Trump's boundary wall, wall against the fleeing Americans after collapse economy?

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It seems that the planned fall of the American economy under Trump must be brought to a climax by means of an upcoming state of martial law. Today, thousands of government employees are not paid their salaries, whatever four out of five will be a disaster because they live from pay-out to pay-out. We are talking about some 800.000 people who are likely to be affected. Not a world-class disaster for a country with 325 million inhabitants, but it may just be the trigger for social unrest. Where in France the yellow vests are called to a bank run, you can imagine that something like that in the US will probably happen organically if people are no longer able to come around.

I have been making it clear for years that the US economy under Trump is meant to fall. The power of the American empire must fall to pave the way for the resurrection of a new empire; the Ottoman Empire. All this will change the balance of power in such a way that an end-time struggle around Jerusalem can be set up. We are dealing with a prophetic script and thus we see political movements that are illogical and against natural. Right populism and nationalism are linked to people with criticism of globalization. If you then let that group down, by linking the economic malaise and crisis (which is imminent) to them, you not only have the desired power shift, but also the neck shot for this critical group.

In my view, the wall so desired by Trump is not so much aimed at restraining the alleged refugees at the Mexican border from withdrawing the US. Even though we may see images of entire columns of refugees as an alibi in front of that wall, that does not mean that this is also the truth. What Hollywood can do, power holders can also make the people believe that the problem is of great proportions. Anyone who delves into the image manipulation techniques that make it possible even for a simple home-garden-and-kitchen PC to fill a stadium with people who are not really there, can think that the images shown no longer necessarily represent the truth. In my view, that wall must come to prevent the American population from fleeing to Mexico when the economic bubble bursts.

Trump is now well on the way to burst that bubble. Although the US economic data only seems to show good news, this is probably mainly due to the exclusion of certain groups in statistics and creative accounting. A bit like in the Netherlands the ZZPers are not included in the unemployment figures. Juggling with numbers always works well if you want to be able to bring positive news. The facts are that the stock markets, occasionally a hopeful small rebound, have plummeted in recent weeks. That is because the days are over, in which the American companies could manipulate their own prices with free repressed money by buying up their own shares. So it was, as it were, seemingly good with those companies. For years it has been a good thing at the fairs. The FED has stopped giving away this free money and has also started an interest rate boost rally. In combination with Trump's trade war, that is the ideal powder mix for a collapse of the US economy and the dollar.

In Europe we see similar parallel preparations for an impending chaos. The Brexit was the first step in that direction and the yellow vests movement now helps to spread the chaos from France (see my previous article). The loss of the American economy will be accompanied by the disintegration of NATO. We now already see the signs in the conflict between Turkey and the US in northern Syria. My prediction is that Turkey will dive into the self-created power vacuum in Europe and so easily achieve the Ottoman ambitions. The other prediction is that the wall to be built in the US will mainly serve to confine the American people as soon as the bomb bursts. That wall will in practice be the prison wall for the American people.

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  1. Dick Klein Oonk wrote:

    Good analysis. Next step in the American chaos will be the use of the FEMA camps.
    But they will of course call it shelter places.

  2. Iberi wrote:

    I do not share that view! What threatens to develop in Europe is a political war between Germany (Merkel) together with France (Macron) and all countries that want to further expand globalization and the countries that want to stop it! Soon there will be an alliance of countries that want to work towards a confederal european union and a European army (not against Russia, by the way). The Brexit will not take place and in France the population will ensure that the socialist government of Macron will fall. As I have predicted for years, France will have to make an important choice. After my idea, the French will join an alliance of European countries that will drastically reform the union. If France does not make that choice, there will be a definitive split of east europe with west europe and of northern and central europe in relation to southern europe.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      That could be an intermediate step indeed, but at the same time it would be a reason for Erdogan to put things in order. Possibly even at the request of Merkel ๐Ÿ˜‰
      See my previous article.
      The bond between the Ottoman Empire and Germany is historic (see World War One). It is not for nothing that there are so many Turks in Germany.

