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This site (like all EU regions) is forced to submit a privacy statement on the basis of the new AVG legislation that will come into effect on 25 May 2018.

1. Contact information Stichting Martin Vrijland

The foundation can be contacted via the contact form on this site.

Registration number: 60411996

Establishment: St. Caelciliapad 5, 6815GM, Arnhem

2. Your data is collected by this site for multiple purposes:

  1. registering on this website
  2. placing your response
  3. being able to send e-mails to your e-mail address
  4. becoming a paid member in the form of a donorship
  5. being able to restrict access to certain articles
  6. registering for receiving a direct notification for the appearance of a new article on this site by e-mail
  7. registering for receiving a weekly newsletter and / or other mailings
  8. giving your opinion in the opinion of a poll / poll
  9. tracking statistics on visitor numbers and hits
  10. making contact with social media plugins that make sharing an article easier
  11. being able to determine whether you are using an adblocker

3. Parties that will be able to receive the personal data for processing:

Your data will initially be stored on the private server of the Martin Vrijland Foundation.

Furthermore, your data is passed on to third-party plug-in providers that use your data for processing data, as mentioned under point 2. This concerns the following plugins and therefore the companies that built these plugins:

4. The period for which your data is stored:

Your data will be stored and / or used during the period that you have registered for this site. You must actively unsubscribe yourself and submit a request to delete your data. Your data for the newsletter and / or receiving direct updates about newly posted articles will also be saved as long as you have registered yourself. In all cases, you must pro-actively sign out for all services on this site.

5. Rights regarding your data:

You have the right to view, rectify or delete the data. You also have the right to object to the use of your personal data. You must do this beforehand. If you want to do this afterwards, you can do this in writing by registered mail with regard to the postal address of the Martin Vrijland foundation, as stated at the Chamber of Commerce. However, if it appears that there is a legitimate aim to collect your data, the foundation reserves the right to continue to use and retain this data. Not every objection is by definition granted.

6. Responses to articles:

All your comments posted by you are entirely for your own account. That means that in all cases you are liable for what you write; even if these reactions are first approved via moderation by the administrator of the site for placement under an article.

7. Right to transfer your data:

The Martin Vrijland Foundation reserves the right to transfer your data to third parties for the use of data processing if this is in line with the services offered on this site. This can be the case, for example, with the implementation of a software plug-in that performs certain analyzes on statistics, but this may also apply to changing mail service services as a mailing or updates regarding newly placed articles. This can also apply to moving to another server or hosting provider, for example.

8. Right to withdraw your data:

The website provides 1 recognized option that you can indicate that you want your data to no longer be used. This is subject to the right of withdrawal. You can exercise your right of withdrawal by submitting a signed request in writing by means of a copy of a valid ID card or passport and a screenshot of your IP address. This is proof that you are the person you claim to be. This can be done with regard to the postal address of the Martin Vrijland foundation, as stated at the Chamber of Commerce. However, if it appears that there is a legitimate aim to collect your data, the foundation reserves the right to continue to use and retain this data. Not every objection is by definition granted. Your sent documents will be destroyed after verification.

9. Authority of personal data:

You have the right to file a complaint about the use of your data with the authority personal data. This is a legal right. So if you have complaints about how this website deals with your personal data, you can legally report this to the authority personal data.

10. Withdrawal of data:

If you do not wish to provide your information or if you wish to withdraw it, you can not use the services offered on this site. The administrator reserves the right to block your IP address for visiting this site.

11. Restricted access:

In case of paying membership in the form of a fixed donation per month, either through a recurring bank transfer, a replying PayPal or a recurring credit card transfer, your data will be used to determine whether you have access to certain items that are subject to restricted access. All this is controlled via an automated plug-in, as mentioned under point 3, namely Restrict Content Pro. Your data is therefore used to determine whether or not you have access to articles that are only readable by members.

12. Definition member:

The definition of a member is: persons who have entered into a repayment in the form of a donation to the Martin Vrijland foundation for a definite or indefinite period through any financial medium and who this link have signed up. If you are a member, you should be able to find your data under this link. You can also adjust or cancel your institution regarding your membership there. Your membership is always seen as a donation to the Martin Vrijland foundation.


AVG Permission

By 25 May 2018 we must inform you of the new EU regulations concerning the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG). Read the privacy statement and enter or adjust your permission settings.

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