Can we control the outcome of this simulation?


Although at a very young age I had already realized that faith had nothing to do with a loving god, but was mainly about fear, it fascinates me how billions of people are confiscated by their belief system and let their whole life be determined by it. Now, not only faith in God, Allah, Jesus, Krishna or Muhammad is a belief system. You also have other belief systems, such as belief in the theory of evolution, the belief that everything stops after life, the belief that the universe is a simulation, the belief in wormholes, the belief in aliens or the belief that we reincarnate. In fact, for every belief system, no answers exist for the most essential issues. So how do we find out what the truth is when we usually seem to make our analysis with the spectacles of our own belief system? Do not we secretly get everything we hear, read or see through that filter? How can we circumvent that?

In fact you can say that it can not be circumvented, because even people who do years of study and present their 'truth' with the greatest certainty do not come from the most essential questions. For example, in response to my series of articles, I am regularly asked who then created Lucifer (the builder of the Luciferian simulation, in which I claim that we live). Assuming that this is a god-like character or even the god of the Bible or of the Qur'an, the question remains as to who created that god and whether that creator does not have a creator. Even if the universe were to come out of nowhere, you might wonder how nothing finally iets has brought forth.

So we can make a few choices in our lives, being:

  1. simply stay with our belief system because it is safe and familiar
  2. if our belief system starts to show some gaps, study other belief systems and see if we see anything in it
  3. conduct forensic research into our best abilities and get on track (and listen to the inner radar)

Of course it is often a mix of these 3 options for many, because we are secretly always inclined to search unconsciously for confirmation of the old familiar. This was not the case for me personally, because I did not become very happy with my Christian education at a very young age. Despite the kind of warm community, I did not have all those strict rules and when I had to convert at the age of 10 during a summer camp, in front of 3 dressed in dark gray suit, I knew enough: this is not correct for a meter. The hitherto kindly camp leaders seemed so sympathetic, athletic and engaging, until the moment that I had to give my heart to the Lord and I refused to do so. Then I was allowed to spend the night on the wooden platforms in the eatery for punishment. In itself I had the greatest fun that night, because I was just going to get mischief, but I was the only one among a few hundred boys who refused to "convert". Intuitively I had something against 'the Lord'.

Some of my readers see this as a reason to accuse me of a childhood trauma, on the basis of which I got a distorted picture of the real god of the Bible. I can confess to those readers that later in my youth and during my studies I really did my best to study the Bible again, but even Willem Ouweneel (what's in the name), a well-known preacher, 7x doctor in the I know a lot and I have not been able to convince myself. I can also imagine that a psychiatric stamp can be applied, such as: "Aha, this man suffered from an oppositionally rebellious behavioral disorder at an early stage!"Anything goes, as long as it does not healthy skepticism hot. If healthy skepticism did not exist, we would still have believed that the earth is flat (sorry for the flat-earth readers among us).

It was early on in my nature to use common sense as radar and not stories that have been talked about. What I have noticed in my search through life is that people with a Christian, Islamic or any other "religiously tinged" belief system, are very proud of a book (or a collection of books). And then you still have currents that claim that things in such a book are not correctly translated or interpreted or that certain parts are authentic or not or should or should not be part of the collection work. Meanwhile, there is a great deal of confidence in the written and it is assumed that it really comes from divine source ("it is written!"). From my point of view in which I claim (based on method 3 from the above list) that we live in a Luciferian simulation, I dare to say that they are right in that 'divine source' as well. Anyone who studies the religious books can not help but come to the conclusion that it is not just a few books with fables. Then you have just been too lazy to seriously take a closer look. However, I would suggest that the great confidence in the books in most cases comes from early programming and not in-depth study and that the trust that the "divine source" is authentic may be entirely based on tunnel vision.

Anyone who seriously studies the research here on the site and takes it seriously, may have found out that the builder of this universe must be Lucifer and that the religious writings come from that source. For the sake of simplicity, let's assume that that is our new 'belief system', without you wanting to really go into it. Let us also assume for convenience that the universe is a simulation and that this is part of our new belief system. However, we remain open to other input and interpretation, but the question is whether we do not secretly do it a bit colored, because we want to have a definitive definition of our belief system so that we draw the final conclusion and hold on to it. I tell you in advance: there is no definitive final conclusion and there is no definitive guide. That is the greatest deception of every belief system. It is never a hundred percent solid. Maybe we just have to get used to it. But should it make us demotivated or should we keep the hope that we are almost there? I think we should keep the hope that the forensic search will eventually put us on the right track.

