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It is an exciting time, because the resistance to my independent writing work takes on large proportions. This means that the Facebook censorship is so large that the number of visitors that Facebook visits my website has fallen considerably. This is apparent from the statistics. Even if messages are shared hundreds of times, the number of readers that arrive on my site via Facebook does not increase. Clearly there is a tough censute lock on Facebook and that means that freedom of expression on paper still exists, but in practice nobody simply sees it anymore. Everything that deviates from the mainstream or controlled opposition ideology is simply no longer shown. It's nice to have almost 18 thousand followers on Facebook, but they simply don't see my messages or hardly see them anymore.

Why should you worry about that? Because so many people are only confronted with the perception management of the print box of the mainstream media and the controlled alternative media. "Well and, people are smart enough themselves", you might think. I also do not think people are stupid; I merely state that playing has become so sophisticated that it is sometimes good to hear a truly independent sound. I think I have shown that I dare to raise things that the controlled opposition consciously lets down, weaken or distort.

If you want this independent sound to continue to exist, then your support is absolutely essential. I have to bear all the costs for this website and because I have put my head above ground level my name is heavily smeared online, making it difficult to generate an income. Following current events and finding inspiration for writing is what most websites do with the help of a small editorial team. Presumably they also have an (AIVD) subsidy jar. I do everything from A to Z all by myself and have to live without income. That means that I do not only do server management, web design and technical maintenance, but also write all articles myself and have to live on your support. That may seem like a piece of cake, but bear in mind that most websites work with considerable editors and probably have a large budget at their disposal.

I recently put 500 euros into rewriting the outdated PHP code on which the website runs, because this code was no longer supported. This is a costly undertaking for a writer who tries to keep his head above water. The website is now running smoothly again. The next hurdle is the search for ways to bypass censorship.

No complaining, but an urgent call to become a member and to support, because it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep one's head above water. Share articles via private messages, e-mail or point people on my website, but already: Become a member. Your support is urgently needed! Thanks in advance!


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  1. chris-child wrote:

    There are so many communication platforms, it's time to dump Facebook, they have something with their censorship.

    I see you Martin as part of the free internet, it is important to invest in it now, you have my support!

    Gr C

    • That there is so much choice is, in my opinion, precisely the problem. People can choose from so many information sources and platforms that the time of the pillarization of society is back, but in a different way ... much more sophisticated.

      It used to be clear to the outside world which group you belonged to, whether or not associated with a religion. If you did not belong to any group or column, you did not participate in anything and so you did not belong to anything. These days all those columns have disappeared on the outside and you choose behind a computer or smartphone which group (s) you belong to ... and you get colored information.
      This information and way of life is colored and misleading, just like in the old days at the time of the pillar, instead of useful information based on truth. What most people are (or not) concerned with in addition to their work is nowadays often unknown. Even what people actually do for their work is secret, as laid down in the employment contract with a penalty clause. A lawyer is not going to say that he is sending threatening letters to innocent citizens, because his client pays a lot for that ... just to give an example. People prefer to keep up appearances and deal with superficial things to the outside world, so that they do not run the risk of being found strange, of being looked at with their necks and of losing their acquired position.

      People have to be persuaded in one way or another to look for, for example, Martin Vrijland. That is very difficult because there are so many controlled oppositions. How is it possible that there is so much controlled opposition? Apparently the lies are so comprehensive that absolute truth is hard to see with our suppressed consciousness. Most people deny when they see injustice in their immediate environment or when they see certain lies in the system. The people belonging to the masses are simply not warriors, but good sheep. Only when these sheep start to see that their way is heading towards the butcher knife, are they only ready to do something. But unfortunately, even then, most sheep start screaming or collapsing mentally, so that they cannot resist. So we have to look for the fighting sheep!

      The warriors and die-hard truth seekers will come sooner or later to the Martin Vrijland website, but how do we reach these fighting sheep?

  2. keazer wrote:

    Chris child

    I understand you mean well.
    But I think this writer uses Facebook precisely because the general public is present there (talking about herds of animals)
    But which platforms do you aim for?

    • chris-child wrote:

      hey keazer, yes k understand that FB is the appropriate platform to reach the general public, have used FB for a couple of years myself, have also seen the censorship of FB, the many accounts that were removed from 30 day block or completely etc acquisition of whatsapp, FB is now huge compared to any other platform when it comes to data. I don't have much experience with other platforms, but there are certainly a dozen with 80 to 300 million accounts that can offer an alternative. If one becomes too large and powerful, the person can switch to bind this power. At the beginning of this week, FB blocked Zero hedge, after the huge outrage online but even in politics, everything was reversed within 24 hours and FB indicated that it had made an internal mistake, this was really a mistake or more an action to reaction test, who knows. for me personally I say bye bye FB

  3. Sun wrote:

    Martin needs to be supported. To all donate my capacity according to ability or to become a member. This must be possible. Martin is the only one who is not under state control !!!!

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