      • Sun wrote:

        Germany is not an independent country controlled by the Germans. Germany has lost the 2e WO and since then Germany has been ruled by people who do not have a German background but do use German names like Merkel for the common people. Germany is governed by the usual suspects, as almost all European countries are governed by the usual suspects. These usual suspects are the globalist usual suspects. On the other hand, you have the "nationalist" usual suspects such as Trump, Putin and Merkel who also hide from their own people that they are not really American, Russian or Turkish. All these leaders use their / the population to obtain an NWO dictatorship through thesis and antithesis, restriction of freedom of speech, corrupt media, fear porn with the so-called announcement of an 3e, etc. etc. Of course this is kept secret for the general public. Both the globalist usual suspects and the "nationalist" usual suspects know each other and work together. At the top of both "camps" are the top usual suspects who direct all this, give directions and coordinate. Which country is behind this, I will not mention because we live in a silent dictatorship in the Netherlands, which is also governed by the usual suspects. It is certainly not impossible that Merkel once asked Erdogan the "macho Islamist" to invade Germany or provide an alibi for this in the context of the formation of a unipolar NWO. Everything is possible with the usual suspects. Think of the unthinkable if you talk about the usual suspects.

  3. Yuri Goosen wrote:

    How long do you expect it to take before Europe breaks down? Then I know when to leave!

  4. SalmonInClick wrote:

    If you mention Turkey, you should name China, Russia, Iran and Israel in the same breath. Tel Aviv has become the new Sillicon Valley with, among others, Intel R & D labs etc, China is building the infrastructure (see also the Tel Aviv port area) and Africa, Russia is taking care of the defense and Iran will be responsible for the so-called -Stan countries the old Khorasan. They have been able to integrate Saudi Arabia using the CIA Saudi Arabia itself and Turkey after the Khassogi hoax. You would think how they came to that technology, then you have to go deeper into the Talpiot program (eg Promis). This has proven to be the biggest technology transfer in human history. Even bigger than during the Cold War, as described by Antony Sutton. We see the downfall of the West and the rise of the East (BRI) in a macro Hegelian game.

    And as far as these refugee flows on the border with the US are concerned, flights from Africa and Latin America are heading to the border with Mexico almost daily. The whole operation is facilitated by the CIA and Mossad, because it remains strange trucks that appear at the border.

  5. guppy wrote:

    Reality show the hunger games! To keep the (voice) cattle in the box. It remains strange that Africans and South Americans would like to live in the fine Western world. We against that are faint of it and want nice back to basic, good in the sun. Only if you want to protect your so-called possessions do you build fences around them. A bit hypocritical to claim the USA, while it was stolen from the Indians not so long ago. If the world was a little better divided, you had no misery either. Of course there will always be people who have a nicer house. We all love a drink but between the drinks you have to paint your house and maintain it otherwise there will be no shit. The doctor who heals a child gets the most expensive wine and rides in the biggest car, nobody cares. But that small group of world leaders who have the world in the tongs we can only stop by paying. Possession and greed destroy everything, we are happiest in nature with our loved ones who are with us because they want it and not me.

  6. Wilfred Bakker wrote:

    German Police Are Losing Control

  7. SalmonInClick wrote:

    Whether it is North America or Europe, everything is planned at the same time. Ordo ab Chao
    For anyone who has forgotten the Brexit circus, subscribe to ProductiehuisEU kuch

    "If voting is not possible, we would not let it do it."
    - Mark Twain

    • Riffian wrote:

      @Salm, the date on which the vote is made is telling 29 March 2019 at 11 PM. How many 911s can you have in a date. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Riffian wrote:

        .. I mean, of course, when the UK has to leave the EU with or without a deal and it seems that they are operating on the latter with the logical consequences of chaos on both sides of the North Sea.

        • SalmonInClick wrote:

          riffian, you must remember that the British and the English, especially under false pretenses, have been piloted into the EU. This happened in the years' 70 led by the chantable Edward Heath who signed a secret agreement called FCO 30 / 1048.

          "The classified paper, dated April 1971, the Government said that the government should be in the dark about what EEC membership means predicting that it would take 30 years for voters to realize what was happening by which time it would be too late to leave. "

          Together with the English, we voted against the European constitution in 2003 and it was pushed through everyone's throat with the Treaty of Lisbon. I have to give it to the English, they have almost succeeded in cutting through all ties with this dictatorial entity settled in Brussels and to set their own course. In the long run, the English are better off, first the acid follows.

          After Rutte's vase we now have May's porcelain factory, tsja ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Wilfred Bakker wrote:

    First it was the Homeless people
    Than it was Victims of Disasters
    Next it's Migrant
    lastly it will be YOU

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