Blind faith is like sailing a chicken without a head on your programming. Because everyone is undergoing a decent amount of programming can not deny even the best believer (in any belief system). Forensic research is therefore the only correct way within our capacities. In addition, we must listen to our intuition, provided we have discovered that our intuition is not a mind-driven radar, but a soul-driven radar. Otherwise, your hormonal household, the weather, your financial situation or whatever, will affect your "intuition". Yet logic also plays an important role. For many, it turns out that logic is also a matter of 'feeling'. If 1 + 1 = 2 applies, it is because we have been programmed in this way. Without that programming, the numbers or symbols representing those numbers would mean nothing. An Amazonian Indian would not understand anything. Coincidentally, this programming is based on logic, but in daily practice we are now inundated with things that undermine logic. For example, if someone tells me that he / she has to do voluntary work today, then that is undermining the logic: if something is voluntary, must you do not do it, but mag you do it while you do it too may leave. So always stay focused on the programming / habituation that is under something.

If you want to find the last article series (under the menu item 'mind & soul control'), then you are irrevocably against it double slits experiment approached. This experiment demonstrates from our human perception perspective that matter only exists as soon as it is observed. I have written several articles in which I explained in detail how this can be compared with a simulation or a game. For some this may have been translated as imagery, but you have to take it literally. That is not a joke. That is the result of the same double slits experiment. Although the desk or the table you are currently sitting on or the ground you are standing on, just feels solid and solid, it turns out that if you put it under a super microscope, there would suddenly be huge empty space between the nucleus and the electrons of an atom. to sit. If you then zoom in even further, the whole solid matter appears to consist of enormous small moving particles (such as electrons that consist of a nucleus of protons and neutrons). And if you zoom in even further, it will be much less. Ultimately, the smallest particle would now be the higgs boson particle; also called the god particle. But if you then carry out the double slits experiment, it turns out that every particle, however small, does not exist until after observation! Solid matter thus materializes through perception. So everything that feels so hard and tangible as you experience it now.

This means that your body is also an observation. And I tried to compare that to a Playstation game, where the avatar in the game appears on the screen based on your choices with the controller. The software code (programming) of the game is already fixed, so by your movements with the controller, the pixels materialize on your screen in such a way that an image forms. In this way, the vibrations in the information flow materialize to matter for the observer to the controller of this simulation (our universe). I have defined that observer as being the soul. That is number 3 to add to our new belief system. You may not want a soul at all and you think that concept is nonsense. You may believe that consciousness is a result of a certain amount of connections between the neurons in your brain (the difference between humans and other mammals) that makes us aware. That is your right. The belief system described here is based on the logic that can be derived from the double slits experiment, being that there must be an observer before matter materializes. A logical consequence is then the conclusion that there must be a soul. That is a forensic conclusion.

Now you could say: "Oh well, that double slits experiment is but 1 experiment from so many experiments done in history, so what does that mean?"Well, that experiment turned all the theories developed in natural science by the great Albert Einstein, upside down. That may be an indication that it is an important experiment.

One of the implications of that experiment was that matter becomes visible for observation 'superposition"is. You can best compare that with a Playstation game. Before you move your controller in the game, you can go in all directions. The code for all those sides is already fixed in the software. It is therefore your choice that determines what you will see on your image when your controller moves. The software then calculates which image should present itself to you on your screen. That moment just before that choice is the 'superposition'. All possibilities can materialize on the screen. The experiments in quantum physics which show that particles can materialize in a certain position and then hold that position are a forensic indication that the concept of quantum entanglement proves that the 'superposition' of materialisation requires a perception of the first observer.

Once observed and materialized, two quantum entangled photons appear to change positions simultaneously when 1 is changed from both positions. This principle is necessary in a multiplayer game, so that all observers always see the same as the information once 'superposition' has come. You can compare that with 1 of the players in a multiplayer game seeing and picking up an object for the first time. If other players enter the room, they must all see the object in the same shape and position. If he turns the object around, they must all perceive this simultaneously from their perspective and position. It turns out that this principle is in the world of augmented reality application development applied. Quantum entanglement thus shows forensic that we are in one multiplayer game universe life. That will be part 4 of our new belief system.

