Why Michael Panhuis confessed to the murder of Anne Faber

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In yesterday's press conference it became clear that the police would have found the body of Anne Faber on the instructions of Michael Panhuis (What's in the name?). That automatically means that Michael must have made a confession. After all, you can not tell where the body is if you are not the perpetrator yourself. Does this fit in with the image we have received from Michael? He would be a psychopath who was able to seduce an employee of the clinic and enter into a relationship with it, allowing him to acquire more freedom. He would have talked about the ideal murder and apparently spent time devising ways of not being discovered. Why else would you want to commit the ideal murder? Do not want to do that right then NOT to be caught?

We are going now of course sounds to hear and see in the media, thereby confirming the image that Michael was a rape monster. But in the meantime he was also a clever manipulator who managed to seduce an employee of the clinic. You may wonder if Michael was intelligent or just a little stupid. The image of the manipulator who knows how to acquire more freedoms is quite important in this. We may wonder why someone who spoke to fellow residents about the ideal murder could be caught in 13 days. Did he not know about the existence of DNA research? Had he forgotten that he was in the DNA database of justice as a sex offender? Of course the story will be that Michael wanted to make a mistake with Anne's jacket, backpack and bicycle. But if you have thought about the ideal murder, that is a bit silly. You put something that you know in advance that will point to you based on your DNA. Or was not Michael so smart? Or are we not so smart and are we being fooled with acting?

What is the story that we can expect from the police and judiciary? That will be that they found DNA traces on Anne's garments. It will be possible that there were DNA traces of Anne in the trunk of the car that he borrowed from his mother. Maybe we will see some security camera images and hear witness reports. We can probably expect the story that something came out of phone data. It is then only extremely remarkable to mention that the country was sucked into a gigantic inflated search, while that phone poll could have happened on day 1 and the DNA match really did not happen. 5 days had to last! That is simply absurd. With the current legislation and technical means, the telephone tracks could also have been known within fifteen minutes. That does not have to be 13 days! Absurd. But we are going to hear everything and see that the story has to be credible. We were kept sweet with an unnecessary search, because the technique could have given us a much quicker answer. That alone makes the case extremely suspicious.

Anyone who has seen the film Wag de Dog can know how to make news. A psyop (psychological operation) may be intended to bring matters to the people by pressing that would normally encounter resistance. We now know that Nathan Fidder in addition to his job in the hospital actor used to be. We know that Anne worked for a theater company. You could therefore make it plausible that we are dealing with a psyop to push through new legislation. Legislation that makes it possible for everyone whose state decides that they have to undergo a psychiatric examination, can also be arrested for forced research. Then you have to stage a missing person and a murder by a psychopath and give the people the impression that this is because the perpetrator did not want a psychiatric investigation. If everyone is then impressed by the terrible (psyop) murder, you can simply push through the new legislation that regulates that. That this law will not only apply to the terrible (psyop) killer, but applies to everyone, of course you should not mention it.

If there is a psyop, then that is very difficult to prove. With the current technical means, you can even create a person who really does not exist. In the example below you can see how easy this can be with computer software. Just click on it this link, and find out how I can now have a live Skype conversation with you while you hear and see someone else's face and voice. The software of today is so advanced. So we can create people who do not exist. This way you can create entire social media profiles including photos and videos that are completely credible and give the impression that someone really exists. You can, as it were, create a non-existent person in the digital world. The social network you need for the credibility of the story is composed of compromised people who are likely to hear that they serve the country's interests when they take part in a psycho. But if that is too difficult, you can also give your protagonist a plastic surgical make and give a new life in South America or where ever. (Read more under the video)

Building a psyop is quite easy to do with the technical means of today. In the meantime, you have had a large database of compromised people on your list for years through education and agencies such as drama schools, so that you can work fine on a psyop that is intended to send the people a certain direction. With a reasonable bag of money and a few bribed souls, you are able to impose legislation on 17 million people that can never be reversed.

Michael Panhuis was the ideal perpetrator. Someone who liked raping young women, a staff member of the clinic and someone who thought about the perfect murder. He had the perfect profile for the new legislation; namely that he did not want to be psychologically examined. He can lend a hand to the abolition of the two third regulations concerning prisoners' leave and he has put us on a quest, so that the police 'Search Together' app can launch nicely. Who would not want to look for it again in the future? Michael was only a little stupid. He forgot that the DNA would lead to his arrest. Ah, he just does not find it a problem to be in prison. He knew that he would be caught. Yet? And because the police confronted him with the DNA proof, he only confessed where he had buried Anne, in order to obtain punishment reduction (or something like that). If it sounds too good to be true, it is probably!

