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It was a few tough years and the impact on my private life was huge. Right now I have to make the decision to stop or continue. I have already stated several times that doing research and writing opinion pieces is not a hobby, but just a full-time activity. I also have explained how the smear campaign against my person has damaged my name to such an extent that I can no longer function normally in society. Although the small number of members and donors have always just been able to cover me in the costs and I have 'contributed' here and there, it is no longer sustainable.

I have to conclude that the censorship on social media also has a major impact. It is simply a fact that many people no longer see my articles on their timeline. Facebook analyzes your "area of ​​interest" and then decides whether or not to show it. In the statistics I see how that has a major impact. Basically it means that you may still be allowed to say what you think or think, but that the sound is encapsulated. In addition, you see more and more attempts to label things as 'hate speech' and you see troll armies active in all kinds of forums that consciously reshape everything that I write in a discussion full of distortions and false foundations (for example by using a piece from an article, making it is taken out of context). Yet I still have between a thousand 20 and 30 visitors a day.

I must also note that most people simply do not care at all about how the media makes the maxim Problem, Reaction, Solution to push through new legislation (see example). Then why would I go to the trouble of raising all these issues and bringing them to the attention? Virtually no one is interested in anything and if there is any awareness of what is going on, people pee, wash their hands and just continue with the daily worries.

Nobody, but really nobody, comes into action. Of course there are some people who think it is useful to protest or participate in the controlled opposition nonsense of wearing a yellow vest, but we are not going to change the world with that. Others may pay a few tens here or there for a spiritually-tinted lecture or participate in a meditation session, but only few until no one start the consideration of turning the helm into the practical interpretation of life. Only once in a while do I get a response from people who quit their job that contributed to maintaining the system. Only once or twice do you hear that people, for example, have stopped walking to the polls.

If you find the reader that it is useful and necessary to continue; if you think it's important for the reader to keep writing opinion pieces; documents with which I continue to examine the media and politics, then it is time for you to express that in concrete appreciation. I can no longer live in poverty status and hardly be able to meet all costs. It is time for you to express that in a membership, as you might just as easily become a member of De Telegraaf, Netflix, a sports channel or other media. I then ask you: What do you find more valuable? Unfortunately, if the number of members stays at the current level, I can no longer continue. The goal is at least 500 basic members or an equivalent thereof in the other memberships. With all those tens of thousands of readers a day, you should succeed.

This is therefore an urgent call to you. In a week I will then decide whether I will take the entire website including the archive offline or continue. Hope is set on you. Thanks in advance for your appreciation!

Update 15-05-2019

I have had a wonderful offer for support today. All of that still needs to be realized, but that does not alter the fact that I am enthusiastic. For the time being a few members have been added (thanks for that), which is in fact surprising considering the large quantities (tens of thousands of readers per day), but all in all, I certainly want to continue. Thanks in part to that support. As soon as the promised help will actually be realized, I will say more about it. For the time being I will continue in the hope that everything will be fine and that I can continue to write for a long time. In the meantime, keep on joining, because your support is just needed. Wouldn't it be nice if an independent medium could also just recruit members instead of only succeeding the large propaganda media, don't you think?


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  1. Jord Zentveldt wrote:

    Hi Martin,

    Maybe it's an idea to make your articles visible to non-members only for a payment of 10 cents. This gives you more income, and people who do not want to become a member can decide for themselves which items they have 10 cents for.

    • In my opinion it is not just about paying, but also about the effort that people have to make for a payment.

      • Martin Vrijland wrote:

        What exactly do you mean?

      • The majority of people are fully lived by the system. Even the people in the awakening process are still being lived by the system. If you do not want to pay a bill or forget to pay for a service in the system (including the tax authorities), then you cannot use the service or you can even get a bailiff to visit ... with all its consequences. People are used to this and the patterns of habituation for the conditioned people are their own downfall.