Characteristics of a game are that they follow a particular script. We can also recognize this in our multiplayer game universe. If you have a religious background, you may be familiar with the phenomenon of 'prophecies'. But if you do not, you may be familiar with the horoscopes from the tabloid magazines or maybe you go to a serious astrologer or have a tarot card. From all this it appears that there is a certain predictability in our game. This indicates that the source code satisfies a certain basic set of programming. If you play a CD of a game for your Playstation game in the player, the whole game is already fixed on that CD. The computer in your Playstation translates the code based on a number of factors. Let's start from the mulitplayer game. What are those factors:

  1. 'the construct' / the universe in which the game takes place - as programmed by the builder
  2. the script of the game
  3. your choices and movements in the game
  4. the choices and movements of others in the game
  5. the interaction between avatars programmed in the game (from the builder of the game, belonging to the script of the game), you and other fellow player
  6. the first observation of others of areas in the game and their activity in that area (suppose they have shot someone in place A and you just enter place A, then you - in a multiplayer game - have to see the same thing on your screen from your perspective and perspective)

How successful you are in the game therefore depends on a multitude of factors. However, there is clearly a script. And if you have the CD in your hand (before you put it in the player), all that code is already burned on the CD. In a multiplayer game, the game of course runs on a central server in the cloud. The 'superposition' of what is presented on the screens then depends on the first observation of 1 of the players. The script is always fixed in broad lines. Within that script you can make certain choices, but the red line is fixed. That is because the game is programmed. This allows the builder of the game to predict the outcome in x-choice variants of x-multiplayers. After all, he knows the script.

In my opinion, the script is thus represented in the religious scriptures and their prophecies or in other types of predictions. However, the avatars placed in the game by the programmer play a major role in this. Otherwise, you would be at the number of x multiplayers one x to the power of x have possibilities where observation comes from 'superposition'. So in order for the script to be successful, the external (via the controller) playing avatars in the game should not be given the dominance position. After all, what materializes on the screen is determined by the first observation (double slits experiment). As a game builder, you have to ensure that you have as many avatars as possible in the game that provide 'the first observation', so that the other avatars in the mutliplayer game have to see the same thing. But all of this, of course, within the rules of the construct as you have programmed it, and it also plays a dominant role in perception.

When I wrote a flight simulator together with my companion during my graduation project for aeronautical engineering (at least Hans wrote the code and I opened the beer), we wrote this so that the landscape unfolded where we moved. Based on a basic set of rules, that landscape was apparently random, but it was simply a basic set of rules. So you can create an infinite landscape, where the landscape materializes based on the choices of the players. You can imagine how important it is that the avatars working at NASA do the first observation of the 'universe'. Once observed, the perception remains unaltered materialized from superposition. So how important is it that you read the newspaper and watch TV? The perception presented to you is then once materialized and unchangeable. It is therefore very important that there are avatars in the game that provide 'the first observation'.

We can then almost conclude that the first observation plays an important role in a multiplayer game. Is not that a reason to throw out all the books, TV's computers and smart phones? No, because then there are others who do the observation for you. In fact, with a multiplayer game like ours - which has billions of players - you can not win the race in that area, it seems. But wait a minute. All such things as books, TV, smart phones, etcetera, are already materialized items based on observation. We had come to the conclusion that our soul is the observer. The only way to change the outcome of this simulation is to do something with your choices in the game. If many players in the game deviate from the script, something could change. But unfortunately that also seems an impossible task, because many souls have become so identified with the avatar in this multiplayer game, that they lack the realization to make other choices (being from the perspective of the observing soul).

Apparently something must happen to the script, to the construct of the program and to the set of basic rules, whereby the avatars are freed from their prison. So you would think that we should hack the game and adjust the code: from the outside; from the position of the observer, the soul. But is not it simply that we discover that everything that happens in the game does not matter at all? "It's just a game .."If you lose your Fifa football game on your Playstation, you have lost, you may baal as a plug and you take the controller away to get a fresh nose. Once you have finished playing the game and you see that you are at a stage full of people with all VR glasses on their nose, then you maybe 1 for 1 on the shoulder and explain that it is just a game. However, this simulation does not seem to have been constructed that easily. It looks a bit like a soul prison where you can not escape very easily. But perhaps it is because we have come to believe in the perception through our avatar in the game that we have come to identify ourselves with it. Maybe it's time to move on to 'spooky action at a distance"or maybe we should not take the game too seriously.

