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Conchita Wurst 'Rise Like a Phoenix' Eurovision Song Contest

Conchita Wurst 'Rise Like a Phoenix' Eurovision Song Contest

Luckily I do not have a TV subscription, otherwise I probably had my television thrown out the window yesterday. Last night was the ultimate promotion of transgender ideology in the Eurovision Song Contest through Conchita Wurst. Conchita is a Spanish name derived from La imaculada concepción "immaculate conception (of Mary)". However, it is also a vocabulary that is used for the female genitals, using it in Spanish-speaking countries as a "shell". Wurst is of course for sausage, which refers to the male genitals. So the name itself refers to two (ge) slaughter. Another word for that is 'hermaphrodite'. Idleness is something that is used in the symbolism of Saturn worship; the Saturn cult. In my my previous article I explained that Saturn prevents glorification in all religions. The word Satan is derived from Saturn. And so you could argue that all world religions, without the believers in the church, mosque, synagogue or other type of temple to have this through, Glorifying Saturn. Satan is depicted in several writings as a hermaphrodite being.

The song of hermaphrodite 'Schelpje Penis' refers in every respect to Satanism or Saturn worship. The colors black combined with red are always ritually used in the Saturn cult. The fact that Conchita Wurst is a hermaphrodite is in itself a reference to Satanism, but also the title of the song is about this. 'Rise like a Phoenix' literally means the rise of the Phoenix. Also the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games in London referred to the resurrection of the Phoenix. That's what I come up with. First I want to talk about the appearance of Conchita Wurst.

SatanA hermaphrodite with a beard is in fact a direct image of Baphomet. That is the boxing symbol that is known from Satanism. Now you do not see what Conchita is wearing under his / her dress (how you want it), but you can count on it that this hermaphrodite is a reference to Baphomet. The goat with the beard (Conchita with beard) and with a male part and breasts.

The male smile part of the Baphomet is shown as two snakes that wrap around a staff, with a seed on top. This indicates the reptile seed or the satanic seed or DNA if you want. The small but round breasts indicate the female part. Perhaps you now understand something better why - especially in the Netherlands - is pushed towards the transgender agenda. Or maybe I should mention the hermaphrodite agenda.

In the north of Brazil, however, the worship of the hermaphrodite named Gilette lives. It refers to the black magic called Macumba. Macumba is kind of an African voodoo. macumba_smallThe Gilette is an image exactly like the Satan: breasts and penis, with horns. Some people may recognize the dress-up style of a trendy dance party. They worship it in the black magic from West Africa, the Macumba. This also happens in Rio de Janeiro. Mostly shiny red dyed, with garland around the neck. Now you probably understand that hermaphrodia and the serpent refer to Satan. Would the shaving brand Gilette have derived her name from this?

Let's zoom in on the title of the song. The rise of the Phoenix (phenix) refers to the Egyptian symbolism that stands for the emergence of the mythical bird Fenix, representing the sun god Ra. In a previous article I explained that Ra stands for the sun that was expelled from our system by collision of two solar systems. That is not what I want you to believe, but that is what the Saturn cult believes from Egyptian knowledge. The sun god Ra is within this cult the same as Saturn and thus Satan. Conchita Wurst thus sings the resurrection, the rise or the great resurrection of Satan.

Also the clip of the Polish participant bursts of Saturn symbolism. For example, at the beginning of the clip, we see the satan star that you also see on the forehead of the Baphomet. The boy "stands up" (rises up / arises) by blowing the horn of a goat. The clip is bursting with red-black symbolism and refers to sex slaves as they occur in the Saturn cult. This is clearly shown in the movie 'Eyes Wide Shut'. The stage of the Eurovision Song Contest this year, incidentally, represented a gigantic one cubic matrix. In my my previous article I explained how we are held in the 'Saturn-Moon matrix' by the elitist Saturn cult.

So we can say with confidence that the Saturn cult, who controls this world and also has all the media and the entire music industry in her pocket, fully open and reveal what their agenda is. The point now is whether you want to pay serious attention to it or whether you keep waving everything away as innocent or comical. If you then start to see what is going on, you can also start wondering if you want to leave the future of your children in the hands of this Saturn cult transgender ideology adhere to the natural planting to put all planting into the hands of the state. In my previous article, I explained how now is the time for your complete awakening. The Saturn cult and Satanism must show themselves this way, because they want to brainwash mankind. But the collective awakening will bring you and I to our divine connection and completely undermine and wipe out their power and domination.

