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Charlie Hebdo deliberate provocation again image of the Prophet Muhammad

Charlie Hebdo deliberate provocation again image of the Prophet Muhammad

The Dutch media all pretend to be the most sensational action ever. Matthijs van Nieuwkerk was yesterday in DWDD so enthusiastic about the millions of copies of the new Charlie Hebdo that his teeth almost fell out of his mouth. Where did we end up in? At the table were cartoonists who praised the new Cartoon on the front page of Charlie Hebdo. One thought it was a neat image of the Prophet Muhammad and the other one found the tear so great. Only Giel Beelen noticed that it was totally absurd to provoke this. And of course the new edition of the newspaper is provocative again, because everyone knows that Islam is forbidden to depict the Prophet Muhammad. So it is at least a provocation that Charlie Hebdo does this again. The Charlie Hebdo that is part of the French newspaper Libération that is in the hands of the rich Ashkenazi Jewish banking family Rothschild. So we can actually say that we are dealing here with a Jewish provocation of the Islamic world.

I will not post the image of the new front page of Charlie Hebdo here, but post a modified version from which you can see that there might be another way to look at Charlie Hebdo's sketches. That makes the case extra provocative.


Take a look at the video below to get an impression of which way of drawing appears to be used by Charlie Hebdo. The only reason I can think of as an explanation for the existence of this kind of cartoonists is a deliberately created alibi for a provocation and an 'inside job' or 'false flag' attack. Knowing that the newspaper is owned by the Rothschild family - who are the big driving force behind Zionism and the global money flows in their power - it becomes increasingly clear what the goal is. They want to control a world war and blaze violence on their own soil that must be put in the shoes of Muslims.

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  1. Open letter to the Prime Minister,

    Dear Mr. Rutte,

    Because of the cackling and cocking behavior in the second chicken house yesterday, I would like to be the first person responsible for the living climate here in the Netherlands. You spoke during the mockery of overturning naively correct politicians

    "We simply can not prevent everything"

    Why not "not everything" "I would like you to have a list of those" attacks that you [AIVD interpol / CIA NSA], despite the many billions for security, the hundreds of thousands of cameras, the total stripping of every man woman child a weekend Marbella goes, eavesdropping and saving every phone conversation and mail from every citizen what goes over the line,
    You have prevented [with support and documentation please]

    In fact, in recent years I have only been able to remember a lot of attacks that did not succeed in one way or another and all kinds of so-called terrorists [read double agents / mercenaries] completely unhindered via the foreign security firms at Schiphol
    'free and uninhibited' can go in and out.

    I'll name a few. First the mother all the attacks 9 / 11, London, Madrid, Theo van Gogh, underwear bomber, various attacks / shootings on civilians, shopping centers, schools religious spaces.

    Mr. Rutte, I think it has been nice with the little talk of

    "We are doing our best and we especially have to keep an eye on you [the citizen] because otherwise there might be attacks and yes it is really necessary that you can be searched and stopped by each BOA and identification obligation, but sometimes occasionally a stroke slips through and so on ".

    All talk.

    I think that the cameras should go away from the citizen and once have to be directed at the shadowy world of (military) intelligence services and their "dubious staff choice".

    Close the door and do not forget to turn off the light.
    [you know energy saving / tax and CO2 etc.]

    With kind regards Dutch mother Elvira

  2. And again that name Rothschild in the picture Where would they have left those cartoonist victims? With a new nose in a promised land? Could that be possible?

  3. Dear fellow complete thinkers,

    I propose that we all formulate 100 questions on which there is no answer at all regarding the attack on paris. perhaps they can be put in a separate tablad and we invite every journalist to answer a number of these questions with substantiation and I promise that if there is a journalist who can actually use up to ten of the 100 with documentation and support, that I may very well take another series.

    personally now wants to hand in question 23 and answer the exact names birth dates etc of the "victims" where they are buried and by whom ???? What was their trauma, where were they treated, which hospitals etc
    What was the nature of the injuries of the dead [autopsy reports and especially what about the many "wounded" who were initially mentioned but you do not hear anyone anymore about.

    and that faint answer of "privacy for the family" I do not bother with that anymore because if it is so private, I do not want to hear anything about it on the news either. As long as I'm bothered with the most stupid coverstories for this clear cia / mossad operation every day, I also want butter with the fish and data names numbers etc.

