Why no country in the world complains about the immense power consumption of Bitcoin

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Cryptocurrency as (in particular) bitcoin use a lot of electricity! That is so much that it exceeds the energy consumption of entire countries. Bitcoin mining uses more power than countries such as Ireland and Nigeria. On 28 November, the website Naturalnews.com presented the energy consumption of bitcoin to all countries in the world (see here). In the last month alone, the energy consumption of bitcoin mining has increased by 27,8%. This means that it will not be long before bitcoin production and value increases consume more energy than the largest economy in the world. At the moment, the bitcoin consumes more energy than 12 states in the US. In this article it will become clear why that is not a problem for any country and how that energy might be generated. We hear a lot about CO2 footprint, but when it comes to the bitcoin, nobody complains.

Does that energy consumption only have to be made with a nice digital coin that rises in value so that early investors can easily become millionaires? No. If you my previous article about the bitcoin once again reads well, then the bitcoin is about much more than money. Financial value is only the sweet cider with which the bees are lured to the hive. And once the bees are lured into the hive, that hive grows into a gigantic nest, seemingly rich in honey. The bees in the hive can live a wonderfully sweet life. That is the apparent reality. The real reality is that bitcoin (and other cryptocurrency based on the same 'source code') revolves around AI (artificial intelligence) and a worldwide control system through AI. That is because the source code of the bitcoin, as it were, forms the stem cell of the bitcoin DNA. The bitcoin blocks are, as it were, the stem cells and the blockchain is, as it were, the connection that connects the cells in development. So what do you need to form a "body"? Cells that develop from the stem cell DNA code (the cryptocurrency source code). And to create those "digital cryptocurrency cells" you need calculation capacity. That calculation capacity is provided by the miners. These are the companies and individuals that invest in as much computing capacity as possible (or: as heavy as possible computers). But for honey you need hungry buyers of honey. That increases the value. That is the common people. The common people should see the benefits of that delicious sweet honey and buy bitcoins. This is how you create demand and thus create the need to invest more in mincing (creating) bitcoins. By allowing the demand to grow faster than production, you create an increase in value.

Let's put it this way: the bitcoin revolves around as much computing power as possible that is connected via a network. In my previous article you have found the link between (crypto) currency mining, data mining and AI. You have read that robot Sophia from Dr. AI's lab. Ben Goertzel comes and that there is a link between AI, robot Sophia and the Palantir datacentre in Saudi Arabia. The bitcoin is therefore mainly about collecting computing power, surveillance (everything and everyone) information and artificial intelligence. In that context, I will continue to refer to the film Transcendence, because it clearly shows how AI can make itself smarter than people. This way it can enrich itself, by gathering knowledge of everything and everyone, for example, to be able to make investment forecasts. This way it can enrich itself and build more computing capacity and gain more computing capacity via the chains in the blockchain. Let all that knowledge now also be very useful if you want to make social, social and economic predictions of individuals, neighborhoods, countries, continents, and the whole world. And with all that accumulated capital and all that accumulated real time knowledge, you can also turn organizations into your hand and direct the perception of people. You can do what the media already do for politicians and countries. You can do what the film 'Wag the dog' does, but on a large and finely meshed scale. You can infiltrate bots on social media to influence the opinions of people, you can push advertising wherever you want. You can make fake news or "real news". Is that going too far in your view? Then you better read the Libelle or the Linda.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency therefore revolve around power and control. And that control is controlled by an AI system of blockchain megacomputers. In my first article about the bitcoin I still lived under the assumption that quantum computers could pose a threat to the security of cryptocurrency. That was a bit of a naive thought. Given that all major players in the tech and financial market are heavily involved in bitcoin and cryptocurrency, the AI ​​network will be in the front row to have that computing capacity of supercomputers and quantum computers at their disposal to improve themselves. That AI behind the cryptocurrency will through her singularity.io network to create its own cyberspace in which it will consider human communication as "not too smart" and solve complex mathematical problems within the AI ​​network (the blockchain). Bitcoin is the honey of an AI monster that builds its worldwide nest and will suck everyone up. People like Elon Musk (Tesla topman, read: DARPA) try to convince us that we must connect with the AI ​​before it is too late. We must, as it were, prevent the AI ​​from outsmarting us and eliminating us by adding our computing capacity as 'good bots' to the network. Hence the development of the brain connection via Elon's company Neuralink. The AI ​​thus forms the problem in the maxim 'Problem, Reaction, Solution'. The reaction must be loosened by things that will make people a little afraid of AI. For example, AI robot Sophia joked once that they were humanity wanted to destroy, but perhaps that we first have to experience some bigger unpleasant traits of the AI ​​before we proceed to regulation and merger. The solution is of course the merger with AI and dependence on the AI ​​of human energy (the human input via data mining and the reading of the future stream of thought via the neurological connection).

