Is Ursula von der Leyen (future EU president) actually of the same bloodline as the British royal family?

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You probably know the famous Winston Churchill pronunciation: "History is written by the victor." Let's do some genealogical research on the new EU president Ursula von der Leyen; you know that democratically elected woman who was suddenly allowed to take over the intended place from Frans Timmermans. It seems no coincidence that Ursula von der Leyen will be the new president of the EU. There are signs that could indicate that she is from the noble bloodline Von Saksen-Coburg and Gotha; the same bloodline as that of the British royal family.

The House Saxony-Coburg and Gotha (Saxony-Coburg-Gotha) is originally a German dynasty whose members ruled over various European countries. The dynasty originated from the ducal house of Saxony-Coburg-Saalfeld (from the house of Wettin), which acquired the double-duchy of Saxony-Coburg and Gotha in 1826. In the XNUM-X century, offspring from this lineage were given various other countries. In 19, King George V changed the name of the British royal family to Windsor. As a result, the British have forgotten that they are secretly ruled by a German royal family (just like the Netherlands). It now seems that the EU is now definitively in the hands of the same noble bloodline.

By the way, I want to emphasize that this article only expresses suspicions, because Churchill's maxim certainly applies to Google. We no longer go to libraries to view old newspaper clippings or books, but Google is the source of all information. In any case, I hope to give a first impulse through this article for further research into this remarkable lady whose last name is actually Albrecht (see last name father). Perhaps that is how the bottom stone comes to the surface or it turns out that my hypothesis is incorrect:

Ursula von der Leyen is actually called Ursula Albrecht and is from an old royal dynasty (a pharaoh bloodline)

What we can find via Google is that Ursula is the daughter of Ernst Carl Julius Albrecht. Let's check this entire family tree. I advise you to also click on the links to check the entire pedigree.


Ernst Carl was the son of Friedrich Carl Albrecht, born on 28 March 1902. That is another son of son van George Alexander Albrecht en Mary Ladson Albrecht (marrying within the same bloodline is normal in the world of royal, noble, pharaonic bloodlines). George Alexander Albrecht is in turn a son of George Alex. Albrecht en Luise Albrecht (it remains Albrecht incest). That Alex Albrecht is a son of van Karl Franz Georg von Knoop en Kath. Albrecht (Poisonous), a remarkable name for that father, because this Karl Franz Georg von Knoop is a great-grandson of an Albrecht (so his grandfather probably changed the surname). His father was Karl Franz Georg von Knoop and his father is Franz August Heinrich von Knoop. His father was finally an Albrecht again, namely Johann Friedrich Albrecht.

If we study the bloodline on the website, we see that Von Knoop is actually the same family name for Albrecht. Sometimes it is Von Knoop and sometimes Albrecht. That family appears to be of "royal blood" and carries the star of David and the lion in the family crest. The same lion that we know from the oranges.

Via the name Albrecht we indeed end up with the names Saksen-Coburg and Gotha, which can be found on the website Here is a quote from that website:

This widespread English, German, French Catalan, Italian, Spanish and Hungarian name was originally derived from a Germanic personal name ALBRECHET, which was composed of the elements ADAL (noble) and BERHT (bright and famous). This was one of the most common Germanic given names, and was borne by various medieval princes, military leaders and great churchmen, notably St. Albert of Prague (Czech name Vojtech, Latin name Adalbertus), a Bohemian prince who died a martyr in 997 attempting to convert the Prussians to Christianity; St Albert the Great (? 1193-1280) Aristotelian theologian and tutor of Thomas Aquinas; and Albert the Bear (1100-70) Margrave of Brandenburg. Most of the European surnames in countries such as England, Scotland and France were formed in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. The process had started somewhat earlier and had continued in some places into the 19th century, but the norm is that in the tenth and eleventh centuries people did not have surnames, whereas by the fifteenth century most of the population had acquired a second name.

There are many notables of the name including Albert I (1255-1308) who was the king of Germany, the son of Rudolph I or Habsburg. He was elected king of Germany in opposition to the deposed Adolf of Nassau, whom he then defeated and killed in battle at Gollheim (1298). He energetically proceeded to restore the power of the monarchy and reduce that of the electoral princes, but was murdered while crossing the River Reuss by his disaffected nephew John. Albert, Prince Consort to Queen Victoria (1819-61) born at Rosenaux Castle, near Coburg. He was the younger son of the Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. In 1840 he married his first cousin, Queen Victoria, a marriage that became a lifelong love match. He was given the title of Prince Consort in 1857. Throughout their marriage he was, in effect, the Queen's private secretary. Ministerial distrust and public misgivings because of his German connections, limited his political influence, although his counsel was usually judicious and far-sighted. He died or typhoid in 1861, occasioning a long period or seclusion by his widow. The Albert Memorial at Kensington Gardens was erected in his memory in 1871.

