Who are the fighting yellow vests rioters in Paris? Video proof infiltrants

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source: scd.en.rfi.fr

For many it does not mean that governments organize their own resistance and can let it escalate. Those people may not have heard of the maxim before Problem, Reaction, Solution. On the following twitter messages you can see how, for example, a detainee is released after he says that he is one of them. The video below shows how a group of infiltrators is recognized and exasperated by other protesters.

Governments that want to introduce new legislation on a stricter police state sometimes benefit from an escalation process. In this way they create the problem themselves (increasing fuel prices) for which they can also provoke the reaction (yellow vests), so that they can introduce a solution that usually simply means 'more police state'.

In France it is not as tightly regulated as in the Netherlands with encapsulated demonstrations for which you must have a permit and you must keep to strict agreements. The people are even more rebellious than in the Netherlands. To achieve this, a self-created escalation is therefore an excellent method. But even if you see the images below, do you still believe that this is perhaps a minor accident and that the state really does not organize its own resistance? Do you bet that you think it's just logical that the police infiltrate? Do you want to bet that it is not the intention to provoke escalation through infiltrators with inviolability status?

Put on a pair of military civilian clothes and you have your self-created escalation. Of course you draw the sincere people who are inspired in the uprising and that is the intention. Problem, Reaction, Solution.


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  1. I find it terrible to have to conclude that people (including the police!) Lend themselves to such deception. Unfortunately, I have noticed by far the majority of my (former) colleagues that they prefer to keep an eye on it, rather than expressing it when they see injustice. This injustice is usually carried out by colleagues (mostly managers) who are only concerned with themselves ... and that is how the entire Western society works; the power lusts are serving the service at the expense of the masses.
    So if people do not believe that there are enough corrupt people to be found, that performs such plays in the street for a fee ... Sleep softly!

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      It is also terrible.
      People must first and foremost realize that the real resistance lies in not taking part in polarizing, not walking to the ballot box, simply not carrying out functions and tasks and not putting you at the service of the system.
      It is mainly the people in the daily jobs that help to maintain the system. You can get angry about the high fuel prices and putting on vests; you can also simply say: I will no longer carry out what is assigned to me; I will no longer patronize and control my fellow man by virtue of my function.
      But the latter is difficult, because as long as people set their own interests higher than the process and the system they contribute to themselves, nothing changes.

      • Martin Vrijland wrote:

        But the mentality of many is: "I need money and if I do not, there are others who take up work"
        Only when that mentality changes and people are no longer so narcissistic, but above all, to maintain the system because it simply pays nicely or becomes Inoffizieller Mitarbeiter because it yields a benefit; Only then will something change.
        I'm not really hopeful, because most people opt for the wallet.

        • Martin Vrijland wrote:

          "Yes, but you easily have dicks Vrijland. I have a family to maintain "
          No, I do not have dicks easily. I made that choice and, yes, I lost everything. But I prefer to live in poverty rather than being a coward who has to explain to my daughter later that I have not done anything to stop the police state. And yes, I do not see my daughter anymore and that has everything to do with my choice, but that is the sacrifice I have to make.
          People who opt for the short term do not see that they are building their own prison.

  2. Sun wrote:

    In particular, it is the civil servants who maintain the system with the police, the public prosecutor and the judiciary, ministries, etc. If they were pure, there would be more arrests within those organizations themselves. Now civil servants are being arrested, but that is inadequate and in particular those who can endanger the existence of these organizations themselves. As long as you do not do that as an official, you will soon get rid of crimes within the organization. After all, you know the punishable beats committed by your colleague and you know it from your colleague. You are also punishable if you work on this as an official.
    But yes, people who are pure on the degree they do not want within those organizations. Types of eye squeezing and assignments and especially those that are silent, with a flexible, opportunistic conscience, morality.
    The ordinary citizen knows that and is for this reason afraid of the official. In addition, the ordinary citizen also knows in the family and through 'friends' how the civil service 'functions'.

    • @Sun:
      The whole system was designed by the aristocracy to serve the agenda of the aristocracy. This entire system will therefore have to go into the trash, if mankind and everything that lives on earth can survive. Unfortunately, the conditionings are by far the most people so deeply rooted that they can not think outside of their conditioning. This means that they arrive with solutions that result from their conditioning and the aristocracy keeps on pulling the strings.

      Now I understand that as long as humanity is dormant, a revolution in the perception of the people is impossible. There can only be something positive, if the old systems are completely sidelined or that in some way the people wake up.

