2 Billion for care, Mark Rutte, Hugo Borst, Carin Gaemers and the Machiavelli prize

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hugo-breast-carin-greamer-machiavelli prizeIf a Machiavelli prize is paid for, you should always focus on the ears. The Machiavelli prize went to parties and people before the slightly more critical reader maybe a bit of butter on their heads. That's how the MH17 got OVV research council the price in 2016. That is not surprising, because Nicolo Machiavelli actually stood for trickery and deceit. In his book Il Principe, Machiavelli stated: "A man who shows himself well always and everywhere, is necessarily ruined by so many who are not good. That is why a ruler, when he wants to maintain himself, must learn not to be good. And he should or should not put this power into practice, depending on the circumstances forcing him to do so."According to Machiavelli, rulers were therefore allowed to use 'morally reprehensible' means to achieve their goal, if it came out that way. In fact, this was sometimes inevitable. What a ruler needed was what Machiavelli described with the word 'virtù': energy, intelligence, decisiveness, the ability to judge situations and to 'act' effectively; which in most cases required cruelty. To consolidate power, this was necessary. Machiavelli claimed that public morality and personal morality are two different things. He emphasized that for safety and stability moral corruptione is necessary. A regent must build a reputation and, at times, act immoral. Sometimes this must be accompanied by brute force and bedrog.

Recently we saw a seemingly fantastic initiative by Hugo Borst and Carin Gaemers. They started very coincidentally last year a manifesto in which they insisted on better care. We burst into this country from the advisory councils, consultancy firms and research committees, and so on, but all those people were not as brilliant as Hugo Borst and Carin Gaemers! On the basis of the worsened care he observed with his mother, Hugo Borst would have visited other homes. Mark Rutte too did that recently. Actually, the entire show is definitely worth the Machiavelli price, if you see through which political game is hidden behind it. The spontaneous embrace of the manifesto through the entire second room and the 2 billion that Mark Rutte suddenly out of the blue want to reserve for elderly care, are just too ridiculous for words. How much did Borst and Gaemers receive for this show? Eva Jinek was deployed at the start of this week to make Mark Rutte more or less afraid (see video below) and that seems to serve the political agenda of now. Mark Rutte was allowed 4 year exorbitant cuts to implement and now know that he is sacrificed for the next team of actors. He will then have a good job with the IMF or something of that nature. The shift to the right is deployed and a big victory of Wilders has to take place.

Why is this elderly care hoax worth the Machiavelli prize? Well, if you are the people with many billions you have stuck to austerity and you have completely stripped down the care of the elderly, you have to give a squeegee. Just give up a sausage so that you get the impression that there will be further improvement under the next actor team in The Hague. Mark Rutte firmly states that there is no cutback on health care. Hugo Borst's Manifesto is also a kind of disguised draft on the globe for the government's austerity policy. This Manifesto does not state that the healthcare sector is doing badly because the costs are rising, the health insurers' own risk is high, that more and more expenses are not reimbursed and that there is a substantial cut in healthcare; no the Manifesto states that if the homes work differently, it will all work out well. We also do not hear Eva Jinek express the right criticism. The category of presenters to which Jinek belongs belongs to false criticism, fake attacks and shamelessness. Distraction from what really matters! Getting angry about pimpping the bodywork, while Rutte has scrapped the engine. Why does nobody point to the fact that the cutbacks on long-term care, the light care in nursing homes (where 500 care homes had to close and 300 were converted into nursing homes) caused major problems? Care homes had to disappear and this care had to be replaced by help from the participation society, self-reliance, family, volunteers; supplemented with (too expensive) home care help. 2020 even needs 800 from the 2000 nursing and nursing home locations in the Netherlands are closed. And then Hugo Borst comes along with Carin Gaemers with the brilliant insight that if (those remaining) nursing homes work more efficiently, everything will be alright! Less overhead is the solution. What a flut manifest! It is corn on the mill of the robber gang in The Hague, and that is why we see Mark Rutte here as well with good taste and keep the sausage of 2 billion up.