Source link listings:, OlympicZion, Wikipedia ,, Synchronicity cismforum

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  1. Below the Romanian submission. Project Blue Beam

    • Am I making a mistake or does not the "its a miracle" sound like "its America"?

  2. This fits perfectly within the end-time picture where satanic illuminati wants to control the whole world. From politics, information, to music industry. Still silent about the weapon lobby and banking frauds.
    The crazy thing is that many people are also applauding for this hypocrite of the pathway people.
    The illuminati are Talmud Jews, which is generally known by the wiser researcher.
    Of course, Talmud Jews will contradict this again, but I'm going to grind their lies.
    The Talmud Jews mocked the Messiah / Jesus just as they did 2000 years ago. Pilate Pilate asked the Jews who will I release? Barabas or Jesus? To which the Jews said: free Barabas!
    Barabas was a killer! Jesus had never hurt a fly before.
    So you see how filthy the Jewish people were then and still is!

    For example, read this. It was already posted on 9 in May.

    Conchita Wurst Transvestite Jesus will win the last Eurovision song contest and he's from Austria

    ps. For all mothers, happy mothers day

    • Which symbol has 6 lines that form 6 triangles around an 6 angle = hexagon?
      666, the number of the beast.

    • I call this performance of that Austrian sausage a filthy Jewish illuminati zone to compare a bearded sausage with beard to Jesus and beard. How low has the illuminati sunk?

      Jesus did earn a little more when he sacrificed his own life.

  3. Nauseating Conchita Sausage. Even more nauseating is the promotion of all this. Humanity is confused as in the roaring twenties on the way to a great war. Unfortunately, the stupid mass is stinking with eyes open. Chaos and war must therefore arise in order to let the Phoenix rise from the ashes! We are far away with this world. I hope that humanity will wake up in time from its artificial coma to stop it. I have the best half of my life behind me but oh oh oh those poor children of us. For them we have to stop this and that starts with articles like this. Thanks Martin !!

  4. @Martin. I saw it immediately yesterday.
    All propaganda, brainwashing with many subliminal messages too!

    What a gribus, how dare they broadcast something like that. The EU propaganda drifted away from it. Well, musically speaking, the EU Eurovision festival does not mean anything. Almost all songs have the same tunes, vocalizations, standard rhythms, and so on, ad inf.

    It was also immediately clear that Austria this Gribus, half man / half woman or better half nothing / half had nothing to win.
    Pure power politics of the EU / NWO and transgender or homo propaganda.

    Say it on ... (the people, the big mass this really has to be made aware otherwise ... ..etc.)

    • @MARTIN Knife ???? compliments !!!

      Incidentally, another great piece of yours. And now let's hope that people will read this all once and let you realize what exactly is going on and that is exactly what you describe above.

    • What makes it clear to me that the Eurovision Song Contest is a punched-out card, like the elections since Pim Fortuijn.

  5. What did you think of the accidentally unannounced "exercise" of the Marechaussee on the Dam last week.
    Just like with a blinded car, s on the Dam keep a shooting.

    • Song festival: very extensive propaganda machine, zero spontaneity, thanks to martin for your words, I'm not going to get dirty, what a show ,,, ????
      Every bit of a thinking person knows that you get the nerves of madness machine gun shots when you experience it like on the Dam (there are no signposts with any signs: The Dam is a "shoot practice ground".) And they get away with it again.

      Here, link has taken place earlier.

      They should have learned from that time

      and here at the Museumplein, too. The sarcastes at least

      But no again, and I have heard people who have had traumas that were there with their children. Unhappy people, the MarrechauSSee is above all seemingly.

      here also a festival but without Song

  6. In the symbolism of Freemasonry these pillars mean the chromosomes of man. Each pillar is equipped with 23 flutes (grooves) which thus indicate the 23 chromosomes of the human being. In relation to this, one can also look at the Twin towers and their nickname Jachin and Boaz. According to Freemasonry symbolism, these two towers had to fall over, because a new tower would arise from their rubble.

