What is true of the attack with death as a result of a pedophile in Assen?

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It was a very remarkable story in the media last Saturday. And especially like me this interview with mayor Marco Out on the website of the NOS looking back, a strong gut feeling of acting comes to the surface again. A pedophile who is beaten up by 5 men; who actually slap him to death. A four-year-old girl is supposed to be immoral in a playground, so you drum up all your friends to smash that pedophile together. Doesn't it sound credible? No, it doesn't sound like that.

I can imagine that if something like this happened, you would immediately slap it. You don't have to drum up four friends. Unless the pedophile was an MMA free fighter, but that seems to me to be somewhat out of line with expectations.

"What has happened now, how should I deal with it, what have I really seen?”Mayor Marco Out rattles a little too smoothly in the NOS interview. The agent who tells his story in the first video (see NOS article) is also very smooth in his talk and in the meantime we see how a tent is raised in the background, so that in fact nothing will be visible to local residents. In short: there is a good chance that we will again be dealing with a fake news production of the mainstream media. A monkey story story in the context of the maxim 'Problem, Reaction, Solution". How is that maxim then? Well, you create a (self-created) problem. Invites the reaction (via media and social media) among the people and ensures that everyone is indignant enough to then offer the solution. That is always new stricter legislation.

You already guessed what the new stricter legislation will be after the story from Assen: more protection for pedophiles, so that we do not smash them together. In any case, the pedophile will receive the victim status in this way and everything that you give a victim status, you want to secretly give an inviolability position. Just wait. I predict that it is coming soon.

Sorry, but it does not matter to me that your friends are drumming to beat up a pedophile. You can only do that as the first spontaneous reflex yourself. Friends are not going to help you beat someone to death, because friends will point you to the number of years you have to go through bars. Moreover, those friends now have to go behind bars and frankly I do not believe that such a spirit of sacrifice is so deeply rooted in the mentality of the average Dutch person. Everyone thinks of their own house, tree, beast, so you're not going to help a friend beat someone to death. We are once again witnessing one fake news production, with the actors you see in the films as the main characters. Shame on you!

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  1. Camera 2 wrote:

    Make / invent and hype a victim role, set the tone and the masses don't see a reason
    to believe that they are not going to come up with something like that.

    It is a shame that they have taken the video of Joris Truthseeker about the concrete cutter from the net, the
    truth cannot come to your mind.


  2. Gijs wrote:

    what is the difference that took place here or what happened to the helmet bottom that attacked the person who abused his daughter with a shovel and went into jail for a long time.
    He had warned the police, but he did not come, so he intervened.
    But yes you have a difference in justice.

  3. S0M30N3 wrote:

    Live in ashes yourself, just haven't heard of people from ashes themselves. Got an appie and then I found out ..

    Story was that it was first a pedo, ok then I think it's right. Now it is said again that it is the deaf and dumb martin .. if someone really died I don't know for sure, but with 5 man on 1 someone and then be told that they will be released on Sunday because there was no evidence of it abuse (beaten to death and then no proof? Hmm) ...

    Logic and clarity is not a thing of the police and media, but we already know that already ..

    Like other things, this is something everyone will forget in a month or 2 and then the new rules and laws are already pushed through .. usual shit but nobody cares!

    Kheb this from rtvdrenthe and axes news. NL

    Thanks again for your commitment again martin

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