The Trump, Q-Anon and 'cleaning up the deepstate' myth (Robert Jensen, Janet Ossebaard)

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Although Robert Jensen seems to have turned away from the right-wing political parties recently, he is still a big Trump fan. His videos are currently much viewed, just like that of the new star in the firmament; a lady who believes in UFOs and crop circles: Janet Ossebaard.

That is fine in itself to believe in UFOs or crop circles, but as far as I am concerned we recognize the strategy of linking truth seekers to kolder. However, both Jensen and Ossebaard believe that Donald Trump will save the world. At Ossebaard this is now clearly linked to the 'deepstate' and 'Q Anon' story. Robert Jensen takes it a bit more subtly, because he probably tries not to be associated with that conspiracy theory for as long as possible.

I will try to explain to you why I believe that we are dealing with safety net pawns here. I am not doing that to make people black, but I am doing that to at least give you a different view of the matter, so that you can include it in your considerations.

What are those safety net pawns?

Safety net pawns are people who, on behalf of the same block of power that we think we can recognize behind the media, are very prominent in the alternative media and experience little or no censorship from the media or social media. They push most alternative media into their network. Mainstream channels also report about them (even if they are negative: what gives you attention grows). In addition, they are probably strongly supported by the necessary number IMBers and by people who simply fall for the 'good sounding story', on social media.

After 911, for example, you had someone like that in the US; someone who has amassed large supporters by launching alternative visions of the official 911 reading. Regardless of whether or not you believe 911 was an inside job. This Ace Baker managed to gain a large following among the people who believed that 911 was an inside job. He covered all kinds of theories and burned down those he thought were bad stories. He was, as it were, the face of the 'truth movement', as it was called.

Once he had a huge following, he did something no one expected. During a radio show he suddenly started to say goodbye to his parents, wife and children and you heard a gunshot, then it went silent and the presenter said: "I hope this is not true." Not much later, the same Ace Baker turned out to be very much alive again. In this way he blew up the credibility of the 'truth movement' in one go. (listen here the fragment)

However, there are many more strategies, such as those in which another well-known name in the 'truth movement' was later exposed as a leader within the 'Children of God' sect; a sect that promoted sex with young children. Because this Zen Gardner was able to connect with many people in the 'truth movement', all those people became infected.

Many safety net pawns are used by the services mainly to proclaim plain truth or apparent truth. Because they are pushed everywhere, they gain a lot of followers. We see the same with Robert Jensen and Janet Ossebaard. The long-term goal is that as a fishing boat they can drag as many people as possible into their safety net, and then blow up the fishing boat with a scandal. This ensures that you can shame those critical people and keep them from now on running in line with the mainstream media and politics.

Cleaning up the deepstate and Q Anon

Both Robert Jensen and Janet Ossebaard have great expectations of Donald Trump. The Q Anon conspiracy is based on someone who places encrypted messages online, which speak of a deepstate that Trump wanted to drop and Donald Trump who is fighting that deepstate. There are rumors that Q Anon is a kind of AI program and I also suggested that option in previous articles.

IBM's Deep Blue supercomputer won as early as 1996 of world champion Kasparov with chess and Google Alphabet's Quantum Computer in 2016 the world champion of the most complex game Go to beat. It is therefore quite plausible that governments use super computers in their strategy in conjunction with media and alternative media, combined with all the big data of the masses (which they collect in real time).

But let's leave that in the middle. In principle, we can assume that governments know that there is always opposition among a population. So if they can build up that opposition themselves and capture large crowds of people, they will do well. Q Anon can just be part of that safety net strategy.

An example of the Q Anon ideas I received yesterday. It all seems very prophetic, so it gives the impression that Q is really working with Trump. How else can they know all this? Just read:

Door: Dr Russell McGregor

The global house judgments will continue until all of them will end on April 10 (Good Friday). Prior to that, the 10 days of "darkness" will begin on the morning of April 1, and those days will also end on April 10.

Immediately before the onset of 'darkness', POTUS will send a Tweet with: My fellow Americans… the Storm is upon us …… ”(“ My Fellow Americans… The Storm has arrived ...) ”The nature of 'April 1' will at first alleviate concerns about the appearance of "darkness." When the "darkness" occurs, there will be a spike in the panic surrounding the Coronavirus and a worldwide medical emergency. This medical emergency will have been declared earlier than April 1 in many cities (and countries. Vert.).