    The purpose of Freemasonry is to rebuild the temple. From the "word of God" you can deduce that the temple of God is the human body. For example, see 1 Corinth 6: 19 and 3: 17.
    The secret of Freemasonry is therefore to cultivate the human body. See also Ezekiel 28: 2 where Hiram (king of Tire, in comparison satan) is punished for taking the place of God's throne. And also Ezekiel & 22 where it says: I turn my face away from my people, and the place that I prefer (secret place) is robbed and robbed by robbers.

    How does Freemasonry want to do that?

    In the bible references are made to the word 'secret'? in relation to the secret of Freemasonry. In Psalm 139: 15 ?? 16 states that our shapeless beginning did not have any secrets for God. He knew us from conception. It is therefore that stage, the secret lies with the conception, the shapeless beginning of man.

    Barack Obama, homosexual Americans prove every day that you have to be judged on what you can and not who you are. "

    Indeed and that is why it does not have to be appointed at all if someone is hetro, homo, lesbo, hermaphrodite, that emphasizes the personality of that person and not the quality

    • Precisely because naming that is just part of the nwo agenda, the gay promotion, confusing, weakening and distracting the population.

      If you assess a solicitor, you also do this on his or her qualities and not whether he is wearing a dress or a pair of trousers, whether white or black or pimple-purple. Although in the last case that person might have to visit a doctor ... ????

  8. Hermi frits frats and Bapho-with-Wurst: you should not make it more beautiful, Martin. Do not give this kind of stage out of respect for the human species. The Netherlands has simply won because the Austrian artist (e) simply does not go through the veterinarian elit. It is also Pure propaganda this time that Song festival, because what did you think, the wife of Obama turns out to be a guy too. In normal good times, Ilse de Lange would now earn very big pegs in America.

    For any inquiries, We're here to answer you.
    Robert M. Stockmann - RHCE
    Network Engineer - UNIX / Linux Specialist

  9. Also at the World Cup we are looking forward to a gay / Transgender propaganda show. I have the following from the web.
    This seems to cut wood even though it comes from a Christian-oriented site

    Purpose of Freemasonry

    The purpose of Freemasonry is to rebuild the temple. From a biblical text that they also use, you can conclude that the temple of God is the human body. For example, see 1 Corinth 6: 19 and 3: 17.
    The secret of Freemasonry is therefore to cultivate the human body. See also Ezekiel 28: 2 where Hiram (king of Tire, in comparison satan) is punished for taking the place of God's throne. And also Ezekiel & 22 where it says: I turn my face away from my people, and the place that I prefer (secret place) is robbed and robbed by robbers.

    How does Freemasonry want to do that?

    The Bible gives references to the word secret in relation to the secret of Freemasonry. In Psalm 139: 15 16 it says that our shapeless beginning did not have any secrets for God. He knew us from conception. It is therefore that stage, the secret lies with the conception, the shapeless beginning of man.

    Jan Duinman

  10. Deep shit all, everything is sound and ready, let's dance, there is nobody else who will do it for us.

  11. Yes dear people and that is how the agenda rolls out, right in your face with this monster ,, Conchita ,, with the hysterical behavior of a relnight !!

  12. Tom Neuwirth is his real name.
    One thing is certain, pants, skirt or dress, beard or no beard the sex chromosome is XX or XY respectively a woman or a man, point ready, although that Neuwirth seems to be Jewish or something Jewish seems to have.


    [Daphne - Actually, the point everyone is missing is that he is Jewish, but he has the textbook, classic Jewish face. It was the first thing I noticed about him, prompting me to check. This gives the whole thing more significance, especially in view of Austria's history, and would account for a great deal of hostility from Russia when coupled with the rest.]

  13. 100 occult symbols and their meaning

    Phoenix - General symbol for the sun, mystical rebirth, resurrection and immortality. This legendary red "firebird" (according to some sources) would perish every hundred years in his own fire and then resurrect from the ashes. With reference to the worship of the fiery sun and sun gods such as the Mexican Quetzalcoatl, the Phoenician called the animal "a god of Phenicia". For alchemists, the phoenix symbolizes the destruction and creation of new forms and materials on the way to ultimate transformation: physical (lead change into gold) and spiritual (immortality, - an occult alternative to Christian salvation). The Philosopher's Stone was seen as the key to this transformation.