The entire austerity policy and the privatization has made the care an invoice and administration factory and has only made it more expensive instead of the promised cost reduction that would occur as a result of market forces. The care for the elderly also had to be destroyed and the participation idea was increasingly taking care of the family. The Netherlands has been severely cut back by Rutte's robber gang and the oldies are now being served the 2 billion sausage, subject to a Borst / Gaemers-like change policy. Hugo Borst and Carin Gaemers have, on behalf of politics The Hague, smeared their eyes with their seemingly beautiful manifesto and have thus mainly served the political ruling class. They were able to get the pressure from the boiler that was built up by all the frustration about the cuts in elderly care. It is no coincidence that they were applauded in The Hague and embraced their manifesto broadly. What makes the Dutch people easily put into the luren. Long live the principle of Machiavelli. Good acting requires experienced actors. And so Hugo Borst could during the award ceremony say with confidence "If we had not done it, others would have done it.", Because in the meantime we know that our country is bursting with professional actors and this acting was needed for The Hague. The job had to be done and Hugo and Carin were successfully cast.

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  1. Averroes wrote:

    This kind of media (NLP) programs are aimed at sending the 'sheeple' within the existing system using the well-known dialectic. You clearly see that they are now releasing on the so-called established order and that new solutions must therefore be found within the existing political system, namely populism. The fact that they have received a Machiavelli prize indicates that they have managed to influence the perception by means of manipulation.

    In other words, the shepherd sends the sheep to a new demarcated field.


    "The presenters are constantly busy with the content, they can attract certain guests." Peacock Some women find it scary to sit at the table with Pauw. "Because of his image, but Jeroen is someone with a lot of experience." That experience is still lacking at Jinek. "She is already far and she will definitely come, but she really has to make hours." French thinks it's strange that there are so many negative reactions to social media. French arranges the guests for the programs and told about it in her book.

  2. Averroes wrote:

    The main characteristic of any American or Western Head of State is that he must be a Machiavellian president and a professional, accomplished liar. He must be an expert in deceiving his audience and the entire nation.

  3. Averroes wrote:

    Who are seated at the table at Jinek, one day after Rutte ..?

    • Averroes wrote:

      @PORVH, it is good that petertje r the connection between Geenstijl / dumpert and TMG knew to lay .. top investigative journalism

      nomination golden pen!

      • PasOpSmoking Prevents Brainwashing wrote:

        And fake crime journalist John van den Heuvel takes it for Paay, but at the same time 'works' for the same fake news factory as Geenstijl / dumpert.
        Of such idiotic messages as now pollute the newspapers, even an average newspaper reader with 4 working brain cells would get confused.
        It is funny in itself, that such a van der Heuvel has to make a profit for him. They will also find him a fool. Haha.

  4. PasOpSmoking Prevents Brainwashing wrote:

    13.19 PR de Vies says: "I understand that the identity of the man is known" ...... uhhh?
    I assume that Patricia Paai knows who she plays sex games with. What a ball.

    • Averroes wrote:

      Peter PLASMAN was also very clear in his terms..woman-unfriendly..lol.

      The average level of TV programs does not exceed the level of unsavory mess / pulp ... oh yes, the people like to be entertained with meaningless mindless pastimes.

      • PasOpSmoking Prevents Brainwashing wrote:

        @Averroes, unfriendly? no, that is incorrect, it is much worse.
        Plasman explicitly called 'woman-hostile'
        I think this psy-op is going to be used to stop anonymity on social media or something.
        Usually such psy-ops / hoaxes have multiple goals. Often you can only see afterwards what the purpose of such a script was.

