Should you take or refuse the Covid-19 vaccine if it becomes mandatory? What to do?

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Gradually, more and more people are beginning to see that governments around the world want to make lasting changes to society as a whole. The “intelligent lockdown” is slowly being transformed into a permanent one, where you have to repurchase your freedom. The new normal becomes a meter and a half of society and you have to pay for it yourself.

You can hire expensive consultants to advise you on how to set up your company on the one and a half meter and you can count on a price tag; a price tag for yourself because you probably need to get official approval for your measures and a price tag for the customer, because someone has to cough up that obligatory meter and a half and the drop in income that entails.

In addition, the upcoming covid-19 vaccine will become mandatory.

Aside from the question of whether or not such a vaccine has been thoroughly tested and equally away from the question whether or not we want that one and a half meter device of society: governments are adamant and really do not go to the protesting people listen.

Technology will be used to monitor all those measures. I already predicted that my book in 2019 and I already predicted that in many articles in recent years. That technology and big data will simply be pushed through, because there are too many companies that can earn an interesting nibble again. Too many now work for large companies that provide ICT solutions or for government agencies that ensure that they can continue to pay for their home and maintain their family. Those people may see that something is not right, but when it comes to having to choose, most choose to bend over to guarantee income.

We all know by now what this new society will look like. The media and state continue to say that selling is necessary and the way it is introduced is step by step. Step by step, so that the masses continue to believe that they are necessary steps to contain the coronavirus.

The process will go in waves from 'tightening the belt' to 'just let the reins spring' and then the next wave comes. The media, experts (production of figures) and politics will show us, after a period of getting used to one and a half meters and a little more room to move, a revival of the corona virus, after which the introduction of the next part of the package by the people will be embraced.

Readers in the alternative media are usually looking for information about how we are played. We'd like to read in-depth analysis on how dangerous vaccines are, how 5G can be used to affect us, how Microsoft patents give us a digital vaccine certificate, how Bill Gates invests in the media and vaccine industry, how apps can be used to help us to monitor. We are hungry for information about how we are being driven into the web so that we can shake up others about what danger is coming our way.

That is super important, because if you don't know what danger is rushing at you, you don't jump aside in time. However, there must be a next step. We have to come up with solutions.

Here on the website you have read several articles about how we are likely to go to a society where there is no more cash, a society in which apps, cameras and big data know exactly where we are or whether we have the right temperature (no covid- 19) and with whom we all interact. The next step is to link all this data to a sort of score system. With or without a sufficient score may or may not go outside, by train or on the plane. We can all predict it by now. The link of all that data to a possible digital mark and the link to your digital bank balance completes the story.

We are being driven into a web and China is providing the example of how you as a state can force people to adhere to it. China also shows how the individual who stands in opposition is simply left out. That is the automatic effect of such a system. Ultimately, the masses will bow to it, partly because many in society themselves work for parts of 'the system'. If you have a job in ICT and you supply database software or you supply camera systems, if you work as an investigative officer or as a police officer, you still choose your income. That's how it goes.

It is an illusion to say, "Then I throw my smartphone away so that I get out of the system". We are going to a time where participation in society becomes practically impossible without digiD or without eHerkenning (for companies). The same will happen with the new corona technology. If you have thrown away your smartphone, you will simply no longer be able to enter the supermarket.

Will it come to that? Step by step it will probably come to that. And then you can only survive if you have your own allotment garden, but then you also have to get your own seeds from it, because that self-sufficiency will probably also be prohibited in the long term.

The next step will be that you are no longer allowed to enter public areas if you have not had a vaccine. And big data will also play a role in this. If your app says you have received a vaccine, the supermarket entrance gate will let you in; otherwise not. In the last phase, such an app will probably be replaced by a digital characteristic that is linked to your body. And it will only be complete if your bank balance is also linked to all this. There will soon be no escape unless you choose to live 'in the wild', but for many that will be a bridge too far.

We can shout what we want; we can scream that we don't want it all, but it's like a cry in the desert. The majority depend on 'the system'. That's why it's time to start thinking about: If you can't beat 'em, join' em.