Many people will have placed themselves under house arrest and most have built up food supplies, etc.

In Australia, the unemployed and retired will receive $ 31 on March 750. Other countries will also make such arrangements so that few will starve to death. Some emergency stores will remain open to sell the most necessary goods, but most stores will be closed.

During the 10 days of 'darkness', no social media or internet is available. There will be electricity, but no radio and TV. No newspapers will be printed. The army of each country will close these publishers.

POTUS will have the ONLY available method of reaching the people worldwide during the 10 days of 'darkness' and that will be through the Emergency Broadcast System. Every army worldwide will forward that to the TVs and devices in their respective countries.

POTUS will be in the days of "darkness", whether abroad, or on board Airforce One. The so-called excuse for using the Airforce One will be for safety and / or the risk of infection. The Emergency Broadcast System will be broadcast from Airforce One. So there will be an effective news block, except for POTUS.

Professionally made documentaries will be broadcast worldwide to the TVs and other devices via the Emergency Broadcast System. Its contents will explain all the horrors, crimes and details of everything. The content will be family friendly and it will be beyond question.

POTUS will explain how he was asked by the United States military to roll up the Deep State and that he is not a "politician". He will confirm the Q information. These documentaries will feature recorded confessions from famous Deep State politicians and elite individuals. The structure of world control will be explained. Evidence of crimes will be presented. The statements of military tribunals will be made public.

These presentations will be broadcast, say 8 hours a day, during the full 10 days. Repetitions will take place the rest of the day so that those who are still working and the rescuers will not miss anything. The broadcasts will therefore continue 24 hours a day. Families will have nothing to do but view these. The most gruesome videos with evidence will not be for everyone, they can be watched by those who want to after the 10 days of 'darkness' on the Internet.

There will be massive shock, horror and confusion. Our role as patriots will be to provide calm, affirmation, compassion, and reassurance. Many patriots who were previously too afraid to speak will dare to.

It is unlikely, but possible, that JFK Jr and others will contribute to the credibility of the operation. When the 10 days of "darkness" on Good Friday end, there will be a massive burst of spirituality.

On Good Friday, humanity will be told that the virus is now safe and one can get out and get back together. Churches, synagogues and mosques will be packed. There will be much suffering, but also relief.

A small percentage, perhaps 5%, will be out of control and brainwashed too far to accept the truth. As usual, they will cause disturbances.

The Deep State will lose control of everything forever. The military will monitor TV stations and newspaper publishers to prevent vandalism. After the blackout, the established media will be completely exposed and will not be able to refute the story.

Deep State individuals who have not surrendered and have not been deported to Guantanamo Bay will surrender to the suicide weekend of April 11-12, 2020. Untrusted individuals will be allowed to defend themselves against the informed masses.

Now the above fits in beautifully again with last night's Doald Trump press conference announcing that he wants Americans to be able to move freely again and go to church during Easter (see So the Q Anon story seems to fit seamlessly into what Trump says, making it extra credible. No one realizes that the services are smart enough to play both camps.

So what's wrong with Robert Jensen

You will not hear me say that there is something wrong with Robert Jensen as a person. I just think he serves as a safety net pawn and as a trained master communicator he knows exactly how to fill the safety net. His strategy is not yet to openly proclaim the Q Anon theory. However, he already praised Donald Trump in his last video for Trump saying that the solution should not be worse than the problem.

Jensen insists that the coronavirus lockdown measures are too draconian and many will agree with him. He focuses on the death rates and the relationship with the flattening of the entire country, including the economic effects. He also gets this bloomberg document, to which I already linked in a previous article. It explains that 99% of people who died in Italy already had other conditions from which they could die.

Now you will say:So what? What is wrong with that? He is completely right then !?“I explained above that safety nets do not necessarily tell lies. They can even show you the full truth. The purpose of safety nets is that you are linked to a specific body of thought or person. That person in this case is Donald Trump.