Because all focus will now be placed on this "terrible killer" in the media, we neglect to think about why Anne had to make that bike tour so necessary. But that will probably have been thought about in this (probably) pysop. Maybe we can expect a story about a bad relationship between Anne and Nathan. Maybe the relationship was about breaking. Perhaps Anne had secret contact with that manipulative Michael. Maybe he had caught her during previous bike trips and did they secretly contact via social media? Perhaps that is the explanation for the unlikely and illogical choice of Anne to cycle against the dark and bad weather. We will see it. Everything will be pulled out of the closet to make this story credible and to keep it. In the meantime, the people are being played on the emotion, because it is so terrible for the next of kin. Well now; I have not seen the next of kin in the picture except an alleged uncle Hans, who would be a communication expert, but now not very communicative in his press statement. I have not seen any family with tears yet. But in a good psycho you also take care of well-directed emo-building. So you can expect a memorial site and a funeral or cremation and who knows, then we can see what alleged family and friends are in the picture and we also see some tears. Everything is possible.

You are disrespectful if you believe in the possibility of a psychopsy, because then you abuse the next of kin. Well, there is no victim, there is no perpetrator and there are no survivors. With a psyop you have been fooled to push through new legislation. And because the DNA match with Michael was far too late; because Anne's bike ride was completely illogical; because phone data could have been on the table within 15 minutes and because it was all so widely measured and hyped, I put my doubts about this case.

In the near future, you can happily detain someone like me. Then you can call the police and mention that you suspect that your neighbor is showing a bit of deviant behavior. They may then throw your neighbor into an isolation cell for several days under the watchful eye of a psychiatrist without giving any reason and without psychiatric indication and without the intervention of a public prosecutor or judge. Who can then conclude that the neighbor must be crazy, because he flies up against the walls of that isolation cell. Then the neighbor can get some medication and you will receive a flower from the local police officer within a week, thank you for being so alert to indicate that man with these deviant opinions. He turned out to be somewhat restless in the isolation cell. (Watch the video below and read continue here)

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  1. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Panhuis..The house of Pan?

    Who is Pan?
    Pan is the demonic pagan god or sexual perversion, pedophilia and rape he's also portrayed roaming through the forests, penis erect, drunk and lascivious, frolicking with nymphs and piping his way through the wild. We might say it is the lower nature of man, its animal side. The attributes or symbols associated with Pan trees, pastures, umbrella, phallus and the flute (also called Pan flute). He is depicted with goat's feet and two horns, and wearing a lynx pelt.


    Pan = Baphomet in Freemasonry

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      So the name Panhuis is a reference to Freemasonry (House of Pan, House of Baphomet);
      The color code black and white is a reference to freemasonry (case i-Phone 5 Anne, tie prosecutor during press conference);
      The mention of the 'triangle' during the press conference is a reference to freemasonry

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      The find after 13 days (I had frankly predicted the 13e on Friday), is also a reference to Masons (Freemasonry).
      It is a reference to the Masonic M just like the apron worn by the Freemasons (which is the same symbol as the G-mail logo).
      The number 13 therefore also refers to Freemasonry; to the 13e letter in the alphabet M.


      • SandinG wrote:

        MUST SEE BBC documentary from 1989 that explains how convicted criminals, judges, chief officers can be members of the same lodge with demonstrable evidence. This plays (de) in England and we have seen how people like Edward Heath (ex-premier), Jimmy Saville (BBC) etc. have been able to get away with very serious sexual offenses and even murder. And then such a Masonic network comes in handy.

        In retrospect, it is a very interesting documentary that shows that crime and justice literally come together and network.


  2. Observer wrote:

    Also striking:


    Of course under the motto "respect for the relatives", but I have never experienced anything like this in previous cases. Very strange, and certainly contributes to the theory that this is nothing more than a PsyOp.

    • Diewer wrote:

      In the same article: "In consultation with the municipality of Zeewolde, the so-called Butterfly Monument on the Kluunpad has been designated as the central memorial place for Faber." Also a well-known symbol in certain circles.

  3. Camera wrote:

    There may be searched in the name of the established order but not by the citizens who inhabit the country. Pauw and Matthijs the mass manipulators make opinion but are not neutral.

    We must all believe it, a neutral objective judgment of someone who has never read this site or is suspicious of authorities, this stinks on all sides.

    If you are not an interested party, you may not get access and learn nothing further, interested party will be rewarded with a Machiavelli prize in this country.

