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It is an exciting time, because the resistance to my independent writing activities takes on great proportions. This means that the Facebook censorship is so large that the number of visitors who have come to my website from Facebook has dropped considerably since several months. This is evident from the statistics. There is clearly a hard-hitting conclusion and that means that the freedom of expression on paper still exists, but in practice no one simply sees it anymore. Anything that deviates from mainstream or controlled opposition ideas is simply no longer shown. It's nice to have almost 18 thousand followers on Facebook, but they simply do not get to see my messages or hardly any more.

Why should you worry about that? Because so many people are only confronted with the perception management of the print box of the mainstream media and the controlled alternative media. "Well and, people are smart enough themselves", you might think. I also do not think people are stupid; I merely state that playing has become so sophisticated that it is sometimes good to hear a truly independent sound. I think I have shown that I dare to raise things that the controlled opposition consciously lets down, weaken or distort.

If you want this independent sound to continue, your support is really needed. I have to bear the costs for this website myself, and because I have put my head above ground level, my name has been smeared online, making it difficult to generate an income. Following current events and finding inspiration for writing is what most websites do with the help of a small editorial team. I do everything from a to z itself. This means that I do not only manage server, web design and technical maintenance, but also write all articles myself. That seems like a piece of cake, but remember that most websites work with a significant editorial staff and have a budget at their disposal.

Not complaining, but an urgent appeal to become a member and to support, because it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep their heads above water. Thanks in advance!


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  1. frameworks wrote:

    indeed, promised is promised so I will soon make my contribution to keep reading your articles.

  2. Why do you want to know this? wrote:

    Nice New Year Marin and other responders !!

    I hope that my small contribution helped you a bit through the year. The donation does not really cover the value of the insights and way of thinking that I get through your articles.

    Much more, I hope that in 2019 you will continue to find the strength and motivation to do what you do!

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Thank you very much! It was just as necessary.
      It is sometimes difficult to continue to find motivation because the effect is difficult to measure, but sometimes it seems that it is a struggle between what is written here and how the MSM responds to it and so I remain hopeful.
      It is difficult to see the trees through the forest on (state-controlled) websites. The strength of the state is that they can measure everything and antisipate with seemingly good criticism; intended as safety nets.
      I hope, however, that people stay sharp and above all become intuitive and take the change from the inside in their personal actions.

      The very best wishes for the coming year and thanks for all support (also to all)!

  3. Why do you want to know this? wrote:

    That's the sad thing about the internet. You usually hear people who have something to complain about. I have little to complain about and like to read the articles and reactions in silence.

    At the same time I try to apply what I learn here to myself and my surroundings. For example, I still look at Ella * from time to time and it just happens that the site is slowly changing to a "critical" position with regard to alternative media.
    At the same time I read a book from the years 90, "molecules of emotion". Very instructive about the working of our body with regard to the chemistry behind it, but from the beginning I am already wary of what I learn from your articles. From the first chapter I notice a certain structure to get the reader in a certain yes-nod-mood. I am now halfway through the book and 5 is already referred to rainbows and rainbow butterflies. Hmm, apart ...

    So your articles certainly have an effect!

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