What can we do to solve our problems? Spooky action at a distance!

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The videos below provide a little insight into the concept of quantum entanglement. The English translation of this is quantum entangelment. If you watch the video below you may get a bit of a feeling about what that term means. The term quantum entanglement is useful to understand, because in my opinion it says a lot about our existence. In my my previous article I explained the double slits experiment. Watch the video below this link perhaps even a little bit to understand the experiment really well. In short, it means that what we perceive as our world and our universe (and matter itself) only materializes when it is observed. In the article I propose that the universe is a simulation.

To understand the concept of quantum entanglement, it is also necessary that you make some effort and that this effort is rewarded, because in my opinion it says a lot about who we are in essence. Watch the videos below carefully if you have time for them. You do not do this in 5 minutes between companies at work. For this article you have to take the time.

In the last video is told what 'spin' (tollen) is. A particle that is measured appears to have a certain spin. It seems that the researchers who use this test have already forgotten that a particle only materializes when it is observed. The film speaks about creating particles from nothing. What the presenter is referring to is actually the application of the double slits experiment, in which electrons only start to behave as particles as soon as they are observed. That moment of observation is defined in the 2e movie, as it were, as the moment that matter is created. And if you shoot an electron on the double slot, it is actually a wave motion. Only through perception does it materialize. Until that time, "the electron" moves through the two openings as wave movement. That is why you see Leo Kouwenhoven on 4: 57 min. In the video below also talk about following two paths of an electron. He actually describes the double slits experiment and the phenomenon that an electron passes through the two gaps as a vibration, is then defined as superposition.

In fact, it means that scientists still can not contain or explain the principle of quantum entanglement and superposition. Quantum entanglement is actually an effect that only occurs with observation. In my view it is logical that science can not explain the phenomenon, because there is no realization that the real observer is outside the 'screen' or outside of this simulation. So you can not explain a phenomenon that occurs in the simulation with the laws of nature that apply within that simulation. What scientists like Leo Kouwenhoven do is not so much explaining the phenomenon, but trying to find practical applications for it.

It is not surprising that Einstein called the phenomenon of quantum entanglement 'spooky action at a distance'. He could not explain it within the set of natural laws where the speed of light forms the boundary, as it were.

If there is a simulation, then within that simulation the laws that the simulation is attributed by the writer of the source code. If you set up a Playstation Game, you can sometimes end up in a game, where you can suddenly make huge leaps. Your avatar in the game experiences different laws of nature than those that apply here in our universe. You can not explain to the avatar in the game that jumping so high is actually impossible. The gravity rules as we know them are different in his game. Gravity, speed of light and all laws of nature as we know it belong to the laws of our game. Only what we tend to forget is that the image only appears on the screen (our 3D perception only materializes) when we perceive it (that sounds illogical, but think of the double slits experiment).

Perhaps this is best illustrated when you watch the video below from the band Muse. It is an 3D video clip. When you start the clip, you can use the mouse to rotate the image 360 degrees. However, as soon as you look at one side, you do not see what happens on the other side. Within a game these images are generated by the software code. Also with a YouTube video it is code that flows via the internet and you are the viewer who "materializes" the image by the direction in which you wish to perceive. However, the code already determines what you are going to see, only you do not see all 360 degrees at the same time, because your observation is limited to the rectangular box on your screen or the field of vision of your eye lenses (in case of VR glasses).

If matter forms during observation, it means that the source code of the program ensures that this will always remain the same for every observer in the game.

If the quantum entanglement means that two particles take exactly the opposite tolling, it is because they are perceived from the other side, as it were, such as when you see the 2D presentation (on your screen) of an 3D film, you take the other perspective of the camera. can see if you move the mouse to 180 degrees from your current viewing angle; or as you operate your controller in a game to see the back of what your avatar should see in the game. Once you have looked at one side of your lens angle on your 2D screen and you would then rewind the same time in the video and the viewing direction turns exactly 180 degrees, you should always see the same thing. The code of the software has determined that the observation can no longer be changed. So suppose that you would turn the image upside down, then turning the 180 degrees to the other viewing position would also have to be the inverse. It is therefore the perception that can not be changed once the code has visualized itself in the virtual world, which explains the phenomenon of quantum entanglement. That is why one particle changes position when you turn the other particle around. Even if they are light years away from each other. The code has materialized from the software code (information) on the screen and it does not matter whether the 2 pixels are next to each other or are located at different ends of the screen (proverbial: light years apart).

