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Often when you start a conversation with people who are beginning to realize that the world that the media and politics are telling us is based entirely on trick and deceit, the reaction is rather hopeless and in the vein of "you can't do anything about it to do". I always find that an interesting conclusion. Why couldn't you do anything about it? Is that because we live in the Netherlands with almost 18 million people on that tiny piece of earth or because the world population is almost 8 billion?

Add up the number of people who determine the image in the Netherlands? These are a handful of political actors who play the left, right, green, purple, liberal and opposition games and a handful of perception managers in the media (like the news readers of the news, editors of the Telegraaf (and other newspapers), Jeroen Pauw, Matthijs van Nieuwkerk and name the whole list of highly paid professional propagandists). That is a relatively small club.

What we are dealing with is what I just call 'the system'. The system is the radar work within which all the radar forms the entire clock work. The system of laws, rules and taxes and all inspectors of all those laws, rules and taxes. And then you have the educational institutions and trainers and everything that mankind learns to work with in the system.

The reason why we cannot (or rather: dare) let go of the system and the reason that we do not dare to chase that small percentage of professional liars out of their positions or at least let us know that we are done with them, is because we see that there is a lot of error, but at the same time depend on the same system. How many people work in the large office buildings when implementing rules, checking other people or training the next generation. Others work in the 'assistance' where everyone who can no longer operate within the system is stashed or patched up. If someone in the system threatens to stop the timepiece, that radar will be replaced by a new one.

We know nothing but "the system"; we do not know a world that runs independently of the existing system. Where would we be without infrastructure for our cars, trains and planes? Where would we be without traffic rules, traffic lights, laws and rules? How should you organize the world? Abolish all those rules? Do we have to pursue a kind of anarchy? And isn't democracy the only model that works? Or would you rather live under a dictatorship?

The point is not that the basic principles are wrong; the point is that those who run the tent pretend that we live in a democracy, while this is nothing more than a mask on a dictatorial regime. This applies at national and international level. In addition, the point is that we are constantly bombarded through politics and the media with the appearance of a threat through crime and terror (often self-created) and all sorts of other things, making it seem as if we need more and more laws, rules and security measures. That whirlpool of continuing to feed fear and playing the crowd with deceit and deception, is gradually causing humanity to live more and more in a totalitarian police state. Unfortunately, it is mostly too busy earning a sandwich, so that the bread and the games can continue to be paid, and so the majority remain blind to what is going on.

Philosopher Plato once wrote the story called "the allegory of the cave" (see drawing with this article). The people at the bottom of the cave are chained. They know nothing but the shadows of the objects that pass in the glow of artificial light. Let's just say that we are all those people in the cave who are chained to the known system. Plato states in his allegory that if people were to be brought to the surface, they would be so blinded by natural sunlight and so overwhelmed by the freedom and the actual forms of the objects (of which they merely shades into the wall) know the cave), that they would prefer to prefer the familiar chained position in the cave to the freedom to which they had the opportunity to taste.

The people in the cave will never get to know their true capacity as a result of their chains. They will also never experience true freedom. Moreover; most will prefer the chained position and a shadow of reality because it is trusted. Most will prefer the artificial light of the media and politics over the sunlight.

As long as we decide to stay in the cave and keep the radar of the system running; as long as we are satisfied with a shadow of the reality that we could experience (instead of tearing ourselves away from those who have chained us into a system whose laws and rules form our chains and the bread and play only the forms on the wall) we will never achieve As long as we keep checking each other if we are still chained to the system and nobody encourages it to break the chains, we will remain in a shadow of our abilities and see a world that is merely a dark reflection of reality on the wall.

It is time to stop the radar; to break the chains and scare the cave guards at the entrance to the tunnel. You need the song there heroes ('we could be just for one day') by David Bowie. it is something you can do today and it is something that directly affects your reality. Once disconnected from the chains, you can call others to the surface and help overcome the fear of true freedom. Throw off those chains and talk to your fellow man about maintaining the slave chain within the cave system. You can start today; it is only your fear to let go of the false safety of the familiar cave that is holding you back. Stand up and break your chains and let everyone who tries to stop you and keep you in the cave know in plain words that you are not going to be a slave to a false reality for the rest of your soul existence.