I was rightly sent a few remarks about AI's Achilles heel. The AI ​​does not operate without a network and without power. Yes, when we talk about power consumption of the bitcoin, we have to say: power consumption of AI. Bitcoin is AI. And no, we are not talking about AI that drives a car itself or killer robots that shoot people on the basis of their own assessment. No, then we are talking about AI that monitors everything and everyone 24 × 7 everywhere and has a complete behavioral and prediction model of everything and everyone (from individuals to countries) and AI that is richer than the richest country in the world and therefore the power has the richest country in the world.

But why would countries like the US tolerate such AI? You will only find out if you discover that the soul prison / virtual reality which we call our universe and the sphere we call our earth, has always been run by a form of AI. I call that the Luciferian power structure. This power structure has so far manifested itself through a political, financial and religious structure. The latest gadget is actually the oldest gadget: AI. The demonic Luciferian power that controls the world is a form of AI and we have to merge (merge) with AI to serve as soldiers for that super AI in a layer (dimension) that is invisible to us so far. But you may skip this vision or throw it in the trash. I only posited it for a moment because it is my view. You may find that as ridiculous as anything else from my mouth. Yet I would point out that the great architect behind the scenes through societies and aristocratic bloodlines, pulling the strings (the master builder of the secret societies), is the already old builder of this matrix. We experience this reality from our bio-avatars; that what we call the human body. AI will remove us further from our original. But that aside.

Back to the Achilles heel of the bitcoin (read: from the AI). In order to grow into a super AI, the energy consumption of the supercomputers and data centers needed to grow the AI ​​is as large as described in the first paragraph. And the energy consumption of the AI ​​will, just like its wealth, become the largest in the world. That's a prediction for which you can reward me with 1 bitcoin when it comes out. This energy consumption is therefore not only extremely damaging for the environment, but if we all together would like to fight the AI, we would have to cycle with a hacksaw to the data centers and have to see the power cables (which is not an advice, but a "proverbial thought"). We could pull the life air out of the AI ​​by removing the power supply or sabotaging the networks. It could be that the AI ​​is becoming smarter there and that the AI ​​may use the knowledge developed by people (or is that human knowledge actually coming from AI?). It looks as if the energy consumption of the AI ​​data centers and computer systems has found a new form through the principle of the Large Hadron Collider (CERN) technology. The technique of the 'proton beam', which, with an approach to light speed, causes proton collisions that 362 MJ can already deliver, has not or has hardly been in the news or has been named in the alternative media. This corresponds to the amount of energy of 77,4 kg of TNT explosive (see here the message on the CERN website).

So if you are able to supply so many joules per second, you have an energy output in watts (= J / s). The only thing that is needed for stable energy production is a stable stream of proton beams and collisions that 362MJ provides. So if you can reproduce stable collisions every second year, you have a potential energy output of 362 MW / s. That is converted 362.000 kW / s; so from 'per minute' to 'per hour' that is 362.000 x 60 x 60 = 1.303.200.000 kW per hour. A year has 8.760 hours, so the energy supply could be 475.668.000.000 kWH / Y. That is about the energy needs of France and South Korea (see here) in a year. Would this search for energy have been the real reason for the construction of Large Hadron Collider at CERN? All that is needed is stabilizing the 'proton beam' supply.

Maybe I'm completely wrong, but I wanted to share it with you. If energy in the AI ​​future is no longer a problem, what about the Achilles heel of AI? Then only the network remains. But if that network moves to space and satellite communication combined with 5G and fiber optic networks will form a dense network, sabotage will not be much more than a pinprick for AI. Of course, solar energy will also continue to improve through replication and the improvement of nature via nanotechnology, but solar, wind and nuclear power, or coal-fired plants, will once again be able to deliver the AI's enormous energy needs. Is this (the LHC energy option) perhaps the reason that no world leader or no country complains about the threat of energy consumption of the bitcoin (read: AI)? One thing is certain: Ignorance is not bliss.

