Video proof, Zaanse vloggersrel with actors put in scene by PowNed?

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dennis-schouten-pownedIn my previous articles I argued that the vlogger riot in the Zaanse district of Poelenburg was probably put in scene to introduce new and stricter legislation. The protagonists Ismail Ilgun and rapper Boef seemed suddenly out of the blue to be known, but when you watched their YouTube video channels, you saw a series of meaningless films that sometimes had more than a hundred thousand viewings or more. Ismail Ilgun would owe its popularity to good commitment to the neighborhood? But there is little to no imagery to discover from which such popularity could grow. The videos contain little more than stupid chatter in space and revolting youths who show rebellious behavior. What has especially been noticed is the attitude of the boys towards the police and towards a council member of the municipality of Zaandam. Ismail Ilgun showed images of a boy who stood on a police car and of boys who ridiculed the police with boxing gestures and other provocations. That gave him and his friends prime time with Jeroen Pauw. Rapper Boef was of the same caliber and used texts such as insulting a detective with the text "I'm fucking your daughter". That too became an entire media hype, during which RTL Latenight Minister Jeanine Antoinette Hennis-Plasschaert was indignant and shocked Nanny state role was allowed to fulfill (see here the broadcast).

In response to my articles, a reader of this site who lives in the vicinity decided to take a look. What he saw was a completely different picture from that brought by PowNed in their film material. Although he has not experienced everything from what happened in the previous days for the Vomar in Poelenburg, it has become clear to him that the whole story has been put in scene with actors. The acting work is clearly visible on the compilation provided below. The reader indicates that it was difficult to film on the spot, because there were quite a few people who were watching the square. He was regularly frightened by people who seemed to have a kind of directional function. This consisted of warnings about possible imminent danger of angry support from the vloggers. In practice, however, it turned out that no angry young people were walking around and the atmosphere was just a cozy one among them. This was the case between the police, the boys present and the PowNed reporter Dennis Schouten and cameraman. So there was no tense atmosphere at all. The reader also spoke to local residents who told him that there were really only disturbances when PowNed was nearby.

The disturbance from the compilation below was not broadcast by PowNed. This is probably because the reader clearly walked around with a camera and because Powned seemed to have been caught. The director also had this through, according to the reader. Nevertheless, there was a clear live act, in which the audience that passed by must have been given the impression that an arrest took place and they could better keep their distance. In the compilation you will first see an arrest taking place. According to the reader, this arrest came completely out of nothing. We did not see this before at the Pegida demonstration in The Hague where I would take a look? Yes, even there the cameras were ready for an arrest without reason. Even now there was no question of a reason. It was like action that was started by the director, the reader tells us. The remarkable thing about the arrest was that 1 "arrested" was pushed to the ground to be handcuffed. Another detainee did not give resistance and stood quietly next to the agent. The viewing public (such as local residents and shop visitors) was given the impression that a real arrest was taking place. In fact, according to the reader / witness, nothing preceded the arrest. No rattle, no discussion; nothing. The arrested arrestees were then placed against a wall. The latter seems irrelevant, but it is indeed, because if you look at the compilation you will discover that putting the two arrests against the wall has everything to do with the camera position of PowNed a little later. The reader reports that the "detainees" stood for 10 minutes against the wall without any resistance. They were not put in a police car either. This later turned out to be only and only to film a riot still on the roll.

If you look at the compilation step by step, you will see that a dark boy with baseball cap and a white shirt (with arm number 4) is having a great time with the reporter Dennis Schouten from PowNed. The cameraman also seems to be entertaining with the people in the square. The dark boy with the white shirt even makes a selfie with reporter Dennis, where Dennis puts his arm around the dark boy. In the meantime, the detainees, together with the agents, are waiting quietly and without any opposition to the wall. The PowNed gentlemen do not seem to pay any attention, because Dennis Schouten is busy with the selfie. The gentlemen seem to wait for the director's instruction. All young people present behave very laughter and friendly with the PowNed team. At a certain moment Dennis and the cameraman of PowNed choose position. The agents and detainees have been standing at the wall for minutes. The detainees still do not seem to have to be removed. Besides Dennis and his cameraman, the dark boy is completely quiet reading his phone screen. Then all of a sudden there seems to be the start of the recording. It all happens live, so (the reader reports) if you are not sharp-minded, you are distracted by the crowds around you. But his camera did record what was happening. The dark boy changes suddenly and without reason into an enemy of PowNed. He clearly comes into action on command, just like the boys across the street. Then suddenly it becomes clear why the detainees (who are not removed) have to stay standing by the wall all this time. The camera position during the filming of the sudden anger of the dark boy (who recently embraced Dennis Schouten for a selfie) appears to be focused on that wall. In short; the detainees had to wait for the right shot; namely filming a staged upset.

