When will the US pay climate tax on all those bombs they throw?

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It is too sad for words to see how the US continues to scatter its bombs with impunity while the world population under the false argument of "global warming due to too much CO2 in the atmosphere'is charged with high taxes. Full of pride the Telegraph this morning how the air force of the Combined Joint Task Force (which also includes the Netherlands) would bomb an island in Iraq with more than 40 tons of explosives. IS fighters would hide on the island.

We are probably here again witnessing your purest mess and propaganda fake news, to give the impression that there is still fighting against that self-created IS proxy army that was so desperately needed for the sham war in Syria. That war in Syria was necessary to sharpen the relationships on the stage of international contradictions between superpowers. You and I must continue to believe that countries fight each other, so that we continue to believe in the acting behind the master script that unfolds.

What is that 'master script' then? That script is based on polarity or, in other words, dualism. It is a script that follows religious prophecies, in which political leaders and their vassals steer the world toward a final major world war. That last world war must be about Jerusalem. Of course this will not happen immediately tomorrow, because once you begin to see through the script, you can discover that a large Islamic empire will first have to stand for this. My analysis has for years led to the conclusion that this is probably the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire is likely to have recovered in 2023, with Turkey's takeover of the EU in line with expectations. I advise you in that context this article read it thoroughly, because I extensively explain this expectation. The war in Syria provided the Turkish army with a nice training ground for all its new weapons and also showed how the first hairline cracks (or rather: cracks) showed up in the relationship between the US and Turkey.

IS was the self-created enemy that was needed for this war in which all kinds of new weaponry could be tested and where the signs of the master's script came to the surface. Turkey is the emerging world power and the US is the great Zionist empire in decline. It will probably not be long before American hegemony, which is mainly based on the dollar and military superiority, comes to an end. And while everyone focuses on the trade war between the US and China and a possible outcome of this into a physical war, Turkey gets the chance to mature its military-industrial complex while everyone watches the two fighting giants. The war in Syria gave Turkey, in addition to testing its combat power in Northern Syria, the weapon of 'the refugee crane', which could (and still can) put pressure on the EU.

In this article from Brandon Smit you can read back how the battle between the US and China is also part of the master script. All world powers work through the script of self-created wars and "hard contradictions in the visible field," secretly on the same agenda with the ultimate goal of a world government that will rise from the chaos of a final world war. The expected recovery of the Ottoman Empire, therefore, will be temporary and only contribute to the global chaos that will be created through this third world war.

The above statements can only be properly understood if you actually read the articles under the blue links.

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  1. Camera 2 wrote:

    It is sad but it is the norm and all that
    under the name Defense

    or also called Global security

    A decent cruise ship just uses 200 tons of fuel (= 200.000 liters) on a day, sometimes even more.
    You can see what an Aircraft carrier consumes per day, even if they are only slightly worn
    the practicing. see under the fleet and more



  2. Caesar Lion Cachet wrote:

    LS ...

    We just throw in a new calculation model and then everything is better. Then we have a new truth, reality or reality ... The choice is yours!

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