How can we stop the process of end-time prophecy?

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The question from the title will be a bit bizarre for many people anyway. You may be miserable and so you will find the term end time by definition nonsense. Do you not find it striking how many arielious people still have a kind of belief system? The belief in evolution theory, for example. Yes, that too is a belief system, because despite the fact that science attempts to prove this theory, there is still nothing rock-hard and there are gaps in the substantiation. Faith in horoscopes or in psychics is a simpler example of a belief system. People who claim to be totally atheists believe that their future is determined by the stars. If you are purely materialist, do you not believe that there is something that affects the timeline of life? I recently spoke to a self-proclaimed atheist who believes in reincarnation. "What actually reincarnates then", I asked him, whereupon he had to obey the answer and something murmured in the style of energy. Yet there are billions of people who adhere to a religion and believe in the existence of the life air or soul. These people generally also believe in end-time prophecies. Linked to that are believing in the arrival of their specific messiah. These people do not look up to the end-time in a way because they believe that they will eventually be redeemed and live forever.

That is very briefly summarized and there are quite a few conflicting points in those religious views, but all in all it is clear that there is a kind of end time battle must come: war so. My position is that the conflicting points in the religions are the driving force behind that struggle. These conflicting views ensure that entire tribes want to achieve the outcome of their religion. This ensures that millions of people put themselves at the service of armies and make them available for the next great world war. That last war must obviously turn around Jerusalem and will be a war between Islam and Zionism (or the Christian West together with Israel). Most religious readers take their pious shoulders when reading this. They think it is the most normal thing in the world that this end-time battle is coming and are fully convinced that they are going to win. That is in the prophecies of their religion and they believe in it. In the process, a mass murder is actually brushed away with the greatest frivolity as something that is just necessary evil. World leaders and religious leaders use these religious beliefs to set up their armies to the desired extent. No, that does not only apply to Islam; that also applies (and especially) to Christianity and Judaism, where the latter two, two hands are on a belly.

The only way to prevent the roadmap towards the last world war is that billions of people come to understand that they should not let their children measure uniforms. Although we are increasingly moving towards the robotisation of wars, victimization of meat and blood remains very important. However, the chance that all those billions of people will abandon their faith is relatively small, because it is passed on generation by generation and so the conviction is strong. The question of how a God of love, war and violence can allow and even predict this, should not be asked. It is also an accepted fact that people with a religious conviction assume prophecies appropriate to their convictions. The 'end good' is then the reward of the coming of the savior, in the end it all revolves around the preservation of the soul and the eternal life of that soul.

The concept of the soul is therefore of decisive importance. If the soul did not exist and life was purely materialistic, we would not allow ourselves to be committed to wars, from the idea that our soul can eventually go to heaven or live forever (thanks to God for preference). However, for anyone who has studied paranormal phenomena or even religious phenomena, it must be clear that there must be something appropriate to that definition of the term 'soul' or life breath.

Only when we discover that all those prophecies and all the control that takes place provide extra evidence for the idea that we live in a pre-programmed multi-player simulation, can we decide to stop the outcome through the way of religious Programming to let determine, but by playing the game no longer according to the rules. If you discover that the religious prophecies come out more and more, you can see that as proof that your religion is correct or you can begin to see that this is proof that there is a script.

Read a little bit my previous article and also browse the referenced articles about the simulation. Compare it to an online game in which billions of fellow players with the controller in their hand sit looking at a screen and try to win the game, smartly playing, and winning. The point is that we discover who is in control with the controller. It is about discovering that we are observing (co-acting) souls who perceive a materialized world, where the quantum-physical phenomenon of quantum entanglement ensures that all players do the same observation.

The frequent repeated scientific experiment (which even ignored Albert Einstein's theories), the 'double slits experiment'(double slit experiment), shows that matter requires an observer to come out of' superposition '. You can compare that with the observation on your screen when you play a playstation game. Only when you move the controller is the image on your screen materialized from the source code (the material comes from 'superposition', the position in which all possibilities are still open). In a multi-player game, it is the first observer who determines what the rest of the players perceive. If the first player sees a mountain at a certain position, that mountain will always have to be in the same place for all other players. In my series of articles about the simulation (see menu 'thinkers', 'simulation') you can read a detailed explanation and you will also find an article that shows that Google's Cloud platform for multi-player Augmented Reality games apply a method that exactly resembles the principle of quantum entanglement. In fact, all signals point to the idea that we live in a simulative reality.