    • Agree entirely. It was Belgium's turn yesterday with all those exciting news reports. It is to get sick of it. Normal news no longer exists. I also have a question for the 100 list. Can someone show a picture of a victim with his own blood next to or on his body !!!

  4. Martin, I think that movie that you have posted is a spoof.
    A parody of existing examples.

    • That is possible, but it does provide a good summary and indication.

  5. Of course that is a Rothschild leaf. Just like that "Russian newspaper", the Novae Gazeta, which turned out to be George Soros.
    Cheap propaganda of power-hungry getaways ...

    Read this and shudder.

    Just like in the US military and police will soon be in schools. Nice and heavily armed, because such a so-called radicalizing youngster must of course be able to grab a Kalashnikov somewhere soon.

    What an idiot, that Sander Dekker, that he is able to pretend that you can express the exact degree of "radicalization", an oddity, in percentages ...
    A total disagreement.
    But that's just my opinion. And it is supposedly more free than ever!

  6. According to Sander Dekker 4 percent has been "radicalized" at 0,1 percent of the schools, whatever that may mean ....
    Let's assume that 4 will have "radical" ways of thinking about 100,000 young people, which is great.

    Dekker has just proven that it is all too bad. Moreover, he "forgets" to mention that "Radical" ideas do not mean that someone also becomes criminal.
    This man has been so worried that he has started to use fairly radical and extreme ideas about the safety of schools ...

  7. Those people at Charlie are of course totally in shock and grief and are not able to continue working. Totally in fear of even more disaster. Totally paralyzed to release a new edition, an edition that appears much later after all commotion. Yet? You would expect, certainly with a thinned crew. But nothing is less true, they produce at least as much. Very typical.

    • Look, at a store, for example, there is a sign 'closed due to circumstances' if there are special circumstances. Here it is more 'extra crowds' due to circumstances.

    • That is indeed typical, I think there has just been a reorganization. 10 man out and the rest continues, there is hard work on the special edition with an edition 100x higher than normal.
      This action is actually financed by the buyers of the magazine, indirectly then.

      • Well, you have to do something to increase the circulation, and that at a time when many newspapers and magazines see their print runs drop.

  8. By the way, it's Giel, not Chiel.

  9. The interview of not yet 5 minutes of Giel Beelen with Martin Vrijland on 3fm early in the morning today, was at least something but of course laughable in terms of timing and duration.

    We are overwhelmed with mass media that are muttering each other and then Martin has found these well-founded proof facts that absolutely support a swollen hoax in 4 minutes. By phone between, (detail the Song Wicked World and next song was EYE in the Sky)

    Then now, yes there we go with the 78inch tube at home with all of them watching the NPO, super fast they are that mass media

    Dear people who go to the NOS and other media, you really have not even made the effort to look further for facts and try to play a real journalist instead of autocue's as a robot read aloud.
    More and more people notice that the reporting is contradictory,

    Pappa will earn money again tomorrow at the NOS and deliberately give lies to the citizens, but Dad does not mind that because daddy needs money ............

    • Dad is just a traitor. The people where he himself is born between has he shit just lacquer and the tens of thousands of dead women and children in the Ukraine all the way. Also at that time Iraq and Afghani were crushed by the devilish western troops of ZioNazi state USA, Israel and EU (Nato) he just looked good the other way and thought as the money but ... ..

  10. Here a link to the broadcast at Giel on 3FM:

    Here the link to the radio broadcast on

    • I admire your courage Martin, a deep bow.
      I notice that the msm is also looking with a wider view.
      Only pay attention that you will not be put away as 1 or other ......
      We will support you and we will also make sure that a wider audience will wonder what is wrong with what they get served.
      Long live the free Spirit.
      And martin ,, Respect for what you do man.

      • It is short Martin, a minute or 5 in the morning program of Ciel, but it is 5 minutes. It will certainly bear fruit. Awesome.

  11. Sinterklaas was a Turk. perhaps these two Turkish politicians therefore stop Israel or the Mossad in the bag for the attak on the Roth Hebel / Liberation run by Rothschild (Braveau, Martin! The NOS approach also speaks volumes)


    They talk about the impending French recognition of Palestine as a reason for the bombs and grenades in Paris, ah mais oui ... .much like the Malaysia tribunal and the Dutch PGGM pension fund that closed the tap in January 2014 for the Israeli banks that put money into settlements in the Occupied territories, voila: MH17.

