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A late New Year's greeting for 2019 to all readers! It was another hectic year and the signs for a not too prosperous prospect is what I wrote about in my last article of last year. That's why I thought Jeroen Pauw's catchphrase "Let's get started!" seemed a nice one to start with. It looks like the party is about to start. And we are not talking about the feast of 'Everything lies on Russia' or the self-created revolts like those of the yellow vests. We are not talking about psychological manipulation of the people through the maxim Problem, Reaction, Solution in Hollywood-like psychological operations starring Peter R. de Vries and other fake news showmasters. No, we are already used to that. We are talking about the party where the chaos is going to erupt.

Yes, that also fits in with the stated maxim Problem, Reaction, Solution, in which the problem is always stirred up or created, the reaction is provoked and strengthened via the media, and then the solution is offered, but this time we are talking about a tough economic collapse and the collapse of the West Roman Empire (also called the US), with Europe in its wake.

"Wow! Now that is a hopeful message for 2019! Thank you Vrijland!” I would like to refer to the cretology of our friends from the government robbery machine: “We can't make it more fun, but we can make it easier.". That simplicity lies in seeing through the big picture. Only after you start to see that those events on a global scale are not random (and cut through the layers of soil of the appearing deep state, that masks the actual deep state - as promoted by Q-Anon or stories from types like Benjamin Fulford) you can label yourself as clairvoyant. The plans are in fact crystal clear. For that reason, I would like to give you some tips.

To begin with, I recommend reading the articles under the menu item 'the simulation' in chronological order. Then you start on page 2 of this menu item. It may be put in the category 'UFO religion' or 'flat earth crazies' by many people, I would like to emphasize that this is not the case for me. It is a theory that is again hijacked by the authorities to do the same old trick of mixing truth with nonsense, to send the ship off shore. However, if you realize that there is a kind of simulative reality (in which you and I live) and you see that there is a multi-player game in which the source code determines the result together with the other players, then you will discover the script of that source code. You are even going to discover that there is a builder. It will undoubtedly sound like complete ridiculous nonsense to you, until you see the scientific evidence, what makes the double-slits experiment very useful to study. It shows that matter only materializes when it is observed. Consider your soul the player with the controller in hand and the puppet on the screen as the avatar in the game and study all the mentioned articles. Then you have mastered the basis.

Once you have that basic understanding, you will see that this game is equipped with certain 'avatars' that point out the direction These are, what I call, the pharaoh bloodlines. These are the avatars in the game that are in the top positions and make the laws and rules, print the money, control the media and fill in the entire Pyramid of Power. They direct the direction and monitor the script. You can recognize that script in, among other things, the religious prophecies and all kinds of other predictions.

An example of this is the letter that Albert Pike wrote to Giuseppe Mazzini in 1871. This letter is often claimed to have never existed, because the letter speaks of Nazism, and this did not yet exist in 1871. But that is exactly the misunderstanding. Script guards already know what is going to happen, so they can use terms that do not exist yet. This 33rd degree freemason Pike, predicted three world wars, two of which already came true. The third seems to be imminent. The first two world wars were in preparation for the establishment of the state of Israel (briefly summarized), because of the Balfour statement in 1917 (the first world war), where land was reserved for the state of Israel and the alleged persecution of the Jews in the Second World War, after which, in 1948, the state of Israel could be established fairly easily at the expense of the Palestinian population. The third world war will revolve around Jerusalem. And that last part fits perfectly in the religious end-time prophecies that will equate broadly, but conflict to some of the points. And those conflicting elements are in themselves the guiding factor to prepare the population (and therefore the armies) for that final battle.

So it is actually very easy to predict what is about to happen. It is just difficult to look through all of the smokescreens of history falsification, media propaganda, alternative media safety nets and the like.

We are now on the eve of the fall of the USA. The United States, which had to grow up after the Second World War, to reduce the world and bring about major changes, but now has to plunge into power again, to bring another force field to full strength. That other field of force is not only in Albert Pike's letter, but is also logical if we look at the end-time prophecies. We are talking about the Islamic force field. No, not those self-created terror troops (financed by the West for proxy wars and terrorism), but authentic Islam. Concretely, we are talking about the Ottoman Empire. There must be an end-time battle for Jerusalem. That has something to do with the expected arrival of a kind of messiah figure (from those religious writings). You will regard it as completely illogical that the US will fall and as a result Turkey will grow into a world power, because at this moment you might sooner expect Russia or China to become stronger. That is because you will not see through the script. The script is not about logic, but about planning. That planning transcends the logic. Please take me for a moment and wait for the coming year. Do you remember when I have told you that America will fall and Turkey will become the new world power.

The Islamic Caliphate, led by Erdogan, wants to prevent the threatened rebuilding of the Temple of Solomon and also want to solve the oppression of the Palestinians. The US will lose power under Trump and thus both force fields will reach a more equal level. Then there will be a battle for Jerusalem and Israel will fight against this Islamic caliphate together with the US. Before that time chaos must first arrive in Europe. That chaos will start with an economic crisis in the US, skipping to Europe and the rest of the world. In Europe the protest movements will be stoked from within. The yellow vests fit perfectly in that script. It is building a self-created chaos that paves the way for the takeover of Europe by a new strong man: Erdogan.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the new pharaoh of the East Roman Empire or rather 'the Islamic caliphate' supported by, among others, Russia. Ordo ab Chao continues to be recognizable in the script. So, chaos must come first. I therefore predict, with some reluctance, chaos in Europe, followed by the capture of Europe by Turkey. Secretly, the people at the top (like Angela Merkel) are contributing to this agenda. They do this because they are the script guards (towards the benders).

The good news is that you can take Turkish lessons and Thursday is going to be called Dönnerdag in the near future, but other than that not much will change. And by the way, such a beautiful red flag on the facade is also quite nice. We will probably miss King's day a little bit, but Pride Amsterdam can probably just keep pushing the rainbow agenda.

The acquisition of Europe will, in my opinion, be reasonably smooth. It will be a kind of Blitzkrieg. That is because the EU top executives are already aware of this agenda and are preparing it. Europe will soon become Ottoman. The civilian stronghold in Brussels can just keep going and Willem Alexander can become a nice viceroy of the region of the Netherlands. Also Frans Timmermans is probably in place in Brussels, because he is very subservient. The real war will only begin when that Ottoman empire has been restored to its full glory. According to the script, that is the year 2023.

Time to consider the simulation theory as 'no theory, but fact'. Take the trouble. It's worth it. Happy New Year!


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    Do they flip it again?

  2. Sun wrote:

    Nice short summary of what is going on. Hope, sigh, that even the ordinary people finally get the insight into what is going on, what is going on. How the pieces look on the chessboard, let us not forget who the malefactors, protagonists, are in this matrix and the script they want to follow to the letter, with or without smoke and mirrors. Yes, I mean those, the usual suspects, who hold the key positions in the whole world and ensure that if you are not a club member you can never qualify for Keypositions in order to change society drastically. This makes it difficult to come to a regime change, difficult but not impossible. Regime change is possible, also in the Netherlands and in the Netherlands is necessary because there are relatively many Club members living here with foreign influence. Yellow vests in the Netherlands like but do not run by agent provocateurs of the state and other collaborators. Be honest in your goals and do it according to the law.

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