    Just to freshen up the location of the impossible suicide with a false autopsy report .. Anass Auoragh and the rubbish that was left there after mint research (so not)

  4. MuMu wrote:

    What is also striking is that there is actually nothing known about Anne's life. What kind of training did she do? What kind of work did she do? What was her profession?
    We only know that they often ride such a cycle route.
    You can read that she was at the Stedelijk Gymnasium in Nijmegen .... graduated in 2010. So she is already 7 years away.
    They are (after 7 years) shocked by this news. Yes.
    I can not find a Facebook account from her either.
    She came to Het Huis Utrecht a few months ago and on their FB account you can also see Anne standing on a few photos, waving, sitting at the table, or at the barbecue. But it does not go back more than 5 months ... And from her family members (except "Uncle Hans") you do not hear anything, indeed.
    Or am I looking wrong? Can also hear, but I do not think so.

  5. Jan wrote:

    Does not this say enough?

    Anne's colleague at "Het Huis"

    Jelle Kok
    Designs online and offline identities for authentic clients
    Jelle Kok AKV | St.Joost
    Amsterdam Area, Netherlands 368 368 connections


  6. Openyoureyes wrote:

    Everything is now focused on the "suspect" but who is the "victim"? Who is Anne Faber? Why is so little known about her? The whole of the Netherlands was looking for her, mourning en masse, but who knows her personally?
    Who are her parents? Her brothers or sisters? Friends, colleagues? I have followed this matter closely. In these two weeks I have not seen any family member or acquaintance of her. All I saw was a man at the press conference who says she is her uncle. This person did not come across as someone whose niece was murdered. Not much emotion.
    I also find her Facebook strange. Every so often it seems that things are finished and then there are some posts again. Posts from years ago, totally nothing personal, nothing from friends or family. Only some photos where comments are posted below. But they are not friends. I could not find any friends in her friends list, while her profile was first public, and now no longer. For someone who is so massively sought, and where so massively to be mourned, it is very remarkable to mention that nothing of her is known, except her name, where she worked and some pictures.

    Everything is suspicious, from the moment that she would have stepped on the bike. Everything is full of contradictions: she was so sensible, but which woman of 25 goes all alone without saying where she is going, making a huge bike ride when bad weather is coming?

    Why does she make so much effort to make a selfie in the rain? To convince her friend that she has been there? Why could not she just append it? Why did her friend not show any compassion when she only cycled there with very bad weather?
    From: "Do you think it wise to continue cycling? Where are you going? When are you coming back? It's so bad again, will I come and get you? "None of that.

    Then we must believe that he is a terrible psychopath who cares about the perfect murder in everyone? Why do you put a coat and bag in a bunch, which you know is going to be looked for? What are his tracks on, I assume? Then you will be caught like that? He stayed in the neighborhood.

    Then he would always be silent, so that psychological research was not possible, so no TBS.

    And then he suddenly tells that he knows where the body is and thus gives a confession.

    Where is her body then found? I have not seen a stretcher, nothing at all.

    As if she does not exist at all. I have a very weird underbelly feeling about it.

    This law in which people can be so locked up was already there for this matter. But now that this has happened, Anne has suddenly become a national symbol. The people are angry and want a petition en masse? And everyone wants this law to come, because of safety.

    Something that is too good to be worth is usually too.
    Something is not right here and yet the people have been massacred again. Find it frightening.

  7. SandinG wrote:

    Every year 40.000 people are missing in the Netherlands, what makes this case so exceptional?
    Why was this matter highlighted and discussed in detail by the media in cooperation with the state?

    Cui bono?


  8. Notis wrote:

    If you ask me, the police (k) Neanderland can best be forwarded immediately for TBS to Rijks Psychiatric Clinic: "Oranje toggle" somewhere in Nergenshuyzen. ????

  9. JorisTruth wrote:

    The filthy underbelly politics through which you get convinced, among other things, about the real purpose of this theater: https://www.petities24.com/annefaber

  10. Observer wrote:

    So according to the official timeline, an Anne Faber coat will be found on 3 October, with the DNA of MP on it now claimed. Only on Sunday 8 October he comes into the picture with the police. The question is: why did they stretch things like that?


  11. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Yesterday the number of 100 thousand visitors on 1 day was almost reached thanks to the bovestaad article in which I explain that the murder of Anne Faber is probably a psyopp with the aim to pass legislation that will apply to everyone. More and more people are starting to see the false game of police, state and media in spite of the fact that the people are overwhelmed with emotion-stimulating messages. So keep sharing this article!


  12. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Soon everyone will be able to stand 'at the disposal of the State' (TBS). For example, if your bicycle light does not work or your behavior does not like them. At TBS they can secure and treat you indefinitely. TBS is also not a punishment but a measure. And a measure can be imposed on everyone if the judge finds it necessary.


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