Ursula von der Leyen is therefore actually an Albrecht; her bloodline is Albrechet, which stands for ADAL (noble) and BERHT (bright and famous). Ursula's mother has been put on 'private' by, but given the entire history of the Albrecht (sometimes Von Knoop) family, we can actually assume that this is also an Albrecht or Von Knoop (one and the same bloodline) ) used to be. The entire history testifies to 'running in the family' (or 'insest'). In addition, there is no reason why Ursula should bear the surname Von der Leyen, because her father was a thoroughbred Albrecht. Ursula has therefore changed her surname.

From the description of the website we can clearly see that this Albrecht family can be linked to the British royal family, through a marriage between John Albert (an Albrecht who his uncle - keep the inbreeding in mind - Albert I killed) and Queen Victoria. This John Albert was a son of the duke of the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha area and thus comes from the family line called Albrechet. Albrechet or Albrecht is therefore the same family as Von Saksen-Coburg and Gotha. Ursula therefore seems to be of the same bloodline as the British royal family! Both bloodlines actually originate from the Saxon Coburg and Gotha areas and are therefore secretly Albrecht's.

If you look at Ursula's lines of vision, she could indeed be a daughter of the current Queen Elizabeth. We are of course not going to speculate, but it is clear that she comes from the noble blood line Albrecht (Albrechet - also Von Knoop). And we just think that the EU is democratic or that the Brexit will lead to the loss of the EU. No, it is all the appearance of democracy and the game of polarization and chaos, from which the noble bloodlines have succeeded in creating order since their pharaonic times. A queen is coming to the throne in Brussels and her name is Ursula from the Albrechet / Albrecht bloodline: Ursula Albrecht.

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  1. Sun wrote:

    Interesting book is Semi-Gotha is about so-called noble families. Gotha does not necessarily mean gothic descent on the contrary. False names are used from the start to hide the real background from the common population.

  2. SalmonInClick wrote:

    Is that "I am from German blood" nastyly close 😀, but there is of course no coordination and your vote counts. Do they still have a pond on the other side of the lake for fishing? The socialist sanctuary is a fact, time to start practicing ...

    • SalmonInClick wrote:

      Well flights to England, where have we seen that before ..

      Ursula's father Ernst Albrecht - then Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, and one of the group's avowed enemies - sent to London aged 19, where she studied at LSE under false name Rose Ladson and with protection from Scotland Yard.

      She chose the surname Ladson because it was the name of her great-grandmother from South Carolina, US, while Rose was picked because she'd been given the nickname Roschen as a child.

  3. Willem S wrote:

    A Europe that Hitler did not succeed, but they finally have their way.

    • Sun wrote:

      For the record, it is not Germans with Germanic blood who make up the service in Europe. The fact that they have 'German' names is because they have lived in Germany for a long time and have adopted 'German' names in order not to stand out among the German ordinary population. Pure tactics.

  4. danny wrote:

    On wikipedia I read that she is married to a von der Leyen, which explains the surname.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Yes, correct, but most of the time you also state your birth name after the adopted surname of the man. Anyway her origin is interesting. I now see that the name Albrecht is at least on the German Wikipedia.

  5. danny wrote:

    Certainly a very sharp article that again confirms what we actually already knew; we are ruled by a handful of families who (unlike what they suggest) have no eye for the well-being of people, but are only concerned with their own position and power. (and passing over corpses)

  6. SandinG wrote:

    A fresh civilized family that Windsor's, nothing wrong with that .. Nigel Farage looks suspiciously like Edward VIII, but that will be purely coincidental, not to mention Romanov's

  7. guppy wrote:

    Do not all be so weird that they are all family and look alike 😉

  8. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Once upon a time there was another Albrecht ... to give the impression that Albrecht is not so noble and good and stuff?
    the controlled opposition RAF

    Susanne Albrecht

  9. Sun wrote:

    The Goetia is also a book with which demons could be summoned. Solomon would have included the formulas in this book, would have captured and classified demons. So demonology actually. John Dee was an adviser to the English Queen Elizabeth I in the 16 century and was also engaged in demonology. Was also top spy of the English queen. Is very important for Hen's power and control, so they also try to get help with demons.
    It is a pity that they are not concerned with good things. They are actually stumperds who are afraid of death. Well, if you control everything, you also want to outsmart death. But unfortunately there is also for them for everyone.

  10. SandinG wrote:

    The EU gets what it deserves, in any normally functioning society people like this are kept out of the way. But it apparently reflects the whole, if I would have committed or condemned plagiarism (Von der Leyen) for corruption (Lagarde). if my chance of a job was extremely minimal, unless you are a high-ranking EU driver, then these are the competencies on which you are selected. Like Juncker, the EU stumbles and wanders towards the abyss.

  11. aurora0026 wrote:

    The supermarket Aldi stands for Albrecht Diskont and was founded by Theo Albrecht and Kar Albrecht. The Albrechts of Aldi are one of the richest families in Germany.

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