible, because too many people have too little knowledge of too many different things? That's a good argument, but maybe many things just need to be simplified.

If the people do not want an increase in scale, then there will be no increase in scale. If people think that media is starting to look more and more like propaganda, then it has to be turned upside down. If the people do not want censorship, there will be no censorship. And so on, and so on.

Reversal of the power structure

But everything starts with reversing the lines of power. They must walk to the people instead of to the crown. They must run to man; to humanity. Governors directly elected by the people must be elected by direct votes and they swear allegiance to the people. Also all judges, civil servants, police, military, lawyers, etc. All must swear allegiance to the people and all can be overthrown by a majority.

Direct democracy

Direct democracy can be made possible by technology. Blockchain technology can ensure that you can let the voice of the people speak unhackily and unadulterated. Isn't that a bit bizarre ideas? Can there be support for this? When you hear that Elon Musk is in favor of it, are you suddenly ringing your ears?

Voting from 'the cloud'

Anyone who wants to vote can therefore participate in the decision-making process regarding the approval of laws and laws, and they have an expiry date. Voting is done via your computer or telephone linked to a type of identification. First of all, we should reconsider the entire list of laws that are now in place: 'may stay' or 'must go'. Yes, simplification and simplification instead of today's woolly complexity.

Pro's and con's

This also means that we have to attach large multinationals to a comparable system. After all, we should want to get rid of the power of people like Bill Gates. The same reversal of power can also take place there.

The con's

The con's are easy to list. We should actually slow down technology and big data and that is how we can feed that system.

Isn't Elon Musk the one who wants to hang our brain in the cloud and connect it to AI. Didn't Bill gates apply for paten 2020-060606 to make our brain a block in the blockchain? Yes, but we can vote that out. We can slow down the technology and require AI developers not to give AI free rein.

Many may find it difficult to put every law or decision before the people. Then people would have a day job on all those decisions and eventually become disinterested. However, it can also mean that directors are valued or judged for simplicity and brevity instead of the woolly communication that we are now used to from them. So they have to deliver simple and clear work and so we need different types of drivers.

What seems negative should actually lead to a positive change: regulation goes from quantity to quality.

The pros

The pros are that we can put the brakes on scaling and centralization and go from complexity to simplicity. Another pro is that we get real people's representatives instead of people secretly representing the big money and the crown. People's representation must again become what the real meaning of that word is.

That's how you do that

We start by rejecting the unconstitutional system we are in now. Unfounded means it goes against the fundamental rights of humanity.

The constitution is signed by the crown, and laws are also signed by the crown. In the corona crisis, we have seen that governments often ignore the constitution and quickly devise new laws that override the constitution. We need to go back to the principle of fundamental rights rather than the principle of laws. Based on that fundamental right, everyone has equal rights. That is why direct democracy is the solution.

Step 1

  • Step 1 is thus the old system based on the crown and reject the appearance of democracy. That means taking the position that the authority we think exists is unconstitutional. There is no grace of God and there must be sworn allegiance to the people.
  • This means that we can reject punishment, control and penalties with the position:
  • “No one has authority over me because constitutions and laws are marked by the crown. That crown is based on the grace of God. All institutes such as courts, tax authorities, inspection, etc., swear allegiance to the crown. All judges, politicians, army, police and so on swear allegiance to the crown. They have no authority over us. "
  • So step 1 is to reject any authority, to reject fines and penalties and to reject tax liability. We must drop the old system.
  • If you come to court, you can point out to the judge that he swears allegiance to the crown (grace of God) and therefore has no authority over you. You can point to the law drawn by the crown (grace of God). You are free to go.

