We cannot solve the problems in the world through thinking and talking, but in this way:

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Earlier I referred to a video from Roald Boom, which I personally do not know, but of which I watched a YouTube video before 1x. In the speech below (which I received), Roald comes close to the essence to my taste. He states that Einstein's statement 'We cannot solve a problem from the same level of thinking"should be changed to"We cannot solve a problem from the same level of consciousness". He expresses in an excellent and concise way what I have tried to clarify in my articles of recent years, where I first try to awaken the reader from their collective media hypnosis and then make the shift towards an essential level of consciousness. That is why I like to use his video here, to which I want to give some additions, so that you will hopefully see the picture completely.

Where does our universe and existence come from?

For a good understanding it is first useful to articulate the essence of our origin. I ask you to put your beliefs temporarily in the waiting room for a thought experiment. You may believe in a creative god or a big bang. There is a truth in both. First, let's make a hypothetical assumption; just for the exercise, so that I can come back to the 'creation' or 'big bang' belief systems. Let us assume that the origin of everything is the total flow of information from which everything has formed and that this total all-inclusive flow of information is the essence from which compaction has taken place. Let us say that it is a kind of sea of ​​all possibilities and potential that contains everything from matter to energy, to form and formlessness. A kind of stem cell of existence, the universe and all that is. That comparison with the stem cell is perhaps the best there is, because how is it possible that this stem cell in the human body indeed also contains all the information of virtually every part of the body. So what Roald Boom calls 'quantum field' in the video below, I would like to link to that term 'stem cell'. Remember this stem cell comparison when you watch the video.

Creation or big bang?

If we assume for a moment that from that stem cell of existence (I consciously call it not a universe, about which more so) form has formed, then the key question is still: "how did that stem cell arise?" So: "how did the all-inclusive data stream (the quantum field) originate from which everything has formed?"

In the model outlined here (the thought experiment) I assume for a moment that individual entities have formed (cells). Individual energy fields that in turn have the need to give more shape. Religion is in that sense close to the truth, because here is also spoken of gods, angels and demons (individual energy fields, forms, entities). For the sake of convenience, let's call this 'individual cells' or 'designers'. I am making big leaps here, but if we assume it will from the 'everything' (the 'all-inclusive source code', the 'source energy field' or the 'source of information flow', the 'quantum field') form arises, then the best comparison we have for this in our physical world is the stem cell.

Wanting to shape the all-embracing code within a stem cell is something we cannot contain, but it does happen. Cells start their design process with the information from the stem cell. We could therefore say that the all-encompassing 'source of information flow' is naturally inclined to give shape (to create). This all-encompassing flow of information is probably the essence of our existence. Deities or entities (at least: what we call so from our perception world) are then a result of that all-encompassing flow of information. These are already forms. These are already recognizable "cells" formed from the stem cell information flow.

To answer the question whether we live in a creation or in a universe formed by evolution, from the big bang, we have to take a look at quantum physics. The double-slit experiment by natural scientist Niels Bohr shook Einstein's work on the 'Theory Of Everything' (TOE) to its foundations. It even completely eroded Einstein's theories (such as the theory of locality and speed of light-as-the-border as a result of the quantum entanglement tests). Niels Bohr showed with the double slits experiment that an observer is needed to create matter. Before that, it is just an information package. This leads to the conclusion that we live in a simulative reality (where 'living in' is not actually a correct formulation), in which an external party is the perceiving player (in a multi-player simulation). The extensive substantiation of this conclusion can be found in this series of articles (see here en here).

Now if from this "stem cell" information flow (that which Roald Boom calls "the quantum field") "form" has formed, then we could call this "form" the creative cells that again started a process of creation (as in a body limbs and organs). So we could say that this one form entities form our consciousness. After the formless all-embracing data stream (the stem cell of existence, the quantum field), 'form' formed. We could call that very first 'form' 'consciousness' or 'soul' or 'entity'. All these words are polluted in the spiritual and religious movements, but let's just choose 'consciousness' for the sake of convenience shape that has formed. So first there was the 'everything' and then the consciousness. Consciousness is then an individual form formed from the stem cell. However, both are one because one is the result of the other, but the cell cannot form without the stem cell information (the all-inclusive data stream). Both therefore always exist simultaneously.

In this money night exercise we will make the leap to the need of the entity (consciousness / form) to give more form (to form organs). Now we know from our 'biological' material reality that bad cells can also form. If we look at the human body, it is not so perfect that we do not get sick. However, a virus can also be a test of the system and increase the resistance.

In our thought exercise, let us assume for a moment that our consciousness has been formed directly from the source code (the stem cell / quantum field) and that we therefore all come from an equivalent level, but all with a different mission. After all, in one body one cell has received the basic package of information from the stem cell to form an organ and the other a limb. We are therefore of an equivalent level, but not the same, because we have a different design mission.