    • When speaking of the sun, it is in fact "the expelled sun": Saturn. The Ra-cult that started with pharaoh Ashkenaton and his wife Nefertiti

  14. Thnx for bringing this article to my attention Sis ???? Is iderdaad a very enlightening article and I have again a lot of up!

  15. Morpheuss:
    The conspiracy of the Illuminati and evidence in the Bible;wap2

  16. Prefer songs from the old euro song festival when people knew what music was.
    Spain from 1973 second place in the final.

    I woke up this morning and my mind fell away
    And looking back sadly from tomorrow
    As I hear an echo from the past softly say
    Come back, come back, will not stay
    I want to reach you, let you know I still care
    And dissolves in the silence of my sorrow
    I put a promise in the wind, on the air
    To fly away to you there
    Touch the wind
    Catch my love as it goes sailing
    Touch the wind and I'll be close to you
    I'll be easy to find
    On the wind of the morning I'll come sailing
    I'll be easy to find
    And, baby, I'll be close to you
    And only forever can I say I love you
    And only forever have I lost you
    But only a dreamer could wake up
    As I do and hope it's still yesterday
    Touch the wind. Catch my love as it goes sailing
    Touch the wind and I'll be close to you
    I'll be easy to find
    On the wind of the morning I'll come sailing
    I'll be easy to find
    And, baby, I'll be close to you
    Touch the wind ......

    • Or those from Italy from 1984 (place 5)

  17. Hmmm, what are you all so concerned about? With all the convictions here, you have to have the conviction that God will ultimately solve 100% in the end. Why do we have to give him a helping hand if necessary. I can also share your opinion for a part, but do not worry about it. Better show in your daily life that you reject the EU and related issues, by voting against the EU on 22 in May, paying everything in cash as much as possible, by verbally and in other ways as much as possible turning against the EU, and so on. Because of your lifestyle, you can already offer a lot of opposition to your attitude.

  18. these people are disturbed, perverted

    what does this mean, really dirty and weird, gay mafia satan mafia at full speed

  19. Gilette is from the wrong Procter & Gamble. A descendant of that family has started a counter-movement (Thrive). For example, there are more companies with brands that have references to obscure things.

  20. But have we ever seen these impressions in the iT? In 1989?

    • That's right, also Dana International, who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1998 for Isreal.

  21. Cause of this misery:

    Pesticides and ultrafine particles from the catalysts of the cars under the influence of sunlight.

    In Thailand you have the lady boys. The suspicion is that this is due to the warm food that is eaten there from plastic bags on a large scale.

    All misery comes from oil products.

  22. Messcherpe analysis of the "hidden occult agenda" martin, compliments.

    the matrixcube was indeed very noticeable to me.

    In addition, this victory of Conchita [for whose personal experiences I can bring compassion] especially politicized by the so-called gay agenda of Putin once to graze

    On the human 3D level, I would like to express my warm contempt for all those heroes who did not have the guts to stand before the Russian embassy, ​​but who had the courage to celebrate two 17-year-old girls who competed equally well for the one of their country. ' to chase out thousands with their thousands in such a grand time in their young lives. Great guys, brave enough !!!! "

    Very smart too. Let's see if you are still shouting like that when Putin closes the gas tap and you can once again look forward to a sharp increase in energy consumption if eneco and nuon and associates use this to make a big profit.

  23. someone paid Mrs Wurst at least 1 million extra to leave Gillette for what it was.

  24. I was shocked when I saw a summary of the EU theater party this morning.

    in advance already clear so that this ugly monster would "win"

    really a good article Martin.

    what I wonder; how long this plan is ready to take mankind's natural procreation and to "grow" hermaphrodites. 50 year? 100 year? 1000 year?

    I mean; Now it is possible to brainwash the people via radio, TV movies, fashion, clothing etc, but 1000e years ago we did not have this all.

    If you put all the facts side by side, it is clear that there are "secret" plans, but like Baphomet it is a symbolic being, or a real being somewhere on his throne

  25. Eurovision 2014 winner EXPOSED: ANDROGYNOUS PHOENIX RISING


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