That simulative reality seems (as a playstation game) to be pre-programmed according to the rules of the builder. However, the players have free will. That is a requirement, because without free will the choice would be deterministic (predetermined) and that would mean that the soul would not be free and thus the simulation would be of no use, because the outcome would then already be fixed. However, because the builder of the game wants to turn the outcome to his will (see the religious prophecies), he has put his own players in the game that the other players in the multi-player game (the souls with free will) direction to seduce the desired outcome. These avatars in the game that are under the control of the game builder, try to send the other players in the game a direction. This still respects the free will of the souls who started playing the game, but it is of great influence, because the game is built up so that it is almost impossible to survive if you do not participate in the rules imposed from above ( by the avatars controlled by the builder). These avatars controlled by the builder of the game are in the highest regions of the game. They form the elitist group, as it were; here often called the pharaoh bloodlines. They are in the top positions of governments, banks, religious institutions and the entire pyramid scheme that most readers now know to a greater or lesser extent.

When we realize that our soul is only observer in a multi-player game whose builder tries to control the outcome through influencing through controlled pawns, we can draw two conclusions. The first is that our original identity and our existence are outside this 'screen'. The second conclusion is that when we stop playing the game according to the rules imposed by the builder's pawns, we can change the outcome. A third possibility might be that we can hack the simulation from outside and adjust the source code. The most important question, however, is whether our soul may be trapped in this multi-player simulation and that we only think that this is it and that is perhaps the biggest lesson: do not identify with the puppet in the game. Meanwhile, do not let yourself be tempted into uniforms, weapons and struggles. Stop playing the game according to the rules imposed above and put aside your religious mind control.

Below is an example of a religious vision of the end-time struggle.


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  1. Vitalinfo wrote:

    I think it's the virtues that will eventually free us from the matrix.
    Virtues are courage, tolerance, compassion, honesty, forgiveness, gratitude. If enough people practice these virtues, a new programming is created in the universal mind, thus overriding the old division and rule of struggle.

    A division arises through division. This seems to be the basic programming on which we have been working people for a long time. This must be hacked and overwritten with a better program. That's how I see it.

    Am I correct? I think so. I would not know how you can get out of the fight.

  2. Sun wrote:

    We will have to do with the matrix in which we now live. Getting out and not participating is not possible. If you do not want the prophecies to come true, then we will have to get new drivers. This can only be done through regime change This is not possible via elections. The results are already fixed. There is no political opposition in the Netherlands. Regime change can, for example, be demonstrated daily (relay) and / or everyone reports sick and / or performs his work more slowly, etc. Think of it yourself. What I mention are only possibilities and I do not call anyone to actually do this, purely a thought-based exercise. Everyone has their own responsibility under the law. We also have to finally get a real democracy where the intention is that there will be a republic. No one should get a job and / or influence through inheritance. Everyone should in principle have the opportunity to become president of the Netherlands. Civil servants' functions must also be temporary judicial functions so that everyone if he is able to perform that function. Competence is only the selection criterion and not political motives.
    In doing so, the usual suspects will have to be convinced to share all the key positions that they have in society or to share equally the power to share with persons who are not members of the Club. Elections must be really secret and every citizen can check the outcome etc. etc.

  3. guppy wrote:

    Strongly agree Martin These are questions that I asked as a child and did not receive a satisfactory answer.

    My children and myself will certainly never fight for an army. We also do not ritually commemorate all victims every year. These people are slaughtered for letting say an independent Europe that is renamed a Europe a few years later.

    Here we come upon so-called elected leaders who is our name determining what the policy is. From an early age we learn to need leaders, but the past has shown that it is and remains a gaos with external leaders.

    A real leader is a servant!

    If you play minecraft you can choose between a peaceful world and a world with zombies and the like. I think it also applies to us, we now play the zombie version and it is difficult to find the main menu. The saviors of this zombie world want us to believe that this duelist world will eventually become peaceful, but I do not believe that. I think you must die before you can return to the main menu. We are created in such a way that we are afraid of death. In addition, if we die through violence, we might make the wrong choice again in the main menu.

    This is my difficult question: What is the state of our soul / spirit after death. Are we really free independent spirits or are we still influenced by making choices in the main menu?

    I am confident that we are gaining so much knowledge these days that we are increasingly difficult to influence.

    It could then come down to the fact that thanks to this game we leave behind very unpleasant traits of ourselves here.

    By observing it, we will soon be released from it and will not be able to go back.

    We know then that the peaceful version is and remains peaceful because we are pure conscience. The frequencies will be so high that the low frequencies can not get there!

  4. ClairVoyance wrote:

    There, the door is knocked.

  5. ClairVoyance wrote:

    But there is something.

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