Youth institutions sound the alarm about aggression because 'care' is actually abuse?

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Minister Sander Dekker (you know those judges, who could see everyone as the ideal son-in-law, but perhaps a wolf in sheep's clothing) says to be shocked due to the intensity of the incidents in youth care. Well, Sander, maybe that's because George Orwell already explained something in his book 1984 newsworthy is. In that book it is explained that words such as 'care' may actually mean abuse and more of that kind of horror. I already visualized that with my hidden camera recordings in a "youth care" setting in 2013 (see video below). The director of that institution in Heerhugowaard was fired as a result of these recordings and the rules were adjusted a little, but of course that was primarily intended to keep scouts out of the door even more definitively in the future.

That video provides some insight into the horror of such institutions. I made this recording when a daughter of a friend of mine ended up in such an institution. Because she had a fever, we were exceptionally admitted and I could film with a hidden camera. With a smuggled-in telephone, which I hid in the mattress of her bed, she was able to make sound recordings of the abuse of her neighbor (by staff of the institution). You will hear that at the end of the video. In the first part of the video she reports how she had to report every activity she did outside the door. Pure horror for teenagers who have nothing serious on their notch, but simply have a difficult adolescent time or home situation. And of course this was just a snapshot and a tip of the veil. The stories that have been told to me by several former residents of (only) this institute are simply out of this world! Pure horror and nobody sees it! Neat gardens and neat buildings, but inside it is hell on earth.

In the past you were allowed to be a normal adolescent; nowadays you are locked in an isolation cell. If your parents lock you up at home, they will receive the title of ill-treatment; if a youth care worker gives you "pain stimuli" (read: slap into each other) or flickers in the isolation cell, that is educational and "necessary". Is that suddenly good? Where did we end up !?

The conscience of these youth care workers seems to be marginalized to paying a mortgage or rent and the latest Nike's of their own offspring. It seems strongly that a regular but constant salary silences the conscience. The conscience of the average youth care worker probably meets the concept of 'befehl ist befehl'. Now you may find that mood-making and really be convinced that there are also a lot of people who have a genuine heart for the matter. Sorry, but it is probably not for nothing that there is so much violence against youth care workers. I have received many (recovery: I mean extremely many) complaints about youth care. Too many to mention! In that respect, I had to throw in the ax to give all those complaints personal attention. It's just too much and emotionally too stressful!

In my opinion, youth care is not a concern. We are witnessing horror re-education camps where every humanity is overlooked. Well no, we are not witnessing it, because we don't see it. It happens in the sneak; behind the closed doors and the neat gardens. Locking up tricky adolescents whose home may not be going well and administering so-called "pain stimuli," including locking in isolation cells, is simply worse than Medieval. Then such a minister with his neat and correct glasses and suit could say that he is "shocked", but for me that is nothing more than the wolf in sheep's clothing who says 'beh'. That entire youth care is a circuit of institutions that earn a lot of money from "services" and pumping money around across the backs of innocent vulnerable children. It has become a true industry!

I would say: You Sander Dekker spend a day in a nice cell (because there is no more room with a PIN code lock in such a "institution") at such a youth "care" institute. Have a nice arm or neck clamp for observation to throw in an isolation cell to cool (read: exhausted and completely disillusioned lying on the floor). Then we would like to see you again in your beautiful suit with tie. See if you still have chats.

You might ask: Is it weird that more violence against youth "care" employees arises or is it strange that these employees seem to have lost their conscience more and more? What is the matter with the Netherlands, the country in which everyone seems to be holding each other's hands together to correct misconduct and elevate abnormality to normality? Who has the guts to regain conscience and end such horror? Who oh who? (Also watch the video in the comments)

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  1. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Share share share share !!

    PLEASE NOTE: Facebook will block this message on people's timeline because they find it “unimportant” (read state censorship), so also share it by personal mail, WhatsApp or whatever!

    The worst thing is that most people who don't mind daring to share articles ... for fear that others will jeer at them instead of realizing that the shame bashers themselves should be embarrassed.

  2. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    We see time and again how regimes that allegedly fight against injustice themselves commit the same kind of major injustice. The Allies would have expelled the Nazis, but bombing Dresden at the behest of Winston Churchill when the war was over. The Nazis kill people for nothing, but the "saviors" did exactly the same. Quite apart from the question of who actually financed Adolf Hitler (wasn't that Zionist money coming from the US?): Did Nazism ever cease to exist? Or was Adolf Hitler's disappearance from the scene actually the beginning of the reconstruction of fascism in a new sweet-looking democratic jacket?

