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  1. SandinG wrote:

    I use the scriptures as an allegorical script. For example, I translate the story of Adam and Eve into the present where, in my eyes, the apple symbolizes the technological trojan horse that will bring about soul hijacking, provided no spiritual resistance is offered.

    Figures such as Musk, Kurzweil, Thiel etc are then the fallen angels (1/3) or the Agent Smiths of this world who try to get the rest into the "fall" through deception, perception management etc

    We can simply refuse by cooperating, it starts with awareness and ends with non-compliance.

  2. XanderN wrote:

    I continue to find it the most logical and well-founded basic explanation for this existence, but at the same time I do see many elements that correspond to religion. The 'remembering and realizing who you really are', 'it is a knowing', you have to 'recognize' an invisible enemy - these are all concepts that have been used for a long time in modern Christianity - which I have been deeply immersed in - , especially the full gospel / Pentecostal branches. With a few minor changes and additions (such as God, Jesus, conversion, etc.) it could be placed in the "Revival."

    I see a potential same pattern emerge as I have experienced and seen in various sectarianism-bound churches and groups, with "people who see it," people "who understand it," a club initiated, "chosen ones," so you who, unlike the rest, are no longer bound by the limitations of this world / this existence / reality, who are "no longer afraid of death" because they have "eternal life," and who are the leader in everything giving and talking, just to show that they have also seen the light and therefore function at a 'higher' level. And that there are also things that for most people 'cannot be explained' and 'are too difficult', and that we therefore simply have to accept them as true.

    Everyone should know for themselves, but for me personally that no longer works. Jesus substantiated (assuming at least some of the stories are correct) at least his theory and teachings by being able to change this reality, this virus simulation (the well-known 'miracles', wine in water, walking on water, healing the sick) , and finally rise from the dead). But even if nothing were true, it is great that you can make countless millions of people believe that it is true so long after you leave this planet.

    Translated to your vision you could say that he remembered who he was, part of the original creation process, and in that position showed himself more powerful than the virus, which he underlined by showing that the workings of that virus in this simulation ( disease, natural laws, death) can be eliminated.

    It therefore seems to me that people who are really aware that they have that position, must be able to prove not only with words, but also with tangible evidence that we are only living in a virus simulation - such as Neo in The Matrix. As long as it remains only with 'understanding' and 'awareness' without visible changes, there is in fact no difference in my opinion to a religion. After all: you just have to believe that it is sister and so, even though you do not notice it at all in this existence. As a result of which people (believers) very often tell each other that there is indeed evidence, but that this evidence is not visible to the outside world, only to the 'enlightenment of mind' or something like that. That you only have to 'feel' or 'experience' it in your mind / soul.

    In this way you exclude any objective discussion and finding of truth in advance, because in the course of history billions of people have been fooled into anything and everything.

    If I then 'identify with my avatar' too much - so be it. In other words, the same concept is described in the Bible as "an unspiritual man does not accept what is of the Spirit of God, for it is foolishness to him, and he cannot understand it, because it can only be judged spiritually." I think that is crazy, because for now you, I and everyone else still live in this virus simulation, the only reality that we can observe, and that simulation has a major impact on our existence in all areas, and no one is demonstrably in it. succeeded in escaping or even partially canceling that simulation (so according to the Bible only one: Jesus). So it just comes down to the basic hope that something better will come after death. In other words: on religion.

    I therefore hope that your basic logic concept, as explained so clearly in your book, is not seen as an endpoint, not as an "absolute truth" that should no longer be questioned, but as a station on the way to new insights and floors. . If that is the case, then one day there may actually be a real mass awakening, which is necessary for an authentic and lasting revolution. But until there is any demonstrable view, the wmb is 'game on' - because we have to. Because even a player who is standing on the side in a game simulation and refuses to participate, still participates as long as it is stuck in that simulation, because the rest is still playing according to the program. Then I'd rather do something than nothing at all, even if it turned out to be useless afterwards.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      I understand your reaction, but point out that there is a lot of evidence, including that double slits experiment that shows that matter only exists when observed and that the Luciferian stamp can be recognized everywhere.