If it later turns out that Donald Trump is not at all cleaning up the deepstate and if it later turns out that the world will cry that Donald Trump, for example, has made an extremely big mistake by already leaving Americans on the street again during the Easter weekend (because if, for example, the coronavirus pandemic suddenly reappears, but then much more violently), then the Donald Trump supporters together with Jensen are smashed in one fell swoop. Then everyone will call for the imprisonment of all those skeptics who refused to see how dangerous the corona virus was.

Please note: the media may also propagate this possible re-outbreak, but by then you will no longer be free to think critically through the safety net strategy and the blowing up of the Robert Jensen fishing net. In fact, 'critical thinking' is the most dangerous psychological condition by then.

What is wrong with Janet Ossebaard

It should be clear that I am not out to attack individuals, as I have been doing for over 7 years. I don't like 'below the belt'. I do warn against a strategy to be observed. The fact that there are people who may secretly work for the services and allow themselves to be deployed as safety net pawns is for our own conscience and karma to process.

For Janet, it is clear that she does proclaim the Q Anon theories in her videos. So she actually encourages you to sit back and wait and see what happens. Trump's rescue is supposedly near. I already wrote about that dit en dit article.

What can we do then you can believe, what is still positive?

Exactly that thought is the effect that is achieved when you experience the disappointment when you were caught in a safety net and the entire ship was sunk. That is why I keep pointing out that it is about your consciousness. And that's in another sense in which Robert Jensen hijacks that word in his latest broadcasts.

It's all about your 'consciousness' in the sense of 'the originality of your being'

In my book I talk about real awareness and I talk about the all-encompassing virus that wants to get us in its grip. I also predicted a pandemic in this, as we are experiencing it now. Most importantly, however, I explain that we cannot achieve much on a physical level. Do you really think that if all the farmers take to the streets or if we all lay down en masse, we can change something? The state has already shown itself that it can shut down the entire economy without impressing them.

What we can and must do exceeds the expectations of extraterrestrials who come to our rescue; exceeds the expectation that Q Anon and Trump will come to our rescue. What we can do is much bigger! What we can do is about recognizing your original creative power. I explain that in the book. You can buy that. You can also read it for free in the many articles, but because you are at home and because you have the time to read; because you can discover your true power; because we can overcome fear and because we are capable of much more than we think: therefore the possibility to read this summary:

your book

Note: I have been criticized a few times in recent days for looking for book sales to make money. This book was written at the request of readers in order to bundle the (free to read) articles from recent years into something that can be read in one day.

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  1. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    It does not seem impossible that Jensen will promote Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro in his broadcast tonight

    Note that this is part of the two-camp strategy and the safety net principle. So: the deniers of the coronavirus or those who say that everything is going to be okay will soon be punished harshly because of a revival of the virus (at least that is going to show the media and politics very hard through figures). Then all "critics" are stirred up. Think of re-education camps, prison sentences, etc.

    Trump and Bolsonaro are part of that game. Impeachment Trump after Easter seems a reasonably plausible option to expect.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Just watched the Jensen broadcast and my foresight turned out to be true… (35:25 min.)

      • Harry freeze wrote:

        Just like Trump, Bolsenaro now emphatically sets himself up as the “crazy and evil populist / extreme right guy. It's so ridiculously easy to fathom once you see how it all works.

        Jensen is now also spinning a slightly different narrative with regard to NL politics. The politicians have been misled and manipulated by the supreme media, because the media have too much power. (if you don't do what we say we can also make wilders prime).

        So according to Jensen we (who are awake) should make it clear to the politicians that they have to change, then everything will be fine.

  2. guppy wrote:

    You are right that they mix truths.

    I am sure that everything is happening at a spiritual level right now. Many people miss this because of all the distractions. Once you are finally free from work, we still dive into netflix, stress and viruses.

    Shut yourself off, unplug, kick off, discharge and go to a higher level.

  3. Harry freeze wrote:

    It is all sometimes to become totally discouraged. Besides Prince Charles of England now also has corona (I wish him well soon lol).

    The number of known persons who have corona should almost now be 1 in 50. But people find this quite normal because they are thrown to death in the media with figures (never mind percentages !!!) for example of the number of people worldwide (according to the MSM) that seem to have. This is approximately 400.000 according to the MSM

    98% of people who see this figure don't realize what it means at all. If 400.000 people worldwide have corona this means that about 1 in 17.000 people in the world actually have corona !!!

