Who created Lucifer and what are demons, jinns or archons in the simulation model?

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Especially from people with a Christian or Islamic life vision, I often get the question: If, in your opinion, the universe created a Luciferian simulation, who created Lucifer and what about demons, djinns, archons? I would like to explain this in more detail in this article and I will also talk about 'star beings' or other experiences like UFO observations. Hopefully after reading this article everything will be completely clear for you.

In this context I would like to ask you to put on the VR glasses for now. I'd rather ask you to make the leap to Elon Musk's company Neuralink, that wants to bring your brain online. For the sake of simplicity, let's assume that within the next few decades, all sensory perceptions that we now experience through our old-fashioned eyes, ears, nose and "feelers", will then communicate directly with the brain. So an AI (artificial intelligent) program is then, for example, capable of projecting a 3 dimensional image of your environment directly into the visual center of your brain; those for which we now need VR glasses that projects the light in our eyes, which is translated into an image by our visual center. Imagine the program being capable of making you pick up smells, and letting you experience touch. Perhaps you can even experience gravity. Is it possible in such a simulation that you will identify yourself with the world projected directly into your brain? Also assume that it is a multiplayer game. Wouldn't it be quite a game in which you tend to lose yourself?

In such a situation you could say that you think you live in the game. But in reality you live outside the game and the virtual world is only built up through projection in your brain. Your original self may be on a bed or in an office chair. That world, the one in which your body is physically located, is then viewed from the gaming experience higher dimension.

We go one step further: Imagine you decide to hang your original body on a kind of drip and all your fellow players do this too. You decide to stay in the game for years. The nice thing is that within the game time runs much faster. You may experience 10 years in 1 day in the game, but experience this as 10 year from the game. All of your fellow players do the same and get an infusion, so they are fed and can eat without food and water for days on end. Before you know it 100 years have passed in the game and you have experienced the most amazing adventures. Note: it remains a thought exercise to explain things in more detail.

Imagine you are in the game at the moment that a brilliant technological development is emerging, namely that where the internet in this game is developed and you can communicate with each other via super beautiful i-Phones. There is even a development going on in the game that there is a big company that can build virtual reality worlds; a kind of online games. You decide to do the same in your game as you have already done from your original situation. This game contains all sorts of spiritual creatures that can frighten you, but there are also angels and there are sometimes objects floating through the sky from which blue men step out to kidnap you. You find the new game frightening and you decide not to play it. You just took a look through your brain connection (from your avatar in that game).

So if you decide to take a look at the game that was built within the simulation you were already sitting in (while you are on the infusion with your original body), your original body is 2 dimensions higher. From that game your avatar seems to have had a spiritual experience and to have observed beings that you did not know existed. However, you have experienced them so lifelike that it has frightened you.

What if you stepped into your game from your original body (using the infusion) and the avatar in this game already has a built-in neurological link with all kinds of games that also run in that game. So in that game there were all kinds of games, but you can only see them after some effort, so the brain connection in your avatar is activated. And what if you can activate neurological brain connections in all kinds of efforts like meditation or drinking an African carrot juice, so that you suddenly project new augmented reality into your (avatar) brain? Then you suddenly discover that there are all kinds of extra dimensions in that game. Wow! This is a great virtual world! You do not want to leave!

I hope you have been able to follow me so far. Furthermore, I'm not going to, because I was mainly concerned with explaining the concept of dimensions. A dimension is therefore nothing more than the result of a virtual world within a virtual world. We write a new definition for the concept dimension (as is often used in spiritual reading):

A dimension is the result of a virtual world within a virtual world

We then come to the question as stated during the introduction of this article: If, in your opinion, the universe is a Luciferian simulation, who created Lucifer and what about demons, jinns, archons. We can not really get any further than forensic research so far leads, namely that all signals indicate that Lucifer is the builder of the current multi-dimensional simulation. Although many researchers and belief systems speak of a reincarnation cycle and a species Between Life Area (BLA), where the soul is caught after death and then incarnated back into a human body, we could also say that the life experience as a human being is simply a game in that (BLA) game. However, if we are to believe the religious scriptures, Satan is a fallen angel of the original creator. Often the name Lucifer is confused with Satan. Lucifer is the one who is worshiped by the group of elitists who have united in secret societies. Lucifer seems to be the builder of this simulation. The god / Satan concept belongs to this simulation and the heaven versus hell concept is also part of this. That would therefore also be simulative dimensions in that perspective.

You could therefore say that all experiences such as those of demonic or archontic forces, but also those of aliens and UFOs can be inserted in a simulation (by the programmer). However, they can also be 'looks in another simulation', by activating the neurological connection with another simulation (within a simulation). In short, if we identify that we are living in a Luciferian simulation (based on fear and the maxim Problem, Reaction, Solution), it should not come as a surprise that these demonic experiences or other experiences (aliens, UFOs, etc.) are also a simulation.

The question who Lucifer himself then created and how he was so brilliant to build this universe simulation, we can actually answer from our original self. And because we materialize this universe through our perception (from our soul), the answer lies there. Do you think that remains vague? I understand that, but I would say: to be continued.

What if the pineal gland of your current avatar makes the neurological connection with others virtual realities (or rather augmented realities): would you want to do an ayahuasca session with which this connection comes online? Perhaps meditation also works for your pineal gland.


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  1. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Think about this:

    So if you suffer from archonical / demonic experiences in your life, this is because the brain port (neuralink) of your bio-avatar within this simulation is triggered by fear to present another simulation as augmented reality to you.
    The same applies to UFO and alien observations.
    You will receive augmented reality presented in the avatar brain associated with the current simulation.

    Whoever sees through it understands what I am saying.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      It is 1 of Lucifer's tricks to give you within this simulation through fear to a belief system with which you are inclined to put your soul at the service of his authority in the disguise of a religious god figure (he himself in disguise) or spiritual path (that leads to devotion to his plan).

  2. frameworks wrote:


    Why do you assume that that other world (dimension) is better than the one we are in now? Perhaps that world is much worse than the problems we are now struggling with.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      You can also surrender to this simulation. Each his / her choice. I just do not want to sit in Lucifer's web and if it's not fun there, I'm going to tackle the problems again. If you are lazy or scared, choose the path of least resistance. Not me.

  3. Vitalinfo wrote:

    Finally articles about the essence of life. What a wonderful analysis about our existence as a human being.

    I am beginning to think more and more that there are only simulations. However, a simulation is an imitation. The question then is: 'what is being imitated?' There is probably an original world that is imitated. But what if that is also a simulation, of which this is then simulated again. It must have a beginning somewhere. Otherwise we can also throw the law of cause and effect overboard.

    I think that all creation (simulation) occurs from the knowledge. The word "know" is a very interesting word. Knowing is something different than understanding. Understanding is a mental activity that has to do with perception. If you know something then observation on what you know is unnecessary. This has led me to suspect that knowing is something that is separate from consciousness or perception.

    If everything is a simulation then the first simulation comes from knowing.

    Something to think about.


      A child starts to listen, then understand "knows" the child that Sinterklaas, Santa, Easter bunny and Stork do not exist! the child also loses his "rock-solid trust in his parents and goes to investigate himself and then comes to the conclusion that everything is an illusion.

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