Step 2

  • We are building a new system, by issuing a petition that is signed by as many people as possible here on the site. That petition is sent to the incumbent government and the crown and states that they must resign.
  • We stop watching TV, listening to media and politicians, and we realize that social media is also a tool in the hands of the incumbent.
  • We reject the power of local government, national government and Brussels and start from scratch.
  • The ministries can continue to exist and they only need to publish a report on their financial management. The leaders of these ministries must swear allegiance to the people and immediately begin to review freedom-restricting measures and laws.
  • The Ministry of Finance must show at the touch of a button what is in the tax pot and how many debts have been incurred.
  • Those debts must be rejected and set to zero. We immediately switch to bitcoin and let go of the euro and the dollar. The power and influence of the European Central Bank and other banks must therefore also lapse. They printed money out of nowhere and that fiat money system is bankrupt.
  • "The national debt must be rejected immediately and set to zero."
  • The people are given the opportunity to open a bitcoin account for 1 week and the Ministry of Finance immediately deposits everyone with an amount of 1 bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin provides the coverage. No more fiat money, but a new covered currency, where bitcoin is the new “gold standard”.
  • Everyone receives a basic income. This is similar to the communist system now being worked on by governments, but because the line of power runs towards the people and direct democracy is established, the risk of totalitarian government is reduced.
  • Retailers and companies are given a month to install a system that allows bitcoin payment, but immediately accept direct bitcoin transactions as a payment method.

Step 3

  • The Department of the Interior is given 1 month to establish a blockchain direct voting system, which allows the public to submit laws to the people for rejection or review.
  • DigiD can be used to vote, but further digitization via facial recognition or a digital vaccination certificate can only be approved by the public.
  • All existing legislation is immediately invalid. We are going to insert a time out phase. Enforcers, judges, the army, police and judiciary immediately cease their activities.

Step 4

  • The Ministry of the Interior must also present a blockchain voting system within a month, with which the people can immediately nominate their own representatives.
  • There will be 1 elected representative per ministry and that elected representative can be elected by most votes from the blockchain voting system.

Step 5

  • These new leaders have to start immediately and report weekly to the people through direct communication on YouTube or other social media.
  • They immediately make an overview of the amount of laws and ensure that the current tangle and amount of laws is dissolved and summarized in a number that is a maximum of fifty per ministry.
  • The new basic rules are presented to the people as new 'society rules' through a rule and a summary of 1000 words.
  • The people may approve, reject or return these 'society rules' via the blockchain voting system for review.

Step 6

  • The media must immediately stop broadcasting news and discussion programs. There must be a total media time out until the new people's representatives revise the entire system.
  • They must therefore take a close look at the entire media system and all the newspapers, and also ensure that people are worked for instead of the old established order.

* footnote

Shutting down the tax liability is temporary. It is a suspension. Where do all the tens of billions of people from all those who are supposed to help the population out during the corona crisis come from? That money is printed out of nowhere. The entire financial system is based on fiat money (not covered by anything physical and bottomlessly printed).

Of course, flattening the tax liability is not final. It is temporary, until the new people's representatives (who then really represent the people) are positioned on the ministries and the entire system can be cleaned up and reset.

The end of taxation will therefore not be final, but the system needs to be cleaned up from the billions that flow towards the EU and towards the ECB.

The execution

How are we going to put that into practice? That starts with a rather clear petition, in which you can express yourself that you want to be the change. We can speak of consciousness and awakening, but the only change comes from action. Read the points from the petition here and then also cast your vote. Only together can we make a change and that all starts with our own efforts.

With this petition we declare:

  1. That the crown is powerless
  2. That the government should immediately put down its duties
  3. That all laws and regulations are immediately invalid and revised
  4. That all enforcement is immediately suspended
  5. That tax collections are immediately suspended
  6. That fines are invalid and collections are suspended
  7. That the police, the judiciary, the army, judges, enforcers, inspectors and all civil servants must swear allegiance to the people
  8. That the national debt is invalid
  9. That the credit claims of the ECB and other creditors are invalid
  10. That there will be a direct democracy (such as described here)

With this petition we demand:

  1. Immediate termination of activities of king, queen, members of the first and second chambers and cabinet members
  2. Direct development - and delivery within 1 month - of a blockchain voting system by the Ministry of Finance, with which new representatives can be elected (one representative per ministry, to be appointed and voted up via a blockchain voting system)
  3. That the Ministry of Finance deposits an amount of 1 bitcoin within the Netherlands within 1 week
  4. Public trial of the crown and politicians through the blockchain voting system, including the scope and content of the sentence

So go to the new website now, sign the petition and / or become a member:

direct democracy now


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  1. XanderN wrote:

    I see this more as a concept for an end goal to be further elaborated, not something to be implemented immediately. Chaos guaranteed, if you do this. Stop taxes? Immediately put a million civil servants out of work, numerous projects that hundreds of thousands of people are working on will come to a standstill, a huge capital flight will start (unless the whole world participates at once), etc. etc.