    With my brother and a few others who are also happily awake, I conducted a small survey among about 100 people of slightly above average intelligence, asking them, among other things:
    The total number of corona infections in the world is 400.000. What percentage of the world population is this?

    The average answer was (believe it or not) that 400.000 people were between 1% and even 10% of the world's population. Only 2 out of 100 gave the correct answer.

    This means that when the average Dutchman (and probably also people from other countries) hears or sees the number of 400.000 corona infections written worldwide, he or she thinks that this is a very large percentage of people in the world (wow already 1% or 5% of the world population has corona, how dangerous it is).

    I also saw this from Jair Bolserano. Funny thing was that Putin is allowed to promote exactly the opposite opinion in Russia: Putin says that it is very dangerous and that the Russians must follow Big Brother's directions exactly and that one should pay close attention to each other (Putin says about the same as Rutte)

    Ask Martin.

    Why does almost the entire world population sleep? They seem to have been enchanted by the Luciferian elite. Surely one should be able to think a little bit and calculate that just about nobody in the world has corona? (except for the famous people, almost everyone seems to have corona).

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      As you know you have to “listen to the experts” 😉
      Anyway ... numbers are numbers because media and politics tell us those numbers. Trumanshow? You do not know.
      What we do know is that people take the position that in exponential growth you see small numbers in the beginning until the curve shoots up as an arrow.
      It is of no use to focus people on numbers or percentages or curves.
      It is useful to focus people on reality as we perceive it.

    • ellysa wrote:

      what I once know / learned in my “education” PR-public relations is that figures - or statistics as it was nicely called - are the appropriate instrument (means) to spin with. Public relations = playing / spinning the audience. With numbers you can “reduce” every individual situation / circumstance / person to a spoke in the wheel. A mean, you removed dehumanize human waarde.Cijfers. Figures are the means of making numb. Today's technocracy uses only 2 digits - the zero and the one to create an augmented reality. To create an overlay.
      It is not without reason that we say about figures that they make us dizzy. In other words, you lose your orientation. If you have lost your orientation, you will lose something, namely the context / framework.
      If you have no framework / context you have by definition a pawn in someone else's hand.
      Numbers are symbols, a subliminal way of communicating (with the subconscious mind). All these figures are in fact empty, they say nothing, but at the same time they tell everything to insiders. We have now arrived at a time when our task to decipher the story (the spider spins).
      Also compare the English word numbers tells more than you might at first sight (face value) suspect. To numb is numb. Figures / numbers are a vector for emotion (= low feelings) activation without you (unconsciously) to notice if you're not initiate. The education system is designed exactly for that. Numbers / numbers are presented to us in only one single form, the empty form. Therefore, we must "learn to count" for us to disconnect from universal knowledge. Anyway, that's another deeper story. Hopefully you will agree to this further and think it through.

      • Martin Vrijland wrote:

        Agree ellysa,

        For example, someone can bring to call hypnosis (hence that people should prefer to watch TV or a YouTube channel), it's best to single digits enumerate consecutively. This has become confused the effect that your conscious thought processes. They try, as it were, to follow the large numbers or calculations, but because your brain has trouble “keeping up”, the speaker bypasses your consciousness and can program your subconscious mind by laying anchors.
        Master communicator (or NLP specialist) Robert Jensen also applies this technique.
        You also see it a lot in people like Jeroen Pauw. You have several techniques in NLP and conversational hypnosis, but statistics and numbers do very well.
        That's why you always have the weather at the end of the journal. Then you will see numbers and you tossed on the map. You will be extra off the map (hypnotized).


    End of flu wave!
    Next wave coming!

  5. frameworks wrote:

    so if I see correctly, after 11 weeks in 2020 we have a lower mortality than the base line?

  6. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    "How do you get that I'm a controlled opposition Freeland? I live in a mobile home and I'll show you my bank account. ” Okay Janet, show me your bank account and then show that other bank account.
    "If I had just called me, I would have adjusted it"

    And the list Inoffizieller Mitarbeiter (IMB'ers) reacts under the post with the usual abuse to burn Vrijland (as they do on practically every blog and all social media; that's their job).

