Trump wants internet "cut off" after terror attack London metro with bucket in bag

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A terrorist attack in the London underground with a white bucket in a Lidl bag, has put a huge force on its feet. The lady on the photo is seriously injured and with her 18 injured in total have been transferred to the hospital. It must have been a huge explosion and fortunately the ambulance staff had sufficient connections with them. It should be clear that the amateur bomb maker has traumatized many human lives again and that is why Prime Minister Theresa May already announced in an official statement that he would be involved in the victims of the incident. "My thoughts go out to the people who got hurt in Parsons Green." She also expressed her appreciation for the emergency services that "once again respond quickly and bravely to a suspected terrorist incident."

You can see what terrible damage the bucket has caused to the metro train. The bucket itself and the Lidl bag are still intact, but make no mistake in the damage that such an explosive has caused to the people. That must have been a good blow! You can see that of all the damage to the floor and the walls and the paint that has been spilled from the interior of the train set by the blow. ISIS has never struck so hard.

The ladies in the picture below are very upset. Here they have just been told that their blue bag, which was next to the bucket, was taken for research. The police thought this was probably the latest iPhone 8 with face recognition. The police may therefore first want to find out if the perpetrator is visible on this.

Below you can see the shocking images shortly after the attack. Warning: the images are not suitable for young viewers or people with a weak stomach and may lead to increased blood pressure or dizziness.

US President Donald Trump has reacted indignantly to the incident in a London underground. "Another attack by a terrorist loser in London", he wrote on Twitter. "These are sick and cut-up people who already had Scotland Yard in the picture. We have to be proactive. "Trump added that in his view such terrorists should be dealt with in a much harder manner. "The entry ban of the United States should be much more extensive, stricter and more focused. But, stupidly enough, that would not be politically correct! "Trump also seemed to argue that extremists should lose their access to the internet. "The internet is their main recruiting tool. We have to close that and use it better. "

It is time that everyone finally finally sees that no 'fake news' is produced by the mainstream media and that the idea of ​​the existence of hoaxes is complete nonsense. The images you have seen this time of the latest attack in London should definitely convince you now that terror is real. It is therefore high time that you accept that more and more heavily armed police are needed on the streets; there should be more control over all internet traffic; the freedom of expression simply has to go away and you no longer whine about your privacy. The police state is just a tough necessity!


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  1. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Of course we are going to see the (greenscreen?) Security camera images (which are in every metro train device) and the images from the cameras of the metro station. This is just Real! Yes ... it was an ammunition attack, but believe me it's true!

  2. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Fred Emmer, former newsreader of the NOS, brought the news first from his home-built former studio:

    • ClairVoyance wrote:

      It is of course the bomb jokes.
      I do not post the video because it is funny by the way, but because it is sad.
      Although, there are a few nice ones, and a little physical exercise can never hurt.

  3. ClairVoyance wrote:

    Policeman says to his colleague: "Today there was no terrorist attack on the program?"
    Colleague: "No, not today, it must be a silly joke"

    It is remarkable that they just open the bag. Usually, in cases of 'suspicious' bags / packages, the entire area must be cleared, and the explosives clearance service must be turned on.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      You would almost think that it is a test to see how much stupidity people swallow; a kind of hypnosis test.

      "Okay guys the script for the attack in London today is very simple. We do a paint bucket in a Lidl bag and hire something from 30 crisis actors. They all receive an extra bonus on their account plus the latest i-Phone X as a thank you. This attack is sponsored by the Lidl, for surreptitious advertising and we are going to raise the terrorist threat to the highest level. The intention is to test whether people believe the media; even if it is incredibly implausible. Then we say that it was an amateur bomb maker and that the attack could have been much worse. We have the SCL Group ready to measure with pin point precision what the reaction to social media is. "

  4. SandinG wrote:

    Small addition, the Reuters / ANP coverage was again full of master numbers

    Wounded after London's underground explosion, police assume terrorism
    Photo: ANP
    Published: 15 September 2017 09: 53
    Last update: 15 September 2017 15: 38

    Certainly 22 people were injured on Friday morning in an explosion in a subway train in London. The British security services have regarded the situation as a terrorist incident.
    The head of counter-terrorism Mark Rowley says the blast is caused by a self-made explosive. None of the injured is in a serious or life-threatening condition. Most wounded have burns, according to Rowley.

    The British police said on Friday afternoon that the detection of the perpetrator or perpetrators has the highest priority. Agents have been clearly visible on the streets since the explosion, letting London neighborhood teams know on Twitter.

    Around 9.20 (11) hour Dutch time the explosion was reported at the Parsons Green metro station in the southwest of London. Members of the explosives clearance service and the anti-terrorism team of the police are on site, but for the time being the investigation is still being carried out by the transport police.

    I highly recommend number 33 ... with a Scotch and cigarre perhaps?

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      The reports about "not completely gone explosive" are also very interesting ... so an explosive goes off and causes a fireball .. but it was not completely finished. How does that work "do not go completely"?
      Too little oxygen? Was the Lidl bag not properly closed? Was the paint bucket not sturdy enough? Was there too little carbit?

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