We must come up with concrete solutions that can also be embraced by those who work for 'the system'. We must come up with concrete and feasible solutions that ensure that people do not lose certainties, but that they do have a say. We are now completely dependent on the imposed decisions from above. The current political system forces us to accept those decisions without any form of participation. This can be done differently. That must be different.

There is a chance! After all, there is an opportunity to radically turn things around with the same technology nowadays, without this having to turn the entire society upside down. It does not require a major popular uprising or revolution. Everyone can just keep doing what they do.

The only thing that changes is the decision structure. Ministers and officials who are now reporting to the crown and are pushing through laws without the people's immediate consent must report to the people. Ministers should be replaced by directly elected representatives of the people (who really represent the people rather than the crown).

All this is possible through the principle of direct democracy. In that direct democracy, you choose your representatives online. You can become a candidate yourself or present candidates and the voting system ensures selection and growth in support. It is a bit like voting systems like Holland's Got Talent and other TV programs. The technology is there, the possibilities are there and it will work.

Directly elected MPs should simplify laws and present them to the people for approval or review. From thousands of laws, to clarity, from quantity to quality. Direct public participation.

We can wait until mandatory vaccination laws allow us to choose to take the vaccine or go to prison, or we can seize the momentum. We must seize this crisis to bring about change. Change the way we want it! Direct democracy can replace the existing power structure via an online voting system within a few months.

Now is the time to create support for this. Immerse yourself in the opportunity, think about it and read how it works. It's time to act and be the change. Press the button for more information and sign the petition.

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  1. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Be a leader

  2. Riffian wrote:

    But it's free Martin, Jan Peter plays a pioneering role

    Former Prime Minister Balkenende wants a free corona vaccine for everyone

  3. SalmonInClick wrote:

    Covid, therefore stands for Certificate of Vaccination ID (2020)

    • SalmonInClick wrote:

      Give them the finger 🖕, say NO

    • Future wrote:

      Nice video, especially the latter is the ending with I AM, read aim, is the goal. The rascals often shuffle words.

      Here again just for the new readers. Fortunately, more and more are added. People also donate what helps Martin every bit. His sound is clearly reliable and intelligent. You don't read this anywhere else. His site must be kept up in the air. See his article about the Ddos attack on his site

      That is a lot more intense than a deleted video of Jensen 33. Which, of course, was agreed upon with Yt. With his shirt sale, and then say that it will be all right. He lives at the Vondelpark, so has money like water. I rest my case.

      Also notice how often Jensen talks about the soldier's shoe on his neck.

      And here again the reminder why you should definitely not take that shot. If you learn like here on this site, and you get some number knowledge. Do you know that you should or shouldn't believe everything that these numbers are mentioned in. And certainly not let it enter your body.

      • XanderN wrote:

        Agree. Can't find everything Martin writes or proposes, sometimes finds it a bit too extreme or unrealistic, but with his rather unique sound he is the proverbial 'canary in the coal mine' of freedom of expression in the Netherlands. This site MUST therefore stay up and running, and indeed: the more visitors and supporters, the better.

        In the above article, I can almost agree, although I remain of the opinion that the proposed changes should be spread over a longer period of time (if you want to get as many people as possible, and preferably also other countries). People must first be made 'ripe' for such a drastic turnaround. Otherwise, many will panic, you will experience violence, chaos, misery, and that cannot be the intention.

        Compare the wmb with someone whose legs are frozen at -30 degrees in the Swedish winter. If you immediately put it under a hot shower, you will make the damage irreparable. It has to be very gradual, and so it is with most of the people. Give them 10 years to do this (although I'm afraid we don't have 10 years to prevent the current martial law from becoming a permanent police state).

        • Martin Vrijland wrote:


          I find the condescending tone of 'unrealistic' and 'extreme' very inappropriate. If one party is unrealistic and extremely busy, it is the incumbent lockdown government.

          It's not that Xander's opinion here on the site counts as a gauge and that we're counting on your God X's self-righteous verdict. It's time to drop this kind of criticism and take action. Be the change by doing.

          I strongly believe that the new system proposed on should be set up within a few months. We have no time to waste.

          I strongly reject your comments. If we wait a few more months, the current cabinet has transformed the entire society into one and a half meters of society and all kinds of technological means are being implemented that place us in a totalitarian control web.

