Yolanthe Cabau and the police series DNA, a beautiful John de Mol production (just like the ANP news)

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source: televizier.nl

The question has been bothering me for a while: John de Mol is the largest scammer in the Netherlands? John de Mol is the owner of the ANP, the General Dutch Press Office and also of Talpa Network, so you start to wonder if he cannot use the same means for producing fake news as he uses for police series such as DNA to produce. Yolanthe Cabau can play a leading role in this brand new police series that again seems to meet all desired propaganda goals.

For years I have been writing that DNA is used as a magic word to create the impression that you can use it to solve murder cases, but that this propaganda is intended secretly to be able to set up national databases so that in the near future (among other things) genetic manipulation of the population becomes possible via 5G networks (see here). That is why propaganda around 'DNA as a magic tool' must be increased to such great heights. A police series that gives the impression that you can solve DNA murder cases is just as propagandistic as, for example, the Jos Brech case, in which suddenly after 20 years of DNA DNA was found on Nicky Verstappen's underpants. The word DNA must be programmed into your subconscious mind and what could be better than using an asterisk like Yolanthe for that? Finding DNA proves nothing at all and once your DNA is in a database, justice can even apply DNA to the crime scene to get you convicted. Your DNA can easily be copied in a lab (see here).

Another question I sometimes ask myself is: Could John de Mol really have earned his billions on TV productions alone or has the de Mol family played the lead role in fake news productions for years? After all, they have all possible means at their disposal, so it doesn't seem impossible to be able to rig a Heineken kidnapping with Peter R. de Vries in the leading role as "crime reporter" and the friends Cor van Hout, Willem Holleeder, Frans Meijer and Jan Boellaard as well-cast actors.

source: eenvandaag.avrotros.nl

Do you believe that Willem Holleeder's most recent trial with his sister Astrid as the newest actress in the firmament revolved around the terrible murders that were committed? What if it is all just soap and you are completely fooled. Has Holleeder not made an important contribution in a large show process in which the term 'crown witness' is normalized? Do you know what that means? The word says it all. The crown (justice on behalf of the crown) may itself put a witness forward. That witness is allowed even remain anonymous.

It would not surprise me if the de Mol family has earned their most money with fake news productions paid for from the tax pot and that Peter R. de Vries is the PsyOp (psychological operation) presenter who can massage it into the people. It would also not surprise me that many things that have been big in the media were simply fake news productions. Finally, all means are available in the studios of John de Mol (and that for decades).

source: wikipedia.org

Do you find it strange if I say that I have never believed the abduction of Freddy Heineken and his driver Ab Doderer? Has that not put the Heineken brand on the map worldwide? There has probably been no better marketing. The entire so-called Amsterdam Mafia scene never existed in my opinion. They are probably simply romantic stories in the context of 'Problem, Reaction, Solution". You always need a few big crooks to be able to implement more police status. Everything we know about it comes from the media. You know, from a press agency like that from John de Mol. And of course there are books about written and films or theater productions made about it. Or have they always been TV productions and have they always been theater?

The Holleeder process, for example, has shown how trial works with media and how less (or actually no) proof is needed for prosecution. The introduction and definitive sealing of conviction based on crown witnesses and the betrayal of family (without hard demonstrable physical evidence) creates the room for the justice system to get everyone behind bars for life. Justice just has to say to have an anonymous crown witness or justice just has to believe a story of a sister and the conviction is complete. Willem Holleeder and Peter R. de Vries have therefore played an important role in the realization of such new legislation and case law. Is the Holleeder process therefore such a long-winded process that has been spread out over years? That does get used to it and it also ensures that we have come to believe in the image of 'the heavy boys'. What did Joseph Goebbels say again? "If you make a big lie and repeat it often enough, everyone will believe it"

source: denhelderactueel.nl

Nor, for example, do I believe anything about the attack on artist Rob Scholte, who (according to an anonymous source) was eligible for leg amputations as a result of illness shortly before that attack. Could this moment have been used to stage an attack? How can a car bomb explode and can Scholte's legs be torn away while "his girlfriend" Micky Hoogendijk (who was sitting in the co-driver's seat) got away without scratches (but did have a miscarriage)?

If you let it sink in as well it sometimes seems to be quite incredible stories. They do, however, appeal to our imagination, because a serious NOS newsreader tells it in a neat suit and because you see images with it. But yes, John de Mol has enough cameras, people and resources to put things together.

source: sevendays.nl

Peter R. de Vries actually always has the leading role when it comes to major murder cases. He is the man who solved the Marianne Vaatstra murder case with the magic DNA. He is the man who massaged the Nicky Verstappen case into it with the people (with the magic DNA). He is actually the man behind all those big (PsyOp?) Cases: from Anne Faber to the Romy and Savannah case and all (DNA) productions that we could follow in the media. I call it productions, because after all, the bulk of the news comes from a news agency owned by our billionaire and TV producer John de Mol. Who then tells us with 100% certainty that we can trust all these stories? Who tells us that we have not been witnessing fake news for years? Ah, wait! The media will tell you. Matthijs van Nieuwkerk, Eva Jinek, Jeroen Pauw and many other opinion makers. After all, they make your opinion. "Trust us and all the fake news comes from Russia

I see Willem Holleeder wonderfully enjoying a cocktail with Cor van Hout, Willem Endstra and Theo van Gogh on the Waikiki islands. We think we know what is happening in the world, because our worldview is completely colored by newspapers, radio and TV. Social media discussions are meanwhile guarded by the state's perception managers-troll army, which should steer the discussion in the desired direction. Deepfake fake profiles (including a credible social network) can easily be set up for this. We know nothing at all. We think we know, but that thinking has been colored by a small group who are in charge of media and social media. The film 'Wag the dog'is child's play compared to what we see every day.