It is the software (the source code) of the simulation that makes the phenomenon of quantum entanglement necessary. Otherwise, every observation for each player in the game could deviate completely. If I hold an apple and you see a pear or I see that you are sitting on a chair, while you experience that you ride a horse, it becomes a very strange game. We are in a multi-player game, so the concept of quantum entanglement is nothing more than one requirement for unambiguous observation by the players. Compare this to an online multi player game from your Playstation. If all players have to see the same on their screen in order to play the game together, the source code of the software requires that the same information is "materialized" on all screens simultaneously on the TV screen. Our multi player soul game therefore requires that our souls perceive what has ever been observed by 1 of the players before. That is part of the source code of our simulation. And that is precisely the explanation of the phenomenon 'quantum entanglement'.

source: ytimg.com

The phenomenon 'superpositions' is the state in which not yet observed information is located before it is observed. So we have now (from the inside of this simulation) found out that matter can have a superposition. That is pretty clever in itself. The position in which all information can still unfold in the form of matter. It seems that all options can still unfold, but it is the first observation that the vibration (the flow of information) "collapses" into matter. And because the soul is the observer of this game and makes the choices from the position of the one with the controller in hand (from the outside), it is therefore the "operator of the controller" who determines which information materializes from that superposition ( the position in which all options are still available).

Compare that with the 3D movie from Muse you see here in the article or with an 3D game (on an 2D screen). All possibilities of view angles of view are already in the code, it is only you which side you send and which image "materializes" under your eyes. In the case of the 3D movie from Muse, it is about stored code that has been registered by a camera. In the case of a game, the image is built from the software source code. At the time of playing a Playstation game, you can for example pull the trigger of a weapon into the hands of your avatar. All possible options that can occur through this action are already fixed in the source code. It only materializes on your screen when you (the player) make the choice. That actually applies to the source code of the entire game. The basic set of rules has already been written by the team of programmers. You can only choose your avatars, choose your weapons, choose your running direction (jump, roll fall, stand up) and whatever you choose always takes care of what you see on the screen. The superposition is actually the position in which all possibilities are still open. Your "consciousness" or your soul chooses which option unfolds upon observation (after your choice). And because we are in a multi player game, the first observation determine the final status, so that the other players will do the same observation.

The understanding of the principle of superposition and quantum entanglement is therefore very decisive for the awareness of who we are and what we are in. Once we realize that we are the observers of this (simulative) 'reality', we also understand that everything that materializes in our game meets the set of basic rules associated with this game. If you were to write a game without gravity rules, you could fly into that game. That is then a piece of basic code belonging to the set of rules of the source code software of that game.

So once our soul observes unfold things on the basis of two basic rules:

  1. the source code that includes the set of basic rules
  2. the options as a result of what we choose (as you operate the controller in a Playstation game).

We can understand that the basic set of rules can be very decisive for the result within a game, if we have ever played a Playstation Game. You have to play a lot of hours to be able to maneuver reasonably through such a game. Our game also has a fairly extensive and complex set of source code - basic rules.

You could therefore call communication between the player of the game and his avatar within that game as the cause of the phenomenon of quantum entanglement. After all, it is the choice you make as a player with your controller, which determines the materialization of that code on your screen (within the basic set of source code of the game). Once materialized, the perception can no longer be changed and can also be perceived by others. Our soul is thus, as it were, on the 'superposition' side of the game. It can still make any choice within this game and choose the materialization of the perception within the basic set of rules of the game. However, it seems that this basic set of rules is not exactly simple and that it does not really make you happy. It is not an uplifting game.

In my previous article I explained that everything indicates that Lucifer is the builder of the basic set of rules of this simulation. From our superposition on the side of the observer (from which we can make any choice), 2 matters are therefore important to me:

  1. That we are going to realize who is at the controls
  2. That we are going to "hack" the game and rewrite it from the source code

Within the game we seem to be very limited and maybe even heavy to work against. That is best explained when the writer of the game (Lucifer) has all kinds of avatars in the game under his wing that make your avatar very difficult. You may even be prevented from being successful in this game. Part of the basic set (source code) seems to be the maxim 'Problem, Reaction Solution' to be. The game therefore seems to have been specifically written to always get us into trouble. Only those avatars who dedicate themselves to the builder of the game seem to be successful within the game. The solution is therefore outside the game.