      • Sun wrote:

        Well, you call it the 'aristocracy', but yes with some research you know which club leads and arises from the 'aristocracy'. This has been going on for a long time, perhaps for centuries for thousands of years. I will not mention them because we do not live in a free country.

        The people are not sleeping, they know very well that society is rotten, but people use a cost and benefit analysis and continue to maintain and even protect this system!

        I do not see revolution as it is normally organized by those who control the system, always. Revolution comes out even better as a justification for justifying the police state. Passive resistance, non compliance is a good idea and that can change the system for the better, real change.

  3. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    And importantly, we will of course begin to see sounds in which George Soros is designated as the financier of the leftist rebels, just as Soros and the Democrats are behind the flow of refugees towards the Mexican border of the US.
    That can all be correct if we remember that this is simply part of the Hegelian game.

    Soros fulfills, as it were, the role Fetullah Gülen played for Turkey. If you manage to build up a controlled resistance, you can draw more power to yourself through the game of divide and conquer. So Soros is nothing more than a pawn of power.

  4. SalmonInClick wrote:

    I think that that homophile rothschild puppet macron does not really feel what the French people want and also show his reactions that he only puts oil on the fire. He is mistaken in the fact that if it comes to a confrontation with the state, its officials (police / army) will choose the side of the people. The people are now less than 20% behind macron and choose despite what happened in Paris for the so-called yellow vests, which in the meantime à la al-qaeda, have split into multiple groups. You will not stop this anymore.

    For everyone who knows some French (but French does not them ??

    • SalmonInClick wrote:

      the gendarmerie even listens to the people when they ask to remove the helmets.

      • Martin Vrijland wrote:

        If you give the people the impression that the resistance is working and even the gendarmerie side their side, you make the uprising even bigger, because you give more people the feeling that it starts to catch on. It is clearly the intention that this is very big out of control. And if something very big gets out of hand, you can intervene very hard.
        I expect the same process in the US soon, but of course with more violence, because there are still a lot of people walking around with firearms. That is why the border with Mexico must be hermetically sealed under the excuse of the refugees who want to cross the border. The so-called forthcoming "deep state" unmasking is only an illusion to give the people false hopes.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      I think it should give false hope ..
      Ordo ab chao

      • SalmonInClick wrote:

        that's what the leaders are hoping for, I'm curious to see how they sell their agenda now that everything is exposed ... whether it's the global warming hoax, which is just a tax on oxygen and a motive for raising taxes. Or the fueling of refugee flows through weather manipulation, wars, etc., so that boundaries fade and sovereignty should be given to a central body, think EU / UN ... people see through the game. The French are an honorable people, we call them arrogant because we do not understand the culture.

        I wonder what they conjure up out of the hat, support is not there

        • Martin Vrijland wrote:

          But you think seriously that the French population sees through all that? No of course not!
          Here too, the same applies as in the Netherlands that the right and left flanks are both checked and both only allow the information that is allowed to pass. Half disclosures with the goal of calling for change from above. The change does not come from above; not from a new government; the change only comes when people themselves become non-compliant.
          A revolution that is meant to plunge a country into chaos will help the totalitarian state even further in the saddle. Sorry, but I'm slightly more pessimistic (or maybe more realistic).

          That is why the images of the infiltrants that stir up the riots are so important. The revolution is self-created and needs a larger agenda.

          • SalmonInClick wrote:

            Of course the wick has been knowingly lit, the question is how far the French people will fall in this trap and whether macron will be supported by "his" forces. I personally think they have underestimated the situation ..

          • Martin Vrijland wrote:

            It does not necessarily have to be done, it can also be intended to completely throw Europe into chaos and give it a snowball effect in, for example, Germany and Italy (where the banks fall over). I do not exclude that it may even be intended to mask the upcoming unavoidable economic crash and to set the stage for a new strong leader to take over Europe. For example, think of someone with Ottoman ambitions.

          • SalmonInClick wrote:

            The discontent has not been stirred from one day to the next, this has been going on for years for years on the French railways and air france

          • Martin Vrijland wrote:

            That's why ... this is a well-directed process and the desired result will also be put in a well-directed position. Again: I have for a while predicted the takeover of Europe by our great friend Erdogan. Maybe it's a little early for that, but the threatening collapse of the American economy (which the media do not report) and the threatening collapse of Italian banks (which the media hardly pay any attention to), including this coordinated popular uprising, is a good breeding ground. for a radical change in Europe.