If you have studied my articles about the simulation, I would like to point out that there seems to be one entity (a form of consciousness) that seems to have had the task of building a virus system. A kind of test system for the entire body that has formed from the stem cell. This Luciferian form of consciousness has built a (virus) simulation. After all, quantum physics shows that we "live" in a simulation (perceive / play). In that case, Lucifer is the god (the builder) of this simulation. That explains both the creation story and the big bang theory to a greater or lesser extent. In the case of the big bang you can say that this was the moment when the simulation was switched on. "Poof!" Suddenly everything was there. The Creation Stories describe the layers that make up the simulation (first the light and dark, then heaven, earth, land, sea, and so on). The theory of evolution can be compared with the Sims who are in their Sims world (see here) seek out the origins of their existence and try to make historical analyzes from their Sims consciousness and perception.

If you study my articles, you can find out that we are in a door the form of consciousness (who is honored as "god" from our Sims reality and can be identified as) Lucifer built virus simulation life. You could also call it a test system; a virus system that is intended to test the other creative forms of consciousness (cells). We can recognize not only the quantum physics experiments that it is a simulation virus test system, but also the script and the duality. I explain that this important article (I really recommend that you read that article carefully).

The all-embracing information flow, the quantum field

Roald Boom calls this all-encompassing information flow (which we have compared to a stem cell for convenience) the quantum field. So after the quantum field comes the singularity. It contains the word 'single', which means 'individual'. If we look at the stem cell and how different singular cells with different tasks form in a body or in every biological form, then they are individual forms; individual entities that have formed from the quantum field (the stem cell information flow). At that level, one is no longer like the other. The one does have a different formation mission as the other. If the virus system of the simulation created by the Lucifer entity is intended to test the other cells for their strength, then we can find the code in the quantum field that can cause the virus to break down.

After all, we all originate from that all-encompassing data stream (the quantum field / the stem cell information stream). So if we try to solve the problems of the Sims simulation from the Sims experience or the avatar experience, we are thus changing the game from the inside. That is not possible. The builder of the simulation will always have ensured that 'the program' wins. Your thoughts and your brain are also part of your Sim in the game; your avatar in the simulation; your body perception. You are not your body: you are consciousness (the singularity form that originated from the stem cell information flow / quantum field). The only way to adjust or stop the simulation is to do this at program level. This therefore takes place at the singularity (individual / singular entity form) level, where all entity forms are equivalent but have a different mission. From that position we can tap on the basic information flow.

Virus control at consciousness level

You could also say that we don't have to worry about the problems in this simulation, were it not for the intention of a virus system: to overcome and repair it. Your body can also survive a virus attack. Your form of consciousness (soul or whatever you want to call it) can therefore also survive a virus attack. However, we think we should do that at Sims avatar level. Which think however, is itself a SIM level. It is part of that virus simulation. The victory of a virus system is done by attacking the virus cell. Not from the inside, but from the outside. The Lucifer form entity, whose task it was to test the other forms of consciousness for their strength and which built this virus simulation, must therefore be tackled at the entity level. So that happens at the level of consciousness.

If Roald Boom says that all forms are simultaneous, then this is entirely correct. Pull it into the picture of a Playstation game or the aforementioned Sims game. Let's assume that several consciousness entities (souls or whatever you want to call it) have been drawn into the Luciferian virus system. Who are the players of such a multi player game? Who are the players of a multi player Playstation or Sims game. These are the people who are looking at the screen with the controller on the couch. So your consciousness looks and plays along in this virus system simulation, but at the same time comes from the stem cell quantum field. You are still the consciousness and you are still in the quantum field. The essence of the solution of everything lies in the quantum field.

To put it more simply, the following imagery might be: If you make a typo on your screen, do you put typex on the screen, pick up an eraser, and try to erase the letters on your screen or change it at word processor level? So we have to find the solution in the quantum field. That is why I think the video below of Roald Boom is so important.


The use of the term "singularity" has been adopted by the currents of transhumanism and is being promoted by people like Google's technical chief Ray Kurzweil. This is the pitfall of the Luciferian virus simulation system, in which the way back to the singularity is promoted via the path of fusion with the virus. All of this must go through the fusion with AI and the gradual transformation of the human body avatar into cyborgs that must end up in the cloud with DNA and brain. My warning is therefore that we should not connect with this transhumanism and this false singularity, nor with religion, because we then link ourselves to the Luciferian virus system that wants to nestle itself in the quantum field. We can dismantle this Luciferian virus system from the level of consciousness, the pure singularity and the quantum field. So my advice is the same as that of Roald Boom: be still as much as possible and remember your form of consciousness.

I also note that 'the universe' is part of the Luciferian simulation experience (just like the angels, demons or jinns mentioned above: see here), but otherwise I love Roald's explanation.

For many readers, the above may be completely elusive. For the conscious souls, the penny probably falls.


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    Major global players in this AI agenda are idd Kurzweil, but also Eric Schmidt (Alphabet) and Peter Thiel. Figures to keep an eye on ...

    To arrive at the edge of the world's knowledge, seek out the most complex and sophisticated minds, put them in a room together, and have them ask each other the questions they are asking themselves.



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      interesting links salmon, just see where usual suspect Mengele Plasterk works ... Impatient / Mytommorows

      Early Access Programs 😀 wondering how many new nano particles are being tested

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    Thanks for this enlightening piece, another puzzle piece!

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