    And Fukushima as reprisal of the rotting shield for Nippon's recognition of Palestine.

    By the way last but not least Jacob Rothschild has already exploded twice in my experience. He did not survive the last thump. No, not yet announced, is a bit sloppy. Someone else pulls the strings. Hence, the other side of house and skillet episode ... ..see dublinmick for details

    www we will win

    CIA O

  12. Hello Martin, I am new here. I think you are a hero! Thanks to your site I can discover the truth of a lot of things, which I also question, as the MSM provide us with this.

    I like your performance in the Giel show, you've only got a few minutes, but I want to give you a few points of attention, unsolicited and with good intentions.

    Assuming you want to share the truth about the Paris attacks, which of course is an inside operation of secret services, with as many people as possible, I think it is important that you can briefly and concisely summarize the Parisian attack with the dubious perceptible highlights, so that people, based on your questions about the facts, start thinking. I do this in my circle of friends and acquaintances and this works well. You started against Giel now with your vision that there is another world war to come. This is immediately very large and predictive for the future. I think it is more convenient to start with your questions about the facts, as presented to us by the MSM. You also notice that Giel in the conversation with you can not do much with the reflection of a new world war. Make it small, to the facts. Fortunately, the conversation with Giel is more about the facts, but in my opinion you leave the absolute cracker here. Namely that over-obvious can be seen on movies, in slow motion even more clearly, that the gunner shoots about a meter next to the head of the agent and hits the bullet in the concrete, after which a cloud of smoke is visible. Indeed: no blood and woof on the head but also clearly visible the bullet in the street concrete. I think this scene is the beating heart of the vision is that we are dealing with a fake operation here. At the same time, I have not heard much from others on this site about a short film in which it is shown that the deposited blood of the agent is about 2-3 meters on the sidewalk from the spot where the cop was. The blood is much closer to the advertising column than where the agent was. That was further from the advertising column.

    My story is not meant to be a teaching matter, Martin, of course I also want more people to think about it. My tip for undoubtedly more performances from you in the MSM: make a list with the topics regarding the facts as presented to us by the MSM about the Paris attack, focused on the visual aspects. Thinking starts with the facts, with what people can perceive. Once people realize that facts are wrong, as presented to us by the MSM, they will hopefully continue thinking.
    Good luck and thanks for your attention!

    • I understand your criticism well. I expected to have a little more time and to zoom in on that. Perhaps you can do more about this:

    • I have not seen a bullet!
      Well propellants of the ignited powder, which causes a cloud on the sidewalk.
      I live in Arnhem and on old buildings you can still see the impact of bullets from the Second World War. Where is the impact crater on the sidewalk?

      • Before WWII, houses were not built of concrete.
        Mostly of bricks with or without plaster.
        There shoots a .30 (the Americans in WWII the M1 carbine, .30 = 7.62mm of the Kalashnikov) easily entered a hole.
        Moreover, the shooter shot at an angle of about 40 degrees, not straight in the ground.
        The question is whether there were real bullets in the weapon.
        The video
        does not show any impact in the police car.
        The creator of the video also calls "C'est faux balles!"
        Literally translated: "They are fake bullets!".

    • also the white mirrors of the initial lemon and the black mirrors of the lemon that had been removed was also something so obvious.

      • I think it was chromed mirrors and they can look both black and white through reflection.

    • Pointing people to things that are not right is not that difficult, but at a certain point you get the question 'why would they do that?' And then it becomes very difficult to explain that in a few minutes.

      • Explanation can still be rainbow, but they will believe it. That these magic tricks are meant to sow unrest and that well-meaning government might not mean it that well.

  13. Does that cartoonist with Saturn DWDD now have a B-shirt on his shirt. Fits nicely with the whole ritual event.

  14. For all new people,

    welcome .

    Many of the things that are going on behind the scenes can be found on various sites, for example, alongside this site

    It is a very solid site that consists of all kinds of people who work or have worked in the military industry or who know a lot about it and who often get access to it via a lot of information.

    Extremely useful for the backgrounds around world politics, etc.
    guaranteed information that you will not hear on the news.

  15. Meanwhile there are well-known people who also participate.

    Now even more people who wake up.

    There is a good chance that something will happen soon. Then attention can go there with the result that this again becomes obscured to the masses (see also mh17, ebola, etc)

  16. I can no longer say that I support isreal support in the murder of innocent Palestinians and the police in tinkering with innocent civilians because I participate in the glorification of terrorism!