        Gerard Jolink calls for those figures from GeenStijl to shoot their kneecaps.
        (source: Telegraaf !! so the same company as GeenStijl)
        I totally agree with Geer.
        But I actually think that Gerard Jolink should do that himself.
        After all, he also invented this punishment himself, and I find it a bit cowardly to call something like that in the hope that some fool who has been kicked into this psy-op will get trapped in this way.

        Is Gerard Jolink actually punishable by calling for such a crime? I think Gerard Jolink is sitting at the table with Jinek tomorrow.
        As can be seen from the photo of angry Gerard Jolink, (msn.com) he personally drives those guests of Geen Stijl a bullet through the kneecap. I have never seen Geer so angry! WOW!
        Put it on Geer !! That obstruction in Dutch society should only be called a halt !!!!!! (the criminal reporter, police informant and also spokesperson of Justice Peter R de Vies can surely provide you with an automatic pistol with silencer)

        • Averroes wrote:

          In my opinion, it's about centralization ... so big brother can 'watch over' privacy-sensitive data, ie big data in the hands of the state.

          Next 'leak', hoppa goes lkkr in NL:

          Photos and videos nudist site Together Nude on the street after hack

          Members of the Dutch dating site Samen Naakt, which focuses on nudists, have been warned about a hack. The data of more than 1.800 users were stolen.

          Private photos and videos of the users may also have fallen into the hands of malicious parties, is stated in the warning e-mail that Tweakers has seen.

          As far as known, the visual material has not yet appeared on the internet. But according to the administrator of the site there is a chance that members will be blackmailed with threats to put sensitive photos on the internet.

          The data would have been stolen via AVChat, a software package that makes it possible to video chat via websites. According to the manager of Samen Naakt, the software was up to date and the website met the "statutory safety requirements".

          Meanwhile, the abused function in AVChat has been removed. The data breach was also reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority, as required by law.

  5. PasOpSmoking Prevents Brainwashing wrote:

    Why did GeenStijl not sit at the table with Jinek? Not invited or something?
    Maybe tomorrow at Jinek at the table, Gerard Jolink and the GeenStijl editor.
    Can Geer immediately checkout with this sujet .. No words but deeds.
    That would only be nice television. But unfortunately Geer is a sissy, so I do not expect him to live up to his words.

  6. PasOpSmoking Prevents Brainwashing wrote:

    however, it is remarkable that there is a display of urine in the regular media.
    Has never been shown before. It really gets more and more boring.
    First the fake news about Trump's golden showers and now this psy-op.
    What a gooey that mainstream media.
    The Netherlands at its narrowest.

  7. Averroes wrote:

    From 2 billion to the care to 2 billion aftercare for all the immaterial damage suffered after seeing that filthy video:

    Man from sex video Patricia Paay denies having leaked images
    Photo: ANP
    Published: 10 February 2017 15: 48 Last update: 10 February 2017 16: 21

    The man who figures in Patricia Paay's sex tape did not leak the video. He expressly denies any interference, directly or indirectly, with this unlawful disclosure and dissemination, "according to a press statement from his lawyer Bernard Tomlow.

    Regarding his identity, counsel does not want to lose anything for privacy reasons. Tomlow confirms that it is an ex by Paay.

    The sex partner in the film says to be shocked and states that the video was distributed without his permission. He has reported it to the police. Possibly a later declaration.

    Paay has recently married Robbert Hinfelaar. Before that she had short relationships with, among others, Nicky van Dam and Maurice Dix. Patricia was married to Adam Curry between 1988 and 2009.

    The 67-year-old diva has reported on Friday again. She and her counsel Johan Langelaar were told on Monday that various media had been offered a sex tape. She then also went to the police and reported them of defamation, among other things. Previously, the two also stated that they were blackmailed.

    • Averroes wrote:

      Correction: Yes sorrry I am gwn piece about the level of the notifications

      The man who figures in Patricia Paay's sex tape did not leak the video. He expressly denies any interference, directly or indirectly, with this unlawful disclosure and dissemination, "according to a press statement from his lawyer Bernard Toplul.

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