Urgent call! We have to put the media out of action NOW!

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De Telegraaf has changed its name for paid articles from 'extra' to 'premium'. If you want to read that self-manufactured news, you must first become a member of that newspaper that also wrote in favor of the occupier in '40 /' 45. We now know that the ANP is in the hands of billionaire John de Mol and we also know that this family can take on a very jovial image, because they can produce all kinds of popular or laughable TV programs and the viewer likes to be fed with bite-sized viewing figures. cannons. John de Mol has indeed become 'the voice of Holland' with his ANP and has a great influence on your perception of reality.

That is why it is now really time for a big change. It is time to really put the media out of play for good. David Icke puts it right in the interview below when he says that the madness has become the new normal. It is time for us to elevate the telling of the truth to norm and to put the lies out of play. For too long we have accepted that the mainstream media can produce fake news and get away with it. Then they even go so far as to rig fake news websites to divert the attention of their own years of fake news productions and to say that all fake news comes from Russia.

It is therefore time for you to support this website and, above all, to consciously put the mainstream media out of the game. Every time you buy or read such a newspaper, you give it legitimacy. We will now make a clear statement by boycotting the media. In return, support my work by becoming a member so that I can continue to write about the trick and deception that we are playing with. Yes, of course you can argue that we already have someone like David Icke, so why would you still support me? I think, however, that David Icke is someone who comes from the old media and politics, and so unfortunately he could just be a controlled opposition. You can never write so many fat pills from books, make documentaries, fly halfway around the world and also post articles every day. That is the work of 10 man united in 1 person. There must be help behind that, despite the charismatic charisma of the man. I believe that the current power block always has 95% truth brought out through driven front men, but has in the meantime hidden a bomb in the double floor. It is activated when the truth movement needs to be blown up.

In my previous article I have shown several examples of this method of undermining the truth movement. With David Icke, I think it's about the reptile story. Icke claims that the elitist bloodlines are reptilian-like that can change shape. That part of his story is, in my opinion, deliberately mixed with the rest; the remainder seems to be the absolute truth.

Although I am convinced that we live in a simulative reality and you can therefore have all kinds of phenomena that are inexplicable to the eye (take the biblical angels and demons, the jinns from the Quran or the stories about UFO sightings), the stories are over extraterrestrial races that would run the tent here, in my opinion, deception. With it in this part of the sabattianism mentioned in the London Real interview, Icke is on the right track as far as I'm concerned, but I think going too far is to classify that group under shape-shifting reptiles. I prefer to call that group the avatar bloodlines that are driven by the builder of this simulation; being Lucifer (see explanation).

Icke can also be linked to the in that (above) linked article defined brand on the right, by being fanatic for the Brexit and not seeing through the game behind it. So despite the fact that he is almost completely on the right track on almost all points, I am afraid that in the not too distant future we will experience a major scandal somewhere, which means that his reputation suddenly disappears. Nevertheless, he is a great speaker and makes sure that many people awaken. I therefore sincerely hope that this effect of blowing up the truth movement through Icke will not occur, but if it does happen, you now know that it is part of the refined play of power. It would of course be hugely disappointing (but not the first time) to be.

I once again make an urgent call to become a member. My work is being heavily opposed, as became clear today when the website was off-line for hours. It remains important to critically follow both the media and the alternative media and to see independent analyzes of the news. Always keep in mind that the prevailing force field can precisely measure and steer how you think, so it remains important to pay attention. I hope to be able to contribute to this. That is why I am asking you to become a member or a one-time donation to do. Your support is urgently needed to continue.

Due to the new EU rules, the donation website no longer works correctly. You can therefore also donate directly via: NL27 ABNA 0558 4469 22 in the name of the Martin Vrijland Foundation


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  1. Analyze wrote:

    I would not put my eggs in one basket, if I hear Icke this way, I hear information from different researchers passing by without being named by name and by name. Eg info examined by Christopher Bollyn, Michael C. Ruppert, Bill Cooper, Michael Collins Piper etc.

    I advise everyone to do their own research and to come to conclusions instead of going after a pastor.

    ps: and the correct formula according to the Hegelian principle is to first think of the Solution (goal) before constructing the problem.

    • Analyze wrote:

      Icke should be ashamed, the part with Cheney and the War Games is 1on1 copied from researchers such as Webster Tarpley and Michael C. Ruppert .. The book Crossing the Rubicon from the latter is full of source material. Another reason to keep a distance from figures such as Icke, in particular because they do not state how they got the source material and also do not mention the researchers concerned. Controlled opposition that is going to be sunk at the right time.

  2. Camera 2 wrote:

    It is worrying that this article is shared so little. Read on

    When the shit hits the fan, yes it's too late.

    De Telegraaf has more visitors than this site, this site should have double because there is no serious gain and power behind it.

    De Telegraaf, the "monsters" from the Second W O.
    Whoever has designated the war as "WORLD" war anyway. check that out too….

    De Telegraaf was wrong and wrong, we cannot make it more beautiful

    More worrying though


    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      I once spoke to a man at the cash register in Amsterdam who bought a Telegraaf. I said: "You know that it is all propaganda and lies that you buy there, don't you?"
      He replied: "Yes, I know that, but I am simply addicted to my morning coffee and my newspaper."

      And so the propaganda machines always get an entrance. It dreams so well away for that tube (hypnosis) and it reads so well away all that pulp in the newspaper. The Dutchman wants to be ridiculed, because that is tradition.

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