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  1. Masterly piece again! Thanks!

    Of course this is so .... I didn't even know that de Mol is already the owner of ANP.
    In my own Ask the Noses research, I know after a lot of fluff that this is the club that is behind everything. Heineken, for example, is besides a bastard of cheating with grandfather Petersen, from his mother's side Carla Breitenstein, an ask the nazi.

    Well you may think, so what, yuck, how silly. Were it not for me that I end up so incredibly often with these relationships when it comes to dark, terrible things that cannot tolerate the light, that it really has to be, this investigation.

    Heineken is also in the black book of Epstein ... so he also came to the island ..
    The police officer Klaas Wilting is of course also an ask the nose. You have to, because you don't trust anyone with these kinds of lies, except the most sneaky club the world has ever known.
    Holleeder is of course already known for its nose.

    Talpa has the symbol of the Kabbalah tree; the talmudic witch book full of manipulations that fully embraces this club. You can call them "Luciferians," "Cabal," or Sabbateans.
    I call them "fake jews." Are you right away from the anti-Semitism whining, which they incidentally have enforced.

    Grandpa de Mol also had a nose. But Linda and John, like Bil Gates, may have "updated" it; it stands out less.
    The practices of this club is so terrible that you cannot ignore it.
    In my research I came across all these names:

    Epstein was the rabbithole of the Askhenazies.
    Trotzky, Lenin, Stalin, Marx, Yeltsin, Putin, Bush, Clinton-Rodham, Obama (mother), Trump (jaja), Melanie, Netanyahu, Antony Weiner, Weinstein, Durtoux-case, Mossad, Issis, Cia, Mike Pompeo, Rothschilds, Hitler, Pope Francis, Zorreguieta, Windsors, Churchill, Beatrix and our 'Alfred Henry (Freddy) Heineken', his mother is an Ask. too, Carla Breinstein, Soros
    Einstein, Darwin, Steven Spielberg, Bill Gates, Glenn Close, Kissinger, Begin, Murdock, Dick Cheney, JP Morgan, Mussolini, Buzz Aldrin (Nasa fake moonlanding).
    Trudeau, Aldous Huxley, Charles and Jared Kushner, Jacky Kennedy, Appelbaum fam. (Who rewrote the false Bolshevik story after killing Solshenytsyn), Darwin, Queen Elizabeth, Al Gore,
    Maxwell (Robert of 'the mirror', and Gishlaine), Zimbardo (false standfortrison experiment), Fam. Kravis, owners of Macron and Bilderberg, 5G pusher (FDA) Brad Gillen, Richard Branson, Boris Johnson, May, Thatcher, Sarkozy, Rockefellers, Julie Gerberding (CEO Merck), Robert Gallo creator of Aids,
    Politicians in the Netherlands; Cohen, Asscher, Kok, Klaver, van Agt, Timmermans, Deijsselbloem, Schippers, Demmink, Hiddema, Peter R. de Vries, Juan Guaido (Venezuela) Jair Bolsonaro (Brasil), Zorreguieta (father M.), Victoria Nuland (Kagan family, destroyed Ukraine), Timmermans, Juncker (EU) Nixon, Rockefeller, the Bolsheviks ... etc. etc.

    In short, enough to really worry about. Very difficult to substantiate all; eventually succeed. But they are masters in the art of manipulation.
    Within Talpa you see Gordon, Albert Verlinde, CEO Peter de Mönnink, Jan Versteeghe etc. and last but not least Lil Kleine, who called his daughter 'Zion'.

    A separate discovery is that Cor van Hout and Theo van Gogh both have the same head. And certainly Theo has 'the nose' again. Rob Scholten too. It is very clear to me that there is one "spirit" behind the total squander of the earth at the moment.

    The forests are on fire. It has been fun. This must come to light.

  2. Karel Reuterz wrote:

    Thank you Vrijland, but don't think it's a bastard, everyone saw that from a distance
    the attack by Rob Scholte had a breath of fresh air, but some actors must have been hired by the state. Starring Mr. Scholte himself, collaboration with the power and playing the bitten dog outside because of the same power (government), what kind of breed is that?

    The interview that Mr Scholte shows on his own website from the Bar does not really suit him either, he has nothing to do with the public interest .... but the perpetrators just walk around ... ..

    Of course, not everyone is allowed to paint in the Royal House just like that, then it is a replica.
    And what about Micky Hoogendijk's role? he is pushing the transgender agenda by means of photos, the pieces of the puzzle fall together nicely in this way.

    The media makes sure that real critical people like Martin Vrijland are not honored in the newspapers or TV, De Mol remains the Mol, what a breed! ? Shivering breed


  3. Camera 2 wrote:

    That's quite a few of these statements of suspicions.

    1 The kidnapping of Heineken is a fake kidnapping and has been staged, so never happened

    2: Rob Scholte has had no bomb (hand grenade) under his seat, wow!

    and: 3 of course the DNA TV brainwashing against the people using ... starlets

    And nobody gives a reaction, not even from the party of Heineken and Rob Scholte? then you would almost think that it can no longer be suspicions.

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