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  1. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Imagine that the four-legged creatures from this movie bear the names of politicians such as Mark Rutte, media manipulators such as John de Mol, Peter R. de Vries, Jeroen Pauw, Matthijs van Nieuwkerk, Eva Jinek and many others. You just have to put the spotlight on it and see what happens:

  2. For me a good and clear article!

    The current system is based on "power" and this "power" is maintained by all parties involved.
    Why is "power" in quotation marks?

    The "power" in the system is not authentic power, but "power" based on ignorance, fear, exploitation and destruction. Those who control the system and thereby have "power" over the people are masters in creating this ignorance, fear, exploitation and destruction among the people belonging to the people. A child of the people is born without land and is obliged to participate in the system, so-called the system serves the interests of all people ... society; the public interest.
    There is no general interest! It is a terrible rat race, where madmen, big egos, narcissists and psychopaths have managed to get hold of the "dominant positions". The Netherlands is a dictatorship!

    True or authentic power is based on the ability to create, taking harmony and balance into account. The really intelligent people could create very beautiful things, without endangering the right to exist of other people, flora and fauna.
    Unfortunately, according to the system, apparently "intelligent" people are far from intelligent! These seemingly "intelligent" people have been successfully conditioned and programmed into the system and have swallowed propaganda and indoctrination. These people do not create anything, but do their jobs in the system, where there is no room for real intelligence, which can express itself in true creation and where balance and harmony prevail. Examples of such soulless people are managers and white collar ... who cannot tolerate true intelligent people in their vicinity. The video of The Incredibles (in the article) is a good example of this. Everyone laughs at this funny video, but only a few dare to take the full message and look at themselves in the mirror ... if they manage to put aside the world created by their ego.

    Back to work tomorrow and do your best to secure your position. Who knows, there may be promotion! Do not think about what you are actually doing. After all, you cannot change the world. The people who are not able to go to work have already been successfully disabled by the system. The following also applies to these people: do nothing, because you cannot help it.

    If you really do not know what to do, share the articles of this website and support this website with fiat money.

  3. Sun wrote:

    Good article from Martin and nice response from the Wage Slave!

  4. Maasland wrote:

    Hi Martin,
    You placed several such calls. But it remains non-practical
    No matter how you think about "the holy books," those prophecies will indeed be "just" fulfilled.
    If we do nix, then that process continues. If we consider the 100den (whether or not created as a controlled opposition) initiatives and individuals to report abuses ... .. then it increases the process of polarization ... ... which will ultimately also result in the same result: a 100 % controlled society in which "the many lesser ones will (have to) serve".
    Even going to live somewhere in a tent with a few, and then growing your own endive, is not a viable map, because such a minority will eventually be swallowed up by the same system.

    Could it be that The Truth is outside our frames of reference? Could it be that the basis of one of those holy books is "just" being fulfilled, and then also the prophecy that is written about the next era? The only thing that you should study further is the question: may it be that there is indeed a Divine power that has indeed arranged this era (this eon), in which good and evil manifest together, and which then leaves an eon starting full recovery? In that case we live in an extremely fascinating and study-worthy time.

    But I like to read a piece or 6 very practical advice from you on how to actually put your call to work, and also like to read your expected results to a better world.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Hi Arie,

      In my opinion you are right to state that it is the intention that the religious prophecies should be fulfilled. It should be noted that the prophecies of the major religions show similarities and differ in detail, in order to create the duality needed for the necessary struggle between population groups.

      I have explained in several articles that I believe we live in a simulative reality. A simulative reality built by a very specific "deity" (the builder of the simulation), namely that is worshiped in the secret groups and the Catholic Church: Lucifer
      I also explained that the essence of a simulation is that there must be free choice. Otherwise the simulation would be deterministic and the outcome would already be definitive, so it would not be a simulation, but a deterministic film.

      However, in order to influence the outcome and to direct the script (of those prophecies), the builder has placed 'non-playing characters' in the simulation; avatars that are controlled by him who have to send the playing characters (the participating souls in the multi player simulation) in the direction of the big script.

      Yes, there is therefore a 'god' (builder) of this simulation (a multi-player simulation). Yes, there is a script that can be found in the prophecies and yes, there is a group (avatars) that tries to realize this script.

      So I would like to give you the 6 practical tips that you ask:

      1. Stop believing in heaven and hell (duality) and believing in everything the great religions tell you, because the God / Satan or heaven / hell model is the duality created as part of the simulation to put you right in the hands of send the script guards and surrender your soul to god (the builder of the simulation); or "the son of god" (the builder of the simulation in sheep's clothing).