        When using the internet, Martin Vrijland is one of the (sometimes many) websites that they visit and for which no payment is required. The service has been provided and people continue to behave as the system expects of them. If payment has to be made, they simply go to another website for pastime. It is too much trouble to transfer some money. I think that many of these people (a few percent is already a lot) would simply pull their bags and give you a euro or more if they met you in person.

  2. AnOpen wrote:

    Unfortunately, we no longer have anyone doing such critical analysis in the Netherlands like you. Have the idea that many do not really believe 100% and understand what you write, mainly due to the hypnosis effect of the media's NLP techniques. That sultry trusted voice from, for example, RTL news is doing so well.

    Every time you make a call and a few more are added, but not enough. But they like to take away your ideas and use them elsewhere or make them ridiculous. Football or De Telegraaf, no style, Niburu, GTST etc, that really makes them emotional, which is very important for many, they immediately believe in it without doubt.

    They love and embrace the new police world that is unfolding. That is why such programs as those of the enforcement officers, police and bailiffs programs are doing so well. They just want control and false security. Really a Trumanshow to betray your fellow man and constantly keep an eye on as criminals. Enjoying that is.

    It's a shame that it comes to that. Some will be happy if that bother would stop it like that converted with that scary idiology, you know tog.


  3. Wilfred Bakker wrote:

    With this I increase my contributions, but that is not enough.
    I regularly rub my eyes on what you have put down on your website.
    I also read with other people's eyes and Martin is just crazy.
    Hey Martin, you are crazy, but I love you.

    So here a call to allies, do is crazy and become a member, it is not that difficult.


  4. danny wrote:

    People are just herds of animals, they do put a euro in the collection box for "the good cause" and transfer money to giro 555.
    Will also have to do with cognitive dissonance, otherwise I can't explain it either.

    I can't say much about it, it's a sad observation.
    You have made this situation clear before, apparently it does not interest people.

    The only option you have left is to place a payment wall behind all your items, people only want to pay if they get something in return, but not out of appreciation.

  5. chul wrote:

    I try to become a member but it doesn't work. If I have to provide payment information I get an error message. Do you have a different way in which I can become a member?
    Do others also have this problem?

  6. DHBoom wrote:

    registered as a base last month, now upgraded to buyer! Please stay! People need this and that it is so enlightening if you expose a topic and then a bill is then presented by the news reports (directly or indirectly) ... And then all those people around me who blindly trust it ... ..

  7. Lindy Heijmans wrote:

    I have just, again, done my membership through direct debit. I had done that last year too, debited once for direct debit and found out a while ago that there was never a direct debit after that .... I now keep an eye on things better. I like to read your articles, can't do anything with everything, but would like you to continue writing. When I still had Facebook regularly shared your articles, no turd reading it ... too bad .... so go ahead, you have my support!

    • AnOpen wrote:

      And that was exactly what happened to me, the automatic collection was only debited for 1 times, but I was a member for at least six months. I also keep a better eye on it.

      A few weeks ago I also made a small upgrade to copper. I really appreciate your writing Martin!

      And again only a small number of members are added, why not a piece or a few 100?

      For only € 2 per month you can become a member, even if you are at the food bank, you can still miss it, or does it cost so much that it will hit you in your wallet?

  8. Camera 2 wrote:

    How is it possible that (hear remark: Grapperhaus in telegraaf interview 1ste link) in good faith Journalists (PR de V & J vd H) drive the most expensive cars and MartinVrijland who with facts and well-founded analyzes are not even a few thousand euros can collect a month for his commitment for seven years ..
    If it deserves 1, then it is this website and read especially in the link below on which Grapperhaus relies, time that we give more generously to the sincere analysts who are not through and otherwise checked

    # # #

    Fake attacks on Telegraaf building and Panorama portrayed by MartinVrijland, please


  9. Keyboarde wrote:

    One-time donation made through Paypal.
    Very small effort if you already have an account, so no problem.

    I learn a lot from your articles, you let me look at things from a different perspective and you have interesting analyzes. I also share many of your concerns about the future.

  10. White Rabbit wrote:

    For me it was also very difficult to become a buyer, but in the end I succeeded.

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