    Well luckily we still have the images .. that's how it went after the war (see the befehl ist befehl shots of the allied "saviors").
    The Soviet re-education camps are no longer known as gulag today and the Nazi concentration camps no longer have that rugged appearance. Nowadays it is called GGZ clinic or youth care institution. We have become a bit more sophisticated and put everything in a nice Orwellian new-talk jacket, so that nobody gets bothered by the conscience. The front door is neat and the garden tidy and the cell door has a nice decoration and a pin lock.

      • Martin Vrijland wrote:

        The number of deaths was officially 25 thousand, but that is based on Churchill's concept of "History is written by the conquerer"

        In fact, we are talking about hundreds of thousands to a million deaths after this bombing. However, it is of course again claimed that it is neo-Nazis who call such numbers. The victor rewrites the history booklets (and of course it comes out rosy).

        It was one big succession of large waves of a phosphorous bombing rain followed by huge fires that eradicated everything that was alive. Note: the war was already over!

      • Martin Vrijland wrote:

        Why I post the above?

        To show that we are still living under a wrong regime; a regime that imprisons people and puts them in camps. Those camps only look a bit nicer, have the title of care institution and the employees have a neat salary, a neat volkswagen and a neatly raked allotment garden.

        The conscience of the employees is polished away by the salary and sharing the stories about the work at parties and parties or at the coffee machine.

        • SalmonInClick wrote:

          Grappemaker has a taste for it after the Wiersum psyop

          and as far as Dresden is concerned ... well the usual suspects you can't escape it

        • AnOpen wrote:

          Each time a so-called problem happens that causes you to react violently to the call for solving, tackling or intervening. Subsequently, increasingly stricter and more legislation comes. Idd more protection and powers for a youth care employee. Just shut up and do what is said whether it is justified or not. Through immoral and unscrupulous blackmail, people are forced into their dealings with the client. You are approached and treated almost as lumber as an American max isolation prisoner. You really are a thing in such settings. Nice society, right? Haha yes befehl ist befelh is nicely followed by software, any deviation from it is considered an extremely high exception. Exceptions are just "bugs" in their systems. Often they don't have kids themselves, but they want to go with "the younger" according to a book. Does it almost sound like a product? You have to keep "it" at a certain suitable distance otherwise the safety of your family may no longer be guaranteed. Just like a real max prisoner. You never know hey?

          Hey Martin and again thx for the knowledge. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, much appreciated. I sometimes share your articles. But people think I'm going crazy. Or people get anxious about certain subjects Or you come up with that kind of extreme weird stuff. It does not matter how high the intelligence is, until a certain height cognitive dissonance starts to play or the head goes into the sand. Or they turn against you. I even got into a fight about it when I referred to these articles.

          Don't touch their world with your paws because then you will touch them, they will pay you. Can you pay again?
          Just as the people hung up a witch, you have to do with the types of people who abuse young people.

          • Sun wrote:

            A nice response from you. Well, it is hard to expect jets from the normal population because they are all just scared. They displace that as much as possible by keeping up with the group pressure as much as possible and following the set agenda items. The population talks about what is determined by the government. The Netherlands, Madurodam, is possibly worse than the former GDR. Here they play smarter. Dissidents in the Netherlands are boycotted, stigmatized, silent to death, etc. and if you get troubled somewhere you get a sneaky accident, of course directed by those sneaky guys you know. Because heroes are not operating in the flu. Because the boys' status quo must be maintained by all means. The reversal of that status quo by the normal population is prohibited. The script must be followed.

          • Martin Vrijland wrote:

            All of that will no longer have to be secretly. If the legislation passes through the room that everyone, family, friends or neighbors can be referred to as a potentially confused person, then the psycholance simply comes to take you along without the intervention of a judge or psychiatrist.
            Thanks to the Thijs H. PsyOp, Ruinerwold PsyOp and many others from the past year.
            This is how you clean up the dissidents while others earn a good living as a GGZ employee (the new guards).

  3. Sun wrote:

    Yes, it is true that we live in a quiet, subtle dictatorship. Regime change as soon as possible then the population can finally live in their own free country if they no longer have their key positions that they live very well from, for a long time, too long.

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