          I would therefore say: do not put it on the long track and dismiss it as extreme and unrealistic. It is extreme and unrealistic that we keep complaining and writing articles where it all goes wrong and where the vaccines and digital certificates can do us harm.

          It is cowardly to put it on the maturing of the people. People are also not ready for these lockdown measures and now we see that the government is pushing 'unrealistic' and 'extreme' measures within a few weeks.

          So I say NO very harshly to your criticism and suggest that you call people to Take action NOW. It's 1 minute to 12 and we can't wait 10 years.

          You can also ask questions in the question & answer section of the site:

          • Wilfred Bakker wrote:


          • Rose wrote:

            Gentle healers make stinky wounds…
            People need to be shaken up, but they seem to be in a coma.

          • Sun wrote:

            I find your response to Xander neatly too neat even because I have very strong suspicions that Xander is a disinformant. I'm not going to explain that. The regular reader may know what I mean.

    • Future wrote:

      It is bizarre that I have never seen that clip, never read TV and have turned the CD gray. Really a very vague to clip. And also just a fan of that music of this band. In the old days.

  4. Analyze wrote:

    More predictive programming, the script was already incorporated in the Dead Zone - PLAGUE series in 2003

  5. SandinG wrote:

    The middle class / class will be completely squeezed financially for at least another year, so that they will soon be handed over to Father State like lambs.

    • Future wrote:

      Indeed yes. This way everyone becomes completely dependent. Does not think critically anymore because it is saved. Only saved in such a way that I think you can better heaven. And then your savior is also the one who deliberately pushed you and your family into that abyss. But they will initially see it differently. Until it is too late, after all, vaccines may already be injected into people in untested countries in any case. Come from the usual suspects, and have arranged immunity for themselves. Should this vaccine harm you in any way. That arrangement actually tells the whole story.

  6. SalmonInClick wrote:

    Here another wolf in sheep's clothing Eric Schmidt, all the usual suspects are involved in this ultimate slavery operation. And they also include the climatic hoax in their agenda while they are busy

    Contact Tracing Group Funded By Soros and Gates, Has Chelsea Clinton on Board

    'we should be' grateful 'for giant corporations that' people love to malign '(We call this FASCISM)
    The video has been hidden, exactly how they operate.

  7. Future wrote:

    See here how cleverly they play that game. They just literally show what they are going to do. Read children from families. Under the guise of health, and because you don't have 2 bathrooms for quarantine. But let someone tell you who is supposedly against it. And provides very poor acting. But you have a number texted, so-called to watch over each other. And so they have your contact tracing number. Oh yes your child will most likely never see you again, and no it didn't die from Covid. Text 80123, read 9 and 33. And throw away everything you had. Make America …… .. well

    Just look through the actor, and you will see what they are entering.

  8. Riffian wrote:

    Pledge allegiance to the New World Order


  9. guppy wrote:

    Anyone who has ever voted in their life should sign this petition. We can now see very clearly what happens when you let television puppets rule your life. If only to get attention that it is based on a lie, as read in this article. Voting again takes us even further into lockdown.

    I certainly don't take a chip or vaccinations, but get banned. In any case, we have to go back to nature to find ourselves. Even Jesus had to go to the desert to connect. I'm not saying you have to believe in Jesus, I'm just saying we're on the same path.

  10. frameworks wrote:

    Good that there are still doctors like this German doctor

  11. frameworks wrote:

    In the video of the German doctor in the previous link she says ites what is very true. In the vein of saying that we should NOT go back to our "old normal". This is so true, because it means that the old has normally made it possible to maneuver us into the situation we are in now. So there is a new normal need, which is not the 1,5 meter society with all the surveillance techniques, but the new normal which largely corresponds to the point of Martin's FVVD. Perhaps this can be incorporated in the message of the FVVD?

  12. Shoe Lace wrote:

    At least for me "into the wild". As soon as we become a full pollit state I pack my things and I am gone. I would rather starve to death somewhere in the middle of nowhere than let my liberties be taken away.