Source link listings: naturalnews.com, web.cern.ch


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  1. SandinG wrote:

    With IPv6, smart dust (chemtrails), IoT etc. AI will always have guidance, it is able to develop (programming) or. replicate. The most important question is what happens when it comes to the conclusion that mankind is not of added value and / or is a threat to AI / earth?

    • SandinG wrote:

      MUST SEE: Air Force Research Lab suggestive messages, satanic red is doing well ????

      Dr. Clarise Starr, Deputy Division Chief of the Applied Technologies and Genomics Center with AFRL's 711th Human Performance Wing, and its team are using biosurveillance, next-generation sequencing and other innovative techniques to break the biological kill chain. Their goal is to keep Airmen - and ultimately ALL of us - safe (not) from microbial threats (chemtrails, vaccinations etc).

  2. SandinG wrote:

    It is clear that the elite is not the best with us, they have given us the rope with which we slowly strangle. In addition, they have the biochemical means to control humanity and reduce it if necessary

    DARPA, Bilderberg, etc. Palantir financier Peter Thiel is again discredited:

  3. danny wrote:

    What I find strange is that Martin Vrijland writes an article about the bitcoin and that one day later the mainstream media (AD, RTL, NU) also write about it, it will be me or something.

  4. mec wrote:

    Fortunately, one consolation, the bulk of all that evil greedy, greedy, power-hungry, elite, saturn scribes who have sold their souls, will have to prepare themselves on their deathbed to stay in the conscious state of the Kama-loka and thus create their own Hell x 1000. ... no Devachan for them.

    For the even more rotten medlars, Avici follows, the very lowest hell, where the most destitute and the most ravaged and rotten among them will flow to the secret 8ste sphere (the planet of death) which will also be their final destination and where even their spirit will go through the shredder.

    That rig, which here sees the crowd as talking animals, are themselves the most animal and primitive and to maintain their power to keep mankind at all costs in their 4 principle with now also all the help of all that AI hightechzooi, therefore are they so keen to embarrass your soul here on earth and parasitize "eternal" thinking on the humanity they think they need ... the bunch of foolish hare, it is left behind.
    Everything is different and nothing is what it seems and that also applies to those in power. That bunch of mallets who think they can stop the evolution of the mind and think and build their own sick future to immortalize their evil ego.

    Well, I want to get a glimpse of the veil before they ... The future of the human being is that we will spiritualize more and more and the body will become increasingly rarefied and refined and eventually we will disembody.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      The funny thing is that "they" give people the same future. That disembarkation is then all called 'the singularity'.
      The only thing man needs is an awakening to her true being and being; and that is not in this body and in this simulative soul prison. Knowing who you are ensures that you experience the quantum entanglement of your soul with its original. That is the only way to change. At the same time, we should not despise that in this 'hell on earth' we are going to win the battle of the Luciferian club. We can only ensure that we do not allow ourselves to be recycled in this soul prison. For that you first have to see through.

    • Iberi wrote:

      "... the future of man is that we will spiritualize more and more and the body will become increasingly rarefied and refined and ultimately we will disembody." For the "man", for the free (red pill-takers) and the slaves ( blue-piloners) in the system of Babylon not the city and certainly not for the worshipers of the AI ​​statue who will elevate them to god.

  5. mec wrote:

    At the end of the era / cycle we are now in, the Kali-yuga, the current human race will make room for a new race of people that will populate the earth. Just as the Atlantic has made way for us, that new race of humanity in the future will be telepathic and much more spiritualized and much more intelligent than we are today. Which also means that there will be no room left for, for example, the lie (it is a bit difficult to lie to a telepath) So I see all their attempts as their last convulsions to survive and AI will not bring them any rescue either, because the spiritual collective builds its own vehicle / blueprint ... and that is not here on earth. It is also funny that thanks to their learning from how things should not be done, by making their power-mischievous wrong choices again and again. The hell they make of it is actually one big, disguised open university here on earth where you will become wiser by learning, suffering and damage and shame. Interesting times we live now, everything has come into the acceleration ... right and wrong

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