    A step-by-step change therefore seems to me more likely to succeed. You will first have to completely overhaul the provision of information, ie media. If the people have to decide on everything, you have to make sure that they get an honest story about the pros and cons of each decision. But I honestly fear human nature, which is quite averse to all kinds of changes, and very emo sensitive. You can therefore be almost sure that if, for example, a new road has to be built somewhere, and they get some people in front of the camera who complain that this road is close to their houses, or through a piece of forest, 90 out of 100 people will vote AGAINST.

    And so it will be with many projects, I think. I am afraid that then not much will get off the ground once again, and you will indeed end up in a classic communist system that will be very similar to the Soviet Union, supplemented with advanced technology. I don't think that is a better world to live in.

    I think, like you, that the current system has had its best time, and has been undermined by corruption, nepotism and all kinds of lobby groups that have been given far too much power. The Royal Family is in any case a very outdated place (although that wmb may still remain as a kind of 'ministry' of the Netherlands-Promotion or -Folklore or something, but stripped of all power). So it has to be different, but spread that out in about 10 or so years, which I think is very fast, given the enormous upheavals that have to take place. A person, a people, must be able to deal with that psychologically.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      To be clear: The tax liability is temporary.

      Where do all the tens of billions of people from all those who are supposed to help the population out during the corona crisis come from?

      That money is printed out of nowhere. The entire financial system is based on fiat money (not covered by anything physical and bottomlessly printed)

      Of course, flattening the tax liability is not final. That is why it also says 'suspended'. It is temporary, until the new people's representatives (who then really represent the people) are positioned on the ministries and the entire system can be cleaned up and reset.

      The end of tax liability will therefore not be final, but it will have to be cleaned up from large billions of flows towards the EU and towards the ECB.

      Think about it again.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      And to be honest, I don't believe in a step-by-step change. It can all be drastic and it has to be done very quickly. An important element in this is that the power lines must be reversed from top to bottom. The people must have a direct say and the system must be drastically overhauled. Simplification is key.

      • SalmonInClick wrote:

        Martin, if I understand correctly you describe a parallel structure which de facto suspends the existing constitution "In the name of the People". This therefore means an end to the constitutional monarchy, which is represented by a so-called parliamentary "democracy". So a Republic…

        Well I've always thought it was a strange system full of contradictions. During the Social Science lessons at the Gymnasium, the teachers always had to answer the simple question "How can there be a democracy if the (government) officials swear allegiance to the crown?" Whereupon I could then look up the hallway .. little has changed in that respect.

  2. frameworks wrote:

    The companies will also have to participate in such a revolution and especially in the financial sector. Here too we can return to a system where depositors and policyholders become the owners. Voting on eg bonuses, salary policy and other important issues can therefore be done via the blockchain. After that, other sectors can be transformed. One of the current problems of the present time is the fact that large multinationals determine government policy. I think this should already be resolved in step 1.

  3. guppy wrote:

    Your solution is a good solution with current technologies. But I strongly wonder if this technological era will last long. We have already seen the first foreseen. The universe will ensure that everything is reset. Elon's satalites will stop working, the internet will go down, people will have to go back to basics. Egoism is not going to survive in higher dimensions.

    We are already at a point where we are aware of the situation. We blame others but we pay for it ourselves. We all have Microsoft operating systems on our computers. We all pay taxes that fund Willy, Rutte and wars.

    We just have to confess guilt and come up with solutions just like you how we can reset things ourselves.

    You're right, it's up to us. The purpose of our existence is to get to work ourselves. Be happy and grateful with yourself and your soul and let your soul dominate your ego.

    If you don't check yourself, someone else will do it!

    • frameworks wrote:

      there are indeed a number of examples where strategic assets are already opting for an analog variant in addition to or as a replacement for the digital version.

  4. Camera 2 wrote:

    Can't help but agree
    but who are we going to take with us.

    They don't go away voluntarily and with an A4 sheet full of petitions?
    The Crown's squires must first become aware, alas, yes
    otherwise just a revolution?