The recordings of PowNed are never broadcast as said; probably because the director was aware that the reader of this site had filmed everything and quickly cycled away. However, I am happy with the images and with the witness report, because this makes it clear that there is acting in the Zaanse vlogger riot. In short; The whole of the Netherlands is apparently wrong-footed with scene-like riots and live acting under the direction of PowNed. Although there is more imagery, I did not want to withhold this first compilation.

The goal seems clear and was already clear with the measure that rapper Boef (probably even an actor) reported to his vlog last Sunday [quote] "I can not talk to the police anymore ", he tells in the video. Only if I have to call 112 or in case of an emergency, but I can not greet agents, talk to them, or anything else."In addition, he reveals that he is no longer allowed to film agents in Tilburg. "Then I am held right."In my previous articles I already announced that that would be the reason for the rigging of this vlogger riot. It is probably the intention to ban the filming of police in the future; just like filming government employees. In addition, the police will need more powers to be able to pick people up if they find it difficult. Use is made of the Problem, Reaction, Solution method. Create a seeming problem, take care of indignation among the people and provide the solution through measures that give the police more power. The police state can only unfold with the approval of the people. After all, it is easier if everyone agrees with it than when you get a popular uprising. You may want that popular uprising, but only then in the situation that the police have all the legal space to pick everyone up. So: more power with the police and fewer and fewer rights with the people. All this on the basis of good acting. Does that really work? If you want to keep 17 million people in check (with future people's uproar in mind), it may be worth a few cents to create all the frameworks for that already. So any acting work will best fit into the budget.

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  1. PasOpSmoking Prevents Brainwashing wrote:

    On facebook from MV we read in the comments:

    Sam Bo; Karin? You also had residents who say it is a mess there?
    Karin Hardeman: True there were 2 who told me that it has been bad for a while.

    That means that these 2 residents are kicking in the play and they also watch too much TV.
    Watch TV to see what happens in front of your front door !! (That happened on 911 as well. The people who saw everything happening from their skyscraper, and had the TV on to hear what they had to see and then called "eyewitnesses")
    And then Sam Bo and Karin do not understand anything anymore because local residents / eyewitnesses will know it anyway? Oh la la. This goes far.

  2. PasOpSmoking Prevents Brainwashing wrote:

    Michel Vitaliti of vitalifeiten and 15 year old son of weird SOPN cameraman were arrested just as the SOPN went to a press conference in The Hague.
    I was there and found it suspicious, because Vitaliti suddenly went strange when the camera of Powned and the camera of weird camera male of the SOPN were in position.
    Later, when the press conference started with three mainstream press figures present, they suddenly had to leave because there would be a plane hijacking over the Netherlands and that had more priority of course. This later turned out to be no hijacking but a misunderstanding of air traffic control.
    See film arrest SOPN supporter Vitaliti on YT: "Live report police charge during SOPN meeting" '
    Where Pownned is, is ACTION!

    • PasOpSmoking Prevents Brainwashing wrote:

      recovery: in the context of a series of refined sovereign people discouraging actions by Vitaliti I propose that the 1 should be after last sentence:
      'See movie fake arrest SOPN infiltrant Vitaliti on YT' etc.

  3. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    All things are visible 'in plain sight'; people are so blinded by years of programming that they can no longer see it

  4. Daan wrote:

    Why it happened, regardless of the reason, the residents of Poelenburg are the victims of a strange game and this game makes them feel guilty. There was actually nothing really going on

    • PasOpSmoking Prevents Brainwashing wrote:

      Hi Daan, In the context of the underlying motives of this mindfuck and the ultimate consequences for the entire country, I say, ah.
      It must be done ERROR?
      The people in Poelenburg are no different from other places in the country.
      They all watch TV. (Tell a vision)
      And those who are still going to the ballot box are going to vote for agent provocateur Wilders en masse.
      Most of our compatriots have been completely brainwashed.
      Sad but true.
      It is often said that if you do not vote you should not complain, but it is the other way around.
      If you do vote, you should not complain.
      Those who are still going to vote are brain dead, and in that context I am suitable for undisturbed organ donation.

      • PasOpSmoking Prevents Brainwashing wrote:

        I think that 1 should give a boost to the reasons for the psy-op in Zaandam Wilders. I think psy-ops / mindfucks usually serve multiple purposes.

  5. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    This morning I received this supplement from the same reader who was in Zaandam

  6. Camera wrote:

    Now again in the newspaper (?) Of today a message where they want the actor Ismael Illgun to confirm his story as a vlogger. It is not a vlogger and should be dragged into court as well as Powned with their inflammatory fabricated stories

    Ismael is an actor and the Peacock and DWDD rubrics know that and smear our eyes with this kind of lies. share that with everyone, it's never too late

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