    • ????????

      • The 2e theater room wants to make the glorification of terrorism punishable ... .forth.


    -rw-r-r- 1 stock stock 58340413 Jan 15 20: 52 Pateo Radio - Martin Vrijland_Wed Jan 14 2015.mp3
    SIZE (Pateo Radio - Martin Vrijland_Wed Jan 14 2015.mp3) = 58340413 (56M)
    MD5 (Pateo Radio - Martin Vrijland_Wed Jan 14 2015.mp3) = 46e0028daf4ac5ed36cb6a3177a98947
    SHA1 (Pateo Radio - Martin Vrijland_Wed Jan 14 2015.mp3) = e30a5197f4de62b9e19b364fb8c638559c1b8dce

  18. Has this movie already been posted?
    It looks like spray comes from the agent's sleeve.
    This video is reasonably manipulated with contrast ed
    But when you look at other slow motion images of this scene, you can clearly see that something strange is happening. It even seems as if that "thing" in his sleeve retracts and disappears from view. And later becomes visible again. Could not it be that they consciously process "False Flag" elements in these kinds of events to feed the conspiracy?
    Sometimes it all seems pretty amateurish and very clear for the Hoax
    "Believers" Coincidentally also the name Rothschild who is involved.
    Perhaps that is also aware of the MSM supporters and the conspiracy supporters against each other. Divide and conquer

    • yes it strikes me as well, that id card for example that was supposedly in the oauto ,,, 1 thing I find strange to find strange, that shoe that the passenger picked up, wtf where did it come from and from whom was tie, but more important as his id card, he simply left it there.

  19. Perception management or Brainwashing of the Neanderlanders!
    Just for the right order: You have Dutch, Neederlanders and Neanderlanders.

    Well pretty complicated
    1. A Neederlander is someone who is wide awake here at Martin Vrijland and other sites read how the world really works. Sometimes watching TV. but consciously with "one-180-degrees-turn-the-lies-around" glasses.
    2. A Dutchman does not actually exist according to the trailer whale chicken Maxima, but the few who are still watching TV and do not believe everything but a lot.
    3. A Neanderlander looks continuously, at least a lot of TV. Is uncritical takes everything for true, is scared to death in this kind of attacks, scratches his moment clench belly or back, take a sip of his beer or her wine and then zap or go to the porn channel (he) or to RTL4 The voice of Holland farmer looking etc (she) or SBS6 (both)!

    AT man bites dog today, one or other oen could be seen who still had to get his swimming certificate. In the room of his house you then see "pontifically" the flag of IsraHell!
    At Mien or Truus and Henk or Jan in the room "pontifically" in the background on the wall a head of a buck or deer, but with 2 strongly forward facing horns (see the tower of Rutte / Bakellende). Baphomet.
    To let people get used to it just say ... hahaha :);) ????

    • What I want to say is that this CONTINU continues day and night / day in day out. All sorts of symbolism, unconscious images (subluminal), opinions, distorted facts, lies, expensive reporters / Hjoernaal readers / essen neat in suit tie or dress with pearls, blown up known to be puke of Dutchman (sic), scammers, pedophiles, gay / transgender propaganda etc etc etc.

      And that is all day after day spewed out about you, squeezed or ... .. [fill in yourself] ....

      When does this puke TV stop once?

      1 (say one) only a good advice. Flicker that TV out the house or put your safety glasses (lie filter and detector built-in).


        Just the introduction of this program suffocates from the symbolic mindfucking images.
        A Catholic church with altar and priest eg

        As soon as a program on the MSM is viewed properly, the Zionazies Ashknazi jews dive into it with full propaganda and mindfuck. READY! Look listen and shudder yourself.


    SIZE (De-morning rituals-with-Giel-Beelen-Martin-Vrijland-Do15jan2015.flv) = 36551307 (35M)
    MD5(De-ochtendrituelen-met-Giel-Beelen-Martin-Vrijland-Do15jan2015.flv)= 596ff527603c32d641c7b2b3bed5b542
    SHA1(De-ochtendrituelen-met-Giel-Beelen-Martin-Vrijland-Do15jan2015.flv)= d89ee81fc317ad8307d76b75cf744d191f5c32f4

    Martin: "Paris attacks are a hoax"
    Thursday January 15 2015

  21. for the readers here, website nieuwsbreker has censored all reactions that are about this, so it is not posted. or people afterwards blocked ... ..that says enough .. free speech that is not maintained on this site

    • should you be on now .nl respond, almost all links are turned off ... on most mainstream you are ignored ,, facebook etc all the mass craziness ,,, the real info has been blocked for about a year ... .internet is also not as free as it seems. the industry rules and controls.
      We really have to be quick before our last freedoms are taken away.

