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He is a sympathetic guy, Wilson Boldewijn, that was apparent in the conversation I had with him a few months ago (see here). Wolves in sheep's clothing always look like the other sheep and therefore seem to pose no threat. Wilson has started a series of documentaries in which he covers all the major conspiracy theories that, according to De Telegraaf, are circulating. He hereby brings the master in controlled opposition, George van Houts, in front of the camera, together with Silvan Schoonhoven, "terrorism reporter" of the Telegraaf. You must see it that way. One is used by the butcher to provide the appearance of criticism of the butcher meat and the other represents the butcher himself; the butcher who inspects his own meat.

Conspiracy theories may gain support. Certainly if you twist them in such a way that they contain propositions that you know in advance that you can knock them down at a later stage (the bomb in the double bottom). Conspiracy theories may grow in favor with an important reason. That reason can be found in the fact that they are linked to 'right-wing ideas' or the 'right-wing' brand (English for 'right'). If you can then link that group, who thinks so, to a political movement and also allow that movement to come to power and then cause the economy to crash heavily, you will have dealt with that entire group and all criticism in one fell swoop. .

View the Telegraaf report here and read on below.

We see that happening in the US with Donald Trump and in the UK with the Brexit movement. In Brazil it is the "right" Jair Bolsonaro and also in the rest of Europe we saw the rise from the right, but the controlled demolition of that brand is already underway (see here the full explanation). You may therefore start believing in conspiracies; only or in that version devised by the same power. The best way to keep a grip on the opposition is to control it yourself. That is why you are led away from a site like this and that is why my name is blackened on every forum and in every social media discussion and burned down by the state roles (home workers and telemarketers behind deepfake profiles), so that you swim in the safety net of the controlled fleet.

In fact, we can say that it no longer matters if the truth about 911 ever comes to light. If you do not believe in the official 911 lecture, you are already stigmatized to the 'conspiracy thinkers' group and linked to the 'right' brand. If there is a major crisis and you can put it in the shoes of the front men of that brand (being Donald Trump, Jair Bolsonaro, Boris Johnson, Thierry Baudet and so on), then the rest of society scorns that group and everyone becomes driven back to the mainstream media and the old political order. That such a major crisis is coming, may be clear to many now.

Actually, around 911 you can state that there was enough reason to put together a conspiracy, no matter how well Silvan Schoonhoven does his best to bend it straight. The 'applied blasting charge story', however, seems to be the bomb in the double bottom of the 911 conspiracy theory. Other theories can also be checked. The explanation of Judy Woods may sound the most plausible, but she too seems to be well cast for her role in overthrowing a (presumably) truth-based explanation. You just need someone like stuttering uncertain crazy put away and you're done. The release of the film 'Loose Change' (as mentioned by Wilson Boldewijn in the telegraph film) also clearly shows how the opposition as a whole is controlled by power. They always build in deliberate mistakes to be able to invalidate the whole story later.

Another method to blow up the opposition was in 2009. The American 911 'truth movement' was mainly led by someone named Ace Baker. Baker was the most fanatic 911 'truth seeker' for years. He was heard in the alternative media in many radio shows. Until the moment Ace Baker arrived at a Jim Fetzer show to commit suicide (see video below). At least, that was how it sounded because of the gunshot, but not much later he turned out to be alive and kicking again.

Whenever conspiracy theories emerge, as in the case of Judy Woods or others, you have to wonder who finances all that research. You can hardly do that out of your own pocket. And also with all those front men, who apparently have all the money and resources to finance their work, we now know that many are secretly working for the butcher. Other front people in the alternative media (also known as the 'truth movement') are allowed to draw crowded rooms for years to be suddenly linked to, for example, pedophilia.

A good example of this was Zen Gardner, of whom 2 suddenly came out years ago as a spiritual leader within the extremist sect of Children of God. He was not just in for a short period (for example, a year). No, he was a whopping 27 for years. The Children of God cult was known for promoting and practicing sex with small children in their teaching. That is quite something. However, people such as Willem Felderhof and Ole Dammegard, who filled the halls with, for example, the Open Mind conferences, continue to defend the man with hand and tooth (see here en here). We live in a time when the truth is hard to figure out for ordinary people, if only because of all the technology on the market (see here). Perhaps the biggest problem is the fact that almost all pawn opposition comes from the butcher. Anyone with a bit of farming sense can think that 911 was an inside job.

Read in this article how that goes with the undersigned, because it is important that you learn to make the distinction.


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  1. Camera 2 wrote:

    It does not even matter anymore how it happened.

    If you read the blue links in the article above, you will be redirected to.
    Problem, Reaction, Solution… ..

    How many lines have been pressed by individual people after 9 / 11. Who will benefit from that? And does that benefit now?

    The battery from the plus to the minus flows nicely again.

    In addition to the fact that ordinary citizens (no CIA or AIVD) can watch 24 hours, they also have to be correct
    employees of those security services are checked out, because you never know.
    Everything is made watertight to the last detail.

    Security services never leak because they check themselves for leaks.
    Just look at the office on the Basisweg, Boldewijn will never leak… (anyway AT5 (AIVD school members are not allowed to do so), Big Brother 😉 precisely for those who leak!


  2. SandinG wrote:

    the Telegraaf as a source for this kind of mess, well we shouldn't be surprised at that .. the dancing Israelis who worked for the Mossad and were arrested are not quoted, the name of Danny Jowenko is not mentioned nor the investigations of Fox himself who showed that at the same time as this operation there were dozens of Israeli infiltrators on the radar of the FBI .. Of course, the Bijlmer disaster is no longer spoken, same players?

    those bold wine, schoonhoven would have to pass for 'journalists', the informants are plain and simple ..

  3. SandinG wrote:

    Alan Sabrosky said in a radio interview in 2010, that his skepticism of the official 9-11 story was prompted by Danny Jowenko's testimony. Sabrosky reiterated this in a July 13th 2011 interview.

    The site of Danny Jowenko's death
    He died in a single car crash on a straight road in the village of Serooskerke, the Netherlands, on 16th July 2011.
    Abreu Report headlined an article on March 02, 2016 9 / 11 Whistleblower Murdered on Dutch Soil by US Intelligence.


  4. Caesar Lion Cachet wrote:

    LS ...

    I was still one of the losers who thought they could think for themselves. Now I ALWAYS try to think nothing at all when it comes to, among other things, finding the truth. I am now just going to empty my mind regularly and invite the energy of the truth ... Then you soon find out that there is no truth at all. But go and explain that in a few sentences and what does it matter?! The only thing that matters is that the satanic liars know that they are being watched by a very large group of PEOPLE WHO ARE AWAKE!

  5. frameworks wrote:

    There is a big difference between "truth" and "reality". This difference takes many forms in our society. I think cycling is the best known for most people, but we continue to accept and follow it. For our elite almost a nice indicator to see how far they can go with their lies.

  6. Caesar Lion Cachet wrote:

    LS ...

    You have the most people and many people?! I am among the people who do not understand your position!

  7. Caesar Lion Cachet wrote:

    PS ...

    Looked up now ...

  8. SandinG wrote:

    Broadcast on 28 June 2001….

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