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      The interesting thing is that people would like a revolution, but they don't believe we should be the revolution ourselves.
      You can enforce this by establishing a direct democratic model. That means you have to act yourself.
      We complain and say that they do nothing in The Hague. We complain with comments such as: "Where are the opposition parties !?"
      The only real change can and should really come by activating yourself. That turns out to be a step too far for many.
      We want to read what is bad about the lockdown, bad about vaccines and bad about Bill Gates, but activating yourself is suddenly a step too far.

  5. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    It is important to understand the basic principle of secured money. You have unsecured money that is printed unlimited and uncovered (as it is at the time of the crisis) and thus causes hyper inflation (also called 'fiat money') or you have money that is linked to a standard, such as gold or oil. The OPEC oil standard has since collapsed, with oil prices becoming negative. The gold standard was released years ago. Bitcoin seems to be the new standard.

    Once again there is the danger of digitization, merging with AI, but in a process that seems to be almost impossible to stop, you can reverse the power pyramid.

    Here is an explanation of how such a “gold standard” works:

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      "Fiat money" or "fiduciary money" is money that does not derive its value from the material from which it is made (intrinsic value like gold and silver coins), but from the confidence that it can be used to buy goods and services. The nominal value is therefore not based on a certain weight and content of precious metal, but on the confidence that economic operators place in the value of the currency.

      In this time of the corona crisis, fiat money is rapidly devaluing. That is an unsustainable situation.

      • Sun wrote:

        There is a direct interaction between money and power. Without the US military and the ability to decide wars, the dollar would not have been worth much. And of course the willingness of the American army, the soldiers, to maintain American hegemony for dollars.

  6. guppy wrote:


    Look at the bottom right how often gold, silver and crypto has been sold (on paper). This means that, for example, 173 people claim 1 oz of silver, 172 have bought air. The fair value of silver in the US is $ 2615, the fair value of the dollar is 👻

  7. Bass Ruigrok wrote:


    The why of WW2,
    National Socialism created a free financial system that ended public debt and sidelined the bankers….
    Hence the incessant lies about National Socialist Germany.

    Imagine what anger will be when people realize that the most positive system has been destroyed by the so-called victims.
    Above and below, good is bad, perpetrator is victim.

    The same thing Ghadaffi and Saddam Hussein tried to do ...

  8. Future wrote:

    Good piece Martin.

    The question is, and above all, how you are going to get police and military personnel. You should get it with this. I never understood why you would kill someone as a soldier. In a war that you just don't know the real reason for that war. On the orders of and under false pretenses of.

    I can still agree with the police, but not even if your bosses tell you to take down demonstrations. Me in any country.

    Furthermore, what I thought, and you have exposed too. Jensen just a freemason. So 1 of them, I watch it for fun while eating. But that guy is really not consistent in his story. Just keep feeling pathetic about Trump.
    Then the story of that No Style no longer allows its name in people's reactions. And that you have to write Jansen or Jensen there he is 33. That is definitely finished, and also just stupid. Jensen is said to be blocked by GS. But give Jensen 33 as an example. And he takes whole hordes into his trap. Also the deleted video with about 180.000 views, read Masonic number 9. And all those hand gestures are not for nothing. Scary boy so Etc etc. Sharp and quickly seen from you.

  9. Analyze wrote:

    they can put that grace of God in a place where the sun does not shine. It remains theater for the ignorant masses ..

    • frameworks wrote:

      Just like the Queen suspended the British Parliament in August 2019, which was sold by the media as Boris Johson who asked permission from the queen. However, in the British constitution, the monarch has (sovereign) reserved powers when the monarch is advised by the privy council.

      • Analyze wrote:

        "Common law" derivative of commoners (motherfuckers), the queen is above the law and idd is simply in control of the Commonwealth (Canada, Australia, NZ etc). Just as Madurodam is still just a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary (speaking groin) theater.

    • Why do you want to know this? wrote:

      A beautiful and almost heartwarming movie. A heroine who almost literally proclaims what has been on this website for years. Almost literally, because it again calls for a "higher power" to change.

      This lady may have the best of intentions, but unfortunately her emotional speech will not change anything in the institute where she gave this speech.

      As Martin describes, the real change comes from within. If the speech of this lady really comes from herself, then she is good for a minister candidacy within the new system described above 🙂

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