Why Luciferianism, witchcraft and transgederism become mainstream

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The documentary below gives a pretty good summary of how Luciferianism has become mainstream and is increasingly being pushed into the film and music industry, but also in series on Netflix. It would be useful to also take note of how subliminal programming works in everything that people think to observe through the eye, but actually passes the conscious thinking processes and is subliminal programmed into the brain. Why Luciferianism, witchcraft and transgenderism have everything to do with each other and we also increasingly see the push of gender neutral in the fashion industry, has everything to do with the new world religion and world government in the making. Where the script of world politics, the multinationals, banks and the fought wars are all still based on dualism and old belief systems, this will be transformed after the great religious end time battle . The differences in religions are still necessary for the same end-time prophetic realization of the script, but there comes a time when all religious movements will be merged into that which secretly has always been the supporting force: Luciferianism.

If you want to know more about why you see this much push towards the mainstream topics mentioned above, it is first and foremost useful to also take note of the subject that is also becoming more and more mainstream: the simulation theory. The mainstream version of this was mainly put on the map by a scientist Nick Bolstrom. The explanation given here on the website (see here and here) states that you and I are observing souls in a multi-player simulation. The explanation of Nick Bolstrom (taken over by Elon Musk) is in my opinion a misleading version that states that we live in a simulation of a future generation. Why is it so important to study this? Because then you get a better understanding of the nature of demonic entities, and that is useful in relation to the documentary below, in which it becomes clear that witchcraft and occultism in general, but also the entities of Luciferianism play an important role in this hype. If you learn to understand the simulation theory, you might discover that all these entities are part of the simulation, but then on a multidimensional level. I have tried to clarify this very specifically in this article. It is advisable to take note of this if you really want to go deeper into this subject.

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Luciferianism is just like the old dualistic belief systems a form of mind control, but then the dualism is actually erased. The God-Satan model must vanish. Not only dualism is meant to vanish, but every form of duality. That means that also the different sexes have to disappear. The main symbol of Luciferianism is the Baphomet buck. Also the rainbow plays a very important part (see here). Baphomet (see image) is in fact an hermaphroditic creature. Luciferianism wants us to believe that we can become god ourselves. That is very important for the next phase in the "evolution" of mankind. For this self deification we must learn to address the higher entities through all kinds of forms of occultism, including the ever more popular witchcraft. Of course we must not learn to see that those "higher" entities are part of the simulation trap. What everything revolves around is that Luciferianism is part of the ultimate goal, wrapped up in a spiritual and religious jacket, namely the merger with AI (artificial intelligence). Once you realize that we are living in a simulation, you can start to discover that we are being sent in the direction of merging with the source code of the AI ​​in which we already live. The soul then fully becomes, as it were, the servant of the builder of this simulation, which I have identified here on the website as Lucifer.

Immortality from the major world religions also has everything to do with this. The new world religion will actually fulfill that immortality. It will also accomplish the illusion of the idea that we will be gods . All of this will be fulfilled through transhumanism and the connection of the human brain (and the body DNA) to the cloud. The promised Messiah of traditional religions will then descend from the sky (the cloud) and be perceived by everyone worldwide, because, whether we like it or not, everyone will have a brain connection with the internet in the near future. The 5G networks and the satellites - sent into space by the same man as the man who wants to connect our brain to the internet; Elon Musk - will enable this cloud-download in the visual spectrum of our brain.

I have often explained why transgenderism or the 'gender neutral' trend of today is pushed. That has not only to do with the regulation of procreation towards the state, but especially with the mentioned Luciferian hermaphrodite buck Baphomet and the removal of dualism. It also programs the world population in the mindset that 'transformation' of the human body will become quite normal. When governments will soon have everyone's DNA in their databases, the social media discussion ensured that vaccinations can be made compulsory by law, you actually have all the resources to transform every individual at DNA level from the cloud. The now known CRISPR-CAS search-and-edit method for rewriting DNA only requires a carrier virus to be injected into the bloodstream. So whenever you can vaccinate everyone by law and you have everyone's DNA profile, you can also adjust everyone's DNA. That does require tailored vaccines, but for that you have the general practitioners, hospitals or consultation centers. You can then also insert nano-bots into the body, so you can then not only rewrite genetic properties remotely, but also replace old biological cells for immortal nano-cells. We can then be transformed into android humans (hence the operating system of your smartphone has been called Android for years). The transformation of the human body begins with the transformation of the sex and will slowly move onto the transformation of the entire biology, so that we end up in the next stage: the transhuman.