            Ordo ab Chao .. think of the Germany of the late '30 and think of the enormous military-industrial structure under Adolf. We now actually see similar processes as then. Europe is weakened and is a disgusted monster because of the (half-length) Brexit, Trump's termination of the Iran deal and the more money requirements for NATO (read: withdraw and break Europe) and all kinds of problems with banks (like in Italy). These riots are therefore a good cover for chaos. But it looks like a well-coordinated chaos that should serve the big agenda.

            So I say: keep an eye on Turkey. (But maybe it's just too early for that, I do not have a crystal clear glass ball). Turkey is the Germany of late 30 last century.

          • SalmonInClick wrote:

            I think the climax is still coming, but the chaos will be turned against the ruling establishment ... who already have new zealand and have bought other bunkers. History does not repeat itself, but it often rhymes ... once the mind is out of the bottle ..

          • Martin Vrijland wrote:

            That is because they are only in their place to play this chess game and so know the outcome. Keep an eye on Turkey.

          • SalmonInClick wrote:

          • SalmonInClick wrote:

            Erdogan is busy with his One Belt One Road projects and is now allied with the east, read China, Iran, Russia ... if the moment is there he will step out of NATO. The EU was doomed to failure from the outset, explains the Brexit voice of the English. It concerns sovereignty, control over the territory and territorial waters. Western Europe will be thrown into chaos, the one with the strongest defense will overcome the storm, France / England has a strong defense. I myself believe that Western Europe will submit to the East as a whole, in terms of economic dependence. The US is already withdrawing.

          • Martin Vrijland wrote:

            And this was in 2013 ... The Turkish economy has since grown considerably and its military industrial complex has grown exponentially; not talking about the intake of northern Syria (kick out the Americans) and bringing the Islamic world together.

          • SalmonInClick wrote:

            it is not only Erdogan, but the entire (former) communist East. The game is played much more sophisticated, the EU is the first step..Stasi agent Merkel and KGB'er Putin can agree " China is ready with the technology (NXP / Qualcomm)

            Energy supply is control ...
            I would say read the books by Anatoliy Golitsyn in collaboration with Christopher Story

            "In 1984, former KGB Major Anatoliy Golitsyn published a remarkable book, New Lies for Old, alleging that in the near future the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, working in collaboration with : 1) deceiving Western governments as to communism's long-range goal or overthrowing the "bourgeois" states, 2) attracting Western capital to revitalize the Soviet Union's ailing command economy, and 3 removing any justification for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization anti-Soviet military posture. Five years later, the ruling communist party in Poland invited "non" communists into the government and, in 1990, the ruling communist party in East Germany capitulated by uniting West Germany. The demise of the Soviet Bloc had supposedly begun.

            His predictions vindicated, in March 1989, Golitsyn submitted a memorandum to the US Central Intelligence Agency, further outlining the Soviet deception strategy in concert with the leaders of Red China. This and other memos were published in his second book, The Perestroika Deception (1995, 1998). "

          • Martin Vrijland wrote:

            I would say: "do not read books any more - they all send you a certain direction (mind control) - but listen to the truth that your soul / consciousness is presenting to you"

          • Martin Vrijland wrote:

            If we have to believe this message today, it seems that Macron has to bow and that the protest has gone a bit more out of hand than expected. Or will we soon hear that Russian interference was involved and a color revolution was started by the Russian secret service? How crazy is it going to be?


  5. ClairVoyance wrote:

    Infiltrators at the yellow vests protesters? Oops, now the conspiracy deniers are standing with a mouth full of teeth.
    This will go through the French community like a running fire. Now hope for a hefty lynch party. That would only be revolutionary.

  6. ClairVoyance wrote:

    Still remarkable that the French rulers do not use this gadget ....

    • ClairVoyance wrote:

      The Active Denial System is also a form of a DEW. (Direct Energy Weapon)
      If microwaves are used as weapons and you accidentally wear wet clothes because of sprinklers, you're going to jump from very high, say 110 floors. But that aside.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Exactly that is exactly what I also wondered. Those water cannons and pepper spray can already go to the scrap.

  7. Sun wrote:

    If I have understood correctly, the yellow vests will be demonstrating Saturday ash again perhaps more than
    100.000 man. It is hoped that the real yellow vests
    peacefully demonstrating and not going along with the many agent provocateurs who will be among the disguised yellow vests. These are only out for chaos and violence
    to justify violent behavior towards the real yellow vests. Is not Macron the one who wants a European army? It would be handy for him soldiers from other European countries who tackle the real yellow vests so that loyalty problems with his 'security forces' will never be an issue.

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