  22. Just like 9 / 11 and apart from real or fake victims, this attack is, just like so many in the row of recent years, one goal. The aim in the eyes of the simple traitor is to establish Islam (is largely true, hence the incessant flow of Muslim refugees towards the EU), but for the person who delves deeper into business and looks further than the established media should or should not otherwise we can conclude that the ultimate goal is power and the strengthening of fascist power over all of us and the entire monetary system.

    For those who do not understand it or do not even want to see it, is a simple mind, an indescribable masochist or self-righteous piece of food that probably also eats away from the state variety, but the fact is exposed to the fact that we are increasingly being herded together like herds of cattle and the false flag operations that the zio-fascist rulers conquered and hijacked governments have the absolute right to change laws and regulations and to reduce privacy and civil liberties without cans or blushes to zero and to force the entire money system to go that way. that citizens will no longer have access to their own finances and possessions and work to slave labor will be transformed this can also be caused by an indescribable infinite number of debts that will compel people to bow and by pressing repressively to push interest rates downwards or even to negative pressures . This can be seen as the beginning of total oppression and confiscation.

    The tactic is not new and can be compared with this: ... .. Regulation of the National President for the protection of people and state ....

  23. I wonder what the zios are planning.
    If I can believe the reports on geo-engineering, this planet is lifeless in about 35 years.
    The chemtrails that spray megatons of toxic metals into the atmosphere to suppress the greenhouse effect caused by CO2 and methane not only poison all life but also cause such a climate change that life on this planet goes to ruin.
    That should also eradicate the Zio's, but apparently they are not concerned about it.
    What do they know that we do not know?

    As Martin stated in an earlier article: why does the NWO elite do so much effort to finish an apparently lunatic emergency scenario instead of just pulling the plug out?
    They already have the money, the power and the weapons.
    NWO or JWO is actually already within their reach without any significant obstacles.
    What are they doing about this step-by-step infantile deception of gullible humanity?
    Why is the planet completely destroyed with chemtrails?
    What's behind that?
    Who or what benefits?
    Is this the last phase of terra forming for another life form?

    I do not see logic in all this madness.
    Somebody else might?

  24. Have anyone seen that Coulibaly was handcuffed when he jumped out of the supermarket?

    • get the nits ,,, it looks like yes? wtf

  25. sow what men ,, and women, what are we sangding say ,, from all sides. Really nothing proves to be more truth really nothing.
    They leave us in riddles ,,, V for victory

    • martin, perhaps you can forward this article from veterans today to the gentleman of the nos, Hopefully he understands what you mean. Somebody a quarter to drop?


      Prof. dr. Fetzer & Veterans Today:

      We as the mess media are NOT compliant at all we just happen to be there @ the right place & @ the right time which is usually before the right things happen & during & after !!!! that's all. & that guarantees a flowing news pipeline where everything fits in place so there's nothing & no void left for the public to puzzle about. We do all that in advance or events so news flows !!! - thank Zio-Satan (our God) !!!
      after all we're the entertainment industry. is not we ???
      End quote

      ++ check out link to Lasha Darkmoon Rothschild letter posted by STARGATE in the Fiasco France Rothschild:


    Madame Rothschild - "I Know who was behind the Paris Attacks!"
    January 12, 2015 Other Writers
    Madame Rothschild tells Lasha Darkmoon in a private email that the Charlie Hebdo affair was a Mossad operation.

    . . . by Ellie Katsnelson
    Paris attacks: France to deploy 10,000 security forces around the country (See here)

    Brief introductory note by Lasha Darkmoon: Ellie Katsnelson, aka Madame Rothschild, a German aristocrat or Rothschild parentage who has fallen out with her "family" after certain traumatic events during her adolescence, including the mysterious death of her mother in the Swiss Alps at 1989 (See her mini-biography below).