    • Sun wrote:

      I don't think you can go when that full police state is there. police state = feudal system, you are part of the state. In a feudal system, the slave cannot and should not do anything without the permission of the owner / state.
      Moreover, where do you want to go everything is internationally connected, coordinated and controlled by Them. I wonder if the residents you would like to go to are waiting for you. Competition is also there between individuals. We are in a difficult situation and so we have to solve it ourselves here in Madurodam. The general population still does not understand it with eternally passive procrastination.

  13. Future wrote:

    Here Martin you are right about all that mess, and especially chimeric effect.

    Coronavirus Vaccine Patent for Attenuated Coronavirus to be used as a Vaccine. Chimera Protein Patent Chimera Lion head, Goat body, Dragon tail “She-Goat” literally means “Winter Season” aka Capricornus the Saturnian Goat of Winter; a Chimera is deadly animal created from other animals, precisely what a Vaccine is.

    And bottom piece is from the teachings of the Freemasons and their newspeak. In other words we have to respond very quickly. So you see what someone can get out of the text of a label. So life-threatening stuff, and simply put, they want to kill you, and create a new world for themselves. How the hell have so many people joined this doctrine.

    The induvidual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy.
    So monstrous he cannot believe it excits.
    Sodomite, Pedophille, 33 Freemason. J Edgar Hoover
    FBI Director, what conspiracy?



    He also speaks of Gilead, the vaccine maker. What in Hebrew stands for Galeed.

    Read heap of witness a chaldee name equivalent to Galeed in hebrew. Both marking the scene of the covenant. Between Jacob and laban gen 31:47 (this is to indicate what they are following, not to get someone to a bible)

    Pope Francis encyclical Laudato si (teaching paper) calls for slaughtering 6 billion people.

    See explanation: And what they apparently want to implement. Trump also seems to be calling in the military to vaccinate everyone, read dead. And America, with 400 million private weapons in its hands, will also sit quietly. Bizarre that you can get so conditioned. And I don't advocate violence. But the usual suspects certainly do.

    Source theocs101ark

  14. SalmonInClick wrote:

    I would also refuse those tests, as they can also fill the DNA databases. Die Schippers is now at DSM and the former head of DSM Sijbesma is now responsible for the tests. Watch the hares run, the usual suspects play on both sides, wake up !!

    The chair dance is complete

    • Future wrote:

      That she still has a circle of friends, disgusting… ... It is also great that it was made clear to us in 13.33 minutes. How fantastic this crisis is being tackled. And how sweet the slaves are. Unfortunately, the slaves are often the people of conscience. Can't say of all those actors.

  15. SalmonInClick wrote:

    Why a vaccine if there are enough medicines against a mild variant of the flu?

    WHO Offered $ 20M Bribe To Poison COVID-19 Cure - Madagascar President
    By GreatGameIndia -May 16, 2020
    In a shocking development the President of Madagascar has made a sensational claim that the WHO offered $ 20m bribe to poison COVID-19 cure. The herbal remedy called COVID-19 Organics made from Artemisia can cure COVID-19 patients within ten days said the President.

  16. Future wrote:

    I continue to be amazed at the BMF. And especially that there are so many people who defend them tooth and nail. Because he gives so much to charities. While he does 80% minimum return on investment. If Bill was really that sweet, he and his rich friends could have saved the world from hunger and thirst for a long time. Instead of playing divide and rule in his own worldwide testing ground. That he doesn't, and uses humans as test animals. People should still stand out. They have so much money, can fix all the misery in the world in a week. No hunger no thirst, less to no war less child mortality etc etc. But they don't do that, so nothing good about the whole BMF. Harness of the lowest kind, with unfortunately the most money.

  17. SalmonInClick wrote:

    I wonder if RIVM has thrown out those Imperial College models in the meantime, because there is no problem. Even more proof that it is fabricated data to support a particular agenda:

    Corona-Modellierung war “schlimmster Software-Fehler aller Zeiten”

    Mehr zum Theme.
    Benachrichtigung über neue Article:
    Politik Corona Virus

    18.05.2020 12:45
    Die Modellierung des Imperial College zur Corona-Epidemie, auf der umfangreich Maßnahmen und Verbote beruhen, weist massive Software-Fehler auf, sagen zwei weltweit führende Daten-Ingenieure.

  18. Riffian wrote:

    Listen carefully to this usual suspect to find out what they put in vaccines.

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