    Of course Janet had adjusted her videos as a result of my criticism. If I had "just called her", she would have just taken the 3 extensive Q Anon promotional videos offline and made new ones and adapted her whole story. Yes Janet, right? Kolder of course. It is well considered, well prepared and Q Anon promotion launched at exactly the right time.

  7. Future wrote:

    Mrs. J.'s bank account number Martin gave them up for someone who wanted to donate. Ff serious coincidence ??? NL33RABO03 ……… ..3 is also the last digit. Few numbers out for private, even though she threw it out herself. But say it.

    • Camera 2 wrote:

      that Janet

      Zero responses and +/- 17.000 viewers, how is it possible on YT
      and must say a nice number of minutes 6 3, or 666

      thank you Janet, grease Janet.
      Really at minute 4; 23 she says, I have been threatened with death for a year because of the crop circle, Janet Ossebaard the creepy charletan, really hey Janet, call Martin

  8. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Hahaha… ooh ooh ooh… man man man… how high should IQ be to take these kind of figures seriously.
    "Your angel on earth" she also says about herself ..
    They should teach clown actors a little better to avoid hinting to read a note. The fall of the kabal ..

    How do you become an IMB member? In exchange for a reduced sentence? Are they already on the new financial banking system that will soon replace the old one? Inoffizieller Mitarbeiters (IMB'ers): they pretend to take it up for humans, but they are actually the greatest traitors; the NSB members of today? You have the IMBers who tell you to stay indoors and guard social media for the official state story and you have the IMBers who tell you that Q Anon and Trump are cleaning up the cabal.

  9. Peter Steegmans wrote:

    Dear Martin,

    I would like to hear what you think about David Icke? Is this also an undercover pawn of the controlled opposition? He largely exposes the same as Janet Ossebaard.
    If so, would you like to inform us about how you can be 100% sure about that?

    I also ask myself the following question, if you expose pedophilia to that depth, such as Ossebaard (movie of a naked boy who escapes from the palace with a sheet through the window) and also David Icke, who does nothing but the one with linking the other and sketching the bigger picture. Isn't there a danger that you simply exceed your goal? After all, you want to skim a certain audience and put it away later as being mentally unstable. What you do not want as a criminal organization is that clandestine operations that you mainly want to keep in the dark will just make public through controlled opposition. Because, certainly a David Icke has made a lot of public information in the past 20 years, much more than the ordinary jan with the hat could conspiracy theory think. Why would you go so deep as a mitarbeiter? Why not just keep your focus on what catches the public eye via social media etc, without compromising everything else. It doesn't make sense ...

    With thanks,


    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Janet Ossebaard is of course in no way comparable to David Icke, moreover she just reads a story. Icke is of a slightly different caliber. Janet Ossebaard just sells the Q Anon story, nothing more nothing less. That comes straight from the controlled opposition Reuters-like factory.

      You can show a lot of truth. In fact, it is part of Kaballism to show people evil. In modern "awakening" both evil and good must be made visible to each other in full glory. The "awakening" without exposing the essence (but only illuminating the phenomena of evil) belongs to the false singularity in the "awakening" of the Luciferian cabalistic path. So that is a false awakening. It is important that we learn to discover that distinction. Unmasking pure and only evil in the world is thus part of awakening to the Kabbalistic path towards Lucifer.

      Now I haven't read Icke's last few books, so I don't know if he's talking about the rainbow and Lucifer, but if someone isn't talking about the builder of this virus system (this virus simulation), we're just focusing on that awakening that is necessary for the fusion with the Luciferian AI (with the virus system; the false singularity) instead of waking up to recognize our original source - the true essence of who we are - and disconnect from that Luciferian virus system that tries to hijack the original universe by trying to connect to our consciousness (through the false singularity and thus through the way of Kaballah in which evil must also come to light).

      In summary: bringing pure and only evil to light is part of the Kabbalistic path towards merging with the Luciferian virus system (the false singularity).

      The main thing is that we see through the entire system and that means that we have to recognize the Luciferian virus system and discover that we ourselves carry the original stem cell information. The latter therefore also contains the “way out”.

      For more understanding I refer to my book plus the additional articles:

      Maybe it's time to dedicate an extra article to it

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