    The email was sent to me on Sunday, January 11, 2015 5: 56 AM, ie, yesterday. I translate it as written, except for one or two minor alterations in the interests of extra clarity.

    Reader, you must make up your own mind if there is any truth in these chilling revelations. I myself remain undecided, as is my custom, preferring to keep an open mind until the facts have been clearly established.

    Email from Ellie Katsnelson

    Dear Lasha,

    I do not write to the Comments section of your website, as you suggest, because I can not help feeling that it is juvenile to do so. But this I will say most emphatically, based on my private sources, for as well know, I am a resident of France and have many friends in high places in Paris and elsewhere: not only do I believe that the Paris circus was not done by the Muslims, I actually know for a certainty that it was not.

    Muslims had nothing-I repeat, nothing-whatever with the carnage that took place in Paris last week.

    A few young ladies In the Palestinian movement, with your own countryman, George Galloway, I believe-explained everything to me two days ago. This whole event was organized in Brussels. Ahmed Merabet, the first French policeman purportedly shot dead, is actually not a Muslim at all: his real name is Avigdor, and his brother's name is Maloch, recently changed to Melek-all of them crypto-Jews in the service of Israeli intelligence , ie, Mossad agents.

    Avigdor is right now in Buenos Aires, and will stay there for six years, a standard operating procedure with those deep in Israeli psyops. After this will resurface with a new identity, by which time of course the populace will have forgotten all about the Paris attacks.

    Remember Gladio? Well, if you do not, you do not have to live with you right now.

    Lasha, I am well known for being able to write at the same time, so this is all for now. I will write you an email sometimes in March when I return to France and the UK from Sydney. Hopefully, there will be no more pussyfooting around, and we can sit down and enjoy a glass of wine together, as befits two queens: one a drama queen (me), the other a mystery queen (you). ????
    That's all, dear. Bye for now and keep well. I've missed you.

    Ellie K

    PS Regarding the Paris farce. I forgot to mention the amount such players get paid. It is 666,000 euros or dollars, depending on the country the event is staged in. The amount may be random and insignificant to you, but you know how important numerology and signs are to the Kabalistic Jews, things beginning to make sense.

    Moreover, the number SIX features again, you will notice, as is the number of years during which the operations are not allowed to resurface. They have low years of living, living lives or impeccable respectability under their newly invented personas. When they finally emerge into the full light of day, it is never in the country where they performed their original theatrics.

    Thus Avigdor, the "hero" of the Paris, and all the rest of his accomplices in crime, will start a new life somewhere: with new identity, new papers, a new passport-a nice new house provided. Everything else will be given to these operatives to enable them to start their lives, including those who are also undercover agents. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is left to chance.


    • So have my doubts at darkmoon and certain darkmoonies; left 8 dec. 2013 with the head raised darkroom when the guard was there. Jacob R. himself kept an eye on me systematically so I know from a reliable source also the GJ comments there that I was told especially in the so-called third world.

      Very Good Comment Martin. Charlie Hebdo and the jihad striers - that isis capo is double jewish as you also stated - the well-known recipe of the jewbanksters and the other bilderberg.

      Qui Bono? In the Paris attacks, Muslims have no interest, they were already on the rise: after all, in the French parliament the recognition of Palestine as an independent state was in the pipeline. Satanyahu showed his disapproval at the end of last year about the imminent recognition of Palestine by Paris.

      Charlie Is Dead is outright terror from the jewsewer of the Israeli Mossad and CIA (American Jewish) and there is also a penetrating Gladio scent to that stench.

      Remember Honorary President of the Supreme Court of Italy Judge Ferdinando Imposimato:

      Yet those apex apes feel cornered. More goyim will wake up. A concrete hard hit was the terrorattack at the London Olympics, which they had previously explored (see Rockefeller Foundation report on this).

      CIA O

    • So people, if you are fed up in the Netherlands, apply for the function of crisis actor and maybe you will win that holiday in Argentnie of no less than 6 year where you also get a free make over. Acting talent does not necessarily seem necessary, but of course it does not hurt.

      But seriously, those good rothschilds are an interesting group to know more about.

