Turkish offensive Syria a harbinger for Europe

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It was a bit ridiculous how Dutch politicians reacted yesterday to the Turkish attack in Northern Syria. It had been in the international press for days that Turkey had made a deal with the US and that Trump had withdrawn its troops to give way to the Turkish raid. We call that 'mustard after meals'. Then you tick such a country in advance instead of crying when it's too late. It may be clear now that politicians are aware of the aforementioned master script and at most the acting for "Oh, how angry we are" play. America withdraws from Kurdish YPG fighters who were previously used to fight the self-created IS (formerly ISIS). Does that sound strange to you, that I say IS was created? Then you must first see through the master script.

The master script is that Turkey had to grow in power. Turkey needed a means of power for that and that means is the flow of refugees to Europe. By starting a war in Syria through self-created proxy armies, you not only help the arms industry, but Turkey got hold of a golden tap. If Turkey opened the gates of the refugee flow to Europe, that would create a lot of chaos in Europe. For that there must be a bit of pressure on that tap, just like a water tower used to put pressure on the pipes. So a war was started in Syria. A war that put pressure on the leadership through a great many refugees. In the meantime, the international secret services of the Netherlands and other countries helped in a nice way by 'being able to do nothing at all' against all those jihadists who were so eager to travel to Syria. This is how you build proxy armies and maintain your political appearance through talk programs with indignant politicians and Jeroentjes Pauw and Matthijs van Nieuwkerkjes who can close the eyes of the people immensely (against a big salary of course).

Turkey has meanwhile built up a super strong military industry under the AKP and Erdogan era, to which no media has even had any attention. It is now able to produce large marine frigates itself, produces tanks, drones, combat helicopters better than the Apache and so the list can be completed. The country also has an army that you tell against and if it matters within a few days roll across Europe. Turkey has done what Germany did in the 30 of the last century, when nobody was paying attention. It has the second largest army within the NATO alliance (after the US); that alliance that actually no longer exists, because the EU is angry with Turkey and minister Stefje Blok wants Turkey the voting right within NATO and the US was already arguing with Turkey and even imposed sanctions. These sanctions caused the Turkish lira to fall considerably, but contrary to what we think the effect is, it is secretly very beneficial for the Turkish economy. Not only does that yield a lot of tourists (because cheap holidays), but it is especially good for exports. Since Turkey produces more weapons than you probably know, that is very good for the military industry, so that you as a country can invest in it.

Turkey can therefore produce almost everything itself and even has an 5e generation fighter jet under development. Turkey is ready for the long-planned intake of Europe via a Blitz Krieg. For that, it is useful if there is already a bit of chaos in Europe and the Brexit was used for this, but it will also help that the polarization between left and right has been increased to great heights through (terrorism created by the services themselves). The wick only needs to be thrown into the powder keg within the borders of the EU. A few more media hoaxes with scene-set attacks; that will do wonders. If Turkey combines the offensive in Northern Syria with the opening of the refugee tap towards Europe (because the EU does not want to go all the way with the promised 6 billion support for reception; because the EU has been bothered for years with Turkey's accession to the EU and because the EU does not want to support the safe area for receiving refugees in Northern Syria), then the necessary ex-IS fighters flow to Europe and then you can move the proxy war to European territory and you have the problem, for which Turkey can then act as savior.

That Trump is now dropping the Kurdish YPG fighters like a brick, is (if you see the master script) quite understandable. The EU will probably probably blame Trump again, but we are gradually becoming aware of that political squabbling.

We are on the eve of the resurrection of the Ottoman Empire and Turkey has all the assets. That is all according to master script, but I will explain that again in my new book. I have already described it frequently on the site, but it sometimes takes a while for the penny to fall. Turkey is the new world power and the US is the West Roman empire at the end of its Latin. The carefully constructed brand 'right' (coupled with critical thinking via puppet Trump), will be inflated by blowing up the American economy. This will deal with Trump and the old political order will be raised again. At the same time, the anti-globalization attitude and criticism of the climate agenda are being dealt with; because that is all linked to the 'right' brand. The road map to world government must be able to be fully deployed again, allowing the brand 'right' to be given the power to blame it for economic disaster and chaos. The latter is what awaits America and Europe. And then the old Roman star-gel comes into effect: "Ordo ab Chao". You first create chaos and then you restore order. That new order will come from Erdogan in Europe, that has been my prediction for years. Take Turkish lessons.

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  1. Riffian wrote:

    The first impetus was given by the luciferians, you can see that Erdogan fulfills his role as a NATO trojan horse. Pretend that there is an internal conflict and at the same time scatter the mass of sand in the eyes with conflicting reports (see also Brexit). We are going to see how the dominoes are going to fall ..

    For many years now I have focused on a considerable amount of analysis on the subject of Syria, with an emphasis on the country's importance on the global elites as a kind or geopolitical detonator; the first domino in a chain of dominoes that could lead to a war involving international powers. I believe this war will develop on multiple fronts, most importantly on the economic front, but it could very well turn into a shooting war involving numerous actors.

    As I've mentioned in previous articles, geopolitical events are being exploited by the globalist establishment as distraction and cover for their controlled demolition of the economy. They need scapegoats for the implosion of the Everything Bubble, an implosion they started in 2018 with liquidity tightening policies that has now accelerated into a full-blown financial crisis. The Turkish invasion of Syria may be the pinnacle distraction event.

    The US "withdrawal" is not a withdrawal, it is a prelude to a bigger conflict which benefits the globalist cabal.

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