That transhumanism is only an intermediate form. By that time our brain is already connected to the internet for a while and we can therefore experience things in the cloud. The Playstation games of today are peanuts with what will be possible by then. If you can stimulate every sensory perception directly in the brain, you can simulate touch, smell, hearing and all other perceptions. You can then build virtual realities that can no longer be distinguished from reality. So you can make the human become a creator of his own worlds. Do you recognize that? So you can become God. You can then become the God of your own virtual reality. Was that not also what Luciferianism wants us to believe; that we ourselves can become gods? It is all going to be 'reality'. The world of today is only a shadow of what will be possible by then. We will be able to have digital avatars (copies of ourselves), but also nano-technological built bodies. Traveling to Mars becomes a lot easier if you can simply upload your "awareness" with a laser beam and have your new body printed out there. Maybe now you will also begin to better understand all the expertises and industries that Elon Musk focuses on.

In fact, the above is perhaps quite attractive. Why not? Why would you not go along with that. It is not the question 'why', it is rather the question whether you will see through the dormant temptation. Today's day the youth knows Snapchat and Instagram. In fact, there is not being spoken in those messages anymore. It is mainly about taking a look at the real-time experience of your friends. That same youth will soon be able to do much more than that with a brain connection. The temptation will ensure that the step towards the brain connection can easily be taken. What could be more fun than sharing each other's dreams or just watch live through someone else's eyes? And if this same generation get (gender neutral) children (on order) and they want them to study, you obviously do not want such a little one get behind the rest of the class who can download all the data directly into the brain.

We are therefore not so far removed from the realization of Luciferianism, transgenderism and transhumanism. It has been estimated that we can already become transhuman around 2030. Perhaps we also experienced the messiah appearance from the cloud by then. And then the party actually really gets started. The then installed Luciferian world government will be wanting to suck the transhuman into the cloud even further. The ultimate goal is the complete rejection of the old biology. The ultimate goal is to merge with AI. But what is now really melting together with that AI? Once you see that the essence of who you are is actually the soul, then the ultimate goal of the builder of this simulation (Lucifer) is that your soul connects with its AI. It is therefore essential that you now learn to see the essence of your being and also to see that the propaganda of Luciferianism, occultism (as witchcraft) and transgenderism, are the precursor of the ultimate fall, in which the soul must be caught and fully (still voluntarily, but unaware of her position) at the service of Lucifer.

The ultimate goal is what Google's CEO Ray Kurzweil calls the Singularity. The singularity is the next step after all those transformations. The singularity wants people to merge with AI. If the soul is the observer in this (multi-player) simulation and is inclined to identify with the player in the game; and if that player is willing to transform and slowly associate himself with that AI, then the rabbit hole is even deeper when we go along with Luciferianism, transgenderism, transhumanism and the ultimate amalgamation with AI.

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  1. guppy wrote:

    If in a dualistic world everyone would do well then this world simply ceases to exist. This is why Lucifer has no interest in everyone being happy, healthy and free. If you slow down the speed of light, you get time, material and the world as we know it. Occult knowledge means that you know the formulas and laws for yourself and abuse for your own power. That the world leaders want to keep us stupid and want to set us up against each other is necessary to run this world. Your article is completely correct and if you think logically you see that everything is predicted well in advance (especially in religious books). The solution to win time for Lucifer and his auxiliary troops is indeed to build a new web with a world that is too good to be true. I believe that we now live in an underworld and that we have to go up. Not a layer higher so that we are still in the same web but a big part. We have all the time 😉

  2. Sun wrote:

    Ultimately, the usual suspects are pure power, total control, total slavery, etc. of the common people worldwide! That she is promoting sorcery and occultism
    because they want to suppress reason, normal thinking and the choice between good and evil. The good and the evil are the same for them, interchangeable, fused. We are governed by psychopathic psychotics. Where is the emergency exit here? Regime change please.

    • Why do you want to know this? wrote:

      I do not quite understand your request for regime change. If I look at the history of the past millennia, then there has not been a single regime that has brought something good for the soul of man.
      With that call for change, the responsibility is once again placed outside of ourselves, instead of asking ourselves who we really are.
      That makes me curious about what you think a regime would bring change and how you see it for you.

  3. Why do you want to know this? wrote:

    Quote from article: "You can then become the God of your own virtual reality."

    Funny, because of this sentence I have to think of a computer game that I played as a teenager. It was called "Black & White", a title that should no longer be allowed: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_%26_White_(video_game)
    It now becomes clear to me that there were very different underlying intentions in computer games such as these than simple entertainment ...

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