  27. In particular, the part that is about the Charlie Hebdo office chair is extremely bizarre:

  28. Because I have to arrange some private things, I keep it today with a short reaction to the "anti-terror action" in Belgium. As far as I am concerned, the whole principle of traveling jihadists and returning jihadists is foolish. They are Western mercenaries. Ask yourself how these so-called jihadists can not be arrested before they travel to Syria. People are arrested if they plan an attack in the Netherlands, but the AIVD is unable to use its cooperation with the NSA to visualize the telephone conversations, emails, social media and mutual contacts in such a way that it can be concluded that these men go to Syria want to travel? That might average GTST looking Netherlands perhaps, but the readership here is already a little further. Governments could stop these gentlemen, but do not do it! For example, we recently saw how the girlfriend of the hostage taker of the Jewish supermarket in Paris, Hayat Boumediene, can travel via an airport. Why would such a thing be possible? Because these jihadists are fighting on behalf of the West and the West is therefore happy to let them travel. Probably against payment. How is it possible that they can pass a customs desk at any airport without being arrested? Are the secret services so bad? The arguments you hear for TV are "We can hardly keep an eye on everyone". That is complete bullshit. Everyone is being watched! Everything is known about which citizen (slave word). Every attack is intended and is known if not planned to ignite the non-existent danger of Muslim extremism! The only Muslim extremism that exists is that extremism created by Western agents themselves and consists of mercenaries. The poor Muslim boys who had themselves bribed to become jihadists are being abused and are now being used as terrorists to create chaos on their own territory. It is a Zionist rat plan!

    I already wrote several articles about it and have predicted this for more than a year. Take a look:

    • good link Martin

    • Someone commented in the comments that the co-driver might be a woman. And indeed if you look closely at the different images, the co-driver seems to make very feminine movements, even the loop, also seen in the earlier video, is female. The co-driver also seems unable to speak again.

      Furthermore, I read that alleged terrorists were killed and arrested in Belgium who provided for police officers and that they were in possession of police uniforms. Could it be that Belgium could have prevented a false flag attack and the police uniforms were needed to stage it? I know it is speculation and it is only an idea. Furthermore, it seems like one wants to say "come guys, we have to arm the police heavier, all over the EU" ... I wonder if that happens which companies will deliver these weapons and equipment.

  29. Indeed Martin ... 1 great Zionist rat plan. Ask yourself ... ISIS has territories (in Syria) that are just a stone's throw away from the Israeli border. Why have they (ISIS) made no attempt to attack Israel until today ?! 'They are not able to do that' then are called ... Oh yeah ..?! The ISIS fairy tale can take almost the entire north of Iraq and let the Iraqi army in complete chaos within a few days ... but ISIS can not occasionally shoot a mortar or rocket over the Golan height here and there ..? !! Incidentally, the Iraqi army is a bit of American equipment ... and has been trained for years by them.

    But well ... as soon as the 'Syrian' people here are supposedly attacking, a 'Jewish' target is immediately chosen ... LOL And then call Netanyahoo; "Every Jew is welcome in Israel, you will be safe with us." Is that just as good for him ... to win souls for the Greater Israel plan ... because yes ... Israeli businessmen are now quietly buying rags in the north of Iraq ... Israel is going to grow a lot soon! So ... there must be people to inhabit these areas ... This reminds me a bit of the run-up to the second world war .. How did they get the Jews to the holy land as soon as possible ..?! Oooohja through attacks, intimidations, threats..etc !! Flashback!

    Then even this ... not yet 24 hours after the 'terror campaign' in Belgium, the 'Marshall-law' plans are soon implemented. Does she come out equally well again. Intelligence services get (even) more powers about eavesdropping etc. Army can be deployed faster ... it's going to start with ladies and gentlemen ... There is now another hostage action near Paris ... The satanic elite have now really pulled the throttle open ... next stop NWO .


    Disgusting display of Lachuh giere roar and bad acting work by the family and colleagues of the so-called "victims of charlie hebdo attack"

    we are not great, yes we did it and we succeeded.
    [and we get a percentage of the memorial edition charlie hebdo as well
    thanks to the mean stream sheep]

    o What are we intellectual and smart?

    over the back of many [Muslim]
    mothers who have sleepless nights of worries about the future of their children.

    • Thanks for this explanation. You remind me a bit of our Socialist with specialization Ordologica and Mediocritas in the New World.

  31. The largest Jewish organization in Europe has urged Brussels that the Jewish population should be allowed to bear arms for self-protection.

    The sister of Coulibaly teaches "Upside down Twerking" against racism in France and the USA. You just do not make up.

    • That will really be the blody limit if that happens!
      I already see Rabbis walking around with Uzis, do not think about it.