      2. Immerse yourself in the simulative reality and immerse yourself in how the non-playing character avatars are driven by what we also call entities, but which actually means 'control by the builder of the simulation'.

      3. Discover how these non-playing character avatars use the prophecies of all religions to accomplish the great script and entice the souls (the participating players in the multi player simulation) to surrender definitively to the Luciferian AI ("eternal life") of religions, "the singularity" of transhumanism; being one and the same).

      4. Unmask the script-guarding non-playing character avatars, but above all, unmask those people in the media and politics who have willingly and willingly made themselves available to the script-guarding avatars; we are talking about the well-known names in politics and journalism (both the mainstream and the controlled opposition group who together feed the duality game).

      5. Stop putting yourself in any way at the service of the script and playing the simulation according to their rules: get out of your cave and dare to overcome the fear that without your slave chain and without being part of the radar work it will go wrong.

      6. Put aside any form of religion and belief in a "here Jesus" (or any external force that "comes to save you") and see that you are at the helm of your decisions. If you see that the law of free will will always have to apply, then you will also see that every choice you make (which deviates from the desired direction of the script) helps to influence the final result and helps the Luciferian desired end result.

      For a detailed explanation of what I am referring to above, read this article:

      Or read the articles under the menu under the heading 'the simulation' and start on page 2 and then continue reading until the last piece.

      • Mindsupply wrote:

        Hey Martin,

        Very good analysis and summary of the essence of all your articles that you have written in recent years. In my own research I come to the same conclusion (s). It is a noble goal but 'in our lifetime' that script will not change (enough) (life is too short for that). The seeds may have been planted and maybe they will come out in a few years and maybe something will happen .. Maybe, because the train of the script is rumbling through and therefore the seeds may not come out at all .. The 'Non Player Characters' have perhaps an advantage here because their memory is not erased?

        In the meantime, I think you should secure your own 'Spirit'. Because (also according to my research) death is not automatically 'game over'. Even after you die, your free will will be tested and they will try to let you choose. Just like in the 'game'. If you allow yourself to be seduced and make the wrong choice, your 'memory will be erased' and you will incarnate again in the 'flesh'.

        Originally we are not the 'flesh'. We are structured to get into this simulation and then we are again (in all areas) structured in the simulation. If 'free will' is a universal law, then we ourselves have given permission to play the 'game' (albeit under false pretenses). The reason why we are persuaded to play this game is another discussion ..

        So now it is our trick to (individually) after death not make the wrong choice again under the name 'free will'. Because if you make a choice with 'free will' (by being persuaded under false pretenses), then that is just as well 'free will', sincere or structured, it doesn't matter. And that is precisely how your 'free will' is structured.

        Is it then not time to (apart from not being involved in the script in the simulation (as much as possible)) to focus on not being in the simulation again after your death? 'Game over' -> 'Player Up, One More Game'.

        If you can't win the 'game', is it better to learn how to stop playing it? Especially if the goal is to always keep you in the game (Singularity / Transhumanism) and they strive to give you no choice to leave the 'game'?

        I would like to know your vision on this ..

  5. Rebel wrote:

    You do not touch on an important point in the comparison with the allegory of the cave. Those who have observed true forms and are familiar with the sunlight are not understood by the "chained" when they return to the cave. They also function worse back in the cave because they are no longer used to the schsduw world and are therefore perceived as less by the "chained".

  6. S0M30N3 wrote:


    One comment did not come through .. with this only the youtube link:

    Thanks for everything martin, inspiration, motivation, clear articles, don't give up and keep going ..

    Greeting S0M30N3 - Jeffo

    • Sun wrote:

      If we want to change the situation, in the here and now, then we must realize that it is the boys of the script who make legislation, conduct policy whether or not via psyops, etc. which is harmful to the normal population. These boys have adopted Dutch surnames through the centuries and pretend to be Dutch in daily life, so that the ordinary Dutch person thinks they are 'Dutch'. They are not that it concerns a hostile immigrant 'elite' who holds the key positions in the Netherlands and who does not want to give up / do not share voluntarily. If we want to change the situation, we must convince this enemy immigrant elite to give up their key positions and to leave the Netherlands voluntarily. because that is the source of the problem in the Netherlands. If we succeed in leaving them in the Netherlands voluntarily, the situation in the Netherlands will be changed in a favorable way, no more subtle, silent dictatorship, fake elections, fake news, etc. of them about the ordinary population, which is only in their interest.

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