Why does not Mark Rutte dare to come out of the closet for his homosexual nature?

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What many have probably been wondering for years is: Why does not Mark Rutte dare to come out of the closet for his homosexual nature? We live in a country and time in which homosexuality is almost up to standard and the LGBT propaganda you fly around the ears. There is nothing wrong with the fact that you prefer the same sex and almost daily we hear how homosexuals and lesbians no longer dare to kiss in public or dare to walk hand in hand. Why, then, does our minister not dare to openly declare president to be in favor of his or her sexual orientation? Is not that politically correct? Is the Netherlands worried that Turkey will definitely distance itself from the Netherlands? In 2014 Jan Roos van Geenstijl already stated that Mark Rutte would have a relationship with a man. Jan Roos said [quote] "That has been confirmed to me personally, it is official. Are we the first country with a homosexual prime minister ... Oh no, Iceland is already ahead of us". My personal opinion is that you can not live in a country where children in school have to learn that they can choose their sex, if the prime minister is hiding or is ashamed of his or her sexual orientation.

De Telegraaf reported on an initiative bill on 6 in August [quote] Sexual minorities such as transgender people need better protection. That's what D66, PvdA and GroenLinks say. They presented a proposal on Saturday to amend the legislation. There is more than a woman and a man. People who do not fit in the 'standard picture' still have a hard time, the three parties emphasize. They point to the approximately 85.000 people in the Netherlands with a so-called intersex condition. That is, for example, a girl without a uterus or a boy who gets breast growth in puberty. In addition, there are 50.000 transgenders. This involves, for example, someone who is a woman from a biological point of view, but who feels like a man.

D66, PvdA and GroenLinks want an explicit ban on discrimination against these 'intermediate forms'. According to the members of parliament Vera Bergkamp (D66), Keklik Yücel (PvdA) and Liesbeth van Tongeren (GL) everyone should be "visible" themselves, with legal protection. To make this possible, adjustments to the General Equal Treatment Act (Awgb) are necessary. For example, concepts such as gender identity must be included. In countries such as Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Malta, for example, transgender people are already mentioned in laws, which strengthens their social position. "Of course it is easier to think in terms of Adam or Eve, male or female, gay or straight, but the reality is more complex. People experience unnecessary tensions, exclusion and barriers by having the feeling that they have to meet the strict norm of man or woman ", according to the initiators.

Transgender Netwerk Nederland (TNN) is pleased with an initiative proposal from PvdA, D66 and GroenLinks, to better protect transgender people against discrimination. It concerns an amendment to the General Equal Treatment Act. Transgender can not yet be brought forward as a ground on which a person is discriminated against. The three parties want to change that. And that will "enormously help the fight against discrimination against transgender people", says TNN chair Corrie van Dun on Saturday. According to TNN, the next step must be to change the penal code so that transgendered victims of violence can from now on invoke discrimination as a motive in their declaration.

In fact, such legislation means that in the near future you will no longer be allowed to speak of 'man' or 'woman', where it concerns a partner or where it concerns gender. Where we go, worldwide, is that every person gets a gender neutral status at birth and the choice for the sex has to be made later. Children must be programmed to receive the picture at an early age through information in primary school that they are not 'young' or 'young', but that this is a choice they still have to make. Children can thus become despaired about what they thought was something natural, namely their gender. "I was born as a girl after all? I see that I do not have a male genitals? I can see that I am starting to develop breasts in puberty?"That idea must be banned with the new bill. You can no longer laugh or ridicule. It must become the new standard to know 'I am not a man, I am not a woman; I am gender neutral and have to make a choice'. What psychological pressure must that bring to young children!

It is nice that LGBTs can feel so free in the Netherlands, but sad to realize that they are probably only used for a larger agenda. It is the agenda of the elite that seems to have to ensure destabilization within America and Europe. In fact, for both continents, the end of their dominant position is approaching. Although Thierry Baudet in this article on Geenstijl another great attempt to give democracy a final glimmer of hope, I am convinced that American power will collapse in the world. This will also collapse the power of Europe, because Europe was designed and built by America after the demolition work of the Second World War. The total picture of destabilization of the West has everything to do with weakening society. Movements such as Black Lives Matter in America, Pegida in Europe (which does not really want to get off the ground), the deliberately created refugee flows, the consciously implemented crisis and ensuring a growing LGTB movement, ensure that the foundations are under the Western building. becomes porous. And if the foundation is porous, you do not have to break the building brick by brick; then it automatically collapses with a big bang.