      • It can be worse, lol

  32. I just read some old reactions in an MH-17 article on this website. One of the reactions was about the coincidence (?) Of certain songs, and in particular song 7.
    - MH17
    - 17 July
    - Boeing 777

    Although I do not have anything to do with numerology, I did think it was separate. Then back to the Hebdo circus:
    - 7 January
    - 1970 (founded)
    - ... someone more suggestions?

    If I then the Satanic Calendar a moment ago, which Martin had recently posted, then tomorrow (the 17e) something should happen again.

    • Was also in 2014 with the MH17 and 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 7 Tbuskwie.

    • 17 = sexual means abuse / JD snuff movies of girls / boys between 7-17 years. First following blood sacrifices either hidden or public
      [real attacks etc.] between the 20-27 January.

      Light up a candle for these children from "Nightmare Hall".

    • Not to mention Christine Lagarde who told us to pay attention to number 7

    • The attack on those two towers was on the date 11 Sept what they later made 911 the emergency number of USA
      7 January is 17 the number of the pliesie here in FR and where do those guests hunt; the pliesies if you have to believe the media.

  33. Charlie Hebdo Update - Paul Craig Roberts
    January 31, 2017

    Charlie Hebdo Update

    Paul Craig Roberts

    Readers, with the exception of neoconservative William Kristol, appreciated the questions I raised about the Charlie Hebdo affair. Europeans sent me videos and news reports from Europe.

    One video compares the car in which the killers escaped with the car in which the ID of
    one of the accused brothers was allegedly found and made the point that the two cars differ. The car in which the ID was found apparently is not the escape car.

  34. Terrorists had prepared the attack down to the last detail ... but they did not know where to go:

    says one Yve Cresson:


    Until a few days ago, you could "walk" through Google Maps Street View (as in the video) on Rue Nicolas Appert 6. That is no longer possible. Try yourself. At number 10 (Charlie Hebdo) the case is being watched by the police.

    • Little terrorist has tomtom you would think.

  35. "Their identity has not yet been officially confirmed", but that did not prevent De Volkskrant from extensively explaining the baptism cell of the "jihad killers of Verviers" yesterday:

    I would say that it would be lewd, if not malicious, journalism, especially if it turns out that they have nothing to do with it, according to the Walloon newspaper La Meuse of today:

    Meanwhile, new names are already being thrown. The "suspicions" are now moving in a different direction ... .Greece .... and the Netherlands:

    It is now very close. Our Minister of J & V looks bad at least:

  36. All "hotspots" of the Charlie Hebdo shootings. Very enlightening and an excellent tool for analyzing what really happened:


    In this video the hostage seems to get instructions via an ear plug on 00: 48 stop. This man also came out quite quickly with some hostages. The hostages seem to be standing around the corner of the door while the whole store is still on shot.

    Screen shot made and posted here:

  38. away from the drainage spray

  39. Bombshell! Russia to Stop Transit or Gas to EU Through Ukraine !, January 15, 2014
    Posted on January 17, 2015

    and as you know, in his Brussels collaboration, Europe has decided wisdom through the FALSE FLAG MH17 in the Ukraine,

    NO CO-OPERATION WHEN PUTIN OFFERED TO COLLECT a new pipeline structure in europe en 'soĂșthstream.

    That means no more gas by the Ukrainian because they have already stolen / tapped for 30 billion and now gas deliveries to Turkey to the border of Greece and

    Yes, we have to get it

    pity only that so far there are no pipes in that direction so guys, I would keep an eye on the next offers to the action for thermo underwear but I think we will need it the coming winter.

    and you can not blame Putin for that. ONLY AND ONLY BUT, but your own oil-damn naive USA / UKRAINE FALSE FLAG MH17 collaborating politicians AND MEDIA.

    Are you going to vote just the next time. !!!!!!!


  41. Then they just empty the groningen with full-time cake and the groningers ppfff they do not worry about it, but it is too far away! snappie?

  42. It was a happy bunch at President Hollande ...

    • Good to see you again Francois. Valerie, for God's sake, it's not so grinning. Take a serious face and that friend of yours too. We have to pretend that something bad has happened. It also seems that your husband has an important job, but actually people like him are all puppets, just like in those cartoons.

  43. Incidentally encountered another site in someone's reaction that the mirrors of the cars of the 'terrorists' first white and later black would be.


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