Of course you will consider the above as a repetition of what I have written before. That's right, but I wanted to make it clear through this article that it is forensic investigation is that leads to the conclusion of a simulation and also to the conclusion that it is a Luciferian simulation. Although I will substantiate that later more thoroughly, that is the conclusion that then culminates in a new belief system; a belief system that unfortunately still has not found all the answers. For example, there are still questions open if:

  1. who then made Lucifer
  2. what is his purpose / mission, why did he want to build a simulation that seems so lifelike that we lose ourselves in it?
  3. who are we but a soul and where does that soul come from?
  4. is there a deity who has made both Lucifer and our soul?
  5. etc. and so on

You can only extend a forensic investigation if the first research has resulted in a track. That track has led to a certain point in the research, from which you can continue. That is the status now. You can do your own forensic investigation. Perhaps you will come to very different conclusions. I like to be stimulated by input from others, because it is better to discover early whether you are on the right track or on the wrong track. I personally try to exclude that as much as possible by always seeing if there are no colored glasses (as a result of a belief system). In that sense, I am fortunate to have learned early to look critically at belief systems. Hopefully that has given me a head start and a push in the right direction. From here, the research continues and I will report online. If you are interested, you can continue to follow that.

Have you already thought about the meaning of the Bible verse from the book of revelations 1 verse 7?

"Behold, He comes with the cloud and all eyes will see Him"


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  1. Arie Maasland wrote:

    Yesterday Martin,
    With this means article you offer the readers a huge choice menu.
    I think it would be a good idea if everyone could list all the variants "what could be the truth" for themselves. Then, assess the collateral of each scenario with a number between 0 and + 10, and assess the "uncertain open points" with a number between 0 and -10. The "calculated result" gives a picture per scenario about your own belief (dignity) about each of those scenarios.

    As I already told you, all scenarios in addition to the Bible (basic text) get a lower figure than the (true) Christian doctrine. So I do not mean the (true) Christian doctrine of the doctrine of most ecclesiastical denominations (with all pedagogical experiences from his youth ...), but the doctrine, through a plan of times, of the ultimate restoration of all things.

    When studying one or more scenarios more deeply, our question is: do we tolerate (if this would be truth-finding) a sovereign Divine power over us, from a "legally established chain of authority"? Or do we actually consider ourselves "the highest ruler"? (... which is also said of us in the Bible)

    Your questions:
    • Lucifer (there are a number of variants in Christianity about "who is Lucifer") is none other than the ultimate "by the war kicker", the summit of evil. On the other hand, this being is no different than a tool in God's Plan to discover the GOOD. After all, only from the realization of EVIL we can recognize the GOOD (God works in this era full of contradictions)
    • Lucifer is not a creator, but part of a system. You also can not escape from the system ... not even by suicide.
    • The question why Lucifer wanted to make such a lifelike simulation ... comes from "own script". Perhaps the question is improper.
    • Your question 3, what are we but a soul? A human being consists of spirit and soul and body. We can add all kinds of visions to what is what. But your body (flesh) is by definition subject to transience and by definition is sinful in nature, and also dies. (We have also promised a new body). Our spirit is from God and returns to God when we die (so our minds were always there). The soul ("it is who you are") is actually in the blood, and at death the soul will rest in a designated resting place until the first or second resurrection.
    • Ask 4: yes, One and the same Deity from Whom, by Whom, and to Whom all things are.
    • Indeed, I have been thinking about "all eyes will see Him". Look, if you are owned by God, and God indicates that He will correct you in the direction of His Image ... then that is a process. That process starts somewhere ... and everyone comes along. This mentioned Bible passage comes from the most symbolic-written Bible book, but somewhere else it is also noted that He (the Son, Jesus) will join the chosen ones to make a start to restore the Earth. OK, then you can ask some practical questions about flat or round Earth .... In addition, we know about the various hologram techniques, but I do not worry about that.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      I recommend playing a Playstation game once for fun. Or just an online game. I do not like it at all, but I have been watching.
      If you lose yourself completely in such a game, you will identify yourself with the puppet in the game. The doll has a body. That presents itself from the software code on the screen.

      I think you should really read the articles again and take a serious look at the double slits experiment. You say: "man has spirit, soul and body" (that is a strong position based on your book of your belief system). I say: man does not exist. Man materializes through observation, such as when you play a game on your computer materializes the puppet from the code as a result of your input (with the controller). Everything in the game is a materialization of perception.

      From the Bible (a book written from the inside in the simulation) man is thus a body (with soul and spirit). The puppets in the game have described the game from the inside. Some puppets have heard the builder of the game speak through his voice-over in the game and put it on paper. However, the dolls lack the helicopter view (from outside the game) to understand what is meant.

      That body is your 'temple' (avatar) and exists only as a result of observation. So there is only and only soul. The rest is a simulation that materializes (appears on the screen) through the perception of the soul.

      Release the Bible once 1 count.