What does the LGTB agenda have to do with this? Well, it is a biological fact that reproduction does not fully follow standard biology in people with a sexual preference for the same sex. Propaganda and brainwashing through TV series for children and the like, the LGTB population group is growing. This ensures that you get a decrease in population growth. The direct the effect of more LGTBs in society is therefore population reduction. The indirect The effect of a growing group of LGTBs is of a similar nature to that of groups such as Pegida in Europe and Black Lives Matter in the US. You cause irritation between population groups. Or do you think the elite are not aware of the fact that homosexuality is forbidden in all major world religions? That is a subcutaneous field of tension that you can try to brush away through acceptance, stimulation or anti-discrimination laws, but the tension is only getting bigger. And that seems exactly the intention. That is why I find it pathetic for the nice and nice gay, lesbian and bisexual people who have celebrated so lavishly during the Gay Pride last weekend that they do not know that they are being abused for this agenda of consciously growing this tension. That is why I find it sad for the sympathetic and nice gay, lesbian and bisexual people that they have a prime minister who is gay and does not dare to come forward. We should also feel sorry for the refugees who are being hunted to Europe with a consciously created war in Syria. They are abused for the agenda of racial mixing and weakening of the original nationalities. They too can not do anything to have a different color and come from another country. This way LGTBs can not do anything about their nature. That has everything to do with biology, upbringing, culture, programming and all sorts of other factors, as I already agree this radio broadcast discussed in 2014.

We hear the media increasingly crying that we may have to be happy with the flow of refugees into Europe, because the aging population is increasing and too few children are being born. Was that perhaps one of the reasons to push the LGTB agenda like this? And there is a lot more to come. The latest bill is a harbinger of the change from natural reproduction to the state-regulated reproduction. The infertility of humans is secretly already being prepared by putting all kinds of substances in our drinking water. And I have not talked about vaccinations yet. As a result, more and more women have to take hormonal treatment and IVF is an increasingly applied solution to become pregnant. In addition, there is a huge push to homosexuality and transgender option (converting) to the attention. Children should already be given that option at primary school and learn that heterosexuality or your gender is not a natural standard, but only 'a choice you make'. And like Putin said "gays can not reproduce". What a terrible man, is not it, Putin! Well, there was also a pope who said something about it. Meanwhile, the pope Benedict, who has since resigned, is seen according to the Katholiek Nieuwsblad in 2013 [Quote] In a prophetic speech, Pope Benedict pointed out the agenda behind these developments: through a gender ideology, which denies that sexuality is part of a given order, a worldwide elite tries to introduce a new order, with which it is place assures its own dominance. Yes, such a pope can be better off than being rich; that reveals too much. He was the first pope ever to resign.

If the Netherlands is such a big champion of the LGTB agenda, then it is shameful to say that a minister refuses to openly proclaim his sexual orientation? Or is that because Mark Rutte knows what it is sinister plan behind the LGTB agenda? Mark Rutte, you are gay so just come out of a coward!

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  1. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Transgenderism is ultimately about central planning and centralized government, which is currently exploiting for that purpose. Transgenderism is the perfect vehicle for improving and growing the power of the state. As we cede our right to identify as biologically male or female - and this concession is an inherent, though stealth, demand or transgender laws and all SOGI laws - government will gain more raw power to regulate family relationships because it is now the power to decide what we are and are not.


    So if you as a parent think that your child is a boy and the state feels there are signs that the child wants something different, the state can take your child away. That is why this bill is dangerous. State interference in a sweet jacket.

  2. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Censorship always comes with the transgender territory. Always. Sustaining the illusions of the transgender project is a full-time job. This is why aggressive censorship and propaganda are such an inherent part of the transgender movement. It is a matter of privacy, personal identity, on language, personal relationships, and on reality itself. So it can not abide even a whisper or dissent. This is why freedom of conscience is so often a target, under the guise or anti-discrimination.

  3. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Well, there must of course come an answer ... "I'm not gay" ... little coward Mark!


  4. Camera wrote:

    You can say, do not worry about that, that propaganda for the rainbow.

    Okay, nothing to worry about but if you have to "over" every day to the super ....


  5. PasOpSmoking Prevents Brainwashing wrote:

    The 'rednecks' are not quite ready yet, I sometimes have the impression.
    There is still a lot of work to be done for the gay propagandists about there.

    bruno fight scene

  6. PasOpSmoking Prevents Brainwashing wrote:

    And the black community in the states is not really ready for it yet. ????

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