From that 'superposition' position we can try to play the game better, but if the game is full of avatars that thwarts you and if the basic set of software determines that you can hardly win, then you might better decide the source code of the game. game hacking and adjusting. You can not rewrite the software of the game from the inside. An avatar in the game can not change the source code of the game. To do this, the player who is at the buttons must hack the software and adjust the source code. Your soul is the observer of this simulation, so your soul (who you actually are) can plug into the game and adjust the source code.

There is a reason that I believe that our soul is capable of this. For Lucifer has built this game in such a way that, through deception, he manages to get our soul to devote himself to his nefarious plan. He apparently needs the creative power of our soul for something. This indicates that we are capable of more than we seem to realize (from the avatar position in the game). It is therefore important to recognize our true capacities at soul level and to break open this virtual reality so that the souls who are still trapped in Lucifer's game can also discover that it is only perception; that they can discover their superposition status and not be used by Lucifer. In my view, everything we need to do is:

  1. to realize that we are observers in a (Luciferian) virtual reality
  2. realize that we are creators at soul level and that we are not inferior to Mr. Lucifer from that (original) level.

We are not lost and we do not need a savior. That is only the fear used within this game to manipulate us. We are already immortal and infinite. Everything we thought we knew was only part of the illusionary thoughts of our avatar in the game. Become aware of your super superposition.


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  1. Awakening Spirit wrote:

    Hi Martin, I just read your comment on the other article and also go through this article and it gets even clearer, wow! Thank you for that, I fully understand now. So what you are actually saying is that we (the avatar) have to let our "superposition" (or the player or our soul) know that this is a manipulated game? And if we do all of this, then that Enki's construct goes all the way to the kiten? Lol, that would be fun! Question, is it necessary that you do this with all of humanity or can you do this with a few? And what happens to you as an avatar if you deviate from the "standards" when you hack the software? Sorry for the many questions, but I'm inquisitive?

    As a matter of fact, if you follow your statement, the Soul Patching theory of Wes Penre will fall apart, since as an avatar you are a complete copy of your superposition. This makes sense!

    • Awakening Spirit wrote:

      And yes, I had read your comments on his channel, it is true that I ended up here ??

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Yes, to be honest, I'm not sure if it really matters whether the simulation is being dismantled in its entirety. If it is so childishly simple to be able to do it alone, it might have already succeeded. It may take quite some effort on the "other side" of the line. And yes, maybe we need something more than 1 soul that came to that realization. I do not know how complicated the code of this game is. So I do not have answers to all questions yet, but let's just start with the realization of what position we are in.

      Maybe Lucifer's plan to fully use the souls bottom-up in the original layer is not feasible at all and we do not worry about it in our original position. I mean; let's be honest: he must then be able to activate all those "observers" (who have started to identify themselves with the avatar in the game). It is perhaps possible to convince billions of souls within the game (as an avatar), but it is not said that this also means that the observers cooperate in his plan from that observing position. At most, in terms of logical reasoning, that is the only chance he has. So it is mainly about the realization of the superposition: the realization that your soul is the observer and does not depend on the results in this simulation. And whether attacking or adapting the simulation (called 'hacking' by me in the metaphor) is then also automatically unfolded. I can imagine that at least a few observing souls have already been activated.

      Imagine that you have an online Playstation Game with billions of participants who have become so involved in the game, that you have completely brainwashed them and have them on your hand. What would they do when they put off the VR glasses and suddenly discover that they are back in a different reality where Lucifer is nothing more than a smart programmer; a Ray Kurzweil nird of three high behind. Would they still dance to his pipes? This chance is of course present if you have made the simulation look so similar to the original that they hardly see the difference. And perhaps there is even talk of a game in a game in a game in a game (as is now being worked on augmented reality techniques in this illusion) with also several dimension layers in such a game itself, through which we increasingly distanced from our original. That does not seem to me excluded either.

      I think Lucifer probably has something more to the souls as long as he can make them forget who they are in their original from this game. That is why he needs so much transhumanism and singularity, because then he can hold the souls for longer. He can actually keep taking them "forever" and make sure they never put off those VR glasses anymore. Then he might be able to use their original from their position better for his nefarious plans. However, it remains a difficult strategy that he follows in my eyes.

      I suggest that we just throw a spanner in the works, but maybe we do not worry about anything and it is (that Luciferian plan) just an unfeasible plan that gets at most too many credits within this game.


    "The total angular momentum o the universe must stay constant" Every mathematical formula consists of constants! (https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiskundige_constante) The theory of relativity describes the speed of light in time (time is a variable "shadow of a moment").
    The theory of relativity is maintained by pseudo science!

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