      If you are looking for evidence in the minds of miracles, then it is still at the simulation level and Jesus may have been capable of miracles, but that is indeed a kind of Neo role and if you focus on that you miss out on the possibility that the builder of a code level simulation can make everything look like a miracle through the avatars in the game that he controls.

      Ultimately everything can be downplayed to a belief. That applies to evolution and religion. But study the hints provided and do whatever you want with it. In my opinion, this explanation is miles in favor.

      Once religious movements also talk about knowing, but that is more in the vein of "faith is the certainty of things that people do not see". Or rather: faith replaces the inexplicable.

      This explanation states precisely that if you follow the analyzes it is the certainty of the things that you can observe and therefore can explain.

    • Sun wrote:

      As far as I have been able to read and investigate, there is no factual evidence that Jesus existed at all. If you have that information to your disposal. Then I would like to read that. There are plenty of writers such as Doherty, Price etc who believe that 'Christ' is made up.

  3. guppy wrote:

    Coincidentally, I walked that virtual board a few weeks ago. I was not the first in the group but I saw from a child's reaction that he was completely absorbed in it and screamed out. Then I went up with the elevator and all the way up I had to walk to the end of the board and jump down. Because I remained focused on the floor, I remained calm, and fell down and once down everything went white. Good that you have added these videos as an example because it says a lot about the situation in which we are (really) involved.

    I also agree with Xander's reaction, which I want to supplement. The Bible has several story lines / layers. If you read the first layer then it is more like a children's bible with weird incomprehensible brutal stories. If you read the second layer or get explained that it is about literal history and how it can be translated into present tense. Then we have the agenda layer of the planning of the script that many people respect and that do everything to make it come true. But the most important are the deeper layers and then you come to the point that this article is about. You will only find this if you do research outside your comfort zone and you detach yourself from your environment. This does not mean saying goodbye (but eventually) but simply taking it out and uncoupling external influence. 40 days and nights to the desert, without WiFi and radiation and the like 😉

    I must say that it has always been my # 1 hardest question, where is the beginning and what is eternal. We did not know what washes forever before we descended to the virus simulation where time is the standard.

    A virus only survives if it lets a number of carriers live, so it cannot switch everything off. We have also descended with confidence that we will find the hidden information to escape. I am therefore sure that in which (religious) group you are, there is always information available to dare to jump.

  4. guppy wrote:

    Whether or not the Bible is real doesn't really matter because we don't know if we are real either 😄

  5. Riffian wrote:

    Do we still have to call the original uni (1) vers um? In the original layer, everything is possible and simultaneously. The current is just one of the possibilities in the infinite multi verse, from one version running infinite parallel simulations with different outcomes. In the original state we are all-embracing consciousness

    We all control this, the secret is that we are connected in real time, call it the source. The higher the awareness, the faster the change from within

  6. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Again it is possible that some reactions were lost because the website crashed last night and I had to restore a backup

  7. Wilfred Bakker wrote:

    Fits perfectly in this article,

    Transgender food all over the world, smart boy this.


  8. simsalabim wrote:

    Hi Martin,
    If you google integrally on Wingmakers, and Souveign, you will arrive at a number of websites, of which the common thread is that escape from the matrix is ​​simply a matter of certain breathing exercises combined with visualization. The so-called 'Wingmakers' are a high-dimensional breed from the central part of the galaxy. They also acknowledge that the nens is manipulated by illymination and get banking system. Is your seze therie known and if so? How do you feel about it?

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      I repeatedly recommend reading my book and then probably also understanding the content of this article.
      I do not agree with the idea of ​​the wing makers, because a matrix implies that there is a kind of prison. There is no prison if we carry the stem cell code ourselves.
      Everything is information. The original material version is the gamutialized perception of that information. This universe is the materialized version of the virus information (the Lucifer virus).

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