  2. hans coudyser wrote:

    The five dots that you mention to get even further from the works, mea. 'the questions that are still open', you can not ignore the research into what 'archonets' are. There is a lot to be found about this, from our own culture but certainly also elsewhere as a recommendation (native). My conclusion from this is that Lucifer, as you call him, is a creation of the archons. If desired, I will come back to this in more detail. My experience, however, is that self-examination takes precedence. Good article ovrigens. Never thought of publishing part of your work in English? It is certainly worthy of a global stage. Greetings, Hans.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      In my opinion, the archons are part of the Luciferian simulation and not the other way around.

      And yes, I have tried one, but it is a hell of a job to keep this site running in Dutch, let alone also be busy with translations. In addition, I understand that Google translate soon will be enough to arrange that job for me.

  3. hans coudyser wrote:

    Personally, I try to understand the archontological field from their perspective. This requires a completely different way of doing things because they are completely different than we can imagine. They have a totally different reaction and field of view and this is difficult to express in the verbal understanding that we have at hand. Lucifer and how we interpret and educate this originated from our perception world. I believe so far to observe that this does not affect the archontic field at all. Solutions lie where we are able to observe and understand their nature and this is my opinion. also possible by making use of the archontic identity that in each of us in any way intrudes or tries. Until now, I have seen Lucifer's creation as a sublime created identity that does a lot of work and while hiding the true identity behind it. In understanding all this, I have also learned to renounce the strict definition and limitation of an identity. This is different in archonets. Greetings, Hans.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      I say: double slits experiment
      Everything you perceive is like the code on the central server in the cloud of a multi player game. The observation causes it to materialize - from superposition - on the screen. Your soul is the observer.
      Several levels are programmed in that code. That archontic / demonic / angels / jin's (good guys - bad guys) level is 1. It belongs to the fear model god versus satan, heaven versus hell, angel versus demon, fulfillment of holy spirit versus fulfillment of demons (archonets). It thus belongs, as it were, to the spiritual level in this program (this simulation).
      I disagree with you.

  4. hans coudyser wrote:

    We also do not have to agree with Martin to put our findings together and to investigate further. When you look from the archontic field, they are talking about an 'ordinary' survival status as we do with subordinates. Morale or relatives simply do not know them, as if they do not have 'wiring' for this. Through an e-mail I mentioned a perception of that which 'directs' our perception and manifestation from the soul. I hereby name several adjacent conscious lives. There are probably several other players who partly use each other's strategies. The origin - in the end - reduces to one - match - comes from our perception image that was scanned, just like the theory about the Big Bang. I can follow the concept of programmed codes and livers, but this too is derived from our perception such as just odm spirituality. Archons have no duality at all. They use our programming that most likely has a different history. It is through the perception that you try to leave from the central server that you see other fields that seem to work 'differently'. This implies risks, but as I have stated, it is worth it at least.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      I prefer not to engage in endless discussions, but consider the "archonic layer" as part of the Luciferian simulation, as explained earlier. Just as simple as that.
      You can make it all very spiritually interesting and complex Hans, but I try to show the simplicity of it.

      In short: your comments come across to me as spiritually sounding gossip (or intended to come across as interesting or arising from the absorption of information from all kinds of sources), but above all confusion and throwing smoke curtains, while it is all very easy to grasp. I consider such confusing slogans of the same category as the woolly long-winded stories by Martijn van Staveren. And woolly opacity is perfect for training and courses, because you want to understand it, but you will never see it completely: it is only assigned to the teacher.

      I call that commercial spirituality. After all, we have to do something for it and it is always fun to attend those meditative courses. We have started to love our spiritual exercises and it also gives a group feeling. Singing bowl here, incense there. And one is even further than the other; one has even more interesting woolly gossip than the other. The Pentecostal church in a different jacket. It has become a form of church play and people are willing to pay for it.

      The awareness of who we are and how reality works is easier to grasp than all that wooliness makes us think. They lead you a maze, where you feel that you have to get closer to the end point, but always have to pay for the arrow.

      • Martin Vrijland wrote:

        Noting that I myself have been sensitive for such theories for a while, because it is all so beautifully described on that parchment in the Nag Hammadi writings. But it is nothing more than yet another variant of the religious mind fuck associated with this simulation. Archons, jinn's, demons ..
        If you want to believe in energy parasites, you will get them offered in this simulation. If you want to believe that you can be filled with the holy spirit, you can get that confirmation in those rooms where they praise the Lord with their hands in the air and speak in tongues. Something for everyone in this